epicgasolThis was a great game played by the Lakers. This is the type of effort that is going to get another trophy to Los Angeles.

The Lakers held the Rockets to only 37% shooting, 5 of 20 from 3 point land, and just had them taking terrible shots, making awful passes all day long. No Rocket scored more than 13 points, and the Lakers aggressiveness kept the Rockets in foul trouble.

The Lakers opened the game with intense defense and finished the same way. The most amazing stat of the game is the Lakers 55 rebounds compared to only 33 for Houston.

Every Laker played well today, and the numbers don’t show it. The bench players didn’t have amazing numbers, but they all really made key plays and hustled all game long.

Looking forward to Tuesday’s game one vs. Denver, the Lakers need to continue to play like they did tonight. Denver has a lot more size and strength in the paint, and the Laker bigs need to dominate it as they did today.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Bynum really didn’t play much, but I thought he played amazing today. 14 points on 6-7 shooting and 6 boards with 2 blocks. He clogged the paint himself.

2) Pau started the game very soft, letting Scola work him early… but then he started playing like the Gasol that took us to the Finals last year. 21 points, 18 boards and 3 blocks. Need to limit the 5 turnovers, though.

3) Kobe did a bit of everything today. 14 points, 7 boards, 5 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks. Just what we needed. Also really played good D today.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): No one really deserves it today…

What to Look for Next Game: Hopefully more of what you saw today; a loud crowd at Staples and a big win for the Lakers.

Ticket Info: Game 1 and 2 tickets are on sale now. We are continuing the TLN 5% discount for both home games this week. E-Mail me at or call 213-221-7681 and mention TLN for tickets.

Go Lakers!

  • ed

    good win, but still too many jump shots from kobe. we needed to feed bynum more down low. he could have easily had 25-30 today if they just fed him down low.

  • LAKER_girl

    Unstoppable from here on out.

    WOOT WOOT!!! =D

    I <3 L.A.

  • roro

    I love the respect for the rockets, but i realize in this series is that if Lakers play with energy and effort no one can beat them. Now they play denver and I know they will play with energy and effort because too much is at stake. Good team effort by all Lakers!

  • Sean All Ivy

    When we want to play D with pride no one can beat us

  • pio2u

    Lakers played like Lakers today; nuff said!

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    Good win. Kobe drove more than usual. If we have this kind of energy and effort the rest of the way then like Flow says we’ll continue to be “On the Road to the Ring”.

  • T-DUB

    Not impressed. They did what they were expected to do the entire series. Denver doesn’t play as physical so they should have an easier series. I’m waiting for the finals personally..

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71726 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Of course, you’re not impressed. You’re not a Laker fan.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    Let’s all give a round of applause for the Rockets for completely playing their hearts out and making my heart almost stop at times. They played professional playoff basketball, and they need to be respected.

    That said, the Lakers finally pulled off what they needed to do a while ago, facing the Nuggets. I don’t know about you, but i think quite a few ESPN analysts are jumping the Denver bandwagon. I think we’ll win in 5, while Hollinger, who is notoriously a Kobe hater (just look at what he does with his famous “math” stats…no surprise it always appears LeBron’s on top, oh yea his MVP ballot? Kobe’s 5th.) thinks the nuggets will win in 6.

    There shouldn’t be any problems with facing Denver, for they are an offensive team, and the Lakers can face that. Lakers in 5, Kobe is gonna have an easier time scoring. I say he’ll hit 50 this series…on the road.

  • Lakers 24 7

    See how we handle the Rockets with ease when the reffs call a fair game?

  • Fluke Makes Me Puke

    Overall, excellent all around game by the Lakers on both offense and defense for the whole 48 minutes of game. I’m happy Bynum finally showed up. Now, if only the Lakers can finally bring this type of play to a consistent level for the rest of the playoffs.

  • kobe8

    game was over by halftime. great win. see y’all tuesday when we punk the nuggets

  • KG

    Lakers beat a depleted Rockets team. What’s so special about that? Denver in 5.

  • jason007

    i dont agree with the “pau played soft early” statement..i thought him stepping out and blocking scola’s first shot attempt was a statement in itself and Scola was never really a factor after that..Pau pretty much played a perfect game if u ask me..exactly what we needed from him.

    Great win..offense wasnt great..only 89 points..but this kinda effort on defense and on the boards is what we need to bring everynight..if they do..give us the ring.

  • showtimelakes

    [Hey KG how’s that a$$ whooping by the magic tasting]

  • Fluke Makes Me Puke

    [Comment ID #71733 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Bye Bye KG!!! SUCDICS got their A$$ handed to them in their house. KG looks like he wants to cry on the sideline there.

  • gugy

    Lakers !!!!!!!!!!!
    Let’s keep this determination and will to win. If we do, I guaranteed return to the Finals.

    Hey, before I forgot. Where are Paul Garnett, Joseph And those other fu-ckers Celtics supporters. Fu-ck you losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AllthewayLA

    haha Hey KG, this is the playoffs, you should put on a show, not lose by 19 in a game 7. LOSERS.

    Anyhow back to LA. Lakers in 6. Nuggets are good but i dont think they have someone like artest and battier to guard kobe. i think the rockets are just a bad matchup for us but denver shouldnt be a problem. LA all the Way baby!

  • Deport Sasha

    GREAT day in the NBA!!!

    lakers crush the Rockets and Orlando runs the Sukdics through the wood chipper! A little more difficult to win wiyhout the usual three whistle blowing leprechans on the floor, huh Sukdic fans?. Nice that disgusting pig Stern was there seeing his team lose!

    And best of all we don’t have to hear from that Grade A A-hole joseph along with his moron buddies hibachi and PaulPierceIsADick

  • Anthony

    [Comment ID #71726 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’m not super impressed as it did take us seven games to beat this team. However, I do think it was a good win. They can now put this one behind them and hopefully they can play the Nuggets as the Nuggets deserved to be played.

  • Myself

    Let’s keep it going, and get ready for Denver….or else they will send the Lakers home. Hopefully the Lakers can keep that switch ON until they are holding that Championship, because I’m getting tired of them playing half a** in some games.

  • will

    TV ratings for tonight’s game?


    …Gasol brought his toughest performance as a Laker today… Probably in his entire NBA career also! …He was getting hit hard, but no call, and almost took it upon himself to retaliate!

    …Gotta give credit where credit is due; Even though he does have weak hands, he definitely did not play soft today!

    …More Pauwer to you, Pau! …Go Lakers!

  • Lakezilla

    I haven’t posted once on here since before the series but it was funny watching the people jump on and off the wagon during the series. Me, i don’t care through thick and thin I bleed purple and gold. Was it fustrating seeing them play with no effort in games 4 and 6? Of course, but i still supported my team no matter what. I supported them after magic retired, i supported them through the dreadful nick van excel and elden campbell era, i supported them when they got shaq and kobe and got swept 2 years in a row (Kobe airballs in Utah), i supported them during the 3peat and every year since then (man I’m glad Smush Parker is gone…lol). The point is no matter what, true laker fans stick with this team through the good times and bad. Its ok to criticize, but when i see people say we won’t win anything and if they lose this series I’m not watching another Laker game ever is laughable.

    Did u people think the Lakers were going to sweep through to the championship? If so, get off the bong and get back to reality. You have to work hard to achieve success in life. Whether in real life or the sports world, that never changes. Last year we breezed through and what happened, we got our ass kicked in the championship. People thought Boston didn’t have what it took last year after going through two 7 game series but they found their groove at the right time. I think the Lakers will find their groove in the upcoming series. Who cares if the media is picking Denver or Cleveland. I say let them because the Lakers and the real fans know what this team can do. Why are we always looking for love from the media? Are they out there shooting j’s or playing d? Nope. I don’t care if it takes takes the Lakers 7 games against denver and 7 games in the Finals. We should all be there rooting this team on the whole way.

    Go Lakers!!!!

  • berks24

    I have told you game 6 ws fixed!no doubt!as odom said this is hollywood!

  • mr.laker19

    First, where are those Houston faggots at now when we kick them out the playoffs???? But im not here for them, this is just a step, lets keep movin from here with the same intensity. Congrats guys but lets not throw a parade just yet. LETS GO LAKESHOW!!!!

  • Jennifer

    Woohoo! Great win! I still feel that we are our own worst enemy, but anyways, go Lakers!!! =D

  • Dragon

    They need to play their big man more often Pau and Bynum and Lamar all should have a two man game. They are more hard to stop that way and also defense if they play defense like they did today from here on out they can beat anyone. But I don’t think it will be a breeze to the finals or to the trophy they need to play more consistent and get everyone involve and I think Lamar is right play hard on the first Quarter. It seems if they have big leagues on the first other teams can recover even though I know they are known to blow leagues but they seem to be able to hold them now.

  • sketch

    WHERE THE FCUK IS PAULGARNETT? Oh, I know where you and the rest of the Celd!cks fans are… at home watching the Lakers play the next round! Fcuk you and your crybaby team! Oh, and I know that you saw Pudgy Pierce rubbing his shoulder as if he had hurt it when Cock Rivers finally took him out of the line up when you conceded the game. Like anyone actually bought that after you won the academy awards last year for you acting job with you knee. Anyway, enjoy your miserable team and city with your miserable fans like Ben Affleck! Fcuk him too! That no talent fcuk! I can’t believe that he’s still working in Hollywood! Hopefully his career will be over soon like the Celd!ck’s season is tonight!

    Go Lakers!

  • Smush Walton

    Bye Bye joseph, hibachi, and PaulPierceIsADick.

    Enjoy jerking off LOSERS.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71809 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Those guys can jerk me off anytime they just have to stand in line after ab4sure and daboss1848.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71771 Will Be Quoted Here]

    STFU loser

  • starving-marvin2k10

    ugly game but good win. im cuious how they handle the nuggets. hope they learned their lesson and don´t underestimate them as they done it with the rockets..
    when they play hard, lakers in six…

  • J

    Lakers lost three games in this series because they played down to the level of their opponents instead of playing their own game. This is thier first win in the postseason scoring less than 100 pts. The Denver series should be fun. Sparks will surely fly. Expect the next series to average about 110 ppg for each team.

  • lakers2000

    I think it is funny how all of a sudden I’m seeing Laker flags all over the damn place. Where were these bandwagon members two games ago. If you are driving around and see a Laker Country sign in the back window of a truck, that is me and you have seen this sign since we were knocked out by the Celtics last year. I was laughed at when people drove by and have waited for the chance to give these folks the bird (no, not Larry). Let’s go Lakers. Let’s show these fools how committed we are to success!
    P.S. I really wanted those Celtics to pay. Maybe again in 20 years.

  • Shawn Butler

    Did anyone hear about Jerr West playing in a poker tournament? he mentioned it in his interview last night..pretty cool..check it out

  • gugy

    I glad Houston is now past.
    Lakers please focus and play with this same intensity tomorrow.
    If we do, we will beat Denver and anybody along the way.

    Before I forgot, Boston FU-CK YOU!

  • dan

    [Comment ID #71771 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you need to stop tooting your own horn, buddy. no one cares how awesome you think you are.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #71831 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • Butch

    Chick would be proud! Where’s that Kobe-hatin’ Pierce now? Oh yeah, he’s watching from home. Whenever we play team defense, we win. Hopefully we’ll have the same outcome with Denver.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71811 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Obviously there is someone impersonating the REAL LAKERSFIRST, which is me. Quite sad actually. It’s probably T-Dub, because he knows the best way he can attack me is by posting fake messages that are supposedly from me.

    People who pretend to be someone else is really lame and quite sad. They should be man enough to reply with an intelligent reply that states a good argument and defends their position, but they don’t.

    These impersonators are simply little kids

  • Michael_23

    Where’s the CAPTION THIS post on Jack’s belly??? haha that was hilarious.

  • LakerFaninAtl

    Wtf is up with ya’ll hating on Lakezilla’s post? He makes some good points, considering half of the comments the last week and a half have been to trade half the team away and how we won’t make it to the finals.

    I need ya’ll not to get all emotional over his comment and clowning him for no reason lol. Smh.

  • dEDGE

    Denver has a chance… Slim and none. Miss ya chickie baby, it would’ve been great to hear you put the game in the frig at halftime.

  • Oohwee

    Awesome when Laker haters come on a Lakers fan site to talk garbage. You guys need to get laid. Being a 30 year old virgin talking smack online isn’t cool.

    Lakers all the way…

  • Zoom Kobe II

    Scola is a dirty, greasy rat

  • Eagle County

    BEAT LA!!! Denver in 6.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    [Comment ID #71886 Will Be Quoted Here]

    look guys! I bet this is Joseph or KG or anyone of those sukdik fans changing their names.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #71908 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah – joseph buddy, you need to get back to your jerking off. You and your Sukdic buddies are irrelevant on this site!

  • markco2

    we really had problems with our #1(pg)and #5(c) defensively…

    our losses came from teams with good/great pg and c, (magic twice, bobcats twice, hornets, heat etc. in the season)

    basketball is all about matchups.. rockets gave us problems with their pg brooks.. and also the jazz with d-will..

    now were facing a nuggets team with billups..
    we can somehow contain him, cause he’s not that fast/quick anymore..
    i wont be surprise if we start this series on a 2-0 start.. and steal 1 in denver for a 3-1 advantage..

    nuggets championship is when they passed 1st round, and making the west finals are too much for them..

    lakers in 6 in this one….

  • T-Dub


  • HolyGuacamole

    I love how the Lakers kind of gave the Rockets a taste of their own medicine. We killed them through defense. I mean, obviously, not the niche of Lakers, which is offense, but it’s great to see them excel in defense. It wasn’t the best offensive game for them, but I can very well say that it’s one of their better games defense-wise. This game was a statement game in my opinion: the Lakers can kill you in offense AS WELL AS defense (when they do actually try). But I think from now on, we won’t be seeing a repeat of the vs. Rockets series.
    I mean 10 blocks. This is what happens when the big men step their game up!

    Lakers for the trophy!

  • koberei24

    support our team .. lakeshow …. i dont care how long the series will take as long as we win … go lakeshow all the way