ohbabyThat looked much more like a Laker game. Good offense. Good defense. Kobe’s 40 and Pau’s 22 were too much for Houston to handle.

The Lakers hit half their shots, had 23 assits to only 11 turnovers compared to the Rockets 16 to 19 ratio, which proved to be the difference in the game.

This was an intense game fought hard on both ends, but the Lakers came out victorious. They hit the loose balls and did what was needed tonight to come out with the W.

We can still play better and we need to in order to take the games in Houston.

But now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe played superb basketball. 40 points on 27 shots.

2) Pau made up for Game One with his 22 points and 14 boards with 4 blocks.

3) Ariza again played solid doing the little things. He only finished with 8 points but did a lot more.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Bynum fouled a lot and did nothing… again. WE NEED BYNUM TO START SHOWING UP!

What to Look for Next Game: A grind it out game in Houston. Should be low scoring.

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Go Lakers!

  • Deafdefiant

    Ask and yee may receive…thank you for the hard foul!

  • Jleezy

    Are any of the upcoming games being televised on kcal or fsn? I can NOT stand Doug Collins!!! He has one of the worse in-game analysis I’ve heard from a former nba coach.

    Doug “the tool” Collins!!

  • Brett

    Dude, Jleezy, van gundy is soooo much worse. i’ll take collins any day over him. Van gundy also is biased towards the rockets. in other areas, when the hell is bynum gonna suck it up. I mean come on man! on another note, i truly hope that kobe won’t be suspended for game 3. Stu jackson has suspended him before because of a mistake with his elbow coming down on turkgolu’s head remember. F the rockets. GO LAKERS!

  • Mr. WoodCock

    Besides KB and Gasol, where the hell were the rest of the lakers? No one else showed up to play. At least Fish showed some heart and took one for the team. Even though he wanted to get his point across, it was too obvious. He should have been more subtle. If your gonna make a dirty play, do it in a crowd where the refs and cameras wont catch it.

    There’s no consistency on this team. Odumb looks lost and Ariza seems out of it. PJ must have been pissed at these guys cuz he didn’t use them in the 4th quarter.

    Don’t get me started on Farmer, Vujabrick, Fluke, and Bynum. Farmer needs to go back to the bench. This dude is not a smart B-ball player. He made some stupid decisions in this game. Fluke made a steal and passed the ball to Farmer, who misses a layup. He should have waited for his teammates and try to get a better shot.

    Vujabrick needs to stop fouling in critical situations. The Rockets were in the bonus and this numbnutts was putting them on the line. PJ got fed up and took his dumbazz out of the game and replaced him with Brown. This dude was a bad investment and needs to go next season.

    Another bad investment has been Bynum. Where has this kid been in the playoffs? It was funny when Barkley threw him under the bus. If he’s hurt, he should be sitting on the bench. If he wants to play, he should put more effort and show more emotion on the floor. Don’t use the knee as an excuse, it’s getting old.

    We need more guys to step up and contribute if we want to win it all this season. Guys are missing defensive assignments and leaving their defenders wide open. Our bench has not been impressive in the playoffs. Someone wake them up and let them know the playoffs has already started.

    If we don’t win it all this year, I see Odumb gone and PJ will be on the ropes. KB might get frustrated and throw everyone under the bus. I also see Cupcake making major changes to the bench, bringing in more defensive players. It’s clear we need more defensive players on this team.

  • OnenOnly24

    Wow, what a game 6… Wait a sec, this is barely game 2!


    @ Jleezy & Brett,
    Doug Collins and Jeff Van Gundy: Two of the worst in-game-analysts these TV stations have dissecting, and even worse; opinionating these games… The latter being the most “biased” shit-head individual of all time, and the former being the most “over-rated” lame-ass commentator of all time!

  • stdecker

    Thats funny it did seem like a game six. Our bench is absolutley horribile. these guys were ready to lose this game until the oldest guy on the team decided to step up and make it a game.(nice foul) So we finally decided to play some defense in the last quarter. What happened to Lamar? i cant even look at Bynum anymore, he is a disgrace(made worse by his contract demand and his F-in around at the playboy mansion). I am glad we won this game, but once again i am not impressed. If no one besides KB, Pau, or fisher shows up, we wont do so hot in houston. other than Ariza and brown our bench is hideous. Sasha, luke(2 decent defensive plays tonight thankfully) and Farmar = dog Shiiiit! (you can add bynum to that) I am not sure if these guys(the bench + lamar) know what it takes to win. It takes alot more than just being pissed about last year! Play a full 48 min of defense and we might do something! (and a little better offensive execution couldnt hurt) sorry this is so long! Go Lakers!

  • Nate Mcmillian

    We got away with a win tonight but I am far from impressed with this pathetic Laker squad. First off why is it that the only people who show up to play is Kobe Gasol, Ariza and Brown. Lamar Odom didnt show yeah I know big surprise huh seriously this guy has to hold the record for most missed layups. I always hear these sports commentators praise him as if he is one of the great players are these people blind, is he paying them to say this, is David Stern telling them to praise him those are the only reasons I can come up with as to why they would praise this player he is the most overrated player I have ever seen. Apparantly Odumb does not realize the ball has to go in the hoop in order to score. We just have some serious dead weight on the team Fluke Walton, Jordan Farmar who is a walking accident waiting to happen, Sasha who throws up bricks every time he shoots just no sort of consistancy from any player except for the ones I listed. Bynum is just lost out there really he needs to realize you only get 6 fouls he is constantly in foul trouble. Really it would be nice if Fisher gets suspended cause Shanon Brown has played better than Fisher who has done nothing but make unforced errors. This is going to be a dog fight if we are in fact able to win this series. A win is a win but I am not in the least bit impressed.

  • Rich

    Great win by Lakers, I have no negative comments tonight. They did what they had to do. They’ll win both in Houston.

  • Kobe8

    this might sound crazy but i think we’ll win with this lineup



    we need Ariza to bring the energy off the bench. the bench has 0 energy. And Bynum is either WACK or not healthy at all. He’s pretty much useless out there.

  • farmabrick

    [Comment ID #70186 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Based on the 5 Utah games and these two Houston games, the rotation should look like this:

    Kobe (44 minutes)
    Gasol (40 minutes)
    Fisher (32 minutes)
    Ariza (36 minutes)
    Odom (38 minutes)

    Brown (16 minutes for Fisher for D on Brooks and a couple brilliant cuts to the hoop for dunks)
    Walton (12 minutes for Ariza for D on Artest because he gets under Ron-Ron’s skin)
    Vujacic (4 minutes for Kobe, so Kobe can towel off while Sasha jacks up ill-advised 3’s, hops around on D like a bunny rabbit, picks up 4 reaching fouls, and looks like someone just shot his mom when the call is made)
    Bynum (8 minutes for Gasol, so we can confirm that, once again, he sux and is stealing money)
    Powell (10 minutes for Odom, so he can pick and pop with Kobe)

    No time for Farmar – too little, can’t finish.

  • Al

    PJ is the worst coach in the league. He again allowed Rockets to gain the lead after outscoring them by 15.

  • kb24

    Finally the lakers showed they are actually willing to fight for the championship. I honestly feel like the third quarter was a turning point for the lakers. The rough play of the Rockets brought us back to last years finals, and the lakers went back to playing like those pathetic girls from last June. But the third quarter something changed, and the lakers finally said enough is enough. Fisher’s flagrant completely changed the tone of not only this series, but this team. Next comes Kobe’s elbow, and add in a little trash talk from Luke Walton, YES LUKE WALTON talking trash i kno, and the lakers are finally showing some toughness. Talent will not win a championship, but playing with intensity, energy, and heart will get you to the promised land.

  • Anonymous

    Fish getting ejected was a blessing in disguise in 2 ways IMO. Not only fired up/woke up the Lakers, but letting PJ go to both farmar and brown matched up well with the brooks/lowry backcourt.

  • PB2000

    Kobe8, I’m with you all the way in this one. With Bynum out of the rotation a few months ago, it was necessary to have Ariza in the starting Lineup and Walton on the bench. Walton’s playmaking abilities, basketball IQ, and experience were a must for the bench that was also without Lamar Odom. Ariza’s energy and perimeter defense somehow compensated for the interior defense that was missing with Bynum.

    I will correlate Bynum’s recent struggles to the absence of Luke Walton from the starting lineup. I know there are many out there that do not like Luke but he knows how to hit the BIG MEN in the post. Bynum plays really well with Luke out there because he really helps the Triangle Offense run smoothly.

    I really think the starting lineup should be:
    Fisher(Brown if fisher gets suspended)

    The bench play will be as good as it was before Bynum’s injuries with the following players:
    Odom(Experience, Rebound, knowledge of the triangle, Point Forward)
    Ariza(Mr. Intangibles)
    Sasha(I officially can longer stand him–Unnecessary fouls, Bad Shot selections)
    Powell(Good all around energy guy)

  • JohnJOhn

    Tonights lineup was great. They won. Why would you change it again? Bynum is playing like he is 5 to 10%. Thus only playing 5 to 10 min. I think Powell should be getting Bynums minutes.

  • PB2000

    I agree with you JohnJohn that the STARTING lineup was great. Despite the starting lineup’s great play, it was atrocious to see our reserves come in and allow the Rockets back in the game. With Odom and Ariza coming off the bench, to play alongside either Bynum or Pau, you can look forward for an increased production.

    This is my theory. Although very disturbing, I’ve realized that Bynum’s defense is affected by his production on offense. With Luke in the starting lineup, Bynum will PLAY BETTER offensively and thus play better defense by committing less stupid fouls. This will result in him staying on the floor longer. And with Odom and Ariza coming in, that’s instant energy. This gives us two starters coming off the bench instead of 1 in Luke Walton.

  • gugy

    I am glad the Lakers got physical and kick some Houston asses. Fu-ck them!
    Artest is a nut case but that bastard is playing great basketball. I was a huge proponent for that dude to come to the Lakers. too bad we missed that opportunity.

    Bynum is a pu-ssy. What’s up with him. HE is just picking up fouls right now. Come on man, we need you big time.

    Fisher gained one more point on my book. He played with a lot of heart and kicked that fu-ckin Argentine @ss!. Too bad he will be suspended. I will be amazed if he dodge that bullet.

    Kobe was Kobe and Artest will try to get revenge. Watch out guys, this is going to be a freaking WAR! I am actually glad we are going through this now. If we prevail in this test, I think whoever we got from now on we will just smash them in the head. The Lakers guys last night show a lot of balls and testosterone. Keep coming!

  • WifelovesLuke

    Boy, the expectations around here are awfully high. You would think by some of the talk on TLN, we lost the game.

    Did anyone really think that Houston was just gonna take a dive and let the Lakers walk over them? Come on! Houston is playing really well right now and it’s up to the Lakers to elevate their game. Most of what you guys are talking negative about can be attributed to Houston playing well.

    The measure of a championship team comes when they are finally tested. LA was tested by Boston in the finals last June and failed. LA is being tested by Houston and have (so far) responded well. I will gauge the character of this team by how they respond on the road for game 3.

    Pull up a chair, boys. The playoffs have finally arived!

  • laker realist

    I have never written anything on this website, but always read the comments. Mr. Woodcock, you are way off base with your analysis of Sasha and Luke’s effort in this series thus far.

    If you guys haven’t noticed Von Wafer (houston’s spark off the bench) has been annoyed by sasha so much that he has been called for 3 offensive fouls and sent off by his coach last night. I was at game one and Sasha is getting under his skin and playing terrific defense on him. So his shot is not falling (and he makes the occasional dumb foul)…basketball is not only about statistics, its about winning and sashas effort helped us win last night.

    I have repeatedly said that if Luke could make an open 3 he would be the best role player in the league. Although he has struggled fulfilling my hopes, this guy repeatedly gets us easy baskets and makes the correct play more often than not as evidence by two excellent passes into the paint which got us two layups in the second half. Luke is very versatile as a defender because he can guard 3s and 4s meaning we can switch a ton when hes playing four like he did last night. He along with Lamar Odom are incredibly instrumental in guarding the size and strength of Ron Artest.

    I’m tired of all the bashing. Basketball is more than just a Box Score. So please watch the F##king game.

  • LakersFirst

    The difference in tonight’s game was the Lakers energy from the start. They destroyed Houston in the first quarter. Then the 2nd quarter came and again, they got complacement and lazy, which is why Houston got back in the game.

    The Lakers played a decent 2nd half.

    No reason to panic. All NBA teams are going to play physical against the Lakers because the thinking is the Lakers are not tough. Bullsh*t – It’s time for the Lakers to fight back and they are, just ask Shane Battier and his cut and Luis Scola when his a** hit the ground (good job Fish).

    The Lakers just need to show consistent aggression throughout the ENTIRE game and they’ll win.

  • rawnnn

    i dont think bynum did all that bad.. he did what he was capable of doing and that was denying yao ming.. there was a stretch when the rockets couldnt get the ball to yao because of bynum.. i would say sasha was the smush of the night, coz although he played really hard, he committed really dumb fouls…

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #70146 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #70166 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i can’t believe what i’m hearing. yes the bench offense was weak. but the bench(with odom)’s defense at the end pushed the lead to double figures and gave kobe that much needed rest at the beginning of the fourth. there were like two steals in a row with vujacic and farmar invovled. yeah farmar blew some easy ones, but i think he is going to step up and do some great stuff with the minutes he is being thrown at him. Ariza is young and i dont think at this point he is able to calm down and handle the intensity. he is getting nervous and missing shots. hopefully he can calm down, if he does we are golden.

    and van gundy is awesome. funny and smart, yes biased, but just as biased as barkley or kenny smith, but at least those guys know they are givin their opinion, doug colllins thinks he is speaking the golden truth of nba statistics. what an A-Hole that guy is.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #70217 Will Be Quoted Here]

    thank you.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #70230 Will Be Quoted Here]

    agreed. bynum focused on defense, and really did a good job for a stretch of getting infront of yao and denying the ball. silly fouls took him out. but he at least is seeming to understand what his focus should be on.

  • Farmabrick

    [Comment ID #70239 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Dudes, ANDREW will tell you he’s playing bad and he did as much in today’s LA Times.

    If he was playing well, don’t you think Phil would be giving more than single digit minutes?

    Phil did not win 9 rings by benching players who were playing well.

  • stdecker

    thats funny, because i see sasha commiting a bunch of stupid fouls putting us in the penalty early in the foueth. Also rember that lead they gave back in the second quarter giving the momentum to houston, that we needed fisher to swipe back for us! FuuuuK our bench!

  • WifelovesLuke

    If you guys thought there were a lot of whitles called in Game 2, Game 3 is going to be stupid. Because of all that happened with Artest, Kobe, D Fish, Scola, etc. the refs are going to want to gain control quick. The team that keeps it’s composure early will have an advantage. The Rockets are gonna want retribution on their turf and that may back fire against them. Kobe, D Fish, Walton, LO and even Sasha are getting under their skin. If we maintain our composure and dictate the tempo, we can get a win Friday. Go Lakers!

  • dracul

    The Rockets play better against the Lakers when Yao Ming is out. Note that it was their 2nd unit that did the damage, our first unit can handle their first unit. The Rocket 2nd unit comes in and plays with wild abandon and hustle. When their 2nd unit shows up, PJ needs to counter with our most frenetic defensive hustle pitbull line up:


    Keep the likes of Landry and Chuck Hayes off the offensive glass.

    I fear the Rocket 2nd unit more than anything. Hopefully Von Wafer has put himself in the doghouse so that they won’t use him or he’ll be unfocused.


  • LifeLongLakerFan

    I agree about Van Gundy…he’s awful. I love listening to Collins though. He’s great. The thing about Van Gundy is they put him with Jackson all the time and both are HORRIBLE!! Also he thinks he’s funny and he isn’t!

  • FreakinCrod

    Thank you Lakers for finally showing some backbone and getting tough! That fourth quarter d reminded me of how we were early in the season. Why can’t they sustain that effort for a whole game? I hope all that’s happened has lit a fire under their a$$ for the rest of the series/playoffs. Also our whole team needs to stop hating and pass it to Bynum when he has inside position. They seriously never ever pass it to him even when he’s in deep. Everyone whines about him not showing up, but none of his teammates ever give him the damn ball. How is he ever gonna get into a rhythm if he can’t even get any touches?

  • FreakinCrod

    Also one more thing: Lamar really needs to start hitting his freakin free throws. This is seriously pathetic, and WILL come back to bite us eventually. How is it that players can reach the NBA level and still not know how to shoot free throws? I don’t understand it at all.

  • Smush Walton

    Our bench is HORRIBLE.
    When Puke, Vujabrick, and Fartmore come in we wilt like Paul Pierce’s limp you-know-what.

    Bynum is like a ZOMBIE out there.

    What happened to Lamar? Looks like the old Lame-O is back.