harshtimesOuch. 2 for 18 threes. 39-88 shooting. 12 of 19 from the line. Not the way to open up a seven game series against Houston.

The Lakers sure have their work cut out for them as they find themselves down a game in the series.

Houston’s defense was solid all night, but the Lakers beat themselves. After a week off, the Lakers played flat and missed too many open shots.

It’s tough to write about a loss like this, especially after being there in person, so I’ll keep it short and we can look forward to game 2 Wedsnesday night.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Ariza seemed like the only Laker who gave it 100% tonight. 10 points, 4 boards, 2 steals and a block.

2) Odom played decent, but had 5 fouls.

3) Kobe took some bad shots, but really was our only offense tonight.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Pau played soft. Bynum took some terrible shots. Fisher missed everything. Take your pick.

What to Look for Next Game: No real big highlight tonight. If Brown finished that dunk, that would have been awesome, but he got fouled.

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Go Lakers!

  • deafdefiant

    Some one please commit the hard foul!

  • stdecker

    Someone play some defense! Fishers done, Sasha suxxx!

  • lala

    The way the Lakers started was just terrible. They need to play at faster pace because the Rockets will get tired easily. Guys need to be hitting there shots because it will help Kobe more. Also i think farmar needs to play in this series because of brooks. Fisher can’t stay in front. I’m still confident we can we win this series because it was just one game. Wednesday the lakers need to play better.

  • AllthewayLA

    i knew we were gonna lose since the game started. its a one man team again. for most of the players, it was just off night but for bynum and fish, its a choke. we need odom and pau to play well and also shannon then we’ll be okay. lakers in 5. bold statement but im confident. LA all the way baby.

  • dEDGE

    If the Rockets can shoot 47.9% again by nailing jumpers, then they deserve to win. But allowing them to penetrate at will and go in for easy buckets cannot be allowed. I don’t see the Lakers shooting as dismally as they did tonight in Game 2. And I surely don’t see both Pau and Lamar struggling to this magnitude again. The Lakers will review the game tapes and make their adjustments in their defensive executions. Help will come quicker on the pick and roll, where the Lakers length should extend the Rocket guards further out. Aaron Brooks was the difference maker in tonight’s win for the Rockets, but his size should be used against him. Remember how Magic used to punish smaller guards that tried to defend him? Make Brooks a defensive liability by posting him up. Pull Yao out of the key and allow our cutters to flash to the middle making Luis Scola the solitary defender in the paint. And please, please, make some free throws.

  • David

    I’m just worried about our lack of intensity. We play like we’re going through the motions. We’re not playing like we want to win.

  • FreakinCrod

    Umm fisher was definitely the STD tonight. He needs to be benched for the whole series cause he can’t play d at all. Also why all the bynum hate? At least he got 10 PtS. Phil didn’t even really give him a chance. Odom really needs to hit his damn ft. You’re a freakin pro for crying out loud, hit your ft.

  • PauLAsol

    I was disappointed by the Lakers horrible game and i was disappointed by the crowd quietness… at least the pizza i had while watching the game was damn good =D

  • Chris Manning

    STD should go to the Lakers crowd. It was REALLY bad in there tonight :(

  • barry

    the rockets scored 100 pts. the lakers have given up an average of 99.3 for the season. the lakers scored 92 points while averaging 106 ppg, and kobe blames the defense????!!!!! how about going 1 for 7 from the arc? make 4 of 7 and nobody gives a &$)*^ about the defense.

    then again, bad lamar showed up and scored 9 pts.

  • http://deleted let there be light


  • LakerFaninAtl

    The Lakers just played a bad game last night. There will need to be some adjustments. Farmar will definately need to get more minutes against the Houstong pg’s. I think Bynum played a good game, but he just needs to stay out of foul trouble. We played terrible and still played them close, so there is no need to worried. I predicted Lakers in 6.. it’s just one game.

    Go Lakers!

  • Makaveli3

    Kobe took too many shots :/

  • Kobe8

    this loss only means it wont be a sweep but i’m confident Houston aint gonna win 3 games in this series.

  • Rich

    Too much rest, the week off hurt them bad. They were out of sync, rushing their shots and missing alot of free throws. They’ll get it back and win in like 5 or 6. Also for some reason every time Andrew gets on a roll Phil takes him out. What is that about?

  • Diehardfan

    This Laker loss had more to do with with the Lakers didn’t do then with the Rocket defense. The Rockets had nothing to do with the Lakers’ horrible three point shooting. As long as the Lakers can shoot better, which they will, and Bynum doesn’t get into foul trouble then the Lakers should be fine.

  • REAL laker fan

    Who said Sasha was soft???????????????????????????????????

    All you little punks can now be quiet. Go take a look at Shane’s eye… or at least take a look at how much blood flowed from Battier’s cut. And that was a legal play. Just hardnosed aggression towards slappin the ball away.

    To me…..that was pretty friggin MANLY.

    Sasha is no longer soft.

    He’s your DADDY.

    Serbian Stylie!

  • xtro

    last night, the team was rusty as the nail on a rundown house.

  • crazypostman

    i think its funny that some people are clamoring for farmar to play more minutes now. he hits a few shots and suddenly people love him again after all ive heard for the past few months is “LOLOLOL FARMABRICK TRADE HIM”

  • ojt

    Freaking D. Fisher is checking out Brooks ass to much,stay in front of him…fisher is just to slow also he takes the stupiest shot at times atleast we don’t have to worry about a** wipe luke walton playing for the Rockets instead of the LAKERS.

  • mr.laker19

    Fisher has to have his minutes reduced, he cant compete on defense. How many times this year have we seen him lose a game for us this year on defense (Roger Mason shot, Deron Williams last round). But I never worry to much when we play a bad game and the other team plays a perfect game because those two things will NEVER happen on the same night twice in a series. I am pissed that we came out with little effort and then we played intense at the end of the game when it was over. That has to stop, Barkley said it best, we are not playing like a team on a mission….

  • kb24

    [Comment ID #69878 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Seriously, do the lakers realize that this is the playoffs??? It seems like the feel they will be given the trophy, they arent going out there trying to take it each and every game.. All year they have been playing complacently and its a disturbing habit that could very well cost us a chance at a championship…no matter what, heart will always prevail and we play with no heart.

  • TFranco246

    I swore this was Laker page? Im not worried Phil is trying the possum method. Here comes the left blow come Wed!

  • Bynum from the playboy mansion

    I should have stayed at the playboy mansion at least I would have scored there!

  • kb24bestever

    I think kobe should look to drive the ball more often to put pressure on the defense, like he did at the end of the game he is settling for too many jump shots.

    and can somebody please remind the lakers that we in the playoffs now because the lakers its playing like we in preseason.

    I look forward to alot of adjustments and a blow out on wednesday night.



    By the way dont you guys think farmar should of gotten more minutes??
    i think so.

  • kwame4mvp

    man bynum is looking like shiet….

  • Swiggle

    Pau Gasol has not learned anything from last year. He is even softer now that he was then. He is softer than kleenex and it drives me nuts. Being tough doesn’t mean you have to be physically strong. It’s a state of mind and an attitude! C’MON PAU!!

  • kwame4mvp

    i’d rather have kendrick perkins.

  • oooP

    did you see kobe taking all those jumpers? if kobe isn’t feeling up to driving to the lane and at least getting fouled, he needs to distribute the ball better.
    givin that noone really had the hot hand they need to create better shots so at least they have a better chance of dropping.

    Off nights happen, but it seemed like we didnt have any intensity. This isn’t getting us out of the second round.

  • gugy

    Calm down guys,
    we are fine. We will rebound and have a big win next game. Lakers in 6.

    Please, do respect our opponents. They do not have anything to lose. Lakers for being the best in the West has all the pressure on them. I am just so tired of the celebration before the game starts.
    Houston will give us a challenge as Denver/Dallas will on the Western finals. Stay foucs!
    Go Lakers!

  • RN

    The Lakers played in a sleep walk pace agaisted the Utah and they play the same pace against Houston. It is really boring watching them playing. They need to speed up the pace move the ball and move their lazy bodies around. They beat Houston and other good defensive team during the regular season was because they were moving the ball effectively.

    Kobe needs to drive the ball more to put pressure on the defense and to get his team mate open. Paul needs to make the jump shots. Lamar odom need to attack the rim more and make free throws.

  • Ubershorty

    Maybe if the refs wouldn’t have screwed us over…

  • LakersNo1

    LO as your 2nd top performer? u kidding me. the guy came in missing first 2 freethrows, got a quick foul, missing all outside shots, missing drives after drives. Every player is STD this game. Kobe took too many outside shots and never was a facilitator to get everyone involved. I just want to forget this game and move on. it’s painful and frustrating to talk about it.

  • Zoom Kobe II

    we played a “piss poor” game, and lost by 8. 2-18 three’s. there’s no way we miss that many three’s the rest of the series. even if we just had only a “poor” 3-point night and only made 5-18, we win by one. This is like the loss in Utah. Kobe had a terrible night, with lopsided numbers, but we all knew that wouldn’t happen again. We’ll still take the series in at least 6. If anything, this might have been good for the Lakers to get a little kick in the butt before it happens in the WCF or Finals themselves.

  • LA_24

    Dear Lakers,

    Please make the following adjustments to make sure tonight never happens again.

    -Bench Bynum. He clearly isn’t playing with passion, and is ignoring what his coach wants from him. Defense. He had 3 rebounds. 3. Kyle Lowry had 4, and he comes off the bench. And is 6’0. Seriously Bynum. Seriously.

    -Tell Lamar that he can’t leave the gym till he makes 500 free throws. Not attempts. Makes. Oh, and make sure he starts. It works better.

    -Have Pau on Yao most of the time. He did pretty good against him. Had a good night on the boards, just remind him to stop being so soft. Hard I know, but if Pau gets going we got this.

    -Tell Sasha to start making shots or he can say hello to the market place.

    -And Kobe…..well Kobe will be Kobe, but he needs to drive more. Only 5 attempts, 4 came in the last 2 minutes when the game was decided. Make the refs swallow their whistles Kobe. You know they will.

    -Put Aaron Brooks in his place. That sequence where he drove to the basket with ease made me want to puke. What good is having all that length if you don’t use it?



  • LakersFirst

    The Lakers played like they don’t want to win. They are playing like they are expecting teams to lay down and just hand them the game. There was no energy in last night’s game and there was no urgency. Kobe needs to quit jacking up 30 shots (LEBRON WOULDN’T DO THIS!) and get his teammates involvedm, like he did in the Utah series. And the rest of the Lakers need to demand the ball from him and play with energy!

    It was a pathetic display of basketball. No hunger, no desire. All the players embarrassed the Laker logo with their play.

  • deafdefiant

    I know I’m a broken record but can we please get a hard foul. Bynum & Pau need to play tough (bang) because if they plays soft they will keep getting those BS/nocall fouls. Bang and the Refs won’t have it so easy. Bang and maybe our opponents will respect the LANE! Hard foul or no foul…please

  • Anthony

    Can we chalk this one up as an off night coming off that huge layoff? I say yes. Forget about that game if at all possible.

    Oh and another thing, hard fouls are for hard players. Gasol is just not one of them and Bynum hasn’t show that he is. Well, except for that rib shot on Wallace.

  • lakers09champs

    Some of you guys are over reacting the Lakers will be fine there gonna bounce back and come out aggresive in game 2(atleast i hope). What the Lakers need to do is play farmar and brown morw fisher just isnt cutting it. Kobe needs to take less jumpers attack the rim and pass the ball more. PAU GASOL CANNOT GAURD YAO OMGGGG!!!!! Yoa ming abused pau downlow bynum did sooo much better give bynum more minutes please and pau needs to come out more aggresive and hit his shots. Lamar just needs to make his freethrows, everyone needs to play better D and make open shots.
    LAKERS IN 5!!!!!

  • Sean All Ivy

    The layoff def hurt us, our shooting is not that bad, just had an off night. Also, Farmar needs to play a lot more this series and Sasha is not soft, he just can’t shoot this season.

  • Farmabrick

    [Comment ID #69900 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Two fouls in the first three minutes KILLED the gameplan, which is to have Bynum body up on Yao and wear him down. Bynum should continue to start, but he has to make an effort to commit no fouls in the first 6 minutes.

    Leaving Pau on Scola (and vice versa) spells “success” in this series. Leaving Pau on Yao spells “failure”.

    With Bynum in, Kobe and Bynum can run pick and roll against Yao and Battier and force the Rockets into fouling as either Kobe or Andrew goes hard to the rim (not shooting sissy, WNBA jumpers).

  • kobe8

    Awful lot of bandwagon fans in here. When the Lakers lose, they trash the team but when they win, y’all on their nuts. I’m not worried one bit. We lost by 8 after playing awful basketball. It ain’t like we got blown out.

    It’s only one game and some of you guys have to chill. Yes they were complacent and soft but when it comes to it this team is still the best in the NBA. Maybe Bynum’s return kinda killed the rhythm the team was in.

    LAKERS IN 5.

  • OnenOnly24

    Still waiting for Bynum to show up. Though with how badly the entire team played, they were not blown out. And thats when the Rockets were playing their best game, yet they were only leading by a few points most of the game, so I’m not that worried.

  • ilikebasketball

    bynum wasn’t that bad. he did really well offensively. Not at all good defensively.
    Sasha was the most controlled defensively i’ve seen him. and offensively was better than the last series.

    gasol, bryant, odom and ariza all just were cold and rusty.

    and kobe again when he starts to get hot, brings the game within 4 starts to take 1 or 2 more shots after a miss than he should. instead of getting other guys involved at that time.
    pretty much what killed us was not having any defense on yao, and having no one to cover ernie brookes.
    farmar looked great, had that three, and needed to be given more minutes to see what he could do. fisher should start but his minutes need to be curtailed for fisher and brown. i think farmars speed will do really well against brookes.

  • Kobeism

    Two words: Dribble penetration

    as bad as we were, we could have still pulled off a win if we just STOPPED DRIBBLE PENETRATION. Countless times we saw brooks break down the defense. The point guards need to step up cuz this shit is gonna bite us in the ass later

  • deafdefiant

    [Comment ID #69916 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That’s my point until Bynum and Pau shed the notion that are soft they will be treated as such by players and by the refs. You don’t have to be a tough guy to know to punch a fool in the face after being punched in the face. You don’t have to be “hard” to take a hard foul. This is the playoffs right? If a small guy attacks the paint and you can’t stop him without fouling…that foul needs to come with some sting so that small thinks twice before trying again…basketball 101

  • lakerslivefromdc

    We’ll be alright.I’m kinda glad they lost this game…NOW IT’S TIME TO TOUGHEN THE HELL UP!!!

    4 GAMES TO 1..LAKERS!!!!!!


  • T-Dub

    This team has and will always struggle with physical teams! Bynum is just not a force defensively in the lane…yet. Neither Pau nor LO ever has or will be. all boils down to an off shooting night hopefully. If its the Rockets defense causing the poor shooting then we’re in trouble. Defense wins Championships!

  • kobe4ever

    woo hoo i just won $100 off that game last night. I had them pinned as being rusty, overconfident and unprepared for Game 1. Lakers will for sure win this series but I thought Game 1 had UPSET POTENTIAL. anyways Lakers win +8 tomorrow night. Until next time TLN.

  • lakerslivefromdc

    Ariza or Kobe needs to dunk on Yao.

  • gugy

    PJ needs to put Benga and Powell on Yao as much as he can. Bynum should be saved for the second half if he keeps getting in foul trouble. If he avoids that, then he is the man to guard Yao.

    Pau is really not matching up with Yao. Pau should be on Scola.

    We are fine. Kobe was under the weather and I think the time off was a bad thing. I see way more energy on the second game and Kobe taking over just like he did in Utah.

    Brown and Farmar should also play more minutes. I love Fisher, but he is having hard time keeping up with the fast pace.

  • lakerslivefromdc

    I heard Biby wants to be a Laker next season (check Lakerground for that rumor).I love Fish but Brooks baked him last night…gugy’s right.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    Chris the STD shud go to the Lakers crowd…i mean come on the Boston fans were louder than us even though their team was down by 28 at one point! and we never were down by more than 10.

    Speaking of Boston, this physical-less match brings back bad memories of last June.

  • topher96

    lakers are so soft !!! Pau Gasol is the leader in that category

  • Farmabrick

    [Comment ID #69923 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Two fouls in the first three minutes of the game (the first in less than 30 seconds!) sent him to the bench. Hard for him to play from a folding chair.

    Andrew needs to wake up: he’s playing like a retard: shooting jump shots and picking up fouls 12 feet from the basket.

    ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME? “Wasn’t that bad”? Compared to what, Dyan Cannon’s cut up face?

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #69942 Will Be Quoted Here]

    a few of those early fouls were silly, and could’ve been a no call(just like the fouls against odom when he got in), but bynum in the beginning when no one, including kobe, was making shots, bynum was the only one making anything. if you watch the game again you’ll see that. but he got taken out of the game, both by fouls, and by not gettign inside position so he was forced to start shooting 15 footers, not his shot. but he still was the only one on the lakers, up until he got his 2nd foul, to be making consistent baskets.

  • MagicSD

    I’m worried, this series can easily get away from us. Everyone acts like Kobe bouncing back is a lock but since Shaq left, ht’s had horrendous series when we’ve been eliminated.

    Bynum picks up the worst fouls ever. I guess experience will bring some wisdom but there are some strange choices on his part.

    The most troubling thing about the came is how the team lost it’s compsure like they used to do. Once Fish, once Kobe on apparent fouls blew up like it was the worst calls in history but they clearly fouled.

  • FreakinCrod

    Also take a look at how the Cavs do after their long layoff… they absolutely destroy the Hawks. Why? Because they actually play some damn defense.

  • RingIn2009?

    Freakincrod – exactly !! Cavs aren’t making excuses – they come out and kick the Hawks ass!! Nothing about oh, we’re rusty from a long break. Give me a freaking break!! Lakers do NOT have the heart and passion to win it. There is something lacking in their mentality. That is the most frustrating part….they have the ability to crush other teams but they just squeak by….or lose with a bunch of the same old excuses from last year.

  • jack

    eee. ouch! did the cat just scratch the tiger..

    lets c how mad tiger’s gonna get….

  • Sean All Ivy

    [Comment ID #69954 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The Hawks have no business being in the playoffs like much of the East. They are a bad team that wins against other bad teams.

    Lakers in 5. Holler.

  • FreakinCrod

    [Comment ID #69967 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Doesn’t matter. Whoever it was, celtics or Orlando they would’ve destroyed either of them, I can guarantee that. They actually play defense that’s why. It sucks how the Lakers teased us for the first couple weeks of the season. They actually played defense then, got huge leads and kept them. They were destroying everyone. It’s frustrating to watch them now when you know what their true potential is (the first couple weeks). WTF happened since then?

  • lakers2000


  • RocketsSweep?

    Rockets in 4. Sorry LA fans. lol

  • FreakinCrod

    [Comment ID #69996 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You’re a moron.