kobeThis game was intense to say the least, and in all fairness a game the Lakers probably should have lost. From tip off to pretty much the end of the game, the Nuggets as a whole played much better than the Lakers.

The Nuggets shot the ball better and were more aggressive, forcing the Lakers into poor shots and causing them to turn the ball over much of the first half. They were also able to get to the line far more than us tonight.

Before the foul game at the end, it was 29 to 11 attempts favoring them.

On a positive note, the Lakers depth showed why Denver will have trouble in this series. Our bench ended up outscoring theirs 27 to 16 for the night, and although none of them scored in double digits, it was a nice balanced attack and got the job done. The bench was the reason for the turnaround in the first quarter.

In the end, though, it was some defense stops and some clutch free throws by Kobe that helped us steal this game from Denver tonight.

Player of the Game: Do think Kobe think heard what Jerry West said? He finished with 40 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, a block, and only 1 turnover. Not bad for know longer being the best.

Play of the Game: Ariza’s steal on the inbound pass could have been the play that saved this series.

What’s Up Next: Game 2 is on ESPN at 6:00 on Thursday night. For being undersized, the Nuggets starting front court outperformed and outscored ours 68 to 25. Look for our big men to play much better than they did tonight.

Ticket Info: Steve Avery had off tonight, but Game 2 tickets are still on sale. E-Mail him at or call 213-221-7681 and mention TLN for tickets.

And as always, Go Lakers!

  • John Ryan

    Can Kobe put up those stats consistently and still have the Lakers win? Jerry West is a great evaluator of talent. Kobe is past his prime, give LeBron his props and get over it, #2 isnt bad.

  • kevin 0.




    first!….yeah, who cares…..anyways, i agree with the article..we deserved to lose…i thought the lakers came out like they did against houston in the games we lost…how come they don’t look like they want to play for a championship? this game was not convincing…but i still believe in them….

  • joseph

    Nice game Lakers! You really are a class team, unlike my Celtics.

    I better get back to my jerking off. I guess I’ll be doing that for the next 6 months.

  • as1084

    will birdman or martin please pop gasol??!! the dude needs to wake up and get pissed off at somebody!

  • Cookie Monster

    Kobe cannot put up those stats consistently, although he will get at least 27-5-5-1-1 a game. But Carmelo cannot keep HIS 39 either, and Pau and Odom and Bynum surely will also have big games in the series as well. They will adjust game two.

  • http://yahoo max

    i’m with you lakers will show up on thursday and will win easily,why i dont see melo scoring 39 pts as well as the others in denverputting up big numbers they did everything right tonight and still lost thats going to eat them up in the next 48 hrs,phil will make his adjustments game 2 will read lakers 112 nuggets 96

  • Eli

    Kobe needed to be Kobe tonight in order to set the tone for the series. I’m quite confident the bigs (especially Pau) will shine on thursday. I’m proud of these guys for not giving up. Props to the Laker bench for actually showing up tonight.

  • Jay

    Very good win for the Lakers i expect us to come out much stronger on Thusrday


  • roro

    Honestly thought the Lakers would lose this game, but they found a way to win. Kobe was able will the team to win because everyone played bad. The steal by ariza was the play of the game. I can’t believe the refs missed billups stepping out of bounds. Oh and we would have to wait and see on the status of JR Smith.

  • Master DR


  • barry

    good thing kobe blocked all those missed denver free throws.

    seriously, it’s not a good sign when you have to “steal” a win just to hold serve playing on your home court.

  • Jennifer

    This game drove me crazy all the way to end. So much bad refereeing, but everyone did their part to push through. Go Lakers!!!

  • Mr. WoodCock

    “Do think Kobe think heard what Jerry West said? He finished with 40 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, a block, and only 1 turnover. Not bad for no longer being the best.”

    I usually never read these post game write-up, but when I glanced at this paragraph it didn’t look right… I think I need a translation.

    Looking at the box scores, you would have never thought that the Lakers won tonight. They came out flat and took a lot of bad shots. They need to improve if they want to win on Thursday. They did a decent job on Billups, but they need to contain Melo. We need a more balanced attack. We do better when we have 5+ players in double figures.

  • gugy

    I guess Jerry West motivation tool worked pretty well. Kobe was on fire!!!!!
    The team overall played bad and made many mistakes, but they overcame it at the end and close it with hustle and determination. Great win.

    Ariza and Pau at the end were great. Hustle. Fisher is back! Mr. 0.4!

    Sasha and Luke still a huge disappointment. These guys need a boot this of season if they don’t overcame their deficiencies very fast.

    Let’s get the next one and go to Denver and try to steal one.
    This series will be very tough. Denver has a good team and I think this will be a huge plus for the Lakers if we win tjis series. The guys will be experienced to the finals and toughen up big time for Cavs or Magic.

    Go Lakers!

    Tomorrow I smell a huge surprise. I think Magic will steal the first game against Cavs. Watch and see.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #72105 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Know what’s funny? You claim that Kobe’s past his prime and what is the basis of your analysis? Is it because he’s no longer scoring 81 in a game or 62 in 3 quarters? Or is it that LeHype had a better statistical year than Kobe? And if the latter is the reason then what happened when Kobe and LeHype went head to head again during the season? Right… that’s what I thought!

    No one’s trying to take anything away from LeHype, it’s just that blind people like you are giving him way more than he deserves! I have no problem with LeHype and his MVP trophy, but the problem is where everyone’s claiming that LeHype has surpassed Kobe! He is in a system that allows him to do all that without abandon, all the while Kobe’s in a system that’s aimed at corralling what he can do! Kobe of course has fought it, but over the course of the last couple of seasons, he’s sacrificed his personal numbers to reach the ultimate goal of the NBA championship and that’s the ONLY reason why Kobe’s being outscored by LeHype! Kobe’s played in way less minutes and had he played in those 4th quarters… the scoring title would have been easily handed to Kobe!

    This is not the time or place to talk about LeHype vs Kobe! That’ll be the next series! But I had to defend my boy from ignorant Kobe attackers like you!

    Anyway, the Lakers came out flat again, but credit to our guys for not giving up and it was great to see how they kept on pushing! They clawed and climbed their way back from the deficit and despite some bad no calls for Kobe, the blatant Kenyon Martin goal tend on Kobe’s layup (which in turn led to Melo’s dunk on the other end…4 point switch) and the obvious Chauncy overstep on the sideline before he hit his last 3 to draw within 1! The score shouldn’t have been that close… the Nuggets should have gotten 5 fewer points while the Lakers with 2 more. 107-98!

    Go Lakers!!!

  • gugy

    Well said sketch!

  • KB24ForLife


  • west213

    [Comment ID #72108 Will Be Quoted Here]

    sorry for d lose man….lol

  • 123kid

    [Comment ID #72122 Will Be Quoted Here]


    sorry coby karl! i guess your spy game didnt work cuz your daddy lost tonight!

  • roro

    no one in denver can guard kobe

  • Sean All Ivy

    We def got outplayed but it’s a testament to our talent level that we were able to win. Our big men need to take pride in their game. Tonight was unacceptable for them.

  • LakersFirst

    Gasoft, Lamo, and “show me the money” Bynum are the 3 softest front court in the league. Put someone on there ass already. Lakers so lucky they wan because they got there ass kicked and like espn post game said Kobe was the only laker that showed up. We will not win game 2 with a performance like that, we have to win all 4 at home bc we gettin our ass kicked in denver.

  • Drake Hunter

    Jerry West loves Kobe like a son and needed to light a fire under him. Do you honestly think Jerry West would ever, EVER, in his right mind take Lebron over Kobe? Kobe? Kobe Bryant? KB24? The Black Mamba? The Greatest Closer om the face of this planet not named Kyra Sedgwick? The kid that Jerry West traded his starting center for and proclaimed greatness in his future 13 years ago? Mr. Logo is a pure genius and accomplished what needed to be accomplished. He woke up the Sleeping Giant with his comments and The Giant went out and scored 40 points tonights willing his team to victory and proving once again that he is the greastest basketball player alive! As if there was any doubt! I can see it now, Kobe walks out of the dressing room and sees Jerry West walking down the tunnel after the game, he calls out to him, Jerry West turns around, gives him a wink and a smile, and walks off into the night! All is good in Lakerland! What a beautiful ending to a great night!

  • nyla

    [Comment ID #72119 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ha, that was probably the last thing I wrote. I forgot to edit the one “think” out. lol My apologies for confusing you, I suppose. I’m surprised Jaime didn’t catch that after I sent it. Either way, oh well. haha


    …Even when “THE GOAT”, gets mugged all night long! …It is still and always will be:


    …There is no clearer proof on how the +/_ stat is a completely useless and meaningless stat, as tonight, Walton of all people received a +9 to his phantom-full credit…
    …By far the highest false value of anyone on either team! …Much like the Logo’s latest “Light My Fire” phantom assessment!

  • UKlaker

    Wow did we steal that one but then again, how many did the celtics steal last year?
    The reason we won the game is cause Kobe didn’t try and carry them. In the first half when he got open he shot and when he couldn’t, he passed, there wasn’t that selfishness about him, just the desire to win. It’s that kind of play that makes us scary. Yeah we didn’t play well but we played the double team on Kobe very well. Fish, Sasha, Ariza and Farmer won’t miss open jumpers all night. We live and die by Kobe Bryant and last night, we lived.

  • nabil

    Wow, if the lakers lost that game…would the league have come out with an apology for f-ing up the goaltend non-call and also Billips stepping out of bounds? That nearly cost us the game, and was actually a 7 point f-up by the refs as Sketch pointed out. That’s a lot of points to mistakenly swing to one team right at the end.

    Oh well, not even the refs, tired legs, or the big bad Nuggets could overcome the Lakers in this game.

    How great was it to see Fisher knock down that 3 at the end of the first half? And then the clutch go-ahead 3 near the end?!?! Awesome.

  • Popcorn

    If only Bynum, and Odom could give us more. Eventually we need everyone to play their best but the key to me again and maybe the reason why the series against the Rockets went 7 is this big guys if they do it in the inside then the perimeter will be open. They will have to react to these guys and that will help a lot.

    Heck even with whatever little bit Kobe throw them off their D last night it helped a lot. Bynum and Gasol have to do a better job defending. Now if Bynum can just stay late in the game and just focus on playing good defense his points will eventually come. But the problem I see right now anyway is our big guys are almost always late in the rotations and that means Nene, Martin and even Birdman attacking the paint and dunking the ball like if it was a fricking dunk practice and many times Bynum gets call for the fouls because he is just late.

    I’m just hoping that the big guys show up in game 2 we are really going to need that.

  • Kobe8

    Kobe could have easily gotten 50+. He kinda missed a lot of shots he usually makes posting up, but he was our best player by far. He worked his a$$ off and played great defense on Chauncey. If he plays like this all series and Pau, Odom & Bynum show up we will take this series.

  • Magic

    Denver front line – 68 points
    Laker front line – 26 points

    Our bigs need to pick it up.

    Too much Kobe tonight!

  • Joseph

    Apparently, Vince McMahon is a defacto Lakers supporter

  • Rich

    I think it’s just the matchups. Kobe has the biggest advantage of anyone on the court. Denver doesn’t have anyone that can guard him like Houston had. I still think Kobe is better than Lebron. Denver is in trouble because they got all the breaks and Carmello went off and they still lost.

  • Eagle County

    The NBA is rigged. The Lakers got all the calls down the stretch. Denver will still win in 6.

  • jason007

    Great game to watch boy..cant ask for anything else but to be able to watch a great basketball game like that…especially when we win too lol. Oh, and to the people complainin about gasol..u must have not been watchin the 2 crucial crucial defensive possesions late in the 4th when he blocked that shot then took a charge in 2 straight possessions..he came through in the crunch time.

  • T-Dub

    As I figured, the amazing Mr. Bryant bails the disappearing acts out once again. If Pau, LO, and Bynum don’t step up and play big, Kobe will wear himself out. He looked very tired at the end of game ONE. I don’t expect much out of Ariza and Fish offensively, But now is the time for Pau to prove he’s a man. Time for Odom to once and for all prove his worth in this league…which I doubt he will after game 1 performance. Come on, the Bird Man outplayed him! Bynum still has time but he needs to grow up. I don’t expect much out of Luke, Sasha and Farmar, but I really think Shannon Brown can be a player in this league. Tough, athletic, and plays hard…thats all you can ask for.

  • 123kid

    [Comment ID #72149 Will Be Quoted Here]

    and your saying denver didnt get any calls. you have got to be sh*ttin me! gtfo!

    1. birdman with the hard hit to shannon brown
    2. kenyons goaltending block against kobe
    3. like a million hacks on kobe, one of them being j.r. smith
    4. chauncey billups stepping out of bounce

  • RC3


  • David

    Kobe really willed us to victory in this one. We had no business winning this game. Some food for thought. Phil Jackson’s record after winning game 1 of a series is 45-0. Hopefully the trend continues.

  • getgasol

    I think the Lakers did alright despite a horrible 1st quarte. They climbed back from 13 down and were neck in neck the rest of the way.

    The Lakers also made the key plays in the final minute to get the job done. That’s what championship teams do. If you remember a lot of the Shaq era championship runs had many games that were won like that. Just a key play or two in the final seconds.

    Phil Jackson admitted that the Nuggets were able to take Pau and Drew out of the game. They will definitely make adjustments to try to get them more involved. This was only the trial run. This is where the coaching battle begins. And we still have the best one in basketball.

    This series isn’t going to be two teams taking turns winning by 20 points like the Houston one. Expect every game to be an all-out dogfight.

  • JohnJohn

    The game I saw had the refs calling all kinds of ticktack fouls on the Lakers in the first half. COME ON REFS BE CONSISTENT. If the Nuggets should of won then they would of won.

  • JohnJohn

    Eagle County can kiss my Lakers butt

  • WifelovesLuke

    Lebron is a sick athlete, true. But give me a F’in break. Last night Kobe proved AGAIN why his is STILL the best player on the planet. 18 points in the 4th? 9 straight free throws? It’s like he says to the world “we down 6 with 3:30 to go? I got this”. I watched the greatness of Jordan and I love watching the greatness of Kobe. Lebron, your day may come but NOT YET!

  • gugy

    I am so tired of the Lebron x Kobe debate.
    While Lebron is a fantastic athlete, only time will tell if he indeed will take the torch out of Kobe.
    The dude needs to at least win one ring to start the conversation.
    Kobe = 3
    MJ = 6
    LBJ = 0

    So, I am waiting…
    If the Lakers is against the Cavs on this years Finals, I am pretty sure Kobe will take it personally and guard LBJ with vengeance and bring the ship back to LA. He is just waiting the moment he will shut all the haters mouths. Wait and see.

  • TArizaFan

    The Lakers have been getting toasted by the refs at home this entire year in the playoffs. Jazz, Rockets, Nuggs, for whatever reason they feel the need to not call any fouls for kobe unless he is butchered (and even then they let it go) and they let opposing bigs do whatever they want on the defensive end to gasol, odom, bynum. LOL they didn’t even call a foul on Nene for bear hugging Gasol, they called him for a separate foul like 5 seconds later.

    If it was just this I wouldn’t be so upset with the officiating, but they’re calling it completely inconsistent on the other end. How come they won’t let bynum play physical? He picks up touch fouls and Odom isn’t allowed to go over the back like Scola, Boozer, Martin, Birdman….

    How come Kobe doesn’t get cheap fouls like chauncey who had like 6 FT’s in the first quarter for getting breathed on and tripping over his own feet?

    Why does Kobe get tagged for a flagrant on Artest after the game, when Anthony does the same thing to Kobe underneath in game 1?

    Lakers are still good enough to overcome the terribll inconsistent officiating however and find ways to win.

    Props to the boys.

  • lala

    Trevor Ariza is awesome, he does the little things on the floor. It was interesting thing that phil put kobe on billups. It should be a interesting series; and the big guys are going to be fine in this series.

  • lakers4lyfe

    The league is trying to hype up lebron so they dont give kobe the calls. if he had half of the calls he should have had tonight he would have 50 points. The lebron james hype is getting outta hand. kobe needs to put an end to it and bring the championship back to LA.

  • RN

    The Lakers came out flat just like the 1st game they played the Rox. They sleep walking on the floor and stand still to pass the ball and to look for the pass. They need to move the ball around and move their lazy bodies around and pass the ball effectively to break down the good defensive team. It is just that simple and they still don’t get it sometime.

    Fisher as his usual was 0-6 on his shots. He got some clutch shots but he is really slowing down the game. He is better getting off the bench. The Lakers need some one who can move the ball and that guy is Farmar. When the Lakers on the move they play better offensively which in turn they are also better on Denfense.

    The Lakers did not play with energy until the second unit came in which is the second quarter.

    Lamar Odem needs to control his speed when he is backing to the rim or attacking it. Moat of the time he attacks the rim with uncontrol speed and either get an offensive foul or turn the ball over. Learn to do some pump fake LO.

    The Lakers turn the ball over and how many block shots did Denver have yesterday. The Lakers lucky to win last night game. I hope PJ and the Lakers know that.

  • Dragon

    I notice Kobe can do anything against this team since they do have a really good guard against Kobe. Plus they don’t have a lot of big men lakers should take advantage of this.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    you know what F-U “most” of you LBJ secret lovers- he is a good player but better than KB??
    and saying he can’t average 40 for the series….isn’t this the guy who scored like 50pts in like 5 straight games? i guess i’m the history student and u guys are the DUMM internet generation that do not think before you talk or write-or maybe u just don’t think at all….

    MJ- every time they compared Kb to MJ they said he was better because he won 6 rings??? i huess LBJ has 7 because you guys want to give him the all time GREAT title already…

    u guys write too much crap….you guys will NEVER see a player like KB in ur lifetime..a guy that scores the basketball in ways that make u think it’s a video game….LO put it better “you get use to greatness” and FOOLS forget greatness….FOOLS like “most” of you IDIOTS- idc if u r laker fans- i would rather have less laker fans and more THINKERS on this site- but then i think-u might be the guy that is 17- in high school and get bad grades…haha how sad

  • 323lababy

    to quote vin diesel from fast and the furious “it doesnt matter if you win by an inch or a mile. winning is winning”


  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #72129 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yea, but the REAL LakersFirst was never worried. Championship teams battle and win close games like this.

    Understand FAKE LakersFirst, that the Lakers only had 2 days to prepare for Denver. Denver had a whole week (and if anybody says Denver was preparing for Houston, put down the ganja). Now, the Lakers had their feel out game, and WON, and now they know what Denver is like. Tbe Lakers will make adjustments and be even more ready next time.


  • T-Dub

    Hey Real Lakersfirst…where is your supporting cast? Kobe is the reason this game was won and the reason this series will be won. If he has to score 40 to win by 2, we’re in big trouble. LO…7pts, Gasol…14pts, Bynum…6pts??? This will not get it done!

  • dEDGE

    Denver doesn’t scare me at all. I kept thinking that they would somehow muck it up and give us the opportunity to win. And sure enough, they came through as expected. JR looked like Artest, jacking up shots and making bonehead plays. K-Mart, with his foul on Kobe. Nene getting his shot rejected by Pau. Melo out of control and getting called for charging. And lastly, Carter’s perfect pass to Ariza.


    [Comment ID #72175 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Where was kobe when the lakers beat the rockets and kobe was 11-28. The team picked up kobe there just like kobe picked up the team last night. Dub basketball is a team game not an individual sport. When are you going to support the team and not just kobe?

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    Calm down people…

    This is only the first game.
    The most important thing is that the Lakers did not have a meltdown like Houston game 4 and 6. We kept it close and the team rose to the occasion when it matter most.
    Gasol, Bynum and LO will have better games down the stretch.
    Be patience. We will get there.

    The good thing is, Denver thought they could win and they lost. Hopefully that will carry into game two and we can jump 2-0 going into Denver and try to steal a game there.

    As part my my predictions series looking at my Crystal Ball:

    Magic will beat Cavs tonight. Mark my words.

  • T-Dub

    Leaderfish…when TEAM starts playing good consistant basketball, show up every night, play hard, and earn all of those millions that they’re making, then I will support all of them. There are guys milking it and letting Kobe do the work!

  • HolyGuacamole

    In the way analysts and sports hosts put it, I think Lakers are the underdog in this series. Every sports show I watch or listen to states that Denver will get the upper hand in the series.
    It’s time to prove them all wrong. And WHEN the Lakers do beat the Denver, everyone will just eat their words.

    But overall, I thought it was a great game. It was not just a LUCKY game, as some people would put it. There was indeed a hint of luck, but a lot of it was the will to win and the energy the team put out, and of course, Kobe Bryant.

    Let’s kill ‘em in Game 2!


    [Comment ID #72180 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You didn’t answer the question. Where was kobe when the lakers beat the rockets and kobe was 11-28? Was he milking it then? Or when he shot 5-24 against Utah? Of course he wasn’t just like the other laker players weren’t milking it last night.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    [Comment ID #72174 Will Be Quoted Here]

    real lakers first having 2 days to prepare does not mean not playing hard and being owned like GASOF ODUMB AND BYNUM did

    they got schooled and dominated by the denver front court, exactly like they did in boston finals

    we aint winning anything playing like that
    bron or howard are going to murder this SOFT team
    kobe cant do it by himself

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    [Comment ID #72177 Will Be Quoted Here]

    the fact most people dont understand is that also when kobe shoot a lot (with bad percentage) he allows other players to be free since he gets double and triple teamed
    so they can get reb etc
    vangundy says that many times

    nobody ever doubled LO or gasoft or bynum
    if our front court played with half of the heart kobe played yesterday we would sweep any team
    too bad u cant teach that

  • XXL

    G.Karl thought he had this game won. Thats why he looked so damn butthurt after the game. ButtNuggets cant seem to win in LA, and this last game was thier best shot.

  • Kb24sdbest

    The lakers showed some toughness and resiliency in Game 1 with Kobe’s will to win. The effort and energy was not bad. I agree we stole this game, we should win in Game 2 with our adjustments.The bench played well and we made key plays down the stretch. One of our bigs need to be a monster on the boards because it gives us an energy boost when we are active on the boards and this might be the key to us winning the championship. Boston pounded us on the boards last year with their resiliency and toughness to grind out games. At this point, everybody is tired and will probably loose some focus, that’s why it’s important to give an effort every night and have a midset of “never give up.” This is what builds toughness and resiliency. I don’t particularly agree with lamars comment to bounce back the next game and show heart. The lakers mindset is when they are down and they know that their game is not on, they give up and think of the next game to bounce back. Resiliency and mental toughness should be built during the game, not the next game. The lakers need to play every game like it’s their last. Everybody are like primadonas in this laker team.
    Anyway, i’m done with sasha. this guy is a one dimensional player who is immature and inconsistent. Trade his a#####..Put brown in to sub for kobe and farmar for fisher.
    Bynum and Gasol needs to be more aggressive offensively and on the boards. How about this, Bynum should focus on shot blocking on the defensive end and Pau should focus on rebounding. Our interior defense is still weak.
    Game 1 had bad referees and very inconsistent, but atleast they called fouls at the end when it counts.

  • kobe8

    the Lakers have to play well the next game because in these playoffs when Denver loses by 2 they blew out the opposing team next game. New Orleans in game 4and Dallas in game 5. So i hope the Lakers won’t get complacent.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #72175 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Uh, you do reailze that the Laker bench outscored the Denver bench 27 to 16? 27 points from our bench, that’s not bad.

    Do you forget that the Lakers outrebounded Denver, 46 to 37, and that of those 46 rebounds, 17 of them were offensive rebounds.

    Yes, the other Lakers had trouble scoring, but the bench did a nice job contributing points and the rest of the Lakers contributed to rebounding. See, because you’re a Kobe-only fan, all you see is the good things that Kobe does, but you neglect the positive contributions of the other Lakers (you know the guys you HATE).

    Wasn’t it Ariza, not Kobe, who had the game clinching steal? What about the clutch 3’s from Derek Fisher? Kobe had a great game last night, make no mistakes about it, but I SEE that the other Lakers contributed, unlike you.

    See you view the game as, the Lakers needed 40 from Kobe to win by 2 against a Denver team whom I don’t think can play any better. I view the game as, the Lakers TEAM played just “ok”, and they can play much better but yet they still beat a Denver team that I don’t think can play any better. Have faith Kobe-only fan.

    BTW: shouldn’t you be at the Kobe site, because this is a site for LAKER fans, not just Kobe-only fans.

    And by the way, how many times did it run through your mind that the Lakers were going to lose? BE HONEST! I, a Laker fan that believes in the team, was never worried.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #72184 Will Be Quoted Here]

    see my reply to T-Dub, Kobe-only fans only see the positive Kobe contributions and neglect the other things from the other players. Such a shame they wear LAKER gear.

  • Kb24sdbest

    Oh yeah, about kobe vs. lebron. Lebron is getting closed, but to me he still hasn’t won a championship. So i pick kobe because of his resume and experience and he’s the best closer. I think Lebron is a better team mate and will probably be a better leader but that’s because he has learned from kobe not to be so private and isolated. See lebron is like an ideal player and personality to be around and he built himself that way because he wanted to be better than michael, kobe, and magic thus learning from their weaknesses and make it his strength. To me until lebron wins a championship, kobe is still the best right now. Kobe is smarter, lebron is bigger.

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    Don’t ever quote Vin diesel on A Laker Forum because he stole it from Magic Johnson at least that particular quote. But none of the less this was one of those games the Lakers willed themselves to a win KB24 was the man is always are guy. Each game will be close and the Lakers need to punch Denver in the mouth this next series and don’t allow open dunks…If you’re going to get fouls make sure they count we gotta lay some wood. But im confident that this is just another high and difficult hurdle the lakers will find away over.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #72160 Will Be Quoted Here]

    and it wasn’t just to score. it was to win the game.
    much like the 81 against toronto. or the 61 against knicks(which was to pump his team up after the devastating loss of bynum). kobe’s big games come when needed for the team, for the win. lebrons big games happen for really no reason other than he’s a great athelete showing off for the sake of it.

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    T-Dub ur weak. It’s pretty clear that this game of basketball is new to you…Lakers won because Kobe helped get them over the edge …The team in whole played together to keep the game close and TOGETHER we won the game. Next game will be a different situation as the Lakers pull out another win.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    [Comment ID #72190 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i never said everyone sucked
    ariza played great (except horrible defense on melo)
    fish played good, brown,
    i am criticizing our front court which keeps getting owned by every front court in the league
    and does not play with heart
    kobe has more tlaent than anyone in our team

    talent is not only thing is important

    i wish other players with less talent played harder than kobe
    but in general is not the case
    my point is if LO GASOFT BYNUM played with half heart and intensity kobe was deending on melo
    we would sweep every team

    i dont see how u can not agree with that
    and i am pissed cause effort is just a matter of WILL
    how come they do not fight as much?????????

    i wonder why u keep defending them instead of being angry about players that get millions of $ and do not put as much effort as kobe does



    So when kobe had a couple of bad games during these playoffs are you going to say he wasn’t giving effort out there? Come on Kenobi You’re better than that. Kenobi start being a laker fan instead of a kobe only fan.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #72203 Will Be Quoted Here]

    So you’re criticizing our front court. Gasol who is was an all-star this year and basically is the reason why the Lakers won Game 7 against Houston. Last night, he had 13 points and 14 boards and 2 critical blocked shots at the end of last night’s game (one on Nene and the other on I believe on Anthony). See, you’re just looking at points, but there is also rebounding and blocking shots, but it sounds like you don’t think rebounding and blocking shots takes “heart”.

    Bynum, you forget, is in his first real playoffs (even Kobe said it). You’re probably thinking that’s just an excuse, but Kobe also struggled in his first playoff season. In addition, Bynum last night was hit with foul trouble. When he was on court he produced (EVEN KOBE BRYANT SAID HE PRODUCED IN HIS PRESS CONFERENCE). Bynum just needs to watch his foul trouble.

    LO, although is not always consistent, goes out and plays hard. Does he does knuckle-headed things at times, YES!!! But he plays hard! I’m not LO’s #1 fan or anything, but one thing I’ve seen him do this year is crash the boards and play hard.

    I wonder why you call yourself a Laker fan when the only person you support is Kobe. With regards to millions…well, let’s see if Kobe opts-out of his mult-million dollar contract to take a slight paycut so he could help the Lakers organization make easier decisions on who to keep and what free agents to go after.

    BTW: The Laker front court outrebounded the Denver front court last night, OH, but that doesn’t take energy and heart to get rebounds (i’m being sarcastic by the way)

  • kobe is done

    where is ab4sure?hes ashame because he cant believe kobe save his nutts!

  • laker fan

    I agree with most of the comments on this page exept that Gasol is soft. It takes a game or so to ajust to a new team and the defence they play on you. The Nuggets played great defence on Gasol i look for him to make the proper ajustments in the next game and get 20/10 at least. As for Ariza not playing defence on Carmelo you must not have seen the game or something every time Ariza played phisical with Melo they called a foul but didnt do that on the other end when players fouled Kobe not fare terrible officiating. We played a bad first 12 minutes but im proud of our guys for not giving up and playing 36 minutes of solid basketball. Denver played theyre best game and got the calls in there favor and still lost.
    I look for the Lakers to win this in ive sed in my previous posts when everyone was picking Denver to win remember last year (swwwweeeeeeep) O denver has Billips and Melo ? well we have kobe/Gasol
    Go lakers

  • soni

    i’ve been reading blogs and postings and recaps of this game all day and i hate hate hate reading the “in all fairness, the lakers should have lost this game” … yea well … its not about being fair, its about winning and losing and the lakers came out, played like crap but still came through with the win … and the win is all that matters …!!!
    lakers have key elements that the nuggets dont …. #1 kobe, #2 more play-off experience, #3 the ability to adapt from game to game, match ups, creativity, #4 the laker bench (when they come out on fire) etc.
    kobe just proved AGAIN he is the leagues MVP, he can win with the team and with out … straight out the best ….

    lakers in 6

  • laker fan

    Right on Soni.
    spoken like a true Laker fan.
    and in all fairness Lakers should have won this one and they did.
    and if they called the goaltending and the billips out of bounce 3 we would have wonby 9.

  • bernzter

    [Comment ID #72122 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well said everyone!!!

    Haven’t been here for a while but after watching the game 3X last night I have to say… That the bigs have to have more heart in pushing back…

    They looked like they didn’t really care in the first half of the game… Good thing Gasol blocked that shot in the 2nd half thought to pump them up a bit.

    They could have done it better but I guess we’ll have to see it during the next game if they adjust to it. Everyone, please remember this (I’m not trying to defend Bynum or anything but…) that this is Bynum’s first ever Conference Finals series… So the first game should be all jittery for him. It’s up to Kareem to get him out of his self made slump and get the ball rolling.

    Big props to the rest of the bench though for their hussle play the whole night and Ariza… You picked the right time to do your thang mate…

    As for Kobe… It’s just purely Awesomeness what he did last night… He is still the MVP in my book… Too bad the rest of NBA isn’t into looking at the intangibles of the game and measure someone by their states instead of what he is to the team and the community overall…

    L.O. will continue to improve his game (remember his back spasms or has everyone forgotten it already). Once he’s back he’ll be a good factor to the frontlines…

    All in all an ugly game (thanks REFS) but a win is a win nonetheless… It’s harder on a team’s morale to lose the game after playing so well throughout the beginning of the same than for a team to be blown out all the way (trust me I’ve been there)…

    So for the Lakers, keep on truckin’ as they say and keep your heads up… This conference is ours…



    [Comment ID #72213 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I saw that post he made in reply to your post. You got owned on that one. You still upset about it?

  • lakerferlife7

    i love how everyone is saying kobe is done and past his prime….wtf…the guy just dropped 40 while playing physical defense all night on their best scores….what did chauncy do for most the game?????….oya he didnt do shjit becuase the black mamba shut his ass down…and if kobe has to keep up 40 points a game just wait and see he wil get it done like he alyways does…idk bout the rest of u but i havent seen much of a let down in the way kobe is playing..maybe pau bynum and lamar would step up he wouldnt have to work so hard…for all u kobe haters out there y dont u go suck lebrons dik like the rest of the leauge fags and get the fuk outa here..

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    [Comment ID #72178 Will Be Quoted Here]

    See, I told you guys. Magic beat the Cavs.
    My Crystal ball never lies.

    Not sure who I want the Lakers to play. Magic’s 3 points are very hard to defend and Cav’s LBJ not easy too.
    Go Lakers!

  • LakersFirst

    Ab4sure please come lick my nuts and then daboss1848 can tongue my bunghole…


    [Comment ID #72227 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Me and the guys from Boston, Hibachi and Joseph, also want to join the gay party. We made up last night and it was oh so good. Boston guys really taste better!

  • ab4sure

    ^^^Has to be T-Dumb and Juanita Warlock. You boys and girls just got schooled too much i guess.



  • lakers2000

    We are all witnesses to illiteracy^^^ Keep your advertisements! Go Lakers!!!

  • The Truth & Nothing But

    [Comment ID #72105 Will Be Quoted Here]

    “Completely Misguided Rhetoric”
    This statement is basically a misnomer, very uneducated, and in reality, wishful thinking!

    Truth be told: LeBron James, will NEVER EVER be the complete basketball player, Mr. Bryant/No.1; already and rightfully is, and BTW, always will be for as long as Bryant is in the game!

    Get over it dude, Kobe Bean Bryant is second to NONE, and that aint bad for #2.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #72175 Will Be Quoted Here]
    I think you got schooled again. You constantly get owned on your doubt. Clippers are looking for fans. You need to apply.


    [Comment ID #72222 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ^^^^The fake_ass fool above, has obviously and so incredibly stupidly; “Self-Exposed” himself!
    …Proof beyond a shadow of a doubt, as the real ASS 4 SURE, aka ab4sure, responding foolishly as the clear cut & true shrimp of the day; “LEADERFISH”, trolling himself as somebody else, all over this site!