First off, that was a great game. I really envy basketball fans who are more or less neutral towards the Lakers and Jazz because they can really absorb what is easily the most exciting series of the post season so far.

Throughout the game, the commentators were continually mentioning how the winning team in all of the five games thus far has not given up the lead in the last 35 minutes of each game. Add that to the fact that all five games went down to the wire really goes to show you how much both The Jazz and The Lakers want this.

It’s a shame all this exciting postseason action will more than likely end in the Finals. I mean have you seen any of the Cavaliers‘, Celtics‘, or Pistons’ games? I’m not saying they’re bad teams, but dear Lord do they play some ugly, unwatchable basketball. I bet David Stern is really kicking himself for booting the New Orleans Hornets to the Western Conference.

Anyway, this is a post game report so I should probably start talking about the actually game at some point right? Right.

This game was in many ways a very typical Lakers game, and by that I mean it was a tale of two halves. In the first half The Lakers played really “loosey goosey”, playing the passing lanes, fast breaking and turning the ball over every which way. Even though playing this fast had it’s drawbacks, it was a really smart move on Phil’s part because the Jazz really can’t touch us when we run.

However, the Jazz are too good of a team to be goaded like that for an entire game and in the final two quarters they slowed the tempo down and forced the game into more their speed. Luckily, all their big pushes came up short as they failed to take the lead the entire game. It was mystifying really, because on every run they would be making in everything and then miss everything when the time came to capitalize. Maybe it’s nerves. If it is, that really bodes well for us.

I said before the game, that the Lakers would come out playing really good team ball and in the end that is what they did to win the game. Kobe’s back is obviously limiting on what he can do, so they will need to keep this up if they want to win this series because even though we’re up 3-2… it’s definitely not over yet.

The Michael Jordan Award for MVP of the Game: Lamar Odom. This could have been given to Pau, but I decided to give this to Odom because while Pau hit a lot of important shots and got a lot of important offensive boards, Odom really played excellent on both ends of the floor all game long. I think he finally realized that he is impossible to stop if he dives and slashes and that constant pressure is what made all the difference in the game.

The Dominique Wilkins Award For Highlight of the Game: Pau Gasol’s rebound and dunk off of Sasha’s missed 3-Pointer. Now that Pau is playing for the world class Lakers, he really needs to maybe consider getting some dunking lessons from Kobe. As important a dunk as that was, it had to be the stretchiest of all stretch dunks. It was probably the stretchiest stretch dunk since… the last Pau Gasol dunk. Learn a windmill or something, man! Nah, I’m just playing. I love you Pau. Keep doing yo’ thang.

The Kobe Bryant Award for the Bricking the Most Late Game Shots in a Playoff Game Against the Jazz: Go Sasha! Is it mind numbingly painful to see a guy brick 10 (!) shots? Yeah, but you got to love his chutzpah. Of course had we lost, I’d be singing a different tune, but we didn’t so there you go. Winning truly does cure all ills.

The Lamar Odom Award for Getting the Same Amount of Points as Rebounds: Mehmet Okur. 13 points and 13 rebounds. That’s the problem when you’re too smooth like Lamar. You get all the haters biting your style.



  • bryan

    Odom, I pray that the Lakers will keep you until you retire. Great game!


    ONE MORE WIN!!!!


    Yea odom really deserved player of the game. He really took it to the jazz

    my favorite was when he POSTERIZED okur

  • sean

    wow sasha was playing great defense but his offense was crap. i think its time to change the batterys again for the machine!

  • LA_dreamz

    hey guyz!when is trevor ariza be playing?luke walton really sucks tonight.we want trevor to play for lukes time.let trevor play game 6,phil.


  • domz

    NICE Game! I almost had a heart attack during the game. Thanx to Pau for sealing the game with a nice offensive rebound and a dunk!!!

    Im looking forward for another great team game for us on game 6. KB should shot less and make his teammates involve!!!

    BEAT UTAH!!!

  • Soichiro


    LAKER TAKE A 3-to-2 series lead, heading back to Utah!!! =)

    Let’s pray God would grant this team renewed energy and grace to come out with a hundred percent effort from Kobe and the whole team both offensively, defensively.



    Matthew 18:19-20

  • TanDaMan

    Ey Soichiro, Amen to that brother! Lets just all pray for the Lake Show and God will definitely let them win the Playoffs! God bless you all and our team!

  • T.A.


  • Geloman

    Spectacular game and the Lakers showed some poise and courage down the stretch.

    I agree, Ariza needs to play in the next game. He needs to guard Williams because he’s having his way with the Laker guards. Ariza has size and quickness and should be able to coral and disrupt Williams. I just hope Ariza is still as athletic as he was before he got hurt. If he’s slowed down then he may be of no use.

  • T-Dub

    LO played mean and nasty. where has that been?? if he keeps that fire, he’ll be an all-star every year. Keep that FIRE homeboy! see what you can do when you get nasty!

  • T-Dud

    Vodka and OJ, tv sound down, music playin on the stereo. thats how you get through these stressful laker games. it was much easier watching. I dont even think my blood pressure went up.

  • T.A.

    We need to go into UTAH and deliver a knockout blow!!!

    when would game 1 be if lakers win friday and hornets win tonight??



  • daboss1848

    KB – huge detriment on the defensive end . . . but stayed very focused on offensive end – never losing faith in his squad – Very Impressive.

    PJ – once again, did his best to make the game more difficult than it should have been by putting out inexplicable lineups on the floor. How hard is it to have at least 2 of our 4 guys (KB, LO, Pau, Fish) on the floor at all times?!?!

    I wouldnt call Sasha’s shots “bricks” – a lot of them were in/out

  • daboss1848

    by the way, great acting job by Okur – I didnt see the replay of the 1st push, but the second push was nonexistent. Great try, Mehmet – next time just box-out.

    I love the hypocrisy of crying about a hand in the back – where our guys go flying from Boozer’s antics every time down the floor.

  • Ignard

    Loose that stupid a.. Kobe award dude

  • e-bucher

    wow is the right word….wow what a game…let’s ride the moment and finish this team off tomorrow…hopefully the spurs win tonight so our players can get some rest after friday…

  • playdefense

    amazing game. i was stressed out the whole way. lets close this out in utah and shut up those obnoxious utah fans. lamar played like an animal!

  • youknowwhatitis

    that was a perfect miss by Sasha

    lol “I gotta admire a guy who’s 1 for 10 and still shooting” – doug “laker hater” collins

  • lakersfan17

    Lakers Odom played good!


    How do you guys change your youtube color to purple?

  • Michael_23
  • David

    That was a sloppy game but a good win none the less. Honestly though, we did get a lot of “questionable calls” by the refs. I guess that’s what comes with home court advantage though.

  • selam

    there is “The Kobe Bryant Award for the Bricking the Most Late Game Shots in a Playoff Game Against the Jazz ” saay what never heard of it….
    ! it was a very good game..tho…!


    I had some respect for Utah but now….HELL NO!They turned FLOPPERS like in the last 2 games….and they talk about DF,please.,for those that don’t know who Bruce Seldom is,ask Iron Mike Tyson!

  • west213

    who d f is bruce?!


    He fought Mike Tyson in,I think,94 or 95 and Mike hit’em with a “phantom punch” to his gut and he fell to one knee and basically quit to get his 5 million,straight gump just like Utah.

    I might be wrong on the year and the way Mike TKO’d the guy,so go to YOUTUBE.


    Go to YOUTUBE and type in Mike Tyson vs Bruce Seldom.You see why I said what I said,west213.

    UTAHCANKISSMY$$$.com,I wanna go to Utah and take a dump right on center court,THAT’S FOR ALL UTAH FANS,CAUSE THEY ALL TALK A BUNCH OF “CRAP”(I wanna say the other word)!!!

  • gugy

    F U C K Utah.

    Let’s kill them tomorrow at their HOUSE!

    Go Lakers!

  • BringDFishBack

    LOL. Farmar goes 0-9 in 2 games, played bad defense in one and gets RIPPED. Sasha goes 1-11 while missing a lot of shots down the strech that could have cost them the game and playing horrible defense and everyone just shakes it off. I love it.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how Kobe responds with only 1 day of rest. Hopefully he can come out and give them 20 or so efficient points. I can’t believe you didn’t mention how efficient he was in game 5. Also can believe you didn’t mention his horrible defense. The team as a whole was REALLY aggressive on D and going for steals which took the Jazz out of their offense for a little while, but also gave up a lot of easy looks.

  • BringDFishBack

    Oh and by the way, Pau had like 4 push off fouls down the strech that he got away with. You can’t possibly believe they weren’t fouls, they obviously were. Just glad that they didn’t get called and the Lakers came out with a win.

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #35876 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ummm from when he was cleared to play (like 2 days ago) PJ said it’s one to two weeks at the earliest.

  • kbfan24

    So happy Kirelinko has trouble with his vista. (Terrorist)

  • LA_dreamz

    I’m sure Phil will use Trevor Ariza in game 6.Phil will use him to caught Utah by surprise and they will be caught off-guard.they are not prepared with Ariza ON OUR LINE-UP.So, expect Ariza to play in game 6.LAKERS WILL SURELY WIN WITH ARIZA in game 6.they will have a very hard time matching up with both ODOM and ARIZA substituting each other in the SF position.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Utah got a dose of their own medicine, Lakers played a little more tough and physical, Time to put ARIZA in to shut down AK47, Brewer, and Milsapp

  • RoWyN
  • RoWyN

    my badd, nevermind that link…that was stupid.

  • Paul

    Lamar Odom was a beast..

  • Swiggle

    Thank god the Lakers didn’t trade Odom. He is the man. I seriously think he is the most unique basketball player in the game today. I wouldn’t trade him in for anyone. He’s the perfect third option, and next year with Bynum in there and Lamar at the 3….it’s gona be fun to watch.

  • kjldsfjaglhas

    wat happened to the tops of the night?

  • laker_dreamz

    We have to booster our line-up this summer with this players:

    PG: Baron Davis ( he always wants to be a laker )
    SF: Mickael Pietrus ( it’s a MUST! )
    C: DiSagana Diop ( a better back-up center compared to Mbenga)

  • west213

    ohhh ye the guys that falls on the ground and looks for his mouth peace…… lmao i remember saw the fight on classic like 2 yrs ago.

  • west213


  • pancho

    2008- 2009


    all future line ups depend on playoff output in 2007-2008 playoffs


    Pancho!Where is Mickael Pietrus?