The Lakers looked like they were going to get blown out in game 4. Then it looked like the Lakers were about to make another historical comeback win. The comeback happened, as the Lakers erased a 12 point deficit with 3:50 to go, but the win never happened as the Lakers looked awful in the overtime period.

If you look at the game today, the Lakers were at their best when they were in attack mode. As they settled for jumpers, the Jazz took over. The Lakers shot well at 47%, but gave up 53% shooting to the Jazz.

The real difference in the game took place at the foul line, where Utah attempted 20 more, and hit 23 more freethrows. Lakers only went 14-25 from the stripe. Ouch. The Lakers did a much better job on the boards tonight, giving up only 7 offensive.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Lamar played superb! 26 points on 10-18 shots, inlcuding the game tying layup in regulation. He also hit a HUGE three, and had 13 boards to go with 3 blocks.

2) Pau got it done today. 23 points, 10 boards, 4 asists, a steal and a block. Good defense inside too!

3) Derek Fisher kept the Lakers in the game. He had 3 HUGE threes in the run to end the game. He also played amazing defense on Williams. Most of Williams points came in the 18 minutes Farmar played.

4) I don’t usually do a fourth, but Kobe played well too despite his injury and poor shooting. 33 points, 8 boards, 10 assists.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Farmar looked pathetic out there today. No confidence, did absolutely nothing to help this team. He was an offensive liability and a defensive one. When he was in the game, the Lakers got outscored by 19 points. That is double any other Laker. He had 0 points, 2 fouls, 1 turnover as his only official stats.

Play of the Game: Lamar’s three to help send the game to OT.

What to Look for Next Game: Look for the Lakers to play defense. Must win game for the Lake show. Game is Weds night at 7:30 PM.

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Go Lakers!

  • Shril

    Well.. Here we go again..

    This will be a tough series.. But it is a good challenge for the Lakers.

  • Shril

    Plus.. Farmar and Radmanovich should like jump down from the aircraft on their way back to LA. Giving benefit of the doubt to Sasha cuz he’s injured. BTW why don’t we put Ira Newble in on Okur cuz he defends well. Let odom play Kirelekno..

  • goofella

    lakers take game 5. no doubt about it. puts the pressure on utah to win game 6. hopefully fisher would be able to stay in the fourth quarter for more than 5 minutes in game 6, if that happens lakers close this serious out in 6. if lakers lose game 6, i expect staples center to blow up with energy and excitement for game 7. either way lakers will win this series.

  • kb24b3stever

    hey does anybody kno if kobe its gonna be able to play in game 5??

  • GotAce

    Game 5 is a must win.
    And they will win

  • Lakers 24 7

    Ronny should have just got a flgrant 1, and what about Ronny Price that got up trying to fight Turiaf, he should have got at least a tech, I expect the Lakers to blow out the Jazz next game, If I were them I would come out aggressive with a lot of energy and try and put the game away early.

  • hZm

    Farmar is playing AWFUL basketball. Ugh.

  • kb24 4life

    hey , im going out on a trip all week, does anybody know an internet page to watch the games??? i´ll appreciate it…

  • matthew

    that was a foul at the end of the game when boozer set the screen on fisher and pushed off on him. and then andrei krelinko got the and1 dunk


    Luke and Farmar need to step up if we’re gonna win this series. We didn’t deserve to win this game. 54% FT won’t get it done!

  • kobe-drew-pau-l.o.-fish

    according to jose calderon is a free agent, he is a playmaker unlike farmar who s a scorer. we need him to improve the team and make a spaniard combo

  • Lakers 24 7

    [Comment ID #35477 Will Be Quoted Here]

    TJ Ford is also a free agent

  • kPoAbUe

    we actually could of one won the game you guys know why. if we hit more than half of or free throws the game would of been 123-120. PLus we would not have to go to OT. We could of won the game in regulation if we had made our free throws.

  • DingleBerry

    I think sasha will be getting farmars minutes. farmar IS NOT ready for the big time!!!!

  • .

    Is it just me, or is Pau looking very, very, very weak and not even representing himself as a threat. L.A. is paying Pau money to be the second guy. When needed, why is he passing the ball like he’s just a role player? It looks as if he’s scared or isn’t even capable anymore. He’s the guy that should be posting fearlessly or beating the 3-happy Okur off the dribble easy. Why isn’t he?!?!

  • .

    [Comment ID #35477 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I hate fantasy-talkers. Live in the present! “Artest this, Artest that. TJ Ford this, TJ Ford that.” STFU!

  • gugy

    We are in big trouble. Jazz have the momentum going into Staples. Game 5 is a must win for the Lakers now.

    I hope Kobe will be 100% at that game.

  • .

    [Comment ID #35484 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I have a bad feeling. Kobe’s back will only get worse tomorrow. Also, like I said, Pau needs to do something. The way he’s playing is just … ugh! Turnovers, no passion, no aggression. Also, Luke needs to freakin’ dunk and get off that soft crap. I was very pissed at the Lakers as much as I was pissed at the officiating.

  • phoebus

    jordan farmar huh..
    no offense no defense no play making ability.
    simply he does not have it…..
    d-league player….

  • justin

    i blame the refs for this game. being intimidated by the crowd and feeling like they had to make those calls. if you’re gonna call touch fouls, call them both ways.

  • kb24 4life

    [Comment ID #35474 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i need it, i mean, i dont want to lose a minute of action…

  • gugy

    Doesn’t look good at this point. I hope this will not be a repeat of that playoff series between Laker and Suns that we were 3-1.
    We must win game 5.
    Pau is playing like a girl. I am afraid. besides he is a great player, he is just too soft. We miss Bynum big time.
    Farmar has been a disappointment.
    We need to play with the same passion that we played at the end of the season beating the Spurs and Hornets. It feels that these last two games, we just let them win. We could have win, but in the end the Jazz was just more passionate and more aggressive and they took the win.

    I don’t like the situation we are right now. I hope a big win for us on Wednesday.

  • http://kk kkk


    did you know that?!!!!!

  • Soichiro

    I was deeply concerned with the way the Lakers play defense..

    Men, we can’t beat San Antonio or New Orleans with this type of play.

    The Lakers have to tighten things up!!!

    I wonder if Phil Jackson teaches and preaches defense.

    I hear once that he doesn’t.

    If that’s the case, don’t expect to become champions.

    Why did the Suns let D’Antonio go?

    Because his no-defense practice in practice philosophy never garnered for them basketball’s most coveted crown.

    He doesn’t put a premium on defense, a tested formula for the ages that ultimately turns one into CHAMPION!!!




    Great, just fucking great (excuse my language) The injury bug has hit us every year since shaq left. And now in the playoffs, in a crucial situation? FUCK

  • Gelo

    Time to bring in our secret weapon. I can see it now, the Lakers coming out of the tunnel in the next game, and right behind them is Bynum, in full gear and ready to go.

    Who wants a hit of what I’m smokin?

  • Laker for life

    i need some of that good kush to get over this frustrating loss….

  • lakerschamps08

    yall can smoke watever ever u smoking.. and who us who say we gonna kill em in game 5 really need to stop smoking… umm we are{Profanity isn’t allowed on — Please go back and edit your comment. Thank you.} simple as that… but th refs did not call travel once on the jazz, i would put my life on the line to say that they travel a lot of times… and AK-47 traveled on his dunk in OT.. i know we all saw it and the refs saw it too JUST {Profanity isn’t allowed on — Please go back and edit your comment. Thank you.}CALL IT…… THEY TRAVEL THE WHOLE {Profanity isn’t allowed on — Please go back and edit your comment. Thank you.}GAME.. AND WTF IS UP GASOL HE SHOULD JUST BE KILLING OKUR TRAVELING {Profanity isn’t allowed on — Please go back and edit your comment. Thank you.} SELF.. WTF.. GO LAKERS. IF WE WIN SERIES I JUST WANNA THANK GOD…

  • gio

    y wont pau gasol just stop playin’ freakin soft!!

    what the hell is his problem?!?!?!?!

    if he keeps being soft then we are officialy HOPELESS.
    well not if anyone steps up….

    pau better start playin’ good…..with bynum back next year…we will win the championship……but winnning it this year is better….


  • SliqRiq

    Lakers should activate Coby Karl and sit that no mental toughness walking with his head down everytime he screws up Farmar. Im sure he would defend better than what Farmar has.

    Ariza we need you ASAP!!!!!!

  • KiKosDad

    For all who doubts Kobe and our chances because of his current back injury…

    I’ve seen worst from our MVP, shouder injury (shooting hand), dislocated pinky (shooting hand), knee tendinitis and injury, numerous ankle problems… Did those stop him?? Specially now in the playoffs..

    I’ll bet my whole house, he’ll play. Period.

    I’ve never seen anyone goes through every name it, he’ll face it head on.

    Never doubt. This is our time. Our championship. We’ve don’t come this far just to give up because of an owie. (From my MVP)

    Never will I doubt the heart of a Champion.

    Go Lakers.

  • lakerschamps08

    of course kobe gonna play..but how is he gonna play.. is he gonna be 50 percent or 75 or wat.. he gonna play we just need to play way better D.. and hit our free throws… ohhh yea and utah aint gonna be getting alll the {Profanity isn’t allowed on — Please go back and edit your comment. Thank you.} calls they were getting.

  • Sopi


  • west213

    {Profanity isn’t allowed on — Please go back and edit your comment. Thank you.} farmar he aint a playoff guy………

  • pjt

    Good thing the next game is in LA, Lakers need to tune in, and play tough defense…

  • BringDFishBack

    Damn I guess it’s easy to rip people apart when they’ve had a few bad games. Damn LA fans that know nothing about basketball and are just on the bandwagon now that they have a chance to win it all. Farmar a defensive and offensive liability???? Are you fucking joking me? Farmar played great on defense today. Deron didn’t get one easy look on him. However, when Sasha was on him Deron got a few open looks, including a WIDE OPEN 3 and an open layup where Sasha got screened and just gave up. I’ll tell you this, Farmar NEVER gives up out there, especially on defense and how bad he’s been playing lately. He constantly was in Deron’s face and slowly but surely Deron started to respect his D and was much more passive. On offense, Farmar got 2 shots. Missed a 3, oh well. Missed a layup in the middle of 3 Jazz big guys, but he had the confidence to go in there. For the rest of the game other than bringing the ball up the court he didn’t touch the ball. Someone would have the ball and looking to pass, they would look at him open and then look the other way and pass to someone else. What’s that gonna do to his confidence? He still went out there and played great D and gave up nothing to Deron. How can you give him the Smush if the Day based on how he played last game?

    Why can no one else here see things other than scoring and Kobe? Sasha is fricking God but all he can do is shoot. He makes dumb TOs all the time and played terrible D today, but no one mentions any of that. That’s because his shots went in. I swear if Farmar had 20 points today, there would not be ONE bad thing said about him.

    As for the -19, why was there no mention of whoever had the best +/- stat today? Easy to say when something goes wrong, but no one metions who did the best in that category. Why was there no mention when Farmar CONSTANTLY had the best +/-?

    For the other guys on the team, there were some pretty poor performances. I don’t get Pau, he just hates to rebound I guess. Props to Lamar for getting it done, but it seems he is the only one doing it on a consistent bases. Also great job Kobe for staying in the game and playing through the pain, it was obviously affecitng his play but to stay out there when it’s so important means a lot. Luke came up huge but no one sees the little stuff like that. Great game. Turiaf will come out next game pumped because he hated that people were questioning his character. The Jazz won’t get away with what they get away with in Utah. In Utah the refs let the teams play physical, which plays to the Jazz advantage. Here in LA they don’t let that happen, which plays to the Lakers advantage. The fact that they got 20 more free throws that the Lakers is amazing, seen as they lead the league in fouls. Game was still close though and if the Lakers had made their free throws it should have been a win. 0-0, 3 game series. Lets go Lakers!

  • DingleBerry

    [Comment ID #35524 Will Be Quoted Here]

    why dont you tell us how you really feel? farmar needs a couple of more years before he will contribute in the playoffs. just like it took sasha a few years to learn it, he’ll wipe off the smush face in 2 years…

  • LAkers

    Those officials fucked us over in these last two games!!!!

  • KiKosDad

    I believe that JFarmar is playing because Phil wants to ignite him and get him out of the funk (it’s just bad timing it now in the playoffs). Also this shows how much confidence Phil has that we still have this series, that he can give some leeway to a player who’s obviously in a situation who’s trying to get out of a funk. Jordan’s not whining nor complaining, he understands where he is now. He’s fighting through it. If Phil believes he’ll recover we shouldn’t doubt him as well.

    Remember 12 years ago, a rookie triggered the game ball on Utah only to fell short. If that rookie didn’t fought his way will we have our MVP today?

  • vida24

    Great …Now kobe is injured are we seriously seroulsy cursed ??? i mean seriously…
    every time when are trying to be on the top there IS A THING called INJUIRY BUG…oh men god must hates us….i am losing my faith right now….
    and ya is it me or y’all are gettin some flash back of smush ..cuz thats what i am seein right now from a guy name JFarmar !…
    WTF is wrong with him…i mean i know this is his second year and stuff but WTF happened to his confidence ???
    and i am cool him not scorin and stff but he is not makin the right play…there was one play that he got doubled and kobe was wide open and he refuse to give him the ball…..
    speakin of not makin the right plays ..WTF happened to our offense….when you know the guy is {Profanity isn’t allowed on — Please go back and edit your comment. Thank you.} in injuired you dont just giv the ball to him and hope he makes play for you….sigh lakers They are really gettin in my nerve right now….if they dont play defense and dont run their offense i dont see why jazz wouldnt win the NEXT TWO Games…..

  • Tpdht

    And also, we suppose to put sasha as the back up point guard instead of farmar, he can really guard williams, he did a good job better than farmar, and also put ira he has length and he’s strong enough to play okur. But still i think we’ll beat them if we play harder and more agressive.

  • LakersFirst

    Its apparent here that people want to blame individual players for losses (one could even blame an injured Kobe for forcing so many bad shots in the OT when he should’ve passed. Gasol, Fisher and Odom had their offense going. Kobe couldn’t tried to set them up more), but the fact remains, the entire Laker defense hasn’t been playing very well.

    If the Lakers want to continue on in the playoffs they need to make defensive adjustments. For crying out loud, the Lakers are making Mehmet Okur look like a hall of famer, allowing him to average 20 ppg this series, when for the last two years, his playoff average in Utah is 13 ppg.

    Furthermore, two words sums up the Game 4 loss:


    The Lakers had every f’n chance to win this game. At the end of the fourth the Lakers had multiple chances to win the game (didn’t you notice Utah quit scoring in the last 3 minutes). Even in the beginning of OT, Utah wasn’t scoring very much. It wasn’t until AK47’S three point play in OT that Utah separated themselves.

    At the end of the day, championship teams win come-from behind games on the road. I believe the Lakers can win in at all this year and I think the players believe that too. However, once you have that belief, the next step is prove it on the court.

  • sK

    farmar is trying to summon the spirit of Smush Parker in the playoffs… and you know what? its working.

    with that being said, i look for him to bounce back at home. Mark my word… Farmer is to hit (3) big 3’s on Wednesday.

  • mfoznot

    I thought the Lakers had no identity tonight. On offense or defense.

  • domz

    Lets stop talking about blaming and ripping each other. But we should focus on Game 5 and start believing that we can beat the jazz in this series. I know Kobe will still be perfoeming his best. And the lakers will overcome the jazz in utah on game 6.

    BEAT UTAH!!!

  • Shaq786

    Farmar has been such a HUGE dissappointment..

    best case scenario this summer…

    1.) baron davis opts out and only wants to be traded to the lakers
    2.) sign him for a long contract at a cheaper price, by trading farmar, sasha (re-signed, S&T), radmanovic, a future second pick, and chris mihm…

    baron is getting paid like 16-17ish.. if he can accept a 5 year deal for 74million or less, that would be awesome!

    Alonzo Mourning would be a great addition if he can still play. He is rugged, and can log in a hardcore 10 minutes, when healthy. He will toughen bynum up more and give us some more veteran help.
    Hopefully he can be signed for the vet’s. minimum.

    LINE UP:
    b.diddy/d-fish/sun yue

  • Austrian_Laker

    try with ie game should be on wmoe1


    Well game 4 was crazy, for me honestly it was a disappointment. I got to admit MVP screw for us i know a lot of people here are going to say he was hurt so don´t blame him but still in OT Kobe should have run the triangle like what Phil was telling them. Kobe was forcing a lot of bad shots. We were good on D but not great, On offense we could have been better. Pau, Fish, Odom were playing great thats why i was disappointment when Kobe was forcing those shots. Another thing not to blame the refs cause of the loss but u got to admit we were not getting the calls that we should get i mean come on the Utah D was too physical on us, sure its normal to play physical D in the playoffs but still we should have gotten a lot of calls. The Turiaf ejection was just plane BS and i don´t know if some of you guys saw this play in the final seconds were in it was 106 all and it was Utah ball before Boozer got fouled by fisher Deron Williams traveled if they called that we could have won the game. In game 5 i´m not worried at all cause i´m confident we´re gonna win it i´m not gonna be even surprise if we blow them out. I know in game 6 that the music will indeed stop in UTAH.

  • LakeShowtime

    Bottom line, Fisher needs to stop making stupid fouls, if he doesn’t make those 2 fouls in each of the two games in Utah, we would have swept by far, look hwo the team reacted and fought back with him in there, but if he goes to the bench here comes Farmar that looks totally lost, no defense no offense, not motivated at all, at this point they should have brought Newble in, sat down farmar, let Kobe run the point and Newble guard Brewer. They need to win Wed is not guaranteed specially when Kobe has back spasms if Kobe looks like a healthy Kobe, the lakers will take game 5 and 6. In this case give the Machine more minutes and sit down farmar.

  • ab4sure

    We lost for several reasons. Bench lets us down in the beginning of the fourth. Kobe was hurt and continued to play. When he went down on the court in the 4th and had trouble getting up he should have sit his ass down. He was horrible in the fourth making about 1/10. He had no lift and he was hobbled. He couldn’t even guard his man tight. This reminds me when we lost to the warriors when kobe went down with a hamstring pull and he could not guard or shoot well. Next time kobe is so seriously injured he needs to go sit on the bench becuase at that point he is not helping the team but hurting the team by playing. A crippled back is very diffent from a pinky so kobe needs to stop being a “man” sometimes and not tough it out for the sake of the team.


    Do y’all thank Utah was going to roll over for The Lakers,HELL NO!They’re at home and they ‘re going to protect their home court but The Lakers are going to have to go back and play the way they did when they 1st got Pau,intense.Lakers have to stop waiting ’til 4th quarter when they get down by double digits and want to start playing hard,it’s becomes desperation at that point,they came close but the end result……

    It wasn’t just one man, this game was a team loss.

  • daboss1848

    Why not go for the 3 (and the win) in regulation?
    (The unwritten rule is u go for the win on the road)
    (This is especially true when ur star is injured)

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #35568 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I too was hoping for the Lakers to shoot the 3 at the end of regulation for the win. Could you imagine if the Lakers shot a 3 and it went in? That would’ve torn the hearts of the Jazz and they wouldn’t have mentally showed up for Game 5.

    I think the reason they did not go for a three was because they were taking the ball out from underneath the basket, so they were naturally closer to the rim. This makes it easier to get two points.

    There are a few articles from writers saying that Kobe tried to win it by himself in the OT, instead of doing what he was doing in the fourth and setting up the other guys (in the 4th, Kobe had 5 assists – 3 to Fisher for his three three-pointers, 1 to Gasol and 1 to LO on his three pointer). If you live in L.A., read the Sports section of the L.A. times written by Bill Plaschke and read this one


    ….I forgot,GET ARIZA BACK NOW!!!

  • RoWyN

    Farmar may be the obvious choice for STD but dang how many passes will Pau Gasol not be able to handle. He’s being outmuscled by Okur! He’s starting to become Kwame (this is an exaggeration, so relax!) But at least Kwame’s not soft!

    The reason everybody was settling for jumpshots is because they couldn’t pound the ball inside. Pau should start owning that block.

    Also, late in the game, why didn’t they isolate lamar more, when that was working!

    BTW, anybody noticed that Farmar is just flat out scared of Deron?

  • gugy

    we are F U C K E D!

    The momentum shift the Utah. We better win Wednesday, if not, Bye, Bye Lakers.
    I am praying for Kobe to get back and 100%. Stretch that back man!


    I think this is a good test for The Lakers.Guys are just gonna have to step up and play more aggressive ’cause Luke was way too passive on his layup,letting a Midget block your shot when your at the basket and he came from half court,it seemed,to block your shot,UNBELIEVABLE,good block,though.

    Someone said we should get Alonzo Mourning in the off-season,HELL-TO-THE-NAH!The Laker are already stacked at the center position with AB/Pau/Mihm(I hope he stays)plus ‘Zo is not our type of player,Lakers always go for finesse players,no matter what position.So Mickael Pietrus is the ‘PERFECT’ choice because of his defensive skills and if you pair him with Ariza and Kobe on the court…..LOCKDOWN!

    Just imagine if we had him in this series,3-1,OVER.

  • playdefense

    lakers had multiple chances to go up in this game. in the second half and in overtime.. everytime they had possession to take the lead they couldt score.. i really want them to demolish the jazz on wed. im sick of overrated a$$ boozer that only plays good at home and the rest of the jazz players that can only play when they are in their building,. the only one that is a threat home or away is williams. overrated team, lakers need to kill them wednesday. jazz suck on the road. the lakers should shoot 100000000000000000000 free throws the next couple of days because their free throw shooting was f ucking pathetic

  • berks_kb24

    phil lose it!i dont know what comes on his mind he put the bench on the start of the fourth with only odom with benga as fresh on d fourth!jazz only leads by four in d start of the 4Q thats why they attact and blows lakers by 12 with early 4 team fouls.we know lamar cant lead them alone maybe with fish.and what the hel luke was thingking his a superstar my god he s#cks he should dunk d ball hes a no brainer.and im very scared right now of what happen to kobe i hope his ok on the next game,and bring out the remote of what phil said on andrew we need him pau is soft but i still like him.we just need andrew and i want andrew to be part of 08 championship…………..go lakers

  • berks_kb24

    we dont need anyone to be added next season we have talents,if AB and ariza is back we are sure champions!75-7 what you think?

  • kobetrueking

    we are F U C K E D!

    The momentum shift the Utah. We better win Wednesday, if not, Bye, Bye Lakers.
    I am praying for Kobe to get back and 100%. Stretch that back man!
    no where not!we are still there we will win the series be a true laker!and im sure if kobe cant play bynum will be there!
    but iknow kobe will play!if lebron has the face of the lion kobe has the heart of the lion!

  • kobetrueking

    We lost for several reasons. Bench lets us down in the beginning of the fourth. Kobe was hurt and continued to play. When he went down on the court in the 4th and had trouble getting up he should have sit his ass down. He was horrible in the fourth making about 1/10. He had no lift and he was hobbled. He couldn’t even guard his man tight. This reminds me when we lost to the warriors when kobe went down with a hamstring pull and he could not guard or shoot well. Next time kobe is so seriously injured he needs to go sit on the bench becuase at that point he is not helping the team but hurting the team by playing. A crippled back is very diffent from a pinky so kobe needs to stop being a “man” sometimes and not tough it out for the sake of the team

    don’t you understand kobe makes the play to tie d game a set on fisher for a 3 3 on a row and 1 on odom to tie the game.but the jazz anticipate thats why kobe has to make his
    move because nobody wants to should blame phil he made it happen on the fourth!we need to attack not to rest!

  • T-Dub

    Kobe did what he does in OT. He should have been yanked by PJ since he couldn’t perform. the other guys should have taken it upon themselves and not pass him the ball! these guys need to man up and stop being scarred! two close games in utah against the best home court team aint all that bad considering the celts, hornets got blown out. Farmar is not the guy as I’ve said all along. We need to keep looking for the PG of the future!

  • Remy

    We been playing with injuries since the beginning of the season. It shouldn’t make any difference. the Lakers just need to dig deep in and find that rhythm, and passion for the victory

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #35602 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I don’t think the other guys were “scared”. In the fourth quarter, it was Fisher, Gasol and Odom who stepped up and made their shots, when Kobe distributed the ball to them. That’s how the Lakers erased a 12 point lead.

    In OT, the distribution stopped and Kobe was taking all the shots. As a matter of fact, he took 7 of the 10 shots in OT. In the 4th, Kobe had five great assists. In OT, he did not have one assist and went, I believe, 1 for 7.

    The difference between the end of the 4th and OT is clearly obvious. The passing stopped!!



    I do feel everyone else needs to stop passing the ball to KB and take it upon themselves to contribute points and yesterday they forgot,THAT’S HOW THEY GOT TO BE IN 1ST PLACE.

  • kPoAbUe

    do not resign farmar Ira Dj Cody. Instead sign Baron Davis.

  • daboss1848

    1st Baron has to opt out
    2nd Baron has to sign for 5mil
    3rd those other guys have nothing to do with our ability to sign others


    Mickael Pietrus ‘WILL’ be in a Lakers uniform next season.,YOU HEARD IT FROM DC 1ST.

  • Luis24

    obviously we wouldn’t say anything if he scored 20, that’s stupid to say. Really though fluke, space cadet, farmass, and Phil cost us. Yes Phil, tell me who let’s Dj who hasn’t played this series, Farmass who has been a liability on both sides of the court, Sash who really doesn’t create a shot but at least is consitent,and Luke who is also very incosistent start in the forth when we are down 4 in the playoffs on the road? That was terrible and I would of told Kobe to stop shoot. We all know his shooting was horrible if he drove and dished it would have been better instead of like 2 for 10 in 4th and OT. Farmar is terrible this series 2 point in 4 games and he gets blown by Deron everytime. Hopefully we get our act together. Win together lose together Lakers for life.
    P.S I’m not a Phil fan in my opinion he overrated. Seriously you guys who wouldn’t win with Mike Pip Shaq and Kobe and great role players

  • kPoAbUe
  • Luis24

    also I’m a big Laker fan, so don’t hate. I was crying 12 years ago a guy in 24 aired a couple, I cried when AI beat our undefeated streak, I cried when we lost to the Spurs to stop our 3peat I cried when we got blown out in 2004, I cried when our team was screwed for like 3 yrs. So yes I am just not a Phil fan he DOES NOT practice defense you can see it in their practice facility and the Glove said it to don’t get me wrong the offense is great but D is terrible and had really bad decisions, when the game is close its usually on the coach. I do bleed purple and gold, as well as cry purple and gold


    Though I would love to have Jamario Moon(and Parker,his sister,as you know,plays for my other team,the Sparks)I don’t think they should but like “The King of LA” says,1 player is all we need,maybe 2,who can play 15-20 mins.,NO BIG NAMES.,he won’t be traded but if Mitch gets a chance,after he gets “AIR FRANCE”,expect another PG to further push Farmar down the bench.

    Baron Davis anyone?!?

  • T-DUB

    i dont think Fish and LO were scared, but i think the physical natureofte jazz is effecting everyone else. the ball did stop moving in ot though.

  • Shaq786

    farmar,sasha, coby karl, v.rad, and mihm… for baron davis and micheal pietrus!!!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #35622 Will Be Quoted Here]

    To answer your question:

    Del Harris didn’t win with Shaq and Kobe

    Doug Collins didn’t win with MJ and Pip.


    Shaq786,we just need Pietrus(though Kobe and Baron would be DEADLY together,4 in a row,WHOA).

  • laker4ever

    DCLAKER,i think your a genius!i totaly agree with you that Mitch should get AIRFRANCE Mickael Pietrus during the off-season.if we can get him,we will be the BEST defensive team in the league without sacrificing our offense.just imagine a line-up of;
    PG: DFish
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Ariza & Pietrus (best defensive tandem in the SF position )
    PF: Turiaf (our beast in defense )
    C: Bynum (our Monster at the middle)

    I just hope that we can get a PG in the off-season and anotheR young combo PF/C in the off-season.

  • kobe-drew-pau-l.o.-fish

    [Comment ID #35592 Will Be Quoted Here]add either jose caldeon or TJ ford


    TJ Ford,for real,would be reaaaaaaaal good for The Lakers.High energy guy,can penetrate,versatile and the reason I really like this guy….for his size,he will not hesitate to go to THE RACK,good pick.

  • GeorgeM24

    Game 5 is a must win for the Los Angeles Lakers. If they are able to win Game 5 I do think they will be able to finish the Jazz of in Game 6 at ESA, that would be a great moment for the Laker fans

  • laker4ever

    Shaq786,i disagree with you.we don’t need to trade Farmar and Sasha. we just trade Radman,Coby Carl,Luke Walton and Mihm.Myabe we can trade Mihm for Pietrus but if that trade will not materialize let’s try Mihm and Carl for Pietrus.Let’s trade Radman for a Draft pick and Luke Walton for a PG.

  • laker4ever

    DCLAKER,have you heard of draft prospect Shan Foster?maybe we can get him in the 2nd round and develop him as a point guard.he is a strong player who has a shooting touch.


    We don’t need to trade for Pietrus,he can just sign with whoever as July 1.

    If they trade Vlad for Draft Pick,I like OJ( not that OJ)Mayo if it’s possible.put him under Kobe’s wing and Kobe can win his last Championship in 4 or 5 yrs. and ride off into the sunset knowing that the Lakers are in good hands with Bynum/OJ at the forefront.Kobe already said OJ is a bonafide SUPERSTAR,just keep his head on straight.

  • http://lakernation kauaimamba

    I think Luke should have gotten ejected after the weakest layup attempt Ive ever seen in my life.I was embarrased for him.Please come back soon Trevor!

  • RoWyN

    No one needs to be traded anymore….okay maybe Chris Mwimp! We need to get a legitimate “Power” Forward. Someone that has the built of Millsap but has perimeter like maybe Udonis Haslem. When we lost Kwame, and with Bynum sidelined, there really is no physical presence on that front court.


    JO,RoWyN.Dude still got it and he’s willing to come the bench but my heart is still with getting him or my top favorite FREE AGENT Mickael Pietrus(and Gerald Green,just ’cause Kobe/DF can easily build his IQ up).

  • RoWyN

    DC…with the current roster, I don’t think the lakers can afford JO now without giving away any of the top 4 (KoPauByLo). If there is one the same price as Mihm or maybe a rookie we should go for it. We can also get rid of Coby and Newble.

    IMO, I believe we have about 5 to six ppl that can play the SF most of which are able to defend. Other than a backup Pf, we might need a PG that has speed and length….like Childress.


    Your right,RoWyN.That would be SWEET if JO/LO/AB/PAU(what a frontcourt)but since that dream is dead,I’ll stick wit’M.Pietrus.

    Point Guards?I like Farmar but he needs some fire under his rear end(A$$)so here some picks:

    Jose Calderon or TJ Ford(I think TJ will lose his starting spot to Jose)

    Jason Williams(he comes to LA he’ll be The “OLD” Jason)

    Monta Ellis(GS won’t let him go but….)

    Juan Carlos Navarro

    Sebastian Telfair(his style of play would compliment KB/LO/AB,fast)

    There’s more out there who does LAKERNATION think would be perfect(PG’s,SF’s or SG’s).