The game began with Kobe Bryant receiving the MVP trophy. After he got the award Kobe started playing around with his daughters. Is it just me, or does Kobe play with his family on camera more than any other player in NBA history? I’m not saying anything against it or anything, I just think it’s kind of funny. Not only is Kobe Bryant the number #1 basketball player he’s also the number #1 dad. What a guy!

The game itself was pretty interesting in that the Jazz really came out playing a lot better than they did in Game 1. More interesting than that is the Lakers playing even better. Their execution in the first quarter was probably the best it has been since Game 1 against the Nuggets as they just kept pounding it inside to Gasol. After the first quarter The Lakers went up by fifteen and put it on cruise control the rest of the way.

It’s scary how good The Lakers are when they are clicking. With their speed, length and passing, there really isn’t a team out there that can’t prevent them from getting whatever shot they want. During the Denver series a lot of people (myself included) might have held off on fully believing in this team’s offensive dominance because Denver has terrible defense but after watching the Lakers pick apart what is generally a very good defensive team in the Utah Jazz, I don’t think anybody can deny that this team is an absolute monster.

There is a downside though. That level of precision seems to come and go in spurts. As the game wore on, our execution was getting noticeably sloppier which makes me wonder, can we maintain that precision for a whole game? I don’t think this Jazz team is good enough that we would need to, but if we win this series the team that’s waiting for us is probably the Hornets and they have been just as big a warpath as the Lakers. And unlike Allen Iverson or Deron Williams, we can’t stop Chris Paul.

The Michael Jordan Award for MVP of the Game: I probably should give this to Kobe for not only having a monstrous game but for winning the actual MVP, in the spirit of his acceptance speech I will be splitting this award up between Kobe, Lamar and Fish. I feel like Lamar must have been personally offended by the Jazz’s dominance on the glass in Game 1 as he came up huge with a game high 16 rebounds. Take that Okur! Fisher on the other hand couldn’t miss hitting 7-10 including a huge 3 in the 4th.

The Dominique Wilkins Award For Highlight of the Game: I would say this is a two way tie between Sasha passing to Derek for a huge 3 at the top of the key and Kobe wild out of control drive leading to a crazy pass around Okur’s *head to Gasol for a dunk.

*I think it was a Okur. It could have been Kirilenko.

The Vince Carter Award for the Most Half Hearted Performance of the Game: I should give the award to Vlad Rad who has been such a huge disappointment this Post-Season but I’m going to give it to the Big Booze he’s supposed to be their guy. I mean he’s on their split face commercials for crying out loud! He needs to spend less time waxing his eyebrows and more time… actually on second thought, I should be glad he’s playing poorly. Never mind. Keep it up, Booze!

The Linas Kleiza Award for Random Bench Player Coming Out of Semi Obscurity and Destroying the Lakers: Paul Milsap. I know right? God, that was annoying.

Final Thought: You know what would be really cool? If the NBA would set up a dunk contest between Pau Gasol and Tim Duncan. It would be like the Jordan vs. Nique battle, only the exact opposite. It would be like, who can dunk by jumping the lowest.

  • e

    very happy for kobe for winning the mvp today…well deserved

  • Skim.

    hahaha u are absolutely right about the duncan gasol dunk contest idea. that would be the funniest event in NBA history.

  • Terry Kim

    YEAH! Somebody is down for the gasol/duncan dunk contest!

  • T.A.

    We need to jump out on them early in Game 3 and get this series at a 3-0 point!!

  • Phant0M

    “We can’t stop Chris Paul”
    It can be done..
    nice first article.

    go L.A.!

  • Mon

    let CP3 score but take away his assists and we will win


    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Everything went well last night; the MVP ceremony, the atomosphere, the wooping we put on Utah, the small descrepancy on the boards. Everything went well, everything but one dam thing. As u many or may not know, I have beef with the “Staple Center Lower Deck Fans”. Why did the Lakers give out those t-shirts to them if they wouldn’t wear them? I mean they are the ones who need to wear it because they are exposed to the cameras throughout the entire game. What? The Golden t-shirts don’t match their pestachio green HUGO BOSS botton up shirt? Come on man, we need to get into this thing a little bit more. We’re taking everything for granted and that’s not good. It’d be so cool if the entire arena were a shining gold color.

    PS: A cheer or two wouldn’t hurt.


  • lakerfan81

    There was a play at the end of the fourth quarter that was quite possibly one of the greatest basketball plays I have ever seen.

    Kobe got the ball with a few seconds left on the shot clock at teh 3 pt line with AK guarding him. He probes the defense for a second, gets the step past AK, but utah comes with the double to trap. Kobe, not being human and all, somehow spins through the trap to to the basket. But a 3rd defender steps up to stop kobe, who is now between three players. Kobe goes up for the shot, but spots Gasol underneath the basket. So kobe works his magic and somehow manages to pass the ball around Okur’s head to Gasol for the dunk as the 24 second clock expired. Absolutely amazing. It left me speechless.

  • Billy Kupchak

    who was @ the game & heard me shouting out “LOAD ‘EM!” whenever Lamar was making his free throws? :-D

  • domz

    I heard you in the TV, saying “LOAD OM!!!”..hehe just kidding..

    Anyway, I actually was not able to watch the game so I would just watch the highlights later. I am so happy to see our team won the 2nd game and up 2-0. Game 3 is another huge game (though for me, every laker game is huge!!!). We must steal the show at Utah. And prove the world that we are greater Road Warriors than those home boys of utah. And let’s shoot for that another sweeping/wooping/pooping sweep!!! SWEET BABY!!!

    Note: About terry’s comment that we cant stop CP3, No you are wrong bro. We can stop that guy, believe me, BELIEVE the LAKERS TEAM. (Sorry for opening up this topic even though we must be still focusing for the current series) We’ll have that stagerring defense that we showed up during the last game against the spurts before the reg. season ended. The thing that we should do is kill CP3’s assist abilities and make him score 20-30 plus points. And stop peja and west from getting hot. That’s all! And I also BELIEVE, they still cant stop Kobe. Even the Celdicks wont stop the MVP, BELIEVE!!!

    BEAT UTAH!!!

  • BEC

    Cant stop CP3? We probably cant stop him, but we can slow him down. I think youre underestimating how good our defense can be. For this team our offense dictates a good amount of our defense. When this team is clicking our defense is really really good. The jazz all season shoot 50% from the field, but this series theyre shooting about 41%. Lakers can play D and can play D down the stretch. Giving up a lot of points is a little deceiving because we play an uptempo game, but we have a lot of size speed and length to play good D.


    I’m going on YOUTUBE to reminisce when they was last in UTAH,WHOOP THEY A##!

    4-1,,I AM SO SICK OF LAKER HATERZ RIGHT NOW…..that’s why their teams are sitting at home watching us.

  • heffajoint

    I agree with the comment about the lower deck people not putting on their free Lakers t-shirts! What the hell? I guess they’re too cool to be more supportive. The whole arena should’ve been gold! I think if Jack put it on and then got on the mic and said, “Put your Lakers shirts on!” the crowd would’ve definitely followed. Come on Jack… lead the way man!

    We don’t need to stop CP3. We should play him like we did during the season… Let him score and cut off his assists. Their two defeats against us were:

    1st Game – Lost. It was our 4th game and before we were really us.
    2nd Game – We won by 29 points.
    3rd Game – Lost. Bynum was out and Gasol just sprained his ankle.
    4th Game – We won by 3, but were up the whole game by somewhere around 20, I think, and just let them back in.

    So, I’m not worried about the Hornets. We match up with them extremely well. Plus, San Antonio will eventually give them a tough time (will go 6 or 7 games), so they will be beat up by the time they get to us.

    If we win this next game and make it 3-0, it should be an easy sweep or will be at least a 4-1 series victory which gives us more rest. So we need this next game. If they win it might push the series out longer because they might get some sort of confidence back. I’m not too worried about it though. Besides, the last Utah game during the regular season was at Utah and we beat them by 11 points without Gasol. Go Lakers!

  • LakeShowtime

    [Comment ID #35092 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeap couldn’t have said it better, let Paul get his points and be like Velcro against the other 4 as long as the others don’t score it will be good.

    I still see San Antonio winning that series.

  • heffajoint

    Hey, if San Antonio wins that series, that would be even better for us. They don’t have the personnel to match up against us. I really don’t care, but San Antonio is not looking good right now. If they lose tonight they are done.

  • BringDFishBack

    2 things:
    1. The Jazz have been a terrible defensive team this year.
    2. Whenever the other team goes on a little run Kobe feels like he has to take over, which results in a terrible shot on at least the next 2 plays which 95% miss. Anyone else notice this?


    [Comment ID #35111 Will Be Quoted Here]NO!!!!!

  • domz

    We really need to come out big in Game 3 and 4. I hardly believe that we’ll able to sweep the jazz. We’ll just have to execute very well. I know it will be a hard time, but we now have a Lion’s heart and so determined to play in June. Like what KB vowed last night. I hope Booz will get cold once again and be in foul trouble in the 1st Q. Probably, 3 quick fouls from Pau and Lamar!!! And Kobe will be unstoppable again!!!

    BEAT UTAH!!!

  • Kobe Bryant

    Hey Lakers Nation! I want to thank you all for congratulating me on my first MVP. It was truly a team effort, but it could not have been done without the help of you fans. We’re gonna take this to June fellas!

    Love, Strength, and Honor


  • Tim

    tell me one GOOD reason why we cant stop CP3


    Kobe,when you retire who do think should be your predecessor(the guy that’s going to take your place),Gerald Green,OJ Mayo(Like this dude)or whoever you think may fit(they’ll be building around Bynum of course but who’s going to be his Robin to his Batman)?

  • Terry Kim

    reasons why I think we can’t stop chris paul:

    He’s super fast and the Lakers all season have been lit up like a pinball machine by fast point guards (i.e. TJ Ford, Janerro Pargo, Rafer Alston, probably Rajon Rondo, and so on)

    Chris Paul has lit us up in every game. And pretty badly too. I think one game he had like 30 and 17.

    that being said I definately feel confident we can take new orleans considering Lamar can probably nuetralize David West. As long we don’t do nothing stupid like leave Peja open. I expect Kobe to explode in this series. All the attention Chris Paul is getting as being the most exciting guy in the playoffs has got to be getting under his skin.

  • Terry Kim

    I like OJ Mayo too, although I think it would be pretty cool if he went to the Wizards that way the Wizards would have Tough Juice and Orange Juice.