arghhhThe Lakers got lucky tonight. Their superb offense made up for their lack of defense.

The Lakers allowed 50% shooting for Utah, but put up 60%, yes 60% of their own in the hoop. The Lakers had seven in double figures and basically had everything going for them offensively.

It was really great to see the ball move and the Lakers finish in the paint. It was painful to see the big lead evaporate and the Lakers foul in the second half. A positive tonight was Deron had 35 and 9, and the Lakers still won!

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe was efficient and hit big shots tonight. 26 points and 9 assists.

2) Lamar was consistent and amazing. 8 of 9 with big shot after big shot!

3) Ariza’s 9 assists were impressive, but not as impressive as his defense and three point dagger!

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Farmar and Sasha were useless today.

What to Look for Next Game: Better defense.

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Go Lakers!

  • kobesno1fan

    only 14 more
    then were CHAMPS!

  • sketch

    Our Lakers getting careless again…allowing the Jazz to come within 3 points late in the 4th. Some key rebounds and blocks by Pau and key shots by Kobe, Ariza, and Brown ensured our win tonight! And how big did LO play tonight? The only thing that I wished that he’d do is throw it down instead of opting for the layups. I know that it’s still 2 points, but I think that with that extra umph by LO would be huge psychologically not only for himself, but his teammates as well. It would also pump up the fans at Staple Center more and equally deflated the Jazz more.

    And what’s up with Jordan Farmar’s play? Man, suck it up! So what if Brown’s getting more minutes and most importantly YOUR MINUTES? Man, play with intensity and passion fool! This guy was playing so tentatively and with ABSOLUTELY NO ENERGY tonight! He didn’t even look like he wanted to be in there! He used to be more pesky with his D, but tonight he just looked intent on going through the motions. If he continues to play like that then I hope that Phil will just sit his a$$ down and keep the pine warm for everyone else!

    Great Finish to go up 2-0! Go Lakers!

  • jC

    kobe was so clutch. arizas jumper is so awesome right now. defense came and went but as the playoffs progress itll get better.

    my only complaint is that our crowd sucks. seriously. hundreds of dollars to watch the game live and they cant even act like they wanna be there. we need a real laker nation at the game.

  • RoRo

    The game was played okay, too much turnovers for the team which allowed Utah to get easy baskets. I think they did better on the boards, but they have to work on there defense. I actually like Deron Williams scoring more than giving assist because scoring more takes a lot more energy than passing the ball. Many of his shots that he took were at the three point line. Kobe hit a lot incredible shots, but i still think we need to go down low more to pau and andrew. a win is a win no matter how you look like it, pressure is on them to win the next two.

  • http://lakersground.net Lakers4life

    fix the countdown up top!

  • sketch

    wait a minute…top 3 performers and Pau’s efforts were not recognized? are you $hitt!ing me? Pau’s 2 blocks on towards the waning minutes of the game and his rebounds weren’t considered huge enough to warrant his place on the top 3? yeah, Ariza played well tonight, no doubt and i’m not trying to take anything away from him, but his 2 stupid a$$ fouls…1 on Miles and the other on Boozer for the and 1 were 2 of the dumbest plays of the night! Pau definitely belonged in the top 3 performances of the night! you guys can’t just put Ariza up there because of the 3 that he hit! Pau’s last defensive stance were just as big if not bigger because he showed that the jazz that there ain’t no way in hell they were gonna score and sneak a win out in Staple Center tonight!

  • kwame4mvp

    sasha is always useless.

  • luke and sasha and farmar has got to go!!! and im a laker fan!

    im glad shannon brown is getting alot of playing time in the playoffs for some reason everytime i see him shoot the ball he always makes a bucket cant say the same about puke sasha and fartmar.

  • dracul

    The crowd at the bottom level of the Staples Center is made up of yuppies, actors and business people looking to network. The REAL fans can only afford the upper levels. The ones at the bottom are too busy talking to each other to care.

    As far as this game goes, the Lakers seemed to play slightly better than their competition. Luckily they do show up against good teams. The Jazz have one good game in them. If Okur can’t play at all in this series, its bad news for them. He’s the guy who sucks out our big men.


  • Smush Walton

    Sasha and Jordan are useless on the floor. Thankfully Shannon has been great. he should get more playing time instead of these two Knuckleheads!

  • anonymous coward

    Farmar’s still hurt. Give him some time.

  • berks24

    never mind if cavs blowing piston.jazz is far better than piston if cavs plays jazz in the playoffs I dont see them winning!west is the best and we r no 1.How exciting to watch kobe at age 24?

  • Kobe8

    Farmar dribbles too much that’s why i like Shannon Brown in there because he moves the ball quicker and doesn’t turn the ball over like Farmar does.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    pau and bynum effort is pretty pathetic
    aginst no 7 footer they ended up grabbing 10 rebs total

    with this kind of hustle and energy by our “twin towers” we dont win shyt
    tougher teams will rip us off

    we are soft physically and also mentally

  • lakerman1

    Don’t get down to much on the Lakers. Cleveland blew a 29 point lead and scored 1 basket in 9 mins in the fourth. That was one game when i have to say there bench looked worse than ours. Anyway Lakers in 5. The Jazz will probably win 1 game. I just have a good feeling about this year. The Celtics lost Powe and Cleveland will not be able to beat Kobe & the Lakers. Lebron can have the season MVP because that is the only Trophy he will be holding this year.

  • r. tomjanovich

    am i the only one who’s worried about andrew’s knee..?
    call me paranoid… but… agh.

  • T-Dub

    why the hell did they re-sign Zasha??? I thought they would have learned after giving fluke that fat contract! Just useless. I bet they repeat the same mistake with Farmar. As far as the defense which they are not playing, I wouldn’t worry. They seem to play to their competition level. In an up and down the court game, if they are getting 120 pts, the other team will get over 100. When they play the east half court style, they will get fewer points and give up fewer. They dig in defensively when they have to as they have shown in games against the Celtics and Cavs this year.

  • machine lover

    yah sasha definitely looked lost out there once again. he needs to pick it up.

  • Cookie Monster

    Play of the game? Where’s the play of the game??? *Freaks out*

  • http://getgarnett.com Jonas Joseph


  • gugy

    I agreed with Jonas. I think they Lakers are bored and are looking for real competition. That might happen in Utah. I think those games will be much harder than the ones at Staples. Good chance for the guys to step up and play with more intensity.
    Lakers in 4?

  • daboss1848

    lol – farmar getting nailed for playing 4 minutes (1-2, with 1 stl).

    why no attacks on mbenga, yue, morrison, or powell?

  • pr0mega

    Official moron list has been updated.

    Already features:

    RJ, earl

    New arrivals:

    -Steve Avery- for his terrible post game posts, even in the playoffs.

    -daboss1848- for the comment, and I quote “Plus kobe shoots the damn ball to much trade his ass.” Please re-evaluate your thoughts before posting something retarded on a Lakers fan site.

    Official Moron List:

    Steve Avery

    Thank you, have a nice day Laker Nation!


  • KONG!

    great game but winning in Utah will be tough. they got those crazy rabid fans.

    i like farmar but he reminds me of a tony parker kinda guard. he should use his speed to get easy layups but he just lost confidence in himself.

    sasha just got paid and decided to be a non-factor same as luke walton

  • daboss1848

    pr0, lets not be so quick judge – that boss that u quote is a hijacker (that post will be deleted soon enuff – once TLN checks source)

    hijacker is responsible for many of the absurd comments by different users

  • pr0mega

    Pending approval, daboss will be removed from the Moron list.

  • purplegoldvein

    go lakers! chill on the farmar hate though really, watch a nice comeback from him. you dont think it keeps him up at night watch shannon get his minutes? Phil Jackson is a coaching genius, i bet the only reason he gave shannon a shot was to motivate jordan, but shannon stepped up and took the opportunity and ran with it. in the end it makes the team better. Farmar is too cocky of a player to let that just happen to him. i bet hes stepping it up at practice right now! 14 more wins baby!

  • WifelovesLuke

    Apr 22nd, 2009 at 8:48 am
    why the hell did they re-sign Zasha??? I thought they would have learned after giving fluke that fat contract! Just useless.

    While I mostly agree with you on Sasha, don’t be so hasty on Luke. He was not resigned for his amazing jump shot (sarcasm). He was resigned because he is a SOLID role player. The triangle thrives on ball movement and Luke provides that with anyone on the floor. That’s why he is able to play with the 1st or 2nd unit so well.

    What I liked most about Phil’s post game comments is that he recognized that his rotation is too big right now. He was trying to get too many players involved in the game. That means no Powell, Farmar, Morrison, etc. Sasha will give Kobe breathers and Brown will give D Fish breather. Luke will still be involved with the 2nd unit BECAUSE OF BALL MOVEMENT!

  • http://neoshocapital.com Farmabrick

    Farmar is done – stick a fork in him: his confidence is shot and he is regressing at an alarming rate.

    Sasha is trying, at least.

    Sha-Bro is displacing both guys with his play: not only does he initiate the Triangle better than Farmar (he passes, whereas Farmar has a dribbling addiction), he shoots the open 3 better than Sasha.

    Either Mitch got lucky with Sha-Bro, or he’s an out-and-out genius.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #68707 Will Be Quoted Here]

    look, if he’s hurt then stay on the bench! by being on the floor…he’s hurting the team more! we don’t need him to take ill-advised 3s! we just need him to move the ball, run the offense and play hard D…that’s it! if he’s not 100%, then stay on the bench and come off when he’s ready to contribute!

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #68749 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i agree! i think that the problem is not his “injury”, but his confidence! he’s playing 3 feet off of the ball. he used to be all up in the face of his opponent! now he’s playing so far back…like he’s in the nose-bleeds at Staple Center! he thinks that by shooting the ball is going to get him his confidence back and that ain’t gonna work, because his shots are probably worse than his D right now! just sit on the bench and try not to be the next Smush Parker!

  • kevin

    man whats up with that dude “smush walton” hahahhahahhaaha

  • dEDGE

    In all, the Lakers posted 7 players in double figures, shot 60% for the game, recorded 33 assists, and sent the Jazz heading for home down 0-2 and wondering how to slow down this offensive juggernaut. http://steveodesignedge.wordpress.com/

  • Greg

    I think Lamar is having a very solid start to the playoffs. Good job LO. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wheelchair

    wtf… shannon brown should be top 3….. steve avery suck

  • pr0mega

    Daboss1848 I still think your on the official moron list for all the other stupid crap you say.

  • trademaster 2009

    where was j-peezy that game phil. look in the first round use all 12, second round use 11 3rd round use 9 4th round use 8, , dont get the lakers get to tired phil, btw i heard u say f**k when the mike was on u

  • http://yahoo.com markco2

    Lakers will sweep the West Playoffs..
    and 4-1 in the finals if its the cavs…