The Lakers continued their great play with their fifth straight playoff victory.

The Lakers beat the Jazz in game 1, 109-98, despite giving up 58 rebounds, including 25 offensive. The difference in the game turned out to be shooting as the Lakers held Utah to only 38% from the field and 4-19 from three. The Lakers answered every Utah run today. The Lakers were led by Kobe with 38, but had 4 others score double figures.

The Lakers need to find a way to keep the Utah big men off the glass. Losing 17 rebounds is just too much. Utah won’t shoot 38% from the field next time.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) MVP! MVP! MVP! Kobe had 38 points on 8-16 shooting and 21-23 from the line. He also had 6 boards and 7 assists.

Pau looked tired tonight, but he still came through. 18 points, 10 boards, 5 assists, 2 blocks. He does need to grab those boards more though!

3) The Machine! Sasha had 15 points in 16 minutes. He hit both of his three point attempts too. Great game Sasha!

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Farmar struggled with his shot tonight. 0-5 shooting and had little effect today.

Play of the Game: Kobe’s reverse layup.

What to Look for Next Game: Look for better shooting from the Jazz. Lakers must crash the boards. At the same time, watch out for Fisher. He won’t go 2-6 in game 2. Game is Weds night at 7:30 PM.

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Go Lakers!

  • vida8

    boards boards boards

  • Ignard

    STD: The team defensive rebounding was horrible. Pau kinda looked soft to me in this game, he’s gonna have to get tuff, these ain’t the Nuggets they play smart physical basketball.

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!

  • Showtime

    Thats the way to go Lakers! Great hustle defense. 11 more wins to go!

  • mfoznot

    why are we losing the rebounding edge?

  • lakerschamps08

    umm yes we need to REBOUND THE BALL. we must put a body on everybody just boxout… gasol was looking soft.. i mean come on u were killing camby and ur scared of okur get the fuk outta here man… but yea gasol get tougher and rebound ball and we’ll be good for game 2

  • west213

    pau cant stop boozer, his weak…we need to put ronny on him and pau on okur….plzzz drew come back sooon

  • DingleBerry

    Good to see your back steve and keeping the std where it belongs!!!! god job….

  • lakerz

    yay i win… i mean we.

  • CK

    we got destroyed in rebounding and still won by a good margin, if they fix the board issue they shouldn’t be a problem.

  • kb24 4life

    Kobe proved once again why he is the MVP, 38 pts shooting only 26 times, now thats efficiency…

  • Thomas

    The Lakers played well this afternoon but they gave up too many offencive rebounds. Kobe played well and if we keep the intensity up and REBOUND then we will win the series and will have a date with San Antoino or New Orleans

  • Sopi

    i expect lakers to win by more than 15 in game 2
    kobe will have another big night!~

    Go LAKERS!!!

  • TheLakeShow

    switch number 2 performer from Pau to Lamar….Pau looked weak today and Lamar came out with the hunger

    we know what we need to work on, let’s take care of business in game 2!

  • Lane Wright

    Can the Lakers be stopped? If they get past Utah, who would you rather face SA or NO?

    Lane of Lakers Playoff Tix

  • maccassedy


  • zgum

    congrats lakers!…

    get those rebounds next time…
    contain dwill with the same defense…
    lamar needs to step up more… and farmar’s shooting!…

    Maintain the aggressiveness and team defense…
    and we will be alright in game two….

    lets go lakers!!!!

  • BringDFishBack

    ESPN says Walton has an upper respirtory ifection, hopefully it isn’t as bad as Ronny’s.

  • kobeMVP08




  • kb24 4life

    [Comment ID #34791 Will Be Quoted Here]

    sorry, 16 shots…

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #34786 Will Be Quoted Here]

    glad god is on steve’s side..

  • MambaKB24

    guys relax about the rebounding issue

    think of it lke this:

    what are the playoffs all about???

    adjustments. phil and the lakers will adjust and all will be well

    besides, why did the jazz get so many offennsive boards?

    cus they missed. they kept missing.

    why? the laker D.

    you cant fix missed shots, but you can remind yourself to boxout

    the lakers will take game 2, show the jazz that they really have no hope

    they’ll go to utah game 3, and dominate.

    once they go up 3-0, utah will know theyre done

    another sweep in the books

    the only other possible scenerio will be loosing game 3 comng home energized

    after that, the lakers will regroup, win game 4, and finish the job at home as kobe receives his hardware

  • Jack

    i aint worried about a thing.

    all those who is shouting abt gasol’s softness, look for his boxscore at the end of second game. and then you talk to me.

    the pursue to undefeated playoffs carries on.

  • SliqRiq

    [Comment ID #34806 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Very well said and I want to add that even though we did get out rebounded by 17 or 18 whichever it was the Lakers still won by double digits….. to me that tells me we can have a one poor aspect the the game and still win comfortably!!!!

    The Lakers are Scary Good!!!!!!

  • domz

    Great Game Lakers!!!

    the D is there…

    It’s acceptable that Jazz won the rebounding category in game 1. They are the top 1 rebounding team and we are the 3rd or 4th. And they also topped the offensive rebounding. Now, the challenge for us is to defeat them in their strength for the upcoming games until we sweep them.

    Lakers in 4!!!

    BEAT UTAH!!!

  • lakerfan81

    The Lakers need to be tougher and all five players need to crash the boards. Pau looked kind of soft he didn’t like the physical play, he will have to adjust. THis is the way Utah play they like to push people around, particularly boozer he pushes everyone away when he goes for a rebound. The refs are not going to call it, they will let Utah play physical and grab peoples jerseys and push them out of the way for rebounds. As the series goes on they will call it less and less, the Lakekrs better get used to it. I don’t think they will win the rebounding battle in this series (Utah is a great rebounding team) but they can’t expect to win if they let Utah get 20+ offensive rebounds a game. Utah got 43% of their missed shot. That is absolutely ridiculous.

  • getgasol

    Interesting statistics:

    In the NBA, the team that wins game 1 wins the series 79% of the time. When a Phil Jackson team wins game 1 they have won the series 100% of the time.

    Sounds good to me :)

  • Nabil

    What’s up with Hubbie Brown? YOU COACHED PAU, LEARN TO SAY HIS LAST NAME!!!!

    Except for brief stretched in the 2nd and 4th quarter, he kept calling him GO-SAL. WTF?!?!

    And also he called Jordan- FARMER.

    Dammit. Ruined the whole mojo for me.

    Wish I were in LA. Wish Chick were here.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #34808 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you mentioned u would not comment until the lakers lost or at the end of the series. Why the change?

  • xtro

    Vamos!!!! Sweet Smell of a Sweep is pervading the air!


    I agree with those that say we need to CRASH THE BOARDS MORE!Pau and LO need to step it up in that area other than that…..MVP!MVP!MVP!

  • kobe-drew-pau-l.o.-fish

    the lakers eed to figur outho they are getting all of the offensive rebounds and how to stop it

    now refering to next year who will or will not be suited up for games, we dont need to add anyone, because we already have at least one young payer an on vetean in each position

    at PG we have fisher as a veteran and farmar as a young PG, but the problem is that either of them play defense, eithr farmar should earn defnsive mentality,and the defensive build, or fisher shouldstart getting in much better shape soht he can guard quicker PGs, other than that, no adjustment really need to be made unlss we draft a defensive minded PG,

    at shooting guard we have kobe and sasha, kobe will get better at deense next year and win DPoY, sasha,is very underrated on defense as well, no adjustments need o be made at the shooting guard spot at all

    the 3 small forwars are Trevor, luke, and vlad, either luke or vlad needs to be traded, becaus we ave 3 sSFs whn we just needone veteran and oe young player, sasha nd fisher are both geat 3point shooters and i don’t think we necessarily need vlad and he is overpaid, so maybe vlad should be waved but maybe he will take paycut although he does have big contract

    mihm and benga should b waved as well because we have 2 centers, andrew and pau, as well as 2 great PFs ronny and lamar

    first unit will have all the veterans

    PG Fish
    SG Kobe
    SF Luke
    PF Lamar
    C Pau

    scond unit will bring lots of energy off the bench
    PG Farmar
    SG Sasha
    SF Trevor
    PF Ronny
    C Drew

    then the 3rd unit will have the two upcoming rookies, sun yue and our 2008 second round pick

    Lakers=2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 champs:-):-):-):-):-)

  • PauKobeBynumDynasty

    We did a horrible job on the boards yesterday…Vlad Rad, Pau, and Odom need to step up. How can be have a bad rebounding edge if we have three 7 footers in the frontcourt? The only reason we won is because of all the rebounds we got the Jazz were slow to get back on defense because of their recent game against the Rockets. We need at least 45 a game and maybe 17 offensive to totally dominate this team.

    I will admit, the Jazz are a tough team, but we need to get the business done at home because who knows what will happen on the road?

  • PauKobeBynumDynasty

    [Comment ID #34854 Will Be Quoted Here]

    u put luke in instead of bynum

  • DCLAKER,he’ll be a laker next year(or JO).

  • j_rock24

    kobe s d best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack

    [Comment ID #34824 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah. I apologize my man. Actually, just got caught up in the excitement.

    MVP, the sweep, rebounds, derby, hornets….. just lost my promise.

    This time for real, I will only write when lakers lose, or at the end of this series. Hopefully, it will be the later. More so, hopefully, this change didn’t make a curse out of itself.