gahhhHow inconsistent is this team?

I am not even looking at the box score as I write this because I don’t really need to. The Lakers did not show up again on the road. The Lakers got outplayed again. But I’m not too worried because in game 7, the Lakers are going to do what they did in game 5.

Laker fans are ready for this huge Sunday afternoon game! Kobe will not let this team lose… Gasol will not play this soft… the Lakers will take care of the ball like if isn’t a hot potato and Phil will lead this team into a Game 1 Tuesday night vs. the Denver Nuggets.

Rather than dwell on this loss, let’s look forward to Sunday’s first Game 7 in at least seven years…

Top 3 Laker performer that need to show up Saturday

1) Kobe must come through. Kobe doesn’t need 40 points, but he needs to show up in the assists and defense categories.

2) Pau has to dominate the paint. I expect nothing less than 20 and 10 from Pau.

3) OUR POINT GUARDS MUST DO SOMETHING. We cannot win if our point guards continue to play terrible basketball, it is that simple.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Tonight, the guards let us down defensively.


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Go Lakers!

  • Matt from Dallas

    Very pissed about the game. Farmar was playing good D for awhile I thought he should of got more mintues, oh well I’m looking forward to Sunday. Let’s Get Em!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Fisher STD as always

  • Mitch4Pres

    no ring this yr guys

  • KB24ForLife


  • mr.laker19

    You need to stop with all the optimistic crap, nobody wants to hear that, every day I read a prediction from you its all sunshine, the truth is you dont know what the hell you are talking about. None of us do because this team is lazy and inconsistent to the point you dont know if you are going to win by 40 or beat by 40 on any given night. All we can do is hope and pray sunday goes well

  • vintijborn

    very true mr. laker19. I never heard anything more true in my life. Although, chances are the lakers will win based on home court and game seven desperation, but your right about the lakers being lazy and inconsistent. Despite this, are they good enough to get a championship during a year in which all the great teams are plauged with injury? I think that if the lakers dont win it this year (the easiest year every) they will never win it because who else is there in the way other than the cavs? The CAVS? Jesus christ, the only great team left without injuries is the cavs and they have only one legit all star, this year was practically gift wrapped for the lakers and they still cant get it done. KOBE= not the greatest, maybe the greatest scorer of all time but certainly on the greatest player of all time (jordan would not go to game 7 with an inferior team)

  • D

    What’s wrong with being optimistic? He did mention that they are being very inconsistent but I don’t understand what is so wrong about being optimistic.

  • zgum

    WOW! Fisher! whats wrong with you? U need to shake things up and focus in your game…

  • Michael Perez

    I agree… This blind optimism is very dangerous, and could lead us to say “HEy, did houston just oust us out of the playoffs?”.
    forget optimism, lakers have to be cold blooded killers out there. they play like if the nba owes them something instead of going out there and showing people how bad they want it.
    That being said, i still believe that the lakers will advance.
    Even though people believe that the Nuggets will push us to the brink, i think that the lakers will win in 5 or 6. houston lost yao, and drastically changed their gameplan, and THAT gave us trouble. unless the nuggets lose melo or billups to injury, we should be fine. ;)

  • peter

    Either the Rockets are pretty damn good.. or we’re too inconsistent.. Perhaps both.. I’m just done investing my emotions with this team.. our post players are way too inconsistent to control the game. shooters(kobe, etc) will have on and off nights… so do post players.. but the inconsistency is just too much.. pau getting guarded successfully by a 6’6″ guy? fucking man up pau

  • kobester


  • kwame4mvp

    This was disappointing. Hopefully they will know what is at stake and bring their game on Sunday. On a positive note, I was actually happy tonight. The part where PJ yanked Sasha out for being a cry baby. That really made my night. I’m sick of Phil playing him when he doesn’t contribute anything. You Sasha lovers out there say that he has a different role this year. That’s a bunch of BS because he doesn’t contribute in any categories for us.

    Also, i was glad to not see Dfish much in the second half. Maybe PJ finally realizes that he can’t keep up with Brooks. At least make an open shot if you can’t help us on the defensive end. But too bad… Fish can no longer make those shots.

    I’m not making any predictions here. People say “Kobe won’t let the team lose this one.” What does that mean? Why are we in a game 7? He wanted us to be in it? And this is not the attitude that we want. We don’t want Kobe to jack up 30+ shots in the game do we? That is what he is going to do if he “won’t let us lose.” Just pray that he will trust his teamates and they actually pull through. Good luck to the team…

  • ShashaSux

    As I do expect Fisher to find his game, hopefully Sunday is the day, I think the one player which needs to contribute that keeps us weak in the SG position is Sasha.

    I do get pissed that our team is so damn unpredictable, but at least the other players are trying…Sasha is doing shit!

    He’s the 2nd bust contract since Walton.

  • cummlaker

    I am a huge laker fan (31 years) and have traveled all over the United States to watch them play in the playofs over the years. All the crap many Lakers fans gave Shaq, bet we wished we had him even now. In his prime Gasol, Odom, and Bynum together couldnt influence the game like he did by him self. Even today, Shaq would have had eaten up any of the Rockets bigs that came at him. I dont care if Bynum is rusty from his injury he’s 7 feet tall he should destroy guys that are 6ft 6 and 6 ft 9 guarding him. Gasol can not play physical enough against these guys and lacks the killer instinct. I love Odom, but he should also take advantage of his size and athletic ability and take it to Houston. I know its a big IF but if we some how dont win the championship this year are we going to be wishing we could find a way to bring the big daddy back? We miss you Shaq!

  • cummlaker

    and WTF is Phil doing waiting so long to call a f#8*9ng timeout instead of calling one when its 10-1?

  • 123kid

    i said this before, but i dont know why the lakers still dont take advantage of it. the keys to success is:
    -make brooks score less than 15
    -dont let battiers get comfortable on the 3’s
    -single coverage defense collapse and scramble in the middle
    -win the 1st quarter and never look back!
    -play fast pace
    -make their turnover ratio larger than assist ratio
    -make them jack up 3 pointers
    -kobe needs to attack the basket!

    bottom line, 7th game, look for the valuable guys in this series to play majority of the minutes. if sasha makes one quick foul, sit his a$$ down. same goes for fish, luke, and bynum. one mistake and look to be sitting on the bench. look for kobe to have that look back in his eye to close this shyt out!

  • Eidraq

    [Comment ID #71345 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you’re absolutely correct…phil’s lack of coaching is hurting is derek fisher’s inability to play the game person to say “0.4 nuff said” is a complete idiot in my mind..0.4 is long gone ppl, open your eyes and see the truth..and i agree, stop with this optimistic bs..we have bynum now, why the fck are we still losing? oh bcuz he’s too busy trying to get the 20 pts instead of grabbing his 10+ defense, no focus, lackluster effort..he’s become an embarrassment..

    the only guys that even showed up to this game were kb and ariza..kb needs to shoot better shots, but sht, id take half the effort he’s giving over any of the guys on the team right now

    open your eyes and realize that we’ve been pushed to a damn game 7..pau needs to man up and learn to play defense, odom needs to make his free throws and and our guards really need to pick up their defense and shooting

    i still faith, but im not blind to the possibility that our team might lose again…these criticisms are the only thing that make this team better and that is truly unfortunate

  • Paul S.

    I am a very pissed off long time fan that is just stunned over even having this go to a game 7. IF(that is a big if) they were to lose game 7 this would go down as the #1 greatest TANK JOB of all time!! Why can’t they knock these little punks on their butts! The Laker teams of the 80’s or earler this decade would have never played so uninspired in a million years!

    All of this chatter aside, even these weak, feeble minded Lakers should give these rag-tag punks from Houston a nice swift ### kicking! This series will be long forgotten in a short week or so; at the end of the day all of us fans will ask-WHY WAS THIS SO HARD?

  • dEDGE

    Pau needs to shave his head (ala Farmar) to find his game again. Lakers will win Game 7 but I’m not sure my heart can take much more of this…


    Why is the home-court advantage in the NBA so much more prevalent that in any other sport?

    …Because of the unrestrained power that is exalted to these so-called referees, it has become very difficult, if not impossible, for any team in this league, no matter how good or talented they may be, to overcome even just a few well placed enigmatic/corrupted calls in today’s NBA ball game!
    …The NBA has become a freakin set-up! …The more replays are clearly shown, the more obvious it becomes, how these corrupted NBA refs can determine a “FOUL” outcome!
    …They have reached a level of expertise on how to tweak certain calls in critical moments, to un-level the playing field for their desired outcome!
    …Unless a system-(Use of Instant Replay) is put in place, such as what the NFL has, bogus outcomes in the NBA will run rampant! …This will take away much of the power of the orchestrator and therefore will never happen!

    Post Script: …So forget it, this is all preordained, orchestrated and plotted in hopes to generate the most fanfare Hoopla and maintain the highest level of interest possible, from the abundant different views and opinions of individuals across the Globe!
    …It is called NBA Sternball, not NBA Basketball!

  • will

    phil needs to bench Fisher and play Farmar.. he hit a couple 3’s in one quarter and later got taken out the game, WTF?? i’m tired of seeing him get burned by brooks..

    FG percentages from the beginning of playoffs = Fisher: 36%… Vujacic: 24%… Walton: 35% … vujacic and walton…… Disappointing.

    PG: Farmar
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Ariza
    PF: Gasol
    C: Bynum
    6th man: Odom

    vs. aaron (6feet 160pounds) brooks, chuck hayes (WHO??), battier, scola (dumb spin move gets gasol every single time), and artest (mr. inconsistent) … on paper, rockets should have been blown out.. WTF are the Lakers doing??

  • will

    AHHHHH, can’t wait for game 7… both teams on the brink of elimination.. gets the blood boiling!!

  • roro

    The rockets played well; and I kinda knew they were going to lose this game because the rockets ALWAYS play hard. Lakers haven’t found that formula of playing hard. Seriously Pau needs to be more aggressive. Andrew played decent enough, but the players I’m really worried about are fisher and sasha. Come on Sasha we need you to make open looks; what a waste of money on him. Fisher is just old and it shows. Even if they win game 7; everyone is still going to worry about this team. Until they find the formula on effort; they for sure are going to lose to Denver. I’m not disappointed anymore on this team; right now I am just CONFUSED! Stop teasing the FANS LAKErs!

  • berks24

    wow!bynum on 19 mins with 0 points not even on the foul line with his size?wtf..i’d rather have mbenga on it doing his job on the board and defend smaller d!ck than him.
    3 points
    d fish 0-5
    ariza 1-5
    and kobe 1-5
    what the hell was that for?I mean do we really need that?agains the smaller team.kobe is done and i am very disappointed on him he should have led his team and says this rockets are small.attack the basket so simple as that.I did not watch the game but as i have seen on the shot chart kobe does it all from the perimeter and pau?how tall is he to take so many jumpers he should have drawn some fouls.I hate to admit but lebron really was the mvp.I love kobe very much but he doesn’t show some heart to attack the basket to show their bigs that they are tall.I really cant understand the game of basketball I mean the lakers basketball.

  • David

    I really felt disgusted watching this game. This team has no intensity or consistency. Also, I don’t understand why Phil sticks with Fisher. Fisher should be coming off the bench. He gets burned every game on defense, and can’t even make an outside shot. We will probably win on Sunday, but no chance in hell we will beat Denver playing like this.

  • kobe is done

    free throws 15-20

    ARIZA 2-4 forward position
    KOBE 9-10 made 23 vs knicks on his 61 points at MSG.why not
    on toyota center?
    LAMAR 2-4 excuse on his back.
    PAU 0 attempt 7’0″ vs 6’6″/6’9″
    BYNUM 0 attempt 7’0″ vs 6’6″/6’9″

    this shows how the lakers are afraid of rockets with two 7 footers not making any attempts on the line.Why kobe suddenly this playoffs taking too many jumpers if he can take his self 23 times on the line.

    three point 5-23 21% vs rockets 7-18 39 %

    i don’t think we really need this category right now agains with the smaller rockets.

    the lakers are playing far from game 5.seems that they dont want to win it at a toyota.That is business cause they already know that rockets r not capable of beating them without yao, I also dont see any chances from rockets beating the lakers, and its not good cause fans are loosing money specially on this global crisis.the buss family r sick, and greedy!

  • UKlaker

    We need to stop complaining and except that the reason why we lost was because the Rockets just played better than us. Yes we have more talent but in game 6 they had more heart and desire to win, anyway we’re in the situation cause we lost game 1. If we had won that and split in Hou like we did the 40pt blowout was the icing. Game 7 will not be a given but I just hope they can come out and play with that heart that Houston did but I will be annoyed when I see Gasol roaring with passion on a and 1 play when it’s game 7 and people are cheering 4 him, all stars do it on the road when their booing. Good luck Lakers.

  • starving-marvin2k10

    boy, all these damn excuses after the game… uh, they are so a tough team. maybe the lakers players should rather control if they have still sand in their vaginas before they enter the fckin court. they should go to the wnba maybe they can win a title there.
    and kobe always saying ah, next game will be fun… you are not here for fun man… go and do some god damn work…
    nonetheless lakers in 7…

  • 85

    I love the lakers franchise been a fan as long as I can remember. But it’s time to open our eyes. Yes this team has plenty of talent. But like many fans today I’m tired of this optimism thats been going this season. Everybody talks about how the lakers can switch it on and off whenever they like but how come we are in game 7 against the rockets. Everybody talks about Kobe not letting us lose, but we have lost 3 games against the rockets and every lost against the rockets have happend because the lakers are not hungry enough. And the optimism, will be this lakers team way to fiasko.
    First of all:

    Bynum hasn’t contributed anything to this team but being injured throwing money at his bday bash and partying with playboy girls. He should have never gotten that contract until he showed that he deserved it

    Gasol is to soft. Hasn’t gotten any better since Garnett and perkins bounced him around like a tennis ball last season.

    Vujacic is a joke. He should be a mascot. Never seen a more stupid ball player then him. He always fouls and crys over it. Takes stupid shots and then cry. If I see him cry one more time I don’t know what to do

    Walton, I wish I saw him play when I was 15years old. Then I would tried even harder to make it as a ball player. If this guy can play in the NBA anybody can. Tell your kids that.

    Fish is done. Will be forever thankfull for the things he has done for this team but enough is enough.

    Kobe needs to wake and smell the coffee. It time to attack the basket.

    I think we will win this series but if the lakers play like this the cavs will eat us up.

  • kobe is done

    here is some jackson’s comment.
    “There’s nothing to worry about,” he said. “We are just going to go out and play. It’s our home court and it’s what we play for. We play a different game on our court, and that’s pretty obvious to see.”

    see the game was fix,and it’s all business.yes game 4 shocks the lakers but game 5 is the statement,and the rest is all business,like i said there is no chance that rockets will win this series the buss knows it!But if something happens on game 7 and lose!I am sure that you will not see kobe on the lakers next season,he will be on the east at the bulls.


    Being a long time Lakers fan, I really wouldn’t be surprised if we lose game 7. My expectations of this team have completely changed. Apparently the Lakers act like their fans don’t exist. We live and die with this team and the least we ask for is that they play with heart each night…..and they haven’t done so. It really isn’t fair to the fan base that they stress us out this much. We all know that is team is more than capable of wiping the floor with any team in the league, yet they don’t show. Assuming we get to Denver….if they play like this, we might as well prepare ourselves for what is coming. I am still holding faith, but seriously give this Rockets team some credit, because they deserve it….they have pushed us to the brink. I just don’t know to expect anymore.


    I will NEVER understand why Phil “Enigmatic” Jackson, seems to ALWAYS underplay Ariza for less than average starter minutes, but chooses to play Luke “For What” Walton for more than what a reserve of Walton’s caliber deserves!
    …WHY! WHY! WHY! …????????????????

    …Ariza who is an athletic 6’ 8” should be on the court at least 40 minutes; While Walton who is the same 6’ 8” athlete, (In height only) should get the rest-(To rest Ariza) for a 48 minute game!
    …There is absolutely nothing Walton can do, that is superior to Ariza!


    …Case in point: Zero’s across the board in 16 minutes-(2 rebounds canceled out by 2 personal fouls)



    [Comment ID #71362 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Except for the Kobe is done part, you make a very indirect, but very VALID point!
    …The fix is in for business purposes, so to speak, up to this point! …From this point on, its The Lakers own business to earn a victory or The Rockets to steal one!

  • FreakinCrod

    This is just the Rockets…imagine if we even get to the finals to go against the Cavs who are about 10x better than the Rockets are and play even better d, and play their hearts out every game…We are going to get destroyed, no doubt about it. We don’t deserve the championship. Our team is just too weak minded, and full of pansies. They don’t have the heart or the will to win it all. Really makes me angry. I can’t stand phil as a coach either, he’s terrible. He is by far the most overrated coach of all time. Some people will say “Oh really then how did he win 9 rings?” That’s easy, let me explain: (Michael Jordan+Scottie Pippen)+(Shaq+Kobe)=9 rings. Can we please fire this clown and hire someone who will actually get our guys to play with passion, and play some D for once? Can we trade him to the Spurs for Poppovich PLEASE??

  • what will be

    [Comment ID #71331 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What are you talking about? So the Lakers have to win a game 7… So do the world Champs… That’s the NBA… Give the Rockets Credit… They are a tough team … Once the Lakers win game 7, they will have denver… They match up well against Denver…

    have faith… This next game is in LA… That which does not destroy you makes you stronger… So this has been good for the Lakers…

    PS the Cavs run right now reminds me of the Lakers run last season sort of… beat a bunch of bad teams, then got in the championship game, well you know the rest…

  • Kobe8

    Phil Jackson’s coaching philosophy don’t work with this team. If you look at his 9 rings, he had a team with veterans but he don’t have that with this team. And that “LET THEM FIGURE IT OUT THEMSELVES” don’t work here coz this team has only 2 people that have done it before.

    And if you think this Laker team will win a ring playing like this then you a idiot. I’ll be surprised if they win 2 games against Denver playing like they did last night.

  • Popcorn

    Why is it that these guys can’t just start the games in Houston like they did in the 3rd quarter?.

    Why wait so much?.

    If they think they will rest for a half to then get to 5ht gear or 6th gear Lol and then win the game; then that is really stupid. In the long run here they are going into a game 7 against a team that don’t even have a center. I used to get pissed off about the Lakers losing games but not any more.

  • Myself

    I’m sorry, but if the lakers continue this. We might as well hand the trophy to Lebron right now. I know that the celtics went through the same thing last year and ended winning the championship, but I really don’t think the lakers can do that. It’s do or die for the lakers on sunday, and Steve call it as it is, Kobe took to many bad shots at the start of the game and that really put the team in the hole. I love Kobe man, but if his shots weren’t going through than he should have been looking for his teammates, and I think the lakers made a mistake with Andrew (I’m not even calling him Big Bynumite), I believe that they really should not have given that big contract to him, and Sasha should just be cut or something. This guy got that contract as well and stop caring. In reality, if we get by the rockets on Sunday, I really don’t think we have a chance against Denver. I’m not a bandwagon fan, for all of you who want to call me that. I’ve been a die hard lakers fan since middle school and I’ll continue to be, I’m just speaking the truth like Steve Hartman.

  • Fakeshow

    Laker Fans, not feeling you. The Rockets have got the Lakers shook. Let’s be honest, the Lakers will never win a championship with frontline players like Pau and Andrew. It’s the beginning of the end for the Lakers.

  • lakerfanmightquite

    To be honest the fix was in for this game its to obvious even as hard as the rockets played there’s no way they can beat the lakers it just plain to see the are way superior plus on some shot kobe shot u could see his hand twisting the ball so it would miss the shot. They will win game 7 by 22 points and ppl well be happy again but the fix is in it business the Buss want to have enough money for Ariza an odom they need to push the series to 7 denver in 7 as well.

  • Kobe8

    the only bright side is IF the Lakers win on Sunday we might have a chance against Denver because they don’t have ANYBODY to check Kobe. Houston have the luxury of having Artest & Battier and they’ve done pretty well against Kobe.

    And Denver don’t have a speedy point guard like Brooks so i think we’ll be alright IF we beat the Rockets on Sunday.

  • lainok

    game seven will be fun. that’s what basketball is all about. the game seven against portland where they made their monster comback is one of my best memories ever. as is their game seven against the queens in OT. as for last nights loss, it really came down to three factors for me

    1. the officiating. between the wrong tech calle on kobe and the bad call made on farmar, they got 3 easy points, not to mention the huge amount of other bad calls. with all the unwarranted free throws the rockets got, no wonder they won. the lakers brought it to within 4 pts at a time, had it not been for those bad calls, they would have had the lead, which changes how the game is played on both ends.

    2. Fisher- I love this dude, but it’s over. He just doesn’t have the speed, his shot has completely deserted him, and he is making so many bad decisions that we should refer to him now as george w. bush.

    3. Jackson- for keeping fish in, when farmar has been the only one playing well in this whole series. I get that he respects fish, but ultimately this is a business, and you are paid to win. so make the right decision, even if you have to hurt fish’s ego.

  • J

    I’ve seen everything I need to see. I have blindly supported the Lakers all my life, but now it’s different. You’re what you do, you’re what your habits are.

    I really want the Lakers to win the championship, but I don’t think it’s still possible. They might win game 7, or even go back to the NBA Finals, but I don’t see them winning the ‘chip.

    In the NBA, there’s very little room to operate. Whether it is on the sideline of an inbounds play, or in this case, the Playoffs. You can’t step back when you sideline-inbound the ball when the game is on the line because there is no space behind you, as there is no room to falter and wane in the Playoffs.

    I still believe! Eventhough I myself said that it’s almost impossible, I’ve seen Kobe Bryant do the impossible one too many times.

    The Lakers have came back from this type of situation. The Lakers are resilient. You can never count them out. Let’s Go Lakers!

    “No contest! Game 1″

    “… and it’s three to two in favor of Los Angeles as we go back to Boston.”

    “The Lakers are winning it.”
    -quotes from Dick Stockton, 1985 NBA Finals

  • Diehardfan


    Fisher – 21 mins = 2 points
    Farmar – 21 mins = 13 points

    You don’t need to have 9 rings to figure this one out…

  • kobe is done

    I just hope and pray that things will not turn around,and lakers will pay on cheating their fans.enough on the drama!

    How could it be in the world that the team you beat by 40 beats you back easily by that.this reminds me of the bulls championship run who use to win at home on their will.

  • nick

    EVERYONE PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!! First of all I am embarrassed to be a Laker Fan!!! This team right now is a joke!!! And I wish these guys would play to win like every game was the last. Now we will see on Sunday what these laker jokers are all about!!! This is what happens when players are over paid!!! Why is Bynum being paid at all??? He is playing like Kwame Brown, that means I could take this guy one on one and I am only 6ft tall like half the ROCKETS RIGHT NOW!!! EVEN IF THEY BEAT HOUSTON, THIS TEAM RIGHT NOW CANT BEAT THE CLIPPERS!!! WHAT IS GOING ON LAKERS??? YOU SHOULDN’T EVEN PUT YOUR UNIFORMS ON SUNDAY, LET THE LAKER GIRLS PLAY FOR YOU CLOWNS AND YOU GUYS CAN TAKE YOUR POM POMS AND CHEER!!!!SO PATHETIC; ITS A SHAME TO BE FAN RIGHT NOW!!!

  • VA Laker Fan

    The Celtics won it all last year after taking 7 games to beat a 45-37 Cavs team AND a 37-45 Hawks team. 37-45! (The Rockets were 53-29 this year.) A win in Game 7 on our court on Sunday and we move on. End of story. Regardless of how long the Rockets series takes, it will still start out 0-0 against the Nuggets. I still like our chances in a best of 7 series against any team in the league. LETS GO LAKERS!

  • Mario

    Embarrasing. How do they let Houston go Up 17-1 at the start of the game. Aaron Brooks is running around our D Making Gasol Look like he’s 5ft. I thought they were gonna make a run in the 3rd quarter when they were dumping it into Gasol, but they started going away from that and started taking bad shots. Lets see what happens in game 7

  • Russ

    I don’t know about all of you, but I cannot believe how poor the officiating was…

    it was a disgrace to see so many calls not go our way.

    The TECHNICAL on Kobe was ridiculous. apparently, all you have to do is get a nudged by a player and run away like a little girl and they’ll call a technical foul….STUPID

    The FOUL on Odom when Landry went up for the dunk. If you look at the instant replay, Landry CLEARLY put his arm out at held Lamar’s arm. so, i guess you can get a foul call when you hit the other player on your way up…STUPID

    And all the little no-calls that Kobe didn’t get on his way up to the hoop. Not to mention the foul call on Farmar when he CLEARLY did not even touch Brooks. I think if someone really went back and looked at this game, they’d find ALOT of bad calls by the refs.

    It almost makes you fishy as to what was really going on. I don’t wanna say theres a conspiracy, but you never know. You know how much money the NBA gets when a game 7 is played. not to mention the ratings. i wouldn’t put it past David Stern.

    that’s all for now

  • cjm

    now kobe knows the answer to shaq’s question.

  • ojt

    wtf!!!wtf!! Get slow a** fischer out,get rid of walton and give some steroids to gasul…..lakers need to get rid of this freaking slackers..instead of sasha,walton or fischer give morrison a try ,at this rate it can’t hurt,also get bynum out and put mbenga in .

  • TP

    Luke signs a contract… and disappears.
    Sasha signs a contract… and disappears.
    Andrew signs a contract… and disappears.
    And Pau… well playing that soft may have been fine in Memphis, but this is the big time, pal! That doesn’t fly here!
    And don’t forget.. this is Lobe’s opt out year.

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  • Phil Jackson is an Idiot

    FIRE Phil Jackson!!!!!!!!!

    Coach’s Zen approach not helping Lakers — I’ve been saying this for 2 seasons now.. he has lost his touch.. time for him to move on's-Zen-approach-not-helping-Lakers

  • kobe is done

    here i go again!im sorry guys if i keep issuing the fix situation.i dont watch the game at live telecast I dont have the cable that can air good thing that i have my laptop to checks boxscore.I am a filipino I am presently here in UAE to work for a living.I hate this country for not popularizing the game of basketball instead the game i hate to watch(soccer)is the one their dying for.sorry for the soccer lover cause the game really s*cks.watching soccer is just a waste of time,it is all about running for how many hour and gets lucky if they finish the game with just a point.but that’s not my point here just want to express my great dislike on the game.
    Back to nba and the lakers as i base on the boxscore and shotchart that the lakers wins by way of ft.on games 2,3 and means that if they want to win they will attack and draws some fouls.On games 4 and 6 they took not more than 22 attempts and jack up too many 3’s knowing the rockers has no size.So no need to worry because lakers own it when they want it.Just like me an employee that has nothing to follow but the owners will, and buss has the will and he wants more money than something!

  • …i don’t even know what to say.
    this laker team has been called a lot of things. Arrogant, immature, young, talented… but i think we all agree that coming into this season they were favorites to win it all. Nobody would’ve imagined coming into this season that we would stumble into a depleted rockets team that’s missing it’s two legitimate all stars. we knew that the rockets would do well this season, but did we really think they would pose a threat to our championship run?

    i’ve been a laker fan ever since i’ve first seen Kobe play on TV. i’ve been through most of the milestones of this post-showtime laker bunch. i’ve stuck with this team through the tomjanovich AND smush era.

    i do NOT want this to be another chapter in the dark ages for the lakers. HAHAHA. i know it won’t be… but who’s to say? right?

    anyway, i was scouring through youtube and came across an andrew bynum video. check it out folks, “the rise of andrew (bynum)”. i’ll even go far as to say i hope andrew himself comes across this video so he can hopefully get back to monster andrew. JUST WATCH THE VIDEO, I SWEAR TO GOD HE WAS A MONSTER. HAHAHAHA!


  • starving-marvin2k10

    ja, refs did an awful job. but nonetheless u can´t blame the loss on them. lakers screwed it by themselfes

  • Anthony


    Just what the hell was that? At 17-1 I was just in awe. I couldn’t believe this was happening again. This Laker team is like a bad dream we can’t wake up from.

    We say oh they need this, or oh they need that, but nothing works.

    BTW, Fisher you blow donkey balls.

  • starving-marvin2k10

    lol….look at this
    walton is playing the same way he looks like

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    This is what’s going to happen.
    Lakers will win game 7

    Lakers will win game 1 against Denver. Lose game 2 and 3, win game 4 and lose 5 and 6.

    I bet $1000 bucks. Denver will finish us off on game 6 at their home.
    We will not go to the finals with this inconsistency. We are just playing 7 games against a team without T-Mac and Yao. Their center is 6′6″ dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With Lamar, Pau, Bynum, Benga and Powell we can’t dominate the boards!. Sorry, we just not going to make it. Denver has big and hustle guys. They are strong and they are hungry.

    Once again, we can’t finish off a team that the center is a 6’6″ dude, how do you guys think we will match up against Denver? Unless there is a total meltdown on the Denver end, they will just rip us apart. The Lakers better get their sh•t together, but like they said last night on TV, you are what you are now, no more time to adjust anything. The Lakers are soft, unfortunately.


    Can we go after Dwight howard yet? I guarantee that if we had shaq out there, brooks would of seen the floor a couple of times and the guys guarding our bigs would have NO CHANCE trying to keep him off the post were a big belongs.

  • Al

    Hey Phil, stop stealing money from Lakers, get off your cushion and start coaching.

  • gugy

    I am trying to believe to find a silver lining here to understand what is going on. It is just hard man.

    I am trying to believe that having such a meltdown and hard time beating a depleted team will give the Lakers hustle and heart when they play better opponents (Denver, Cavs?).

    I am try yo believe that Kobe smirking and saying everything will be fine, it’s true.

    I am trying to believe PJ is putting Fisher to start to build him confidence will make him bail us out when we need the most.

    I am trying to believe Sasha will finally hit those 3’s when it need most.

    I am trying to believe Pau and Bynum will man up and dominate the boards.

    I am trying to believe Lamar will stop being so inconsistent.

    I am trying to believe the Lakers will really win a ring this year.

    I am trying to believe…


    [Comment ID #71401 Will Be Quoted Here]

    was this a poem?

  • gugy

    No! ice cream man,

    Desperation my friend!

  • showtimelakes

    Hey fellas, I attended the game last night and it was rough. Give the Rockets credit and can someone please please tell Phil to Start Farmar!

  • kwame4mvp

    [Comment ID #71368 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i kinda agree with you. Boston looked like crap last year on their road to the title. They need our support. Not us bashing them. Have some faith. This is what makes the game fun.

  • chenna

    UGGH!!!! im still so upset. this game was pathetic. no sense of urgency at all. farmar needs to play more. because brooks can run around fisher all night. and im gunna need sasha to just be a good cheerleader on the bench. and lets hope bynum shows up for sundays game. i hate that we even have to go to a game 7! so this is what it feels like to be a celtics fan.. :/

  • showtimelakes

    [Comment ID #71394 Will Be Quoted Here]

    [What is phil doing? Please fisher is in a slump!]

  • showtimelakes

    I know man *sigh* I was at the game (which was rough) and watched fisher miss shot after shot…..Farmar comes in and gives us two 3s right away. I’m perplexed you start shannon over Farmar for matchup purposes and this series it’s obvious Farmar needs to get the start over fisher!

  • Jay Jay

    Sometimes, the way the lakers play always makes me ask myself, why am i a fan of the lakers. we are just such a arrogant and lazy team that believes everything will be handed to us on a silver platter. too bad it is a disgrace. everynite the lose, i could hardly talk to my gurlfirend becos i definitely feel very sad, but do they care? nope. just too unfortunate i feel in love to a great team with a bunch of lazy guys who can hardly stand up and play physical basketball. with the way we are playing, the only thing ring will be get this year will come from the dollar store and not the NBA. too bad

  • showtimelakes

    I think i figured out what’s wrong with fisher. Remember last year Ray Allen he had some death threats to his family. It wasn’t till the finals were he woke up against us. This year fisher has that stocker which is probably causing home troubles (so mentally he is not there). Hopefully, he will wake up in the finals. I really don’t see the Nuggets beating us they might push us to 7 but will not beat us we match up too well. Plus they don’t have a quick pg which we now that is our achillies heel ( not to mention a BIG who can shoot from outside and pick and roll). The nuggets possess neither of those. That’s my two cents but they way we’ve been playing…….

  • laker43

    I broke up with my girl just because i was very mad at this laker team losing!!!!!!!

  • T-Dub

    well..well…well…Leaderfish, ab4sure, Lakersfirst…where the hell are you numbnuts? I think my point…no, all of my points have been proven. Even if these bums win game 7, how far do you think they can really go? Welcome to the real season! This ain’t Hollywood. I think I’ve said enough now. I’m bored and I’m tired with you dumbfu-cks.

  • roscoe

    I think Buss just had them lose to sell some game 7 tix, and make the Nuggets a little more out of sync going into game 1.


    [Comment ID #71414 Will Be Quoted Here]

    T-Dumbass. This team will go as far as kobe leads them. If he shoots better, passes better and leads this team we know the Lakers can win the ship. Oh YE of Little Faith. You are only a Kobe fan not a laker fan. This has proved that you don’t understand what makes a team a championship team. It is well know this is the most talented team in the NBA. Now it is up to Kobe to lead. He will get a chance in game 7. You still want Gilbert Arenas? Damn if Mitch did the things you wanted the lakers would be a lottery team.

  • Banzai

    Fisher needs to retire..Phil needs to learn when to call timeouts.

  • kobe8

    i swear the Laker fans have more heart than that Laker squad. As much as i love Kobe, i think he needs to be more vocal. when s*it goes wrong Kobe tries too hard by shooting too much instead of making the team rally around him which makes the team just stand and look.

  • gugy

    [Comment ID #71420 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agreed.
    Kobe needs to have the whole team going. I know it’s hard and I think sometimes he must not trust his teammates when it matter most, but there is not other way to win a ring than have the whole squad confident and playing ball.

  • jason007

    everyone complainin about the guards and derek fishers play isnt watching the game close enough..THE BIG GUYS ARE WHY WE LOST THIS GAME..Pau gasol and lamar odom did not show up defensively even a game 5 they were doing a great job in help defense, especially on the screens bein set for brooks at pickin him up and closing off his paths..this game..they were lazy and uninspired..u can not expect our point guards to stay with brooks especially off of constant screens, not to mention how much they got schooled by scola and the other rocket post players…that said..our offense was also horrible tonight..just like game 4 we didnt even try and go inside, all jumpshots and no ball movement, and this team tends to pout on defense when the offense is struggling..wich should never ever happen. Its a simple game..and these guys are makin it hard for themselves..its nobody’s fault but their own that they’re in this situation…nobody can bet us but us and right now thats exactly whats happening.

  • sil


  • skew

    relax everyone! stop with the panic. this is just a minor bump on the road for the lakeshow. nobody said it was goonna be easy? lakers are truly being tested this year. its obvious the nba is doing this for money purposes. come sunday, lakers will blowout houston again and we will meet lebron in the finals because thats what the nba wants. trust me. i bet my left nut on it…

  • stdecker

    [Comment ID #71344 Will Be Quoted Here]
    shaq had stopped working for us, so there really was no choice, but i do agree that bynum and gasol should be dominatinating these guys down low and they’re not! they should be completley ashamed of themselves! you are supposed to elevate your game in the playoffs, the lakers appear to be doing the opposite unfortunately. Hopefully this can still turn around. Like i have maintained all year- Sasha suuuuukkkksssss!!!!!

  • jason007

    i love all the “the nba needs money thats why this is happening”..and the conspiracy talks lol..cmon people dont be idiots..last time i checked..nobody in the nba offices were missing shots and playing “olay” style defense for us..just stop..please..stop.

  • AnnaG

    point guards? Surely you’re talking about Fish and Shannon. Jordan was actually playing well and had a greater chance defending and scoring than the other two. I don’t know why Phil just won’t leave him in there…

  • ilikebasketall

    i was extremely frustrated after this game. and mark jackson saying “i’m done with the lakers” got me even more upste and i felt like i was with him.
    and then i thought about boston going seven games with the bulls and last year with the hawks, two teams that wouldn’t have even made the playoffs in the west. and the only words you hear with the celtics is “they got heart, champinoship determination” but with the lakers it’s “pathetic” and we don’t have spirit enough to win. it’s all about expectations. all of it. and our own, too. houston is obviously a great time. and we keep underestimating them. and that’s bad. but we win sunday and it’s a new series. and there is no reason to underestimate denver. if we win sunday, do we then have that heart?? that championship drive that boston has? or is it just us “turning it on and off” like barkeley says?


    basically we should’ve won. but should’ve implies that houston sucks.
    houston should’ve made it past the first round with tmac. but they didn’t. the first time they did was without him. so shoud’ve mean completely nothing. and there is no should’ve’s in this crap. and all the expectations on l.a. don’t mean anything when we are playing teams that from 8th place to 2nd place are all just 3 games apart.

  • LAKER_girl

    wow everyone is being very analitical over this serious thus far.

    what everyone failed to mention was the type of calls the refs are making due to the (so-called) level of physicality. my theory is that due to the fact that the refs are calling the game very closely, its subsequently putting a mental strain on our laker bigs by limiting them of any intensity they might want to exude for chance of foul play.


    p.s. come this sunday, the crowd has to be L O U D!

  • abs

    The Lakers have shown (once again) all the talent in the world means nothing if you don’t come to play with the a killer instinct and intensity. These guys need to go and watch video of the Knicks vs Bulls series in 1992 and 1993.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #71352 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i dont agree to the full extent that the end is determined, some mad conspiracy. but i do think that the refs hvae so much power. and are way more inconsistent than ive ever seen them before. we are down 9 with about 5 to go. and they kick the ball, no call. and then they are up 11, instead of being down only 7. just like the airball with rondo leads to orlando not having position and getting hte score up to 4 or whatever it is.
    but really…the refs can’t be blamed overall. the game shoul’dve been ours when we were down by 2. and our defense collapsed and they got a three and then a 2. and the game was lost from there.

  • LAKing

    For God’s sakes Phil, STOP STARTING FISHER!!!!!!! I love Fisher, I’m sorry but you’re nothing but TARGET PRACTICE!!!!! Fisher needs to do the right thing, go up to Phil and say I can’t deal with Brooks have either Farmar or Shannon take my spot and I’ll come off the bench. COULD YOU DO THAT FOR US FISH???????????

  • cummlaker

    Lakers should start brown and farmar or at least play these two together more in game 7 to match houstons speed at guard. Hey look fisher is my fav player but our two smaller guards at the same time with kobe at the 3 and lamar and gasol down low i think is the perfect lineup. I also believe it would be smart of the lakers to run some pick in rolls woth kobe/gasol kobe/odom as houston’s interior defenders arent quick enough to stay with our bigs off of screens. I also wouldnt mind seeing Powell in instead of bynum at least he will hit open jump shots and bang around with these guys for boards. Last but not least phil please call a timeout once in a while! WTF?

  • kobe is done

    17 -1 you think this is real?you still dont get it.don’t blame anyone this is BUSS-iness.two 7footers with no attempt on ft(fixed),5-23 on 3’s not needed(fixed),kobe just smiling(fixed),what about the jazz series after his 5-24 did not smile on his redemption game.No tensions not too much argument(fixed) fix,fix,fix.lakers will win by 20, and if they loose kobe is done and I surrender,being his fan or maybe also of the NBA cause lebron is not exciting to watch I rather watch durant and mayo.

  • lakeshow









  • http://THELAKERNATI.COM BrownMamba101

    Steve Avery, Did you forget game 7 against the suns in 06? Or are you just blocking that out?

  • Jason marx


  • Robert

    Yes, this was disappointing. I didn’t know what to say about it. What is tough is knowing that the Lakers can win, and don’t (or didn’t). But, I think the Lakers are so tightly wound, that the smallest thing can deflate them, that is all. The bad refs calls ‘plagued’ the game, and deflated the Lakers. But I also saw the Boston-Orlando game. Boston got ‘so many’ non calls. They foul *every* possession, so the refs think, ‘oh, that’s the way they play’. But, Orlando played through that, and won!. The Lakers need to ‘play through’ adversity like that. They are playing eight people on the court. They need to work through that, and dominate. It will help them in Denver, and the Finals.

    Keep the Faith! The Lakers will prevail.

  • David Kahn


    Yeah fido and DON(WM) were acting like jerk-offs last night. They were ticking me off with the way that they were calling people non-fans. They were !@!$%%%^ just like the rest of us last night the only diffrence being none of us questioned thier loyalty. Especially at the end when one of the posters metioned how they still wanted the Lakers to win, but he didn’t know how much the lakers wanted to win themselves. at which point fido said he’s not a fan and then left like a chickensh-. I hate people like that who feel like there the only person who knows how to be a fan. I’ve been watching Laker basketball for 40 years AND THIS TEAM IS SOFT BOTTOM LINE!!!!! PHIL CAN’T MAKE THEM TOUGH ONLY THEY CAN DO THAT THEMSELVES. AND IF FIDO AND DON(WM) DON’T LIKE THAT THEN THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO BE LAKER FAN.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71414 Will Be Quoted Here]

    T-DubSh*t (as you know I have named you after these past few years), you clearly are one who folds during times of adversity. You have no pride and you have no guts to stick by your team during times of struggle (geez, I wonder if you can handle pressures of life – it sounds like you can’t, if you give up so easy). I have said it time and time again,

    YOU ARE NOT A LAKER FAN (why are you here)

    Clearly, you forget, the hated Boston Suckdics of last season, who had the best record in the league by the way, were taken to 7 games by the Atlanta Hawks (1st rd) who were 37-45 and the Cleveland Cavaliers (2nd round) who were 45-37 and they want on to win the championship (you realize the Houston Rockets of this year were 53-29).

    You are a piece of sh*t fairweathered fan that has no right to be on this site, or to be supporting the Lakers or even wearing Laker merchandise. FANS LIKE YOU MAKE ME SICK!!! I’m sure you are the type of fan that would prefer for the Lakers to lose just so you can send me, LEADERFISH, AB4SURE (you know true knowledgeable Laker fans) stupid “I told you so messages”. You are like Rush Limbaugh who wants our president to “fail” just so you can say “I told you so”.

    …You wanted Gilbert Arenas – hahahahaha, you’re a stupid a**. Your name, T-DubSh*t, suits you perfectly

  • LakersFirst

    All you so called Laker fans get off this site. It should be me, ab4sure, and leaderfish and we will also need daboss1848 because he knows everything about everything. We will win despite kobe and his ballhog tendacies. We have the deepest bench in the league I meam come on when you got Luke, Sasha, Mbenga, Powell, and farmar on your bench they could all be starters and all stars on any other team.

    Lakers in 09 guaranteed…


    LakersFirst is a frontrunner who always lags behind A$$4sure, whose day to day comments lack any real schooling, as he chooses to swim alongside his deprived buddies in a school of foolish fish, while trying to get by with the only hoops education he’s ever known, cumin from the infamous School of BlowFishesRus, all the while, being led by none other than LEADERFISH, who is King of the Shrimp and is mandated to give up his A$$4sure, at the very first sight of LakersFirst! …Hence the frontrunner to his Throne! …This vicious circle and XXX rated fishy matinee is continually being re-played at all Cinema Plankton Theaters near you and can be seen & heard free of charge with admission, here in the vast ocean of!

  • boogs

    haha… i LOVE how everyone is throwing the lakers under the bus… if we lose game 7, everyone is going to say “trade everyone”. i can see it now. hahaha.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #71352 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Weak Juanita Carlos. Juanita I hate to tell you there is no conspiracy in the NBA. It is all in your own mind. Stop blaming the refs. It really makes you look more feeble minded than what you are already. You sound like one of those people who lives off the govt. through an unemployment check and always blaming the “man” for your troubles. I call them Victicrats. They blame others for bad things which happen and by lotto tickets hoping to get lucky.

  • rc

    Lakers will win on Sunday! No doubt in my mind. My only concern is Kobe can’t get any more technicals or we lose him for 1 game.

    I think these refs are too easily swayed by the home team crowd.

    Go Lakers just get it done and stop this nonsense with Houston!

  • kobe8

    criticizing the team you support dont mean you not a real fan. it only shows how passionate you are about a team. i’ve supported the Lakers for a while now and i get mad when they lose, that dont mean i’m a bandwagoner. i just want the team to be successful.




    Can’t stop ROFLMAO!!!!!!!

    HAAHAAHAAHAAHAA… to be continued,


    [Comment ID #71477 Will Be Quoted Here]

    100% Right On!

  • Ron

    In a league of guards we need an upgrade and fisher is clearly showing his age…even jason kidd can knock down 3’s at a higher clip.

    fisher is at best a backup…we need to improve this position as 27 of the 30 nba teams have better PG compared to ours and have a defensive stopper to bother kobe

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71466 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The REAL LakersFirst did not write this. Sounds like the work of a fair-weathere Lakers fans, probably T-DubSh*t

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71467 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Mr Juan Warlock (i.e. stupid videogamer), just because you lack the intelligence and basketball prowess that I, and a few other true Laker fans here have does not mean you should dislike us. You are clearly envious because we speak from a place of education. It’s ok, learn from those who fully understand basketball from a higher place. It’s ok to admit your inferiorities.

    Instead, you should look up to us. Notice how WE speak intelligently about the game where you simply criticize every player except for your boy wonder Kobe Bryant who to you can do no wrong (11 for 27, c’mon, penetrate and get to the free throw line for crying out loud).

    You make remarks about our comments but your ascinine comments make no sense. You contantly demontrate that you know no nothing about basketball, or the Lakers for that matter and you shouldn’t be here.

    At the request of the true Laker fans, please do not wear your Laker merchandise anymore. You embarrass us.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71471 Will Be Quoted Here]

    and this is Juanita’s problem. He runs and tries to find an excuse, even laughable ones, and hide behind them. He’s an embarrassing “Laker fan”.




    StOp-sTOp,CouGh-cOugH …RolLiNg oN tHe fLoOr lAuGhInG mY fReAkIn AsS oFf …Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh


    LakersFirst is a Frontrunner who always lags behind A$$4sure, whose day to day comments lack any real schooling, as he chooses to swim alongside his deprived buddies in a school of foolish fish, while trying to get by with the only hoops education he’s ever known, cumin from the infamous “School of BlowFishesRus”, all the while, being led by none other than LEADERFISH, who is the dedicated “King of These Shrimps”, and is mandated to give up his A$$4sure at the very first sight or smell of his court jester and loyal servant/sucker; LakersFirst! …Hence the First and only Frontrunner/Prince to his Plankton-ish Throne! …This vicious circle and XXX rated fishy smelling A$$_4sure matinee is continually being re-played at all Cinema Plankton Theaters near you and can be seen & heard free of charge with admission, here in the vast ocean of!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71494 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Juanita, Boring, you already said this. What’s the matter? Can’t think of anything new to say.

    Your school of fish analogy is a rather poor one and frankly not many people are going to understand it (based on your knowledge of fish, you are either a pool man or you clean aquariums for a living – both noble, but pathetic, careers)

    If, as you say, we are a “school of fish”, then you are merely the plankton of the sea that we feed off of, especially when you make stupid a** comments.


    …RolLiNg oN tHe fLoOr lAuGhInG mY fReAkIn AsS oFf!

    Aaarrghhh-aaarrgghhhh-aarrrrghhhh, pHewWww

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71496 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yup, we eat you up and sh*t you out…

    Wait, that makes you a piece of sh*t

    …RolLiNg oN tHe fLoOr lAuGhInG mY fReAkIn AsS oFf!

    Aaarrghhh-aaarrgghhhh-aarrrrghhhh, pHewWww


    [Comment ID #71495 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Only fools would re-post their own LaUghIng sToCk for the world to see, again and again!

  • Farmar To Start!

    I want to see Farmar getting more minutes in Game 7!
    Seriously. If the backup has produced more than 6x the number of points that the starter himself produced in the same amount of time, then I think some adjustments need be made.

    I love how in the game Farmar kind of became the vocal leader, trying to fire everyone up. So I guess now it takes a guy with about 3 years of professional basketball experience to keep the team intact.

    I love the Lakers very much, but in times like these, I thank goodness that someone like Farmar is in there. In this particular series, I admire him so much more. I see a leader in him. And he’ll be essential for this team to win.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #71496 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This is a typical post of yours. Always trying to make yourself laugh. I have never heard someone always trying to make themselves laugh as much as you do. I am sure you get off by yourself in other ways or perhaps your boyfriend lends a helping hand. Perhaps you go the PEE WEE Herman way and fly solo in a near empty porn movie theatre. That is more like it becuz the only one laughing and enjoying what you say is You. LOSER!!!

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    ummm….i have a strong feeling that we’ll lose game 7. There isnt for some reason the sense of urgency in this team, they are way too calm.

    Then again people questioned the Celts last year and they played 2 game 7’s in the first 2 series, and still won the ‘ship. It’s either a good or bad thing.


    LakersFirst is a Frontrunner who always lags behind a$$4sure, whose day to day comments lack any real schooling, as he chooses to swim alongside his deprived buddies in a school of foolish fish, while trying to get by with the only hoops education he has ever known, sucking, through no fault of his own as he cums from the infamous “School of BlowFishesRus”

    …All the while, being led by none other than LEADERFISH, who is the dedicated “King of These Shrimps”, and is mandated to give up his a$$4sure at the very first sight or smell of his court jester and loyal servant, the top suckerfish of his graduating class; LakersFirst!

    …Hence the One & Only, First & Foremost, Classic Frontrunner to his heir-apparent plankton-ish Throne!

    …This vicious happy circle, including the fishy-smellin-A$$_4sure, starring in his own XXX rated Sunday matinee, is continuously being given up and re-played at all Cinema Plankton Theaters near you!

    …This award winning flick can be seen & heard free of charge-for privileged eyes only, with admission; Here at the World’s Famous Ocean of Dreams, known as The Great LakersNation!

  • ab4sure

    Juanita Carlos aka as Warlick MY ASS. What is this copy and paste day. You keep saying things over and over. Be more original if you can my son.


    [Comment ID #71522 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Read it again and again you freakin idiot! …The Flick continuously gets more hilarious for your privileged, but ignoramus viewing pleasure!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #71523 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You say the same thing over and over. Your stuck on replay and your song is getting old. You come with the same diatribe anal retentive flow again and again. Branch out my friend. You could do better.

  • ab4sure

    You say the same thing over and over. Your stuck on replay and your song is getting old. You come with the same diatribe anal retentive flow again and again. Branch out my friend. You could do better.


    [Comment ID #71525 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Fools like you, need to be reminded and constantly schooled!
    …The fact that others look at idiots like you, as the LaUghIng sToCk of the Nation!

    And for the viewing pleasure of everyone else to;

  • 1-2-3 Lakes

    Maybe we need to take a leaf out of Houstons book and play with some heart. Or maybe this what we need to go thru to win a title. some teams just match up better with us than others, simple as that. Sasha needs to put to the end of the bench & play brown shooting guard, let farmar run the point. If this doesnt work lets just follow the clippers, because when they lose at least we wont be disappointed.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71528 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The only person I’ve seen schooled in here over and over again is Juanita. She can’t think of anything new to say so she is just reposting the same thing over and over.

    Juanita – you should keep your mouth shut and learn, like the little plankton sh*t that you are.


    Rhetorically attacking his nemeses-(T-Dub), and to his own-(LakersFirst) demises;
    LakersFirst on May 11th, 2009 at 2:35 pm Quoted the following;
    …Yes, because Josh Powell is a better, more versataille player than LO. God you know so little about basketball it’s frustrating!!!

    How can anyone even dream, even to consider themselves as being so-called intelligent, with rhetorical comments such as this?

    To belittle someone as to claim “they know so little about basketball”
    …All the while, the belittler shouts out the ridiculous scream:
    …“Josh Powel is a better and more versatile basketball player than Lamar Odom”, very clearly demonstrates, directly to the rest of the world, the level of ignorance imbedded in the “IGNORANCE” that resides and swims across the vast ocean of LakersNation!

  • LakersFirst

    Me and ass4sure are 69ing eachother right now and daboss is deep tonguing my corn hole. I love gay sex…



    …LEADERFISH, a$$4sure, and LakersFirst; have been identified as the Reincarnated version of Larry, Curly & Moe, LaUghIng sToCk, of The Nation!
    …Here’s a clip of an a$$4sure, coming from and courtesy of the Infamous School of BlowFishesRus and exclusively for The Nation’s viewing pleasure;


    Here’s a classic clip of LEADERFISH, and his Fish Fried Friends; LakersFirst and a$$4sure,



  • Deport Vujabrick

    Throughout the playoffs Sasha has played like CRAP! his shooting has been miserable. Throwing up airball after airball. He is wide open and he can’t make a damn thing. On D he is always fouling and crying. The time has come to deport this b@st@rd! And get a f-ing haircut! You look like a horse’s @ss!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #71552 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This is Classic Juanita Warlick my ass. He creates another name for himself and uses his fictitious name to complement himself. That is a CLASSIC HANDJOB by you Warlick. WOW!!! NOW YOU HAVE ME ROFLMAO!!! You must have been hurt by the PEE WEE HERMAN comment. Will you accept my apology you poor pathetic loner. Maybe your “buddy” or should I call him your “right hand” can console you. LOL

  • ab4sure

    Warlick aka QBNANGEL here is your “THEME SONG”

  • T-Dub

    Lakersfag…I mean First, I ‘ve always maintained my beliefs about this team even when they were winning in the regular season. I’ve always said and known that Kobe has carried these bums. I’ve never liked Fluke, Sasha, Farmar,Odom. I knew Fisher was done when he came back. I didn’t know Pau would buckle the way he has. I did know Bynum will never be a D. Howard. Face it, This team is a Losing squad without Mr. Bryant. The Laker Organization has no eye for talent. They pass on players who turn out to be stars on other teams, and continue to re-sign the bums they have . This is not a dynasty, and until they rid themselves of Mitch and Phil, They won’t win sh-it!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71542 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It was called in being sarcastic IDIOT. Sarcasm, ever here of it? You would realize I was being sarcastic when I told T_D*bshit, “God you know so little about basketball it’s frustrating!!!” Unforunately, Juanita, you’re too f’n stupid to realize it. You’re just as big a retard as he is.

    Now because you took such in a interest in that conversation, you should read it in its entirety. If you had read it, It was T-DubSh*T who stated that Josh Powell should get more playing time than LO, not me (you can even ask T-DubSh*t himself).

    I merely responded by being sarcastic, but because you read only what you want to, you completely missed the part where I told him “”God you know so little about basketball it’s frustrating!!!”.

    Juanita, you stupid b*tch, now think, if I agreed with him, why would I go on to tell him that he knows little about basketball. Juanita, you really are a f*cking idiot.

    You have now demonstrated my point that you are the dumbest idiot here. You claim that I am ignorant and demonstrate the ignorance that exists here. Well you clearly demonstrate the stupidity that exists here. Now, go make me some tortillas y frijoles, yo tengo hambre, Juanita

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71576 Will Be Quoted Here]

    T-DubSh*t – the ONLY player you seem to like is Kobe Bryant. You HATE all the other Lakers and think they are useless. You don’t like Phil Jackson and you don’t like Mitch Kupchak. Because you don’t like the team (you only like Kobe), YOU ARE NOT A LAKER FAN You are a Kobe-only fan.

    You don’t support the team during time of adversity. Instead you just rag on them and say they suck (all except for Kobe of course, because to you Kobe can do no wrong). When a “fan” only supports the team when they win, and not when they lose, that is called a bandwagon fan, which is another name for you.

    It is for these reasons, why you should not be here and why you should NOT be supporting the Lakers (you only support Kobe), and why you should NEVER EVER wear Laker gear ever again.


    …Your sarcastic excuse card only proves how poorly you express your narcissism as a self avowed jerk of a writer!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71623 Will Be Quoted Here]

    And you pathetic rants about the conspiracy of the NBA officiating clearly demonstrates how you like to seek hide behind “excuses” instead of manning up and basically saying the Lakers didn’t play well that game.

    Seriously, crying about the officiating after Game 6. If you do you due diligence and research data, you will find that the Lakers had 20 free throw attempts and the Rockets had 22 free throw attempts (WOW, HUGE CONSPIRACY – DO YOU THINK THE NBA IS ALSO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE JFK ASSASSINATION – more sarcasm, just in case you didn’t tell).

    By the way, it’s Saturday night, will you be on Youtube looking up old I Love Lucy clips? I know its a big night in front of youtube for you (LOSER!!!)

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #71542 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Juanita Warlock you got punk’d…

    This is the quote from Lakerfirst which was in response to T-Dumb.
    T-Dub on May 11, 2009 at 9:36 am said:

    LO wasn’t doing sh-it in the series anyway…other than taking up space! Josh Powell will fill in just fine!

    Lakersfirst response… Yes, because Josh Powell is a better, more versataille player than LO. God you know so little about basketball it’s frustrating!!!

    This is clearly Sarcasm. Now don’t run away again and please admit you were wrong. Otherwise this will haunt you my friend.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #71543 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This is Juan Warlock posing as Lakersfirst. Wimpy Warlock has to create other identities because he is all alone on this forum. YOU ARE THE PEE WEE HERMAN OF THESE BOARDS. NOW GO JACK OFF BY YOURSELF IN A MOVIE THEATRE PEE WEE.


    Eh LakersFirst,

    …Yeah, it’s Saturday night, and you must be very hungry for your tortillas and frijoles, in a combo together with your favorite Latino Dish!

    …I got your tortillas, your frijoles and your favorite HUMONGOUS CHORIZO right here, decorated with your Lonely Stoner svcking name on it… First & foremost, as the heir apparent to a$$4sure’s Lonely Throne… at nite!

    Saturday Night:
    …Time for the Lonely Stoner to clear his mind at nite… at-at …At Night… Devouring his favorite delicacy; Chorizo a la carte… at Night!

    …RolLiNg oN tHe fLoOr LaUghInG mY fReAkIn AsS oFf!

  • ab4sure

    Well we have Juanita Warlock aka Qbnangel and poses as lakersfirst. Be a man and pose as yourself Juanita instead of posting all these other identities. BTW Juanita I worked all day. Something you probably have never said for your entire life. Also, are you going to admit you were wrong. That wasn’t sarcasm to be clear PEE WEE.


    Hey 4sure,

    Everyone knows giving-it-up is an all day thing for YOU! …You’re well known for working hard around these here parts! …Nothing special about that!

    …RolLiNg oN tHe fLoOr LaUghInG mY fReAkIn AsS oFf!


    Hey LakersFirst,

    …In case you haven’t noticed yet, that idiot for a fool is making sure you go down with him and his sorry a$$ 4sure, in the StoogiesRus circus, over and over again!

  • LakersFirst

    Can’t we all just get along and break out some ky and turn my butt hole into a mexican pinata. Everyone get a chance to bust me wide open…

  • ab4sure

    Juanita Warlick you got called on your ignorance and you resort to the lowest level on these boards. You are making up Imposter names and trying to use those. Very weak and childish. Shows you can’t deal with criticism when you got caught in your LIE. You are worthless PEE WEE.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71636 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Other than the fact it makes you look like a major f*g, this rant is completely absurd and makes no sense.

    Face it man, me, AB4Sure, LEADERFISH, DABOSS (the original) all respond to your pitiful comments in a manner that you do not like, and you can’t take it. IT’S SO FUNNY that we call out your ignorance and your immaturity. In reality, we don’t have to call you out, because you make an a** out of yourself and prove our point, like you did with your stupid “chorizo” and “stoner” comment.

    You’re gay!!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71636 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Other than sounding like a total f*g, your “chorizo” and “stoner” rant makes no sense (i’m surprised you didn’t throw in a cheesy “huevos” comments too).

    Face it, others such as myself, ab4sure, leaderfish, etc, all respond to your idiotic comments and prove your ignorance and your immaturity. The funny thing is, we don’t even have to respond to you because you do a fantastic job of demonstrating your ignorance, immaturity and your lack of intelligence on your own. CONRGRATS!


    Eh Mr_Boring_LakersFirst.

    The Joker’s on YOU!

    You must be a very Old Dude who sits in his rocking chair, all day, listening to the baseball game! …This is basketball, old man! …Why don’t you try listening to some music sometime, and maybe some things will begin to make a little more sense for you!

    …RolLiNg oN tHe fLoOr LaUghInG mY fReAkIn AsS oFf!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71709 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’m the old man??? I’m not the one responding with alzheimer-like comments that don’t make any sense. Baseball??? music? rocking chair? What the f*ck are you talking about.

    Listen unintelligent Juanita, the more futile comments you make, the more you make yourself look bad. You have to learn when it’s time to quiet down and fight another day. YOU LOST this round. Or maybe perhaps you like making yourself look bad?

    In any case, quiet down little one, I’m celebrating with a nice LAKER VICTORY

  • Babak

    juan why are you sooo annoying for? grow up man.. seriously…

  • LakersFirst

    I wish I can taste the salt on kobe’s nutsack, I think it would taste like ab4sure’s which I lick daily…

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #71713 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He is alittle sensitive right now. He got caught telling a lie and people called him on it. He is so upset that he is pretending to be other people and act very juvenile. It is par for the course for Juan Carlos.


    [Comment ID #71713 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I merely defend myself against all disrespectful comments… If you trace back to all original comments in which I am involved, you will never see the FIRST dirty punch being thrown by me!

    …But, what you will see is Knock Out Power, mixed in with Lots of Humor, thereafter! …Constantly and Cleverly aimed at my adversary, much like the killer instinct The Lakers displayed this
    gorgeous afternoon!



    Unlike the major fool posting above, the dude who is constantly making a fake a$$ of himself 4 sure!

    …I do not post as anybody but myself: “Your Friendly Neighborhood Warlock”

    …I don’t have to, nor do I want to! …I can kick this fools a$$ all by Myself!… Anytime 4sure!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71718 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Some more bullsh*t from our neighborhood friendly Juanita. He claims that he wasn’t the first to throw the punch, well on May 15th, 2009 at 4:09 pm, he wrote:

    “LakersFirst is a frontrunner who always lags behind A$$4sure,…”

    Prior to this, I had no made comments nor reference in this thread to Juanita (you can read the entire thread for proof). Juanita says she merely “defends” herself, well I just pointed out another lie that she told. Juanita was clearly the first one to attack ME in this thread. Why does Juanita lie so much, I’ll never know. What I do know is that I have put Juanita in her place, time and time again.

    Knock out power?? Please the only power Juanita display is her ability to constantly making yourself look like an idiot, and proving that she is a constantly liar.

    By the way Juanita, the comment written on May 15th, 2009 at 3:59 pm by LakersFirst, was not written by the REAL LakersFirst (i.e. ME). I have an imposter that likes to be me (but there’s only one LakersFirst)


    Eh LakersFirst,

    …Sit yur old butt down and enjoy the rest of your DESERVED ride!
    It is only just the begining, ya ol fart…

    Plot & Story to be continued…….


    Hey LakersFirst,

    You became my adversary long before this thread and YOU know it!

    I still even feel sorry for yur desperate disposition… But you can blame yur Fishy buddies for reeling you in; hook, line, and sinker!

  • qbnangel

    OK..”little” boys (LakerFirst,AB4sure,Leaderfish) You all need a timeout or maybe a laxative will help. Mr. Juan you seriously crack me up!!! Rest up for the next round my friend, because I’m sure the
    3 Stooges (who obviously have no sense humor or personality) will be watching out for your comments..They try to assume you have nothing to do except write comments all day, but as you see they too are “here” responding to your comments so….stop being hypocrites “boys” and get a life! BTW..LakerFirst..THIS IS QBNANGEL and in CUBA we don’t make tortillas and frijoles duhhh…wrong country!

  • ab4sure

    Juanita aka as qbnangel you are so obvious. How pathetic are you? You have been beaten up, put in your place, and caught in a lie and still you bring back your imposter QBNANGEL.

    WHAT A LOSER!!!!

  • LakersFirst

    Can anybody get ab4sure’s fist out of my ass please? He forgot to lube and now he won’t unclench. Thank you

  • ab4sure

    Warlick is at it again. Juanita aka qbnangel also posing as lakersfirst let me embarrass you again. Or should i say let you embarrass yourself? Your comments seem to bear that you have a stick up your ass. Case in point…
    Since you bring up other past comments inaccurately i might add here is some of your asinine comments.

    I know you will find this “outrages” lmao… wow you mispelled that like 5x. What an idiot!

  • ab4sure

    posted by MR. JUAN_YOUR WARLOCK, 28 November 2008 10:07:16 PM
    There can be only one at fault in the Marbury scandal; and this is what it is: A Scandal! …First) by never saying a word at any time during the preseason, of ones intention on keeping an able-bodied individual (creating a limbo state of existence for that individual), on the inactive list, but, who happens to be the most talented and skilled player on the roster, is absolutely outrages. And then to proceed and throw out there, more outrages claims that it would not be right to play a star of Marbury’s status in spot minutes, therefore the inactivation, is truly underestimating and playing to D’Antonis’ perceived intelligence of EVERYONE ELSE… D’Antoni truly believes the people who digest and write about his stories are really stupid and suckers of the nth degree… ANYONE, and I mean absolutely EVERYONE who believes that D’Antonis’ statements are truly heartfelt and/or legitimate, are more gullible than Gilligan himself; The Professor and Mary Ann, here on Gilligan’s Isle! …Second) after CREATING this situation, D’Antoni has the gall to suit enabled-bodied personal over able-bodied personnel. This is even more than outrages! …Third) eventually reaching it’s current level of zenith, with no other choice but to suit the already disgraced player, but to not stop there and continue further attempts to disgrace the individual; by further stating to all the Gilligans of the world, that the player flat-out refuses the coaches request to play! This is even below in-gullible levels of outrages… C’mon people, wake up and smell the roses! Don’t allow D’Antoni to take all you guys, on his ride for the top-of-the-line FOOLS, he’s convinced you are… Gotta go, See ya, No wanna be ya!

    Juanita you are such a pathetic psycho.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71752 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Adversay? I wouldn’t go so far to say you’re my “adversary” cause being my “adversary” that would imply your my equal, which you are not. I am by far more intelligent than you.

    And what’s with the “old fart” comments? What gives you the impression that I’m an old man? I am in my prime.

    In all honesty, I feel sorry for you. It seems thta the only way to make yourself feel good about yourself is by trying to insult fellow Laker fans that obviously are more knowledgeable than you about the team and about basketball in general.

    I also feel sorry that you were home on a friday night at 2am looking up 3 stooges clips on youtube. Now that really is sad.


    The Award Winning Flick of the Year goes to… DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

    “LakersFirst” …Takes home the Grammy as the Frontrunner who always lags behind a$$4sure, and since his day to day comments, lack any real schooling, he has chosen to swim alongside his deprived buddies, in an effort to conceal the shortcomings of his Fish-Fried mind, from the rest of us who reside here in The Greatest of all, LakersNation!

    …Swimming in a tightwad school of foolish freakish fish, trying to get by with the only hoops education he has ever known, “Sucking Donkey Balls” through no fault of his own, even though he “Cums” with Phi Beta Kappa Honors from the Infamous School of: …”BlowFishesRus”

    …All the while, being led by none other than LEADERFISH, who is the dedicated “King of These Shrimps”, and is mandated to give up his ass_4sure, at the very first sight or smell of the Court’s most succulent Weinershnitzle!

    …This so-happy-to-see-him “First Court Jester and Loyal Chorizo”, can’t wait to get at it with his loyal Suckerfish, graduating at the top of his class as the very “First” and the only one of its kind ever seen in captivity: King-Dong wannabe, LakersFirst!

    …Hence the One & Only, First & Foremost, Real & Genuine, Classic “ColostomysRus” Frontrunner to his heir-apparent and lower than the lowest full-of-plankton LEADERFISH Throne!

    …This vicious, but gay-full circle, including the fishy-smellin-ass_4sure, who stars in his very own XXX rated Sunday afternoon matinee, is continuously giving-it-up to his King, but can be seen sneaking one in for his Loyal Frontrunner! …Yes, you guessed it: King-Dong to be, LakersFirst!

    …Don’t miss the Flick of the Year, Cuming soon this summer, at all Cinema Plankton Theaters and closed circuit pay per views near you!

    …This award winning flick can also be seen & heard, playing continuously and free of charge-for privileged eyes only, with admission;

    …Here at the World’s Famous Ocean of Dreams, known as The Great LakersNation!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71753 Will Be Quoted Here]

    qbnangel (aka Juanita Warlock), now I know you really are Juanita Warlock, because my tortilla and frijoles comments were in reply to a comment from Juan Warlock, and NOT to a reply from qbnangel (as a matter of fact, I have never replied to a comment from qbnangel, that is until now).

    HAHAHAHAH, Juanita, you are a such a dumba**. In addition to what ab4sure found about your inability spell outrageous correctly (you spelled in “outrages”) and the fact that “qbnangel” is responding to a comment I made in direct response to a comment from “Mr. Juan Warlock, it is obvious that you are both qbnagnel and Mr. Juan Warlock. I guess you are getting your LakerNation personalities mixed up.

    In conclusion, what has been established is that:

    1. You pathetically look up 3 stooges clips at 2 in the morning on a friday night.

    2. You have put in your place, multiple times over.

    3. Your cuban

    4. You can’t spell outrageous

    5. Your alter ego, “qbnangel”, is female (see you really do want to be a woman. Can someone say schizophrenic?

    Now Juanita, qbnangel, quiet down little boy-girl. You have been put in your place. You’re only making things worse on yourself.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71781 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I find it funny that you took the time to write this babble. It sounds so stupid. You’re just regurgitating what you wrote a few days ago.

    BTW: what you wrote was was outrages (stupid a**). Learn English.


    ^^^^^^wa wa
    Dude I know you’re in shock, but you gotta stop stuttering!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71785 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well, I am in shock of how pathetic you make yourself sound. Maybe that’s what made me stutter.

    Seriously, why are you Juan and qbnangel? You know how pathetic that is. To make up a second profile so you can “agree” with your first. That’s LAME!!!!



    …RolLiNg oN tHe fLoOr LaUghInG mY fReAkIn AsS oFf!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71787 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Is it Juan or qbnangel rolling on the floor laughing? – PATHETIC LOSER, oh excuse me, you have two personalities, PATHETIC LOSERS, is more like it.

  • ab4sure

    Juanita you better give up while you are behind. You are making things worse for yourself. I am actually feeling sorry for you alittle bit. btw… Are you still in love with Marbury as your posts on hoopsworld suggests?


    What a weakass comeback! …Is this all you can think of?

    Go to sleep old man, it’s way past yur bedtime!

  • ab4sure

    In your posts it seems like you were in love with Marbury. BTW the writer who responded to you Travis Heath he really schooled you too. Let me give you some advice.. Don’t be so emotional in your posts. People will think you are really psycho even more so than you really are. Do you take medication? It may help you if you are bipolar or schitzo.


    …You can always count on the stoogies to slap ass_together, here or there, 4 sure!

    Wait! …Looks like LEADERFISH got eaten by some shrimp-eating plankton! …Or, maybe KingShrimp has abandoned ship!

    Oh where – oh where can you’re LeaderFish be, oh where – oh where can he beeee…… ROFLMAO

  • ab4sure

    You can answer me tomorrow. Or have your other “friend” qbn answer for you. I really am starting to feel sorry for you.


    Eh ab4what,

    …You are truly the most useless piece of tuna of this Great LakersNation!

  • qbnangel

    You boys (AB4sure,LakerFirst) must be retarded or something. I get sick as I sit here reading the cr@p you put out there trying to sound so mature and educated, but all I see are a couple of boys that have nothing else to do but “get off” on insulting someone for having an opinion which I thought was a right we were born with. HMMM.. My bad, I thought we were in America. AB4SURE I can’t believe you took the time and actually went to the archives of November 2008 to quote Mr. Juan and to accuse him of being me is desperate. Well sorry to disappoint you, but I am and will always be my own person obviously a woman and Cuban (which I am proud of) , Seriously, when did this become AB4SURE and LAKERFIRST NATION? It’s not all about you boys….GROW UP!!

  • ab4sure

    Juanita aka QBNangel I know you are a woman. A tranny woman that is. Schiztophrenia is a disease. You need to take your meds for all involved. You are truly cracking up and splitting into many personalities.. qbnangel you just joined a few days ago at the exact time of Juanita’s trouble and you write exactly alike. Nice try. Juanita you keep getting outted. I am sure you are thinking this is “outrages”.

    Now Juanita….

    Why do you want Marbury to play? Are you hoping he becomes a laker? IF So… keep wishing because it will never happen. Tell me also how did it feel to get schooled by that writer Travis Heath?

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71806 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I already proved you are the same person as Juanita Warlock. AB4Sure both did. Don’t try to pretend you are not.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71793 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hey f*ggot, what’s up with you and fish? Which personality likes the fish, is it your Juanita personality or your qbnangel personality?

    Seriously man, you make yourself look and more and more lame everyday. You should leave this site…ASAP. You give Laker fans a bad name.

  • qbnangel

    Oh poor, ab4sure…It so pathetic that you have to waste your time and research everything just to TRY to be right, but again you are WRONG! Yes, I did join a few days ago. (GOOD JOB BABY HUEY!!) so what.. is it that hard for you to believe that someone else out there in LakerNation can’t stand you. I was reading the post that night and It was entertaining at first, but now it just seems like you’re fishing for anything…desperately grasping for AIR!, trying to be “THE MAN”. Get over it! CHILLAX!! The Lakers have another round to go and I thought this was a forum for Laker Fans to post about the Lakers and not self absorbed jerks (as yourself), who have nothing else to do but dissect people because they have an opinion or a thought you may not agree with…There, you got your 15 minutes of FAME…you feel better…are you HAPPY NOW!!PLEASE!!!

  • ab4sure

    Juanita Warlock aka qbnangel it looks likes you ran out of meds. You can keep prostituting yourself as two people that is ok. Then you can keep complimenting yourself constantly. It is an intellectual form of masterbation at its highest. I imagine you probably video tape yourself also.

    Juanita why don’t you go to the forums and post as qbnangel. Post there where there are mods. You won’t last long there and in fact you I believe have not posted yet there despite registering. LOL then you come directly here. Not too hard of a leap. You did it immediately running to the defense of your split personality Juanita.

    See you on the forums.. probably not though since you are Juanita who runs from himself.


    Hey Imbecile4sure,

    …The Jabberwocky that you are clearly and very distinguishably known 4, surely has been well documented across the Nation!

    …Your signature Jibber-Jabber is just plain & simple gibberish chatter that anybody with even half a brain wouldn’t waste their time paying any attention to!

    …Looking for posts in other forums to belittle or make light of misspelled words-(one word) is very likely, the weakest form of rebuttal that even the most illiterate individual would even attempt to fathom…

    …I do not need any help from anyone, to unveil the obvious “Stupidity”, that you are very well known for! …You actually do quite an excellent job of that yourself, humiliating your very own ASSinine4sure, all by your loner stoner self… at-at …at night!

    POST SCRIPT: …RolLiNg oN tHe fLoOr LaUghInG mY fReAkIn AsS oFf!

  • ab4sure

    Let it go Juanita aka as qbnangel. You got caught in your web of lies earlier on this thread and you can’t stop it. I know what you are probably thinking. How “outrages”!!! Sorry boy you got Punk’d.


    [Comment ID #72060 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • ab4sure

    ^^^^Yes You Are!!!