shanebThis game reminded me much of Game 6 vs. the Boston Celtics last year. The only differences were that the Rockets are not as talented and they let us come back at the end.

This was a terrible effort on the Lakers end. They gave up open shots all night. Their defensive rotations were pathetic.

In the first and third quarter, the Rockets scored 29 points — much higher than they ever should.

The Lakers were simply beat today — badly. There isn’t much more to say than that except maybe–get well soon Lamar, because I can’t see any more of Bynum’s softness.

Now, on to the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Pau had 30 points, mostly in the fourth when the game was over.

2) Shannon Brown was a small bright side today offensively with 14 points, but his defense too was terrible.

3) Kobe took some bad shots, but played relatively under control today. 15 points, 5 assists, 4 steals.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Luke with his TERRIBLE passing? Fisher with his airball? Bynum with his nothing? Pick your choice.

What to Look for Next Game: The Lakers to show more effort. Hopefully Lamar suits up.

Ticket Info: Game 5 and Game 7 tickets on sale now. E-Mail me at or call 213-221-7681 and mention TLN for tickets.

Go Lakers!

  • gugy

    The lack of confidence and hustle of the Lakers is really a cause of concern.
    It just seems that they are not hungry enough to win it all.
    Seriously if we keep having this meltdowns like today, we are not winning this year.
    I was a huge proponent of bringing Artest to this team. Yes he is nuts, but the guy has a fire and he is a criminal. We really need this type of player on this team. A PITBULL!
    I think we will rebound next game and advance for the next round, but we do need to wake up. We keep having the same issues over and over. That’s not good.

  • Banzai

    If the Lakers do not win the next game..series over…if the Lakers do win the next game..then they have a chance to win another in houston…overall this Laker team is pathetic. Oh and Shannon Brown/Farmar>Fisher

  • kobe8

    these so called laker bigs need to f*ckin man up and play physical or else no championship. i still think we can win this series but we gotta get better to beat Denver and whoever in the finals. PLEASE MAN UP PLEASE.

  • Cookie Monster

    I’m starting to think that Bynum for Kidd trade would have been a good deal. And I think that Kobe should be in #1 for the top 3, he gave up on some defensive plays but only because another man was not covering his man. For instance the play in the third quarter where Mark Jackson said he tried to “cheat” on Scola. Well if somebody had been guarding him in the first place, Kobe wouldn’t have had to do that. Gasol played too soft today, and shouldn’t be #1, more than half of his buckets came in garbage time.

    I expect Phil and Kobe to really work together and bring a blowout in game 5, and put it away in game 6. One thing is for sure- Lakers will lose to the Cavs and Nugs if they play the same way they did today. Put Mbenga in for heavens sake! Bynum needs to get his head in the game!

    A real Laker fan named Cookie.

  • BringDFishBack

    This was quite an embarrassing loss. The series is FAR from over, but adjustments need to be made. First of all, can you please start Farmar? He’s the only one who can stay with Brooks. Playing Fish on Brooks doesn’t work, and neither does Farmar on Lowry. They need to switch those matchups. 2nd, show some damn confidence in Bynum. Pulling him out after every mistake is going to get you no where. Start him and guarantee him he’ll stay in until the 4 minute mark, and he’ll produce. It’s the short leash that’s killing him. Put Luke back in the starting lineup because they need another playmaker, not another scorer. They need energy, defense, and scoring off the bench, and Ariza can give that to them. Fish/Shannon/Ariza/Odom and Pau or Bynum is a great 2nd unit. Quite playing Sasha and move Shannon to the 2 so the PG spot isn’t so clogged.

    I know this absolutely will not happen, but if you really want to send a message, don’t start Kobe. He played absolutely horrible defense leaving Battier open the entire game.

    As for the report, do you guys have 2 different people writing it? You say they left people open all night but give Kobe #3 on the bests of the night. Then you say their defensive rotations were terrible, but there’s no mention of Farmar, Powell, Luke, or Bynum rotating great on defense in the 4th (along with Shannon). They play like they did when that unit was out there to start the 4th, and they’ll have no problem winning.

  • LA4eva

    Lakers were beat today but the thing is they NEVER showed up!! That should be added to the story at the top.

  • elvis123

    We must start holding Phil Jackson responsible for some of this.. how is it that farmar played as good as he did in game 3 and doesn’t get the start over Fisher which has been struggling all play-offs? i know that fisher is the most experienced, but aaron brooks is running a train on him!! it seemed like every highlight of the game was fisher getting burned by him!! also you have Bynum on the bench with the chance to over power hayes and you don’t start him and give him limited minutes? Pau clearly couldn’t get going against him at all. those 30 points were very tricky. anyone that sees that will think that he was dominant and we all seen that he wasn’t. he went to the line and missed a ton of free throws against a team that really doesn’t give you the chance to get many FT’s! we have to make every FT we get..

  • Dragon

    Yeah they might get knock off by nuggets if they beat rockets. I dunno if they can win it this year with how they play so unconsistence but we’ll see I just think this team is only good at times and very bad at other times. They don’t have a direct understanding of what kind of team they are.

  • LakersFirst

    When the playoffs started, Kobe acted as the facilitator and got other players involved and the Lakers played well. However, over the last 5 games or so, the Lakers have gone back to the way they were in the 2005, 2006 where Kobe is the offense and the Lakers just stand there and watch.

    Kobe needs to get his other players involved consistently (AND NO KOBE ONLY FANS, I’M NOT BLAMING HIM), but when there is a superstar on the team, that superstar needs to get those others players involved. If Kobe doesn’t get the other Laker involved offensively, then the other Lakers get lackadaisical defensively and offensively and the team struggles.

    The other Lakers also have to DEMAND the ball from Kobe (this is something that I haven’t seen in this series), especially when Kobe shoots 7 for 17. Now that Yao is out, why the Lakers are not posting up Gasol and yes even Bynum, is beyond me (Houston has NO 7 footers anymore).

    I still feel the Lakers will win this series, but if the Lakers want to win the championship, it’s going to be a team effort and not the Kobe Only show. The Lakers have demonstrated they are most efficient when everyone is involved and not just Kobe.

  • iamthetie

    Did the Lakers even step on the court today? Terrible effort. You have to think other teams are salivating at the mouth for a chance to play the Lakers right now. They’re disjointed and playing terribly. If the defensive intensity as a collective unit doesn’t pick up, other teams are gonna kill us in the future.

    Pathetic. I’m not worried about the series, but this is definitely not the team that was on a mission at the beginning of the year, and definitely not the team that went out to prove something when Bynum went down.

  • fred jones

    young Drew is not healthy let us not forget that and wont be until next year he gets beat on every play he is a step slow. Put in Mbenga he might be clumsy but he will give you some effort

  • YellowPurpleFever

    WOw what ashamed! no corazon, no passional, no CHIPS.
    We got to treat them like 3 point shooting team.
    Start Famar, sorry veteran Fish but you too slow
    Kobe stay with Battier, dont underestimated him.
    Lets Go Lakers!!!
    p.s Phil , Rick is outplayingyou!

  • sil

    the didnt play hard today that what it boils down 2,out there just going thru the motions,that not going to get it done

  • dj_bhenga

    LETS START DJ BHENGA….PJ u need to step ur game on head coach…GASOL IS WEAK…BENCH fisher, he cant guard brooks..lets farmar start…

    lakers wanna win a championship…my A””””….look at the way their playing..seems like its pre-season…WAKE UP ALREADY!!!!!!


    The Lakers must apply the “Killer” instinct in game 5 and take the confidence of game 4 away from these left over Rockets or else it might be a Long Series…

  • mr.laker19

    I agree with alot that has been said. First off none of our players have heart except for Kobe. The only players besides him tht even play hard consistently is Brown, Farmar, and Ariza. Odom is good but he is to inconsistent. Pau is soft… period. Fish needs to retire. Phil needs to do the right thing which is increase shanon and farmar’s minutes and decrease sasha and fish. We are going to need ’06 Kobe to win this series. This is the line up I would start and play the majority of the minutes

    PG: Farmar
    SG: Brown
    SF: Kobe
    PF: Odom
    C: Pau

    We need to play hard for 48 minutes and simply hit shots. Kobe needs to light a fire under these guys because they’ve played pathetic and was one of the worse games I ever seen

  • lainok

    I just never get the feeling watching this team that I did with the three-peat lakers. when they had to, the would put the foot on the gas and floor it. If Yao is not playing, and Dikembe’s career is over, there is no reason that the combination of Pau, Drew and Odom should be anything less than 60-70 pts. Machine is broken for the season. I love Fish, but he is to slow, and adding to the mix that his shot has not been falling since all-star break, it’s time to start Farmar. I’ll give Luke the bad game. The guy usually facilitates very well. Farmar honestly looked like the only guy that had any fight in him. Even Kobe looked smug, like “oh well, we’ll just win the next two”. Two years deep into this team playing at the level they have been, and they still have no killer instinct. At this point, should we hope that they ever will?

  • Lakers 24 7

    Luke made two back to back horrible passes which resulted in a 3 pointer and a 3 point play for the Rockets.

  • Big Phil

    Lakers are still soft and mentally weak. They still haven’t learned from last year. I wish Bynum would wake the F up…you’re being paid $54M to produce…this mental weakness is unacceptable. Play Mbenga…we need his toughness, defense, and rebounding…cause we ain’t getting it from Pau Gasoft, Odumb, Bynumb, and Fluke.

    Phil has got to stop putting Vujabrick, Fluke, and Farma$$ together at the same time because that’s when disaster happens. That’s when the Rocket lead ballooned to 29. PLEASE GET RID OF FLUKE and SASHA at the end of the season.

  • BlackMamba24

    I’m really getting tired of some of you fans out there that say Kobe needs to get everyone involved and than himself. That’s the dumbest argument ever!!!

    This is the professional league. This means “bigs” like Gasol and Bynum need to play BIG- not soft. Kobe didn’t make them soft. Kobe didn’t make them not defend the paint. Kobe didn’t make Gasoft miss free throws. Kobe didn’t make Bynum look dazed and confused.

    This is the playoffs! Kobe is not their mother – he can’t hold their hands. Everyone on the team has to look up to him and use him as a measuring stick. Meaning that they have step up their games and match his level and intensity not bring him down to the gutter where they play.

    How many times has Kobe passed the ball to Sasha only to watch him brick! We are the only team team in the league with 2 7 footers. With no Yao DingBat and Dingwattle should have dominated – but instead, they played soft.

    Are you guys for real??? – you blame Kobe? REALLY? The only thing I blame Kobe for is not slapping the sh i t out of Bynum and Gasol!

    If you want someone to blame, I’ll give you one: How about Phil Jackson? Is this guy ever going to earn his paycheck. This guy has no set plays, plans or strategy. NOTHING!

  • Dragon

    Yeah they really need to get rid of Sasha I mean the guy hasn’t played well all season long so they should get a better consistent shooter and someone who can play D.

  • Lakerfan101


    The rockets just wants to prove thier fans that they got heart… hearing YAo will be out for the rest of the season…

    and remember this is playoff basketball.. YOu dont expect to win every game.

  • avcpl

    Not watching the rest of this series.

    Because if they win…BFD.

    If they lose…then I will have been spared the disgusting spectacle.

  • T-DUB

    BlackMamba24…I’m with you on that! Lakersfirst and A-S-S4sure are always making excuses for our inferior players. Kobe can’t make Pau tougher or Odom actually show up or Fisher young again or Ariza a better offensive player or Bynum a monster like D. Howard or Zasha hit his shots or Fluke athletic or Farmar shoot better. At the least, these guys can play hard and hustle…but they’re not. Thats old a-s-s Phil’s fault. Great defense does not require skill…just heart, hustle and a scheme by a good coach. Alot is missing. Explain how the Cavs lead the league in defense, not because of skilled players! The games are much different in the playoffs than regular season and I’m not sure the Lakers can evev beat the Nuggets that’s if they get past the Rockets!

  • kobe8

    i personally want Kobe to grab everyone in that locker room by their f*ckin collar and tell to MAN THE F*UCK UP for real

  • Eidraq

    aaron brooks with 34 pts? game 3 with 7 pts? im starting to think we play better with limited minutes for fisher

  • imfasterthanur

    I’m tired of making excuses for our Lakers.

    Sigh… I’m starting to have doubts about our heart.

  • lala

    embarrassing lost by the Lakers; they did everything wrong. Defense and offense was horrible. They didn’t play with any heart and they didn’t deserve to win this game. If they play like this against the rockets again they will lose and they will only have themselves to blame about there situation. They talk about like they have the toughness but they have to show it. If the two toughest players are your guards then there is problems. Come on big guys. Be tough. Seriously Bynum is the most disappointing player in this playoffs. I’m so disappointing in all the lakers players and coaches. This lost is very discouraging and shows they may not win the championship.

  • Eidraq

    and usually im not the one to criticize kobe but man was his defense terrible today…you cannot let shane battier be wide open..every damn person needs to man up on defense

  • Greg

    Lakers played horrible. I wanted to puke. This game is cause for concern because of the lack of effort and lazy play. I know Phil has 9 rings but I’m starting to question the coaching. I mean how can they still not be ready and focused??? How can they expect to win when they play games like this consistently. They should be consistently SMASHING teams!!!!

  • zgum

    [Comment ID #70774 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Im thinking the same too… Ship fishers’ ass on the bench please…

  • lala

    His players with the nine rings had heart, that is the reason they won. they had tough minded players. the only players that have heart on this team is derek and kobe. And maybe ariza and shannon. other than that there is no one on that team that has heart.

  • Big Phil

    It’s so frustrating watching these Lakers. Nearly every postgame, you hear the players saying “oh, we have to play better defense…” but they are all talk and no action. The defense is absolutely $hitty…
    – 7 footer Gasoft gets pushed around underneath the basket by a 6’5″ center; Gasoft barely makes an effort on rotations
    – Odumb uses the statue of liberty stance all time…he doesn’t jump nor move, but just stands there with his arms raised up while opponents jump or drive around in
    – Fluke is too slow, weak, can’t jump, and incredibly STUPID
    – Bynumb is a major disappointment…he’s physically healthy; no excuses…I say ship his ass out if he doesn’t wake up in these playoffs.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #70772 Will Be Quoted Here]

    T-DUMB… Can kobe guard Battier out there and set an example on how to play D?

  • gugy

    jumping the gun a bit, for next year we need to address the biggest issue the Lakers have in the last 2 years. Lack of experience and toughness.
    Mitch needs to bring couple experienced veterans to balance some of the inexperience of our players. These two veterans they have to be criminals, psychos, bullies, etc. We need this on our team big time!

    Luke, I am so fu-cking tired of him. I am tired of hearing about his basketball IQ, the dude does not shoot well, he makes dumb mistakes and seriously he is very inconsistent.
    Sasha after make the deal $ became just another ordinary euro dude. Very annoying. I had a lot of hope for “the machine” but it seems to be broken.
    Fisher is getting old but we still need his toughness and experience. But in this series, Farmar needs to start big time. Fisher is just not fast enough.

    Keep the faith, hopefully this bumps on the road will wake our team, if not then Lebron will be celebrating instead of Kobe. Wake up motherfu-ckers!

    We will advance for the conference finals, but we need to really start playing with the same fire. Since the playoff started, the Lakers seems just not interested in win the championship. Right now the Cavs really deserve it if the Lakers keep playing like that.

  • ilikebasketall

    [Comment ID #70773 Will Be Quoted Here]

    um..kobe needs to man up. most plays he is sooo far away from his man it’s embarrassing.
    he has learned over the years to trust his teamates on offense, but on defense it seems that he is far from trusting them.
    there are some players in the league you can move away from but kobe needs to know which ones he can cheat with and which ones he can’t.
    battie ain’t F-CKIN’ ONE OF EM!

  • theQuestion

    does this reminds me of the series against the kings in ’02??

    are these games sold? or fixed? or whatever what you wanna call it?

    we all know that we’re twice or trice better than these rockets.. we beated them 4-0 in the season.. they arent supposed to beat us, right? and why is this happening? ehem philjax* ehem commish stern*

    we played solid in game2 and 3.. hhhmmmm.. sold or fixed..

    lakers in 6.. 2 games are all pj can give..
    lakers are fine laker fans…

  • kb24bestever

    2-2 looks pretty good to me with against a team that doesnt have their two best players.

  • i hate the color green

    i think d-fish has to man up and do what fluke walton did and that is to tell phil to start either farmar or brown in his place, fish has to realize that he’s killing us, he can’t keep any houston pg in front of him to save his life. i’m not sure about fisher being our starting pg anymore, and would somebody sent out an SOS for andrew bynum, i hope they find him, the lakers could use him.

  • farmabrick

    [Comment ID #70770 Will Be Quoted Here]

    No, that was an embarrasing effort by EVERYONE:

    Andrew (did he know there was a game going on?)

    Kobe (“guarding” Battier)

    Fisher (jacking up airballs and clanking iron: new name – the Blacksmith)

    Pau (new name: Charmin)

    and Phil (Zen this: sitting on your ass and letting a team you coach lay that big aqn egg is something Red Auerbach would never let happen).

    The comparison to Game 6 against the Celtics is apt: these guys don’t deserve the trophy – no heart, no balls, just a bunch of LA poseurs.

  • Stephen

    Why don’t we all just shut up and see if we can come out and just take care of business from here on out. We’re all tired of their shitty, inconsistent goddamn play but how does it help if we keep complaining about this? We just gotta believe

  • farmabrick

    [Comment ID #70792 Will Be Quoted Here]

    No, THEY (the players) gotta earn their money.

    And I think Lamar came out particularly passive.

    “Believe” this: they ain’t winnin’ no trophies with their current, nay, season-long, “on-off switch” mentality. They may squeack this one out in 6, maybe 7, games, but they Nugnuts are playing with energy and intensity and a true desire to win and they’ll probably take Gaqme 1 in LA.

  • besta

    Fu-ckin shit,
    are we going to have another meltdown last last year finals?
    Fu-ck, what’s wrong with this team? I guess we are just soft. I hate to admit it. We play though on game two but suddenly where the fu-ckin fire!!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn, we should have trade Odom for Artest. That fu-cker is a crazy mother-fu-cker but he plays with intensity and he wants to beat everybody on the court, he gets ejected, he beats even the fuc-king spectators!. We need that, we need balls, we need testosterone, We need someone to play D, a fuc-ker just like Rodman. This is the fu-cking playoffs! Wake up bi-tches!!!!!!!!

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious

    this is starting to smell like last year,does the mambA guard anyone?his lack of defense was the reason for this abortion today!!!


    [Comment ID #70747 Will Be Quoted Here]

    …I agree almost to T, except for the Bynum for Kidd thing, I couldn’t have said it any better myself!

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #70768 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hey get off Kobe’s dick for one minute and open your damn eyes. Bynum has an no opportunities. Gasol was the only one who played a good game. Kobe refuses to pass the ball inside, Fish has to deny him the ball to get it inside. The issue with this embarrassment of a game wasn’t a lack of defense in the middle, it was Kobe leaving Battier open CONSTANTLY.


    [Comment ID #70754 Will Be Quoted Here]

    …It is not Kobe’s fault how his teammates perform, nor is it his entire responsibility for those same teammates performance!
    …No one can will another that is “sucking”, to “blow”… Nobody! …That is a personal responsibility!
    …What ever it is you mean by the use of your site name, you still seem to be a Kobe detractor, if not hater… The way I see it, if it wasn’t for Kobe, you might as well be named LakersNinth or so forth, since that’s where the Lakers would be seeded, if not worse!

  • coop

    gugy – i totally agree with you. I’ve said that the entire season. I too was fooled by the argument that Bynum was the missing piece. What cracks me up was so many bloggers were saying this is a dynasty team. That is a freaking joke!!!!! A true championship team does not get blown out by a team missing 2 of their top players. They need a head case criminal like Ron Ron. We had our chance at him but we stuck with losers like Luke, Sasha, LO….bunch of girls. Stop trading for finesse players and get some tough, head cases. I thought PJ can keep his players under control and have them work together? Forget the 9 rings already – that is old news!! It only matters what you do now. He looks like he’s sleeping on the side. Watch other coaches – they are active and doing some actual coaching. They did get Shannon Brown but we got rid of Chris Mihm and our 3 pt shooter Vlad. They’re laughing at us now! Probably glad they got traded – even though not in the playoffs they aren’t associated with such losers!!!

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #70774 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If only that were at all Fish’s fault. Brooks lit up the Lakers no matter who they had on him. I’ll tell you this though: Fish, Farmar, and Shannon gave up maybe 10 points to Brooks. The rest came when they were forced to help Kobe’s lazy ass on defense. Look, team defense is important. The game is designed so the offense has an advantage. The offensive guy knows what he’s doing, the defense has to react. You are going to get beat, that’s where help comes into play. But you can’t rely on your teammates to close out your guy who you decided to leave wide open despite how well he’s shooting.

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #70799 Will Be Quoted Here]

    oh yea, the guys on the bobcats and grizzlies are laughing at the losers that are the LA lakers. overreaction much?

  • farmabrick

    [Comment ID #70800 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Kobe’s cheating on D is embarassing: either that First Team All-NBA gets rescinded or he starts playing like a man and doing his job.

    Shane Battier lit him up like a birthday candle.

  • besta

    We need someone like Artest/Rodman. A guy who is a bit nut and is not afraid of anyone. I guy who really is commit to play D. A guy who is a mother-fucker that will challenge anyone.

    Anyway, this is for next season. Now we just need some balls between the legs of the Lakers. We should have gone 3×1 in this series. This was the perfect opportunity after Yao got injured. Now the freaking Houston believe they can take this to game 7. damn! I am so pissed. I don’t mind losing, I just hate the lack of heart and will to win. That’s fu-ckin unacceptable.

  • gugy

    I agreed with Besta.

  • coop

    Yes – to me doesn’t always matter if you win/lose. It’s how you do it. Especially since the Lakers have so much talent. They are a bunch of underachievers – which are losers to me. With their talent they should be steamrolling over teams but they have no balls to close things out. I won’t get into it – it’s all been said over and over about no heart, no passion, no fire, etc…. What I’m trying to explain is that as a fan – I’d really rather watch a team with a little talent that really, really comes out to play every game. Even if they lose – you know they gave it their all. When you have a team loaded with talent and they consistently underperform – then that is lazy and unacceptable. They are paid freaking millions of dollars to win games. Not just punch the clock and collect their paychecks. That is loser mentality to me…and that what the Lakers have done all season long.

  • lafanfromindiana

    Defense starts with the star player. I’m not sure what Cavs game it was but Lebron took a charge sometime during these playoffs and a role player on his team said everyone steps up on defense when they see the star player doing so. It makes me sick when I think about Kobe during these past olympics and how he took on the responsibility to shut down the best player from the other team and called himself the doberman, but when it’s playoff basketball for his professional team he doesn’t give effort on defense to play mind games with the person shooting. I would not be surpised if we don’t even make it to the finals and Kobe puts the whole blame on everyone else and opts out of his contract to play with the Bulls that he’s always wanted to play for so he can jerk off and pretend he’s Jordan. And I’m saying all this as Kobe is my favorite athlete besides Bo Jackson and Hulk Hogan…. not as a hater.

  • coop

    Besta, Gugy – I’m with you all the way. I am so pissed at this team. We should be 3-1 – win next game at home and close the series out. But now the rockets are energized and know they can win. Mitch better do some good things in the off-season.

  • Clutch

    Why do Laker fans always come up with an excuse everytime the Rockets (or any other team) kicks their ASS??!!! OH Kobe is having a bad night, his bitch ass did not have the flu today. The lakers may have alleged better players but they lack nutts!! Unless you count the pair on Bynum’s chins) If by any chance they make it past the Rockets they will face other teams who are not down three star players. Give it up Faker fans, time to rebuild.Derrick is old, Kobe is selfish and the rest of the team is pre-madonnas.

  • http://yahoo max

    well,i didn’t watch,but heard what just happen.and i have to tell you pretty sad,that a team thats suppose to dominate decides to take the afternoon off,and the team that was suppose to roll over and play dead,playslike the’re life depended on it.lets face the truth,if the rockets loose again major changes ahead,if the lakers loose,we still keep walton/bynum/fisher/sasha,pretty much everyone stays,what happen last year was a joke what was the anwser? pay these guys more money and bigger/longer contracts.the media loves the lakers,the nba needs the lakers,yet we know the truth,we need a team,that plays like a team,not a team that follows the leader,the’re own personal security,and a belief that everyone around them keeps putting it in there heads that their a championship team that dosen’t need to earn a championship


    Athletics has to do with competition; Hulk Hogan is an actor, not an athlete.

  • FT

    Do championship teams lose?? YES, of course they do.

    Do they not show up for playoff games and just let the other team walk all over them?? F**k NO!!!

    This team better get their act together and do it quick, or they’l be out, if not this round then the next one, and if not the next one the DEFINITELY in the finals again!

    idk bout everyone else but im sick and tired of this! you whine and bitch and claim that this season is all about the ring, then y dont u play like it?!?!?!????????

    This is just ridiculous, deep down i DONT BELIEVE THEY WANT IT AS BAD AS THEY SAY THEY DO!



    Wow these so called laker fans seriously need to stfu. We got this and we will have the series against Denver. Right from the start I said Lakers in 6 because I know the Refs won’t be with them. Just please stop freaking out. No one is perfect. Yeah yeah the Cavs have 2 sweeps in a row. Who were they against though? ATLANTA AND DETROIT! We are obviously playing a tough team and without Yao they are moving MUCH faster which is why Yao should play in the 2nd unit. As for Lamar- we won’t need him now but we will def. need him and Bynum to bring toughness. Bynum will show up when Kenyon Martin and Birdman get into his face. Trust me. Lakers in 6. Kobe won’t let this year slide


    …The Lakers are a very bunch of typical L.A. dudes, who subconsciously felt an opportunity to relax and still come away winners!
    …But typically and true to form, they now have to work even harder to achieve their goal in this series!
    …The next series, assuming there will be one for The Lakers, will be a totally different animal!

  • gugy

    I hate to say this but the three peat team with Shaq and other veterans, they always played with intensity when it matter most.
    Not sure why this team now just turn-off on certain games.
    Bynum get couple more years of credit on my view, since this is his first real playoffs and he is just 21, but Pau and others need to kick the mother-fu-cker asses of our opponents and not just stand up there looking confused.

    PJ probably will retire after this season if we don’t win. He must be fu-cking tired of these guys playing like that.

  • lainok

    I guess everybody is really upset by the loss. At this point I don’t know if they can really take it all the way to a ring. But even if they do, I hope they realize that they desperately need to make some offseason moves to get some veterans on this team.

  • Paul Garnett

    the Lakers are who were thought they were, SOFT!!!! The Lakers will not get to the finals. They think they can just go through the motions and win a title. Are you serious? The Cavs are hungry. The Lakers are not. Before I forget, GO CELTICS!!!!!!


    [Comment ID #70819 Will Be Quoted Here]

    …Check this fool out, talkin about the Cavs are hungry!
    Whatsa matter, don’t you have faith in your own false truth!
    …I for one, hope your beantown boys get lucky and somehow get by both The Magic and The Cavs!
    …Cuz, we all know what will happen next!

  • Anthony

    Wow, everyone had something long to say about this one. I on the other hand don’t. This team lacks drive, heart, character — choose the word you’d like to characterize them as.

    As many of you have said this was a grim reminder of last seasons game 6 loss in Boston.

    To summarize: The Lakers are a bunch of pussies. Plain and simple. Either they grow a pair of nuts or hope the Rockets can put them away so the Nuggets won’t bash their brains in.


  • Jack

    I think the series is over. Lamar is out most probably for the next game. Bynum was watching game 4 with Yao. Sasha is a no-show. Luke is a semi-decent college player at best. Pao and Kobe cannot win a series by themselves.

    Phil Jackson made a huge mistake by not starting Jordan. I think this gave the Rockets the opportunity to jump all over us barely 2 minutes into the game. How many points did Fisher score? 2? And how long did Phil wait for a time out??? Longer even by Phil Jackson’s standards.

    ‘s over…

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #70798 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Let me put it another way for you Kobe only fans … Lebron wouldn’t let this happen to his team. Lebron always has teammates involved. Whether it is offensively or defensively, Lebron always has teammates involved (and no I don’t think the Cavs have a better squad than the Lakers)

    Kobe is the leader out there and instead of throwing up wild shots, he needs to set his team up for easy buckets (he’s not doing this anymore, look at the offense!! It’s in complete dissarray, and unfortunately, if the other Laker players don’t contribute offensively, they just stand there). This is why Kobe will never ever be greater than Michael Jordan. Jordan knew how to get his teammates involved and always kept them involved. Kobe has done this in the past, but he needs to consistently get his teammates involved. The offense is going to go through Kobe, but Kobe needs to know when to shoot a good shot, when to penetrate, and when to dish to the open teammate (he has stopped doing this) and always play great defense. All the other great superstars that have led their teams to titles do this.

    Kobe only fans like yourself, T-dub, and all the other Kobe worshippers, need to accept the fact that the Lakers are a better team when everyone is contributing, not just Kobe. Kobe needs to get his other players involved. This is what Jordan did, and this is what Lebron does. You don’t like the truth but that’s what it is.

  • gugy

    Just a reminder too.
    If we finally beat Houston, Denver will be far away from a cakewalk.

    Those guys are hungry and they want revenge for last year’s playoff sweep. Also Denver fans hate Kobe there because of that 3 different men panties sperm bitch.

    Lakers better watch out. This is not easy.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #70772 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The Cavs play consistent defense, because Lebron is leading them to play consistent defense. That’s why.

  • luke and sasha and farmar has got to go!!! and im a laker fan!

    as a laker fan the cavs will win the title they seem more hungry and have betetr jump shoooters than us.

  • HolyGuacamole

    That game was just utter disappointment.
    For the most part, I agree with almost every comment here.
    I need to see some intensity and energy in there. And yes, heart and encouragement. They have to understand the gravity of the situation: this is the playoffs, and every step is a step towards the championship, or a step behind.

    I never thought I’d say this, but Kobe frustrated me today.
    I mean, the amount of open looks he gave up to Battier. He has got to play solid defense in 48 minutes. And so does the other guys.

    Honestly, the only bright spots in the game were Jordan and Shannon. They have made key plays during their runs, cutting down the lead so that they could leave the game with some dignity.

    I think, at this point, if Phil and the team have to make some significant changes, they have to do it. I’m glad about one thing: Jordan could not have chosen a better time to boost his game. They’ll need him in the next ones. And starting him could be a crucial decision. Game 3, he did a good job, and that’s with Yao. Now, without Yao, I think Jordan should start, and he may even do a better job than Game 3, especially with less worries given that there’s no Yao. With that, he can keep with Brooks every minute and minimize his contributions, like how he was able to hold him down significantly in Game 3.

    The next games are incredibly crucial. Now, I think they should have learned their lesson.

  • kb24sdbest

    The game today was just simply ridiculous. If you are not going to show up, why play the game. Your getting paid millions of dollars and you lack the focus to win crucial games. It shows lack of professionalism. I have always said this and will say it again, THE LAKERS LACK PHYSICAL AND MENTAL TOUGHNESS. If the lakers don’t win it this year, they will never win it again. They lack physicality, effort, energy, and defense. I think the lakers think, they can just win with talent, but THATS NOT GOING TO DO IT. If they loose next game, it’s over. Where’s the defensive minded kobe? I agree, that kobe should play like a facilitator like the UTAH series and focus on defense.

    To Kobe,
    STOP CHEATING ON DEFENSE. INSTEAD PLAY TEAM HELP DEFENSE. TELL BYNUM AND GASOL TO MAN UP and STEP UP. Don’t forget to drive to the basket, specially now that Yao is out and noone can stop you down there, and mixed up your game with jump shots and drive.

    OFF SEASON MOVE: Get rid of Lamar, Sasha, and Luke. Acquire Artest, or PJ Brown for a minimum to bring toughness, and get another shooter like Kapono or Korver. Get a new Defensive Minded coach. Ariza needs to bulk up.

    OVERALL PROBLEM- the lakers play to the level of their opponent. No DEFENSE, No TOUGHNESS.

    BLAME- Kobe for not bringing the best out of Lamar, Bynum, and Gasol. Kobe makes his teammates better, but he doesn’t know how to bring the best out of Bynum and Lamar. When Shaq was around the difference is, Shaq would tell Kobe that he’s the best player in the world and nobody could stop him and he needs him, therefore kobe would play at his best, because shaq gave him the confidence and support to excel. Now Kobe needs to do this particularly to Lamar, Bynum, and Pau. He needs to give them the confidence, encouragement, and support so they can excel to their best. This is what transforms a good leader to a great leader. Kobe only leads by example, hard work, and the will to win a game, but he does not address the importance to have the right mindset and psychological approach thats needed to grind out games.
    Phil Jackson needs to make better adjustments and I would like for him to be more of a disciplinarian. I would like to see either Phil, Kobe, or Fish to say “hey let’s focus” when the lakers are looking lost.

  • Popcorn

    wow, lakers suck today.

  • XXL

    Give Bynum some confidence by letting him play more minutes,even if he racks up quick fouls ..let him stay in and figure it out.
    Gasol isnt a banger, why do you all expect a ho to be a housewife.
    Fish needs to take off the headband and practice his jumper.
    Odom should focus on the boards,boxing out,outlet passes,etc.
    Brown and Ariza need to shoot the ball more without checking with Kobe 1st, actually they can be the slashers to the basket when the Bigs or Kobe gets a double team.

    Pizzas here!

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #70802 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Im still in shock from hearing he made All-Defensive First Team. Seriously? Who the hell votes for that, and why do they still have a job? They really need to rename that to All-Popular First Team. All that award has turned into is a popularity contest.

  • Stephen

    I honestly think the expectations are just too much for most of our guys, i just pray we can figure it out VERY soon

  • Popcorn

    I have to say something; as a Lakers fan I’m disappointed. They just played the kind of game that the Rockets wanted them to play. It was that simple; they should have just beat them with the inside out game: Gasol, Odom, Bynum; the 3 guys are way bigger than any Rocket guy in the paint, but nooo “we have to shoot long shots” long f*cking shots that by the way they missed trough the whole f*cking game. There is no excuse they simply were incompetent and to me it seems as if they just don’t have the heart of a champion. I truly felt frustrated, disappointed and fucking pissed off. I always thought letting Turiaf go was a mistake and now I’m sure it was, Sasha WAS a good role player last year but after getting his new contract he flat out sucks ass. With Turiaf we had a guy with heart that was willing to play tough D and wasn’t intimidated at all to go toe to toe with better more talented guys. That is exactly what we lack right now. Lakers’s big 3 need to just impose their will in there, it seems to me just common sense. The Lakers not only need to win the next game but they need to beat these guys in 6 because bad things could happen e.g. “Lamar” if we go to 7 it could be worse. Lakers have the team with the best talent in the league but to win it all it takes not only talent but the will to do it. Please guys show you have some focking balls.

  • LongDongMamba

    Hate to say this, but Today, I came to the realization that this team does not have what it takes to win a ring.
    They just are not as hungry. They just don’t want it as bad as the Cavs, Nuggets and even Boston.
    Unless they change their tune, we are just going to be disappointed sooner than later.

    I would not be surprise PJ retires and Kobe opt out. These two guys must be fed up with lack of desire to win and we Lakers fans cannot blame them if they do that.

    Not sure why this is happening, just damn pissed of right now. I don’t mind losing if you fight at least to win. Not the case tonight, not the case last year at the finals. Fu-ck that!

  • Stephen

    Couldn’t agree with you more popcorn but we all gotta have faith you guys. we know how good our team is we just gotta prove it and that’s what they’re trying to do. have faith!!!

  • Paul

    Bynum’s soft. This Bynumite’s a dud.


    [Comment ID #70833 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Gotta agree here, especially with the headband that seems to be weighing Fish down to the point of being Lukelike!


    [Comment ID #70842 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Heeheehee, the dude actually behaves like he has really forgotten how to play the center position for the team!

  • Troy

    Phil- sets low expectations for his team. Doesn’t care about guarding the 3 point line. Is arrogant and stuborn, to the detriment of the team.

    Kobe- negatively intimidates his team mates. Works hard, shoots well, but fails to inspire his team to play up to par.

    Pau- can’t handle pressure; wilts away when we need him. Talented but mentally weak, he is worthless in must-win playoff games.

    Fish- only on team to keep Kobe in check. Never has played solid defense. Streaky, inconsistent shooter.

    Ariza- sometimes appears bored and uninspired. Never know what to expect from him.

    Lamar- hardworking rebounder, but as dumb as a rock. Consistently misses layups and at least one free-throw. Lake Pau, is mentally weak and can’t handle pressure.

    Bynum- passive aggresive, lazy, and resents Phil. Angry about rehabbing only to be riding the bench. Won’t focus on game unless he starts.

    Sasha- worthless if he can’t make his shots. Can’t defend without fouling. Hustles and is aggressive.

    Shannon- the most consistent Laker player

    Luke- does some things well, other things horribly. Only good if he’s out there with good players (to pass to). High basketball IQ is just a myth.

    Farmar- quality player that isn’t consistent

    Josh Powell- very under-used

    Lakers- reflects the non-nonchalant attitude of their coach. 50/50% chance they win the series, but believe it or not, if they can get passed Houston, they’ll win the title. The Lakers do better as underdogs, and they’ll be just that against the Cavs.

    Again, we get passed the Rockets, we win it all.

  • Michael_23

    Sometimes its these kinds of loses we need to get the Lakers fired up. Cavs are coasting like we did last year in the playoffs. Cavs wont have adversity so the Lakers should be battle tested once they get to the Finals.

  • sketch

    WTF! Do these Fother Muckers want to win? Fcukin @$$holes said all the right things of not being “over confident”, but they turned around and did exactly what they told us not to do! I’m just so sick and tired of this crew not living up to expectations! And don’t worry Lakers faithfuls… I’m not jumpin off of the wagon, I’m just ventin! And I do think that our team should see just how fumed they’ve gotten their fans! It really is too much! You’ve got their all star center out of the way, their “SIMPLE JACK” shooting what 25% for the day, and you allow their “defender” to score 23 and their non factor pg of the last game to take you to town for 34! That is fcukin ridiculous! And where the hell was our center? The one that Dr Buss’s stupid @$$ son and Mitch were raving about go? How the hell can he have disappeared so quickly? He was supposed to put us over the top! Instead, he went over 11 minutes with 2 boards, 0 points, 3 fouls, and 1 of his shots blocked! Where the fcuk is Sun Yue? We might as well insert that useless guy; he certainly can’t do any worse than fcukin Gary Coleman! WTF!!!!!!!!!!! I’m done, there ain’t nothin else to say!

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #70846 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Really? Cause I thought that’s what game 6 against Boston last year was supposed to have done for them? Wake the fcuk up! This Lakers team has the worst dedication to defense in NBA history! They actually make the Pheonix team of 3 years ago look like that they’re a great defensive team!

    Can the fans stop… i repeat stop defending these guys and start to see them for who and what they are? Underachieving bunch of guys who thinks that they’re entitled to receive the championship because they’re the Lakers and they’ve got Kobe and Phil! Would they finally go out and earn that damn championship now?!?!!!

    Go out and punch people in the mouths and take that trophy back and stop thinking that other teams are afraid of you simply for being the Lakers, because they don’t! And do you know why they don’t? Because you guys have the tendency to play like $h!t whenever you think that you’ve overlooked a team and that’s what you’ve been doing! Overlooking teams! You guys will be the one who gets overlooked soon!

  • luke and sasha and farmar has got to go!!! and im a laker fan!

    getting rid of fluke and sasha should be the lakers priority next season.

  • kwame4mvp

    [Comment ID #70810 Will Be Quoted Here]

    pre madonnas.. lmao prima donna dumb f*ck

  • stdecker

    [Comment ID #70792 Will Be Quoted Here]

    are you stupid? thats the whole point of this site, so we can vent after they play horrible games like that. What are we supposed to believe? in a team thats basically underachieved most of the year and all playoffs! Believe that they are going start playing with their heads not in their asssses! Believe that maybe they might realize that they actually have to work hard and make smart decisions and preform well. Its kind of hard to believe in that when they keep playing like they did on sunday. (i do belive they will win THIS series in six though, but after that, who knows)

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #70847 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL, he does look like Gary Coleman!!! Good call.

    On a more serious note- I am concerned with that far-away, glazed-over look in his eyes. Like he is just totally depressed and would rather be somewhere else. He’s got a man’s body, but he’s still just a boy mentally.

    Why the hell the Lakers didn’t feed the rock down low every time down, that’s beyond me. Seems like basic strategy when you’ve got 6 inches on someone. They did that in the 4th, and Pau lit them up for 18 points in the quarter. Come to think of it, it seemed to be when Kobe was OFF the floor. Hmm, Kobe, can you feed the rock down low if your not going to drive it to the hole? If we did that, then their “center” would get into quick foul trouble, since he would have little option but to foul in many cases.

    Anyways, all strategy aside, what a disappointing effort. That kind of effort won’t get you anywhere, no matter what your talent or strategy is.


    To say that Kobe has to go back to being the facilitator in order for The Lakers to be a better team is a huge ignorant statement to say the least!

    …#1) Kobe does facilitate:
    In order to complete an assist it takes another to cooperate!

    …#2) Kobe does drive to the basket:
    When Kobe drives to the basket, the other four Lakers need to stay active within the offense and follow thru on their assignments, whether it is slashing into an open spot as the defense converges on Kobe or attacking the rim for the potential rebound and/or potential drop pass as the second defender leaves them to double Kobe!

    …#3) Kobe does cover his man!
    Don’t believe me, look at the film/tivo replays and you will be enlightened how often more times than not, Kobe is forced to cover a man left open by a lost teammate of his own man! …This leaves Kobe as the culprit in the eyes of the non-educated fan!

    …#4) Check it!
    The very first trey Battier hit was a direct result of Fisher being left in the dust, followed by the chain reaction of Gasol completely ignoring his man and everyone else reacting slowly to a necessary switch, standing around looking at Brooks blow by Fish!

    The Lakers need to correct this repeated occurrence and they need to do consistently!
    …But I would still rather have Luke, etc do the passing and Kobe the shooting than the other way around – on any day of the week – no question!

  • mastarockafella

    First of all, PHIL WAKE UP!!!

    The centers should be the center of our offense. Run the triangle through our bigs. Let Pau play like he did in the fourth quarter.

    Now that Brooks already set his confidence level up, I’m sure his momentum would be there in the fifth game. I would say put jordan in there to match against him. Fish’s legs are getting old.


  • Nate Mcmillian

    Wow what the hell was going through this sorry Laker team’s mind cause it obviously was not basketball. We arent going to win a championship this year we can forget that championship teams don’t show up when they feel like it they show up every game. See Houston fans have nothing to be ashamed of even if they lose because at least their team showed up to play even the games they have lost they still came to play.

    I cant believe the defense that was played by this team especially Kobe by leaving Shane Battier wide open all game from the three point line he hit 5 three pointers and he still left him open for more attempts. We have some serious issues at the point guard position Fisher and Farmar are both just sorry get those idiots of the team all Fisher does is shoot up bricks all Farmar does is turn the ball over pick your poison.

    Shannon Brown has outplayed both of those players he needs to be played more. Also we got to see Fluke Walton in all of his glory turn the ball over numerous times. Sasha vujabrick needs to go he is terrible way too streaky and is just lost out there, Lamar Odom did not show up as usual you know its actually a surprise to me when Lamar’s stupid ass actually does show up.

    If were lucky Lamar will be out for the whole rest of the playoffs. Odumb obviously does not understand the term defense he is 6,10 and these guards drive in on him, come on the guy should be going for a block. Instead he seems to love standing there with his hands in the air. Lakers are not a championship team they are pretenders nothing more people have a legit point when they say fakers cause that is exactly what they are.

  • Kobe8


    S-O-F-T. that’s all

  • J

    What lack of confidence are you talking about? The reason the Lakers lost is they have too much confidence, somewhat similar to what happened in Charlotte. Damn I had to get up at 3 in the morning here in the Philippines just to watch the Lakers play that bad. I had a lot to do this morning, but had a hard time doing them because I lacked sleep. You could see it at the start of the game. Everything was flat. They thought they could win this easily without Yao Ming and T-Mac. What was the score like 19-4 or something.

    This for me is undoubtably the worst game since June ’08.

  • kobe-wan kenobi


  • Paul

    [Comment ID #70844 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hey, based on what I observed in the past couple of games, yeah I’m going to have to assume that he forgot how to play center. He’s too stagnant on offense and needs to start boxing out for rebounds. Plus what’s this about his “defensive presence?” I feel no presence.

    And don’t get me wrong, I like Bynum, it’s just that he’s disappointing me now when we really need him.

  • Popcorn

    [Comment ID #70841 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well I had some faith in the Lakers but just because of their talent and seeing them play so well in that road trip when they beat the Celtics and the Cavaliers made me think we will go all the way again.

    However right now they just seem lost on the court and erratic at times with no good habits and lack of consistency. The most frustrating side of the Lakers today for me anyway is lack of pride.

    These guys are professionals and they have play together enough to the point that they should have consistency and way better chemistry specially with all that talent. I know PJ is a 9 time champion because he had the teams to make it possible but if we go back and remember that Chicago Bulls team and the three-peat Lakers the difference is besides their two dominant players respectively; is consistency and the will to play your best.

    Now PJ has this way to coach that will let them realize what to do on the court by themselves without PJ calling too many time outs and I get that. It is his way to teach them “Hey you guys can figure teams out by yourselves”. But the problem I see with the Lakers is mental I guess PJ thought just like me that by now the tough mentality of the TEAM will be up; outworking teams and playing their best but it is very clear we have a problem.

    To me and I really don’t know if I’m right or wrong; that game yesterday seemed as if PJ told the guys “let’s beat this guys with their own game” seemed that they tried that but the problem was that they missed their assignments on defense while the Rockets didn’t. Maybe PJ wanted to see if they had another phase than just simply using the big guys in the paint.

    Through the whole game that’s what I saw. I guess I’ll wait and see what’s next. Faith I still have it and it used to be on a scale from 1 to 10 at 10 for me but it just went down to a 5.

    Let’s go Lakers let’s put together a championship run. Every piece is there to win it all. Play with pride and heart and great things will happen.

  • gugy

    fans are furious, rightly so.

  • john

    Lakers forget what they goal is,maybe they should play the celtics beating them badly last year or hitting their bus as they left ,,they should play that tape before each play off game to keep them hungry.There is no way we can beat the Cavs with this lack of determination.

  • Geloman

    Embarrassing. That’s it. Lakers are not ready for the big stage as James Worthy put it ( after this weak effort. They don’t have that killer instinct that Denver and Cleveland have and I really feel, as sad as it is to say being a Laker fan, they may not make back to the finals.

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    We are watching what could be the last days of a team, and Era.

    The Lakers have 3 more games or maybe the Western conference Finals to hang on what they currently have on their roster.
    I predict, if the Lakers do not go to the Finals this year due the lack of effort and passion we watched yesterday, Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson will just say goodbye.
    Both will be fed up after so many years of efforts and for getting so close and at the same time so far from a title.
    I really doubt PJ will hang on to this mediocrity when we do need the players to show their heart and at the same time Kobe can go to a Bulls team that show too much heart this year against Boston.
    So Lakers better wake the fu-ck up if we want to stay alive for the next few years.

  • T-Dub

    May 10th, 2009 at 9:46 pm
    T-DUB on May 10, 2009 at 6:37 pm said:

    BlackMamba24…I’m with you on that! Lakersfirst and A-S-S4sure are always making excuses for our inferior players. Kobe can’t make Pau tougher or Odom actually show up or Fisher young again or Ariza a better offensive player or Bynum a monster like D. Howard or Zasha hit his shots or Fluke athletic or Farmar shoot better. At the least, these guys can play hard and hustle…but they’re not. Thats old a-s-s Phil’s fault. Great defense does not require skill…just heart, hustle and a scheme by a good coach. Alot is missing. Explain how the Cavs lead the league in defense, not because of skilled players! The games are much different in the playoffs than regular season and I’m not sure the Lakers can evev beat the Nuggets that’s if they get past the Rockets!

    The Cavs play consistent defense, because Lebron is leading them to play consistent defense. That’s why.

    Lakersfirst….you gotta be fuk-king kidding me right??? Kobe has more intensity, desire, heart than anyone in this league…including your boy Lebron. If these bums can’t feed off of that, there is not hope. The Cavs have totally different type of aint Lebron! It comes from within homeboy. Does anyone at your job inspire you to do your job or is it being able to buy groceries, pay mortgage or car note? You do what you have to do…period! No one else makes you do your job. A-S-S4sure…No one believes for one second that you believe the Lakers problem is Kobe cheating off of Battier. He wouldn’t have to cheat if those other bums manned up and played some D. Admit it, These Lakers are NOT what you thought they were! They are who I said they were!

  • kwame4mvp

    I don’t know about you guys, but I notice something. Since that loss in Utah, after the one that Kobe said he waited too long to look for his shots, since then, he’s been ONLY looking for his own shot. He’s not penetrating and kicking like he did all season. This reminds me of the first couple years without Shaq. Kobe was the only man on the team and everyone else just watched. This is what this reminds me of.

  • Geloman

    Only one explanation for this loss, Texas Barbeque. That’s right you heard me. Texas BBQ. That’s the only way the Lakers would lose this game, so they can come back for a game 6 and some genuine Texas BBQ baby! That’s the only logical explanation.

  • Kid Kaos 310

    Sasha and Luke need to be taken out back and shot! I don’t know who’s worst, Sasha’s (who thinks he better than he really is) 25% shooting or Luke’s overall game. Both are offensive and defensive liabilities and to cap it off, their WAY WAY over paid. Trade em, cut em just get rid of them. Anybody can miss wide open shots, so why are we paying these guys so much to do just that, miss wide open shots? Give me Sasha or Luke’s contract; I can jack up terrible that all day too.

  • Yonstar62

    now that i’ve had a chance to sleep on it, i woke up this morning just not feeling like we’re a championship team. i’m by no means giving up on our season, but if we continue to play this way we’ll be lucky to get past houston.

    terrible effort and almost made me embarrassed to be a laker fan. how is it that we have an opportunity to take a team out and end this series in 5, but instead we give them life coming back to staples tied 2-2 and they have the confidence to win in LA. to me, we just don’t feel like a championship team right now. this can all change as we’ve seen with the lakers this year, but i don’t see us beating denver, cleveland, or boston right now.

    let’s get it together fellas!!

  • gugy

    I’ve said this before.
    The day the Lakers get rid of the scrubs, we have a real shot to become a dynasty.
    Mitch has done a good job in the last few years:
    Brian Cook

    Now Luke is the last one and Sasha just made the list, unfortunately.

    We need couple veterans that play consistent D and are dogs/mean SOBs. That will help this team enormously. I really wanted Artest, too bad we missed him. He would for sure give us a lot of toughness and D even though he is a fu-cking crazy SOB.

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    I know you guys are going to flame me for this but Lebron will be a Laker!
    Kobe will opt out, probably go to Chicago. Phil will retire and LBJ will want to come to LA for $$$$$$$$$$ and more success and fame.

    Mark my words.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #70870 Will Be Quoted Here]

    T-Dub – As usual, you demonstrate that you’re a f’n idiot who is blind.

    Yea, Kobe has all the intensity, desire, and heart (i’m not denying this), but where is the LEADERSHIP (being a leader is also being a faciliator). It’s not there consistently. Compare Kobe to Lebron or even KG when he’s on the bench. He just sits here. Lebron and KG are into the game supporting their teammates (this is just one example). Lebron keeps his teammates involved both when he’s on the court (offensively and defensively)and when he’s off the court. Again, Kobe-ONLY fan, Kobe is not the only one to blame, but he has moved away from being the facilitator and more into getting his own shots. He can’t leave his team behind. If you can’t see the faciliator role demonstrated by Lebron that Kobe doesn’t consistently fulfill then you’re blind.

    Yes the CEO at my job inspires me because he is THE LEADER. Do you know what a LEADER is? It sounds like you don’t. I am the leader to the people who report to me, so it is my JOB to lead them, just as it is the CEO of my company to be the LEADER for me. You clearly do not understand the LEADERSHIP role.

    As always, you demonstrate that you are not a LAKER fan, LEAVE THIS SITE, It is called the LAKERSNATION. You know the Lakers, who were here before your boy Kobe and will be here long after Kobe. Support the Lakers, not just one man. When the Lakers win their next ring, I don’t even want you to say anything because you are NOT a Lakers fan.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #70872 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well said…This is someone who is paying attention. The entire team needs to get involved.


  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #70878 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Is Kobe were to opt out, L.A. would be an attractive option for Lebron (he definitely would think about it)

  • LakersFirst

    Also, remember this you fair-weathered Laker fans (you know who you are), as Matt “money” Smith said this morning, last year the Lakers steamrolled through the playoffs and lost in the championship series. Last year Boston struggled (7 games with Atlanta, 7 with Cleveland and 6 with Detroit), and they won the whole thing.

    Just because the Lakers are struggling now, does not mean that they can’t win the whole thing.

  • luke and sasha and farmar has got to go!!! and im a laker fan!

    sashsa was suppose to be a player like robert horry who canmake dagger shots and break teams heart instead hes jacking off wide open looks when kobe give it to him i bet even at horrys age hes better than all these bums on our bench.

  • girlloveslakers

    The reason it’s a 7 game series is so the better team will win. Lakers ARE the better team. Have faith Laker fans. This game put the taste of that game 6 loss back in ALL of their mouths, not just ours. Lakers in 6, or however many f-ing games we end up playing. :)

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    Exactly LakersFirst.

    I am assuming the Lakers will not win this year and PJ will retire. to the LBJ idea comes to fruition.

    I want Kobe to prove all the haters he can lead this team to a ring, but this year he does not have any excuse anymore. Last year, he had the pieces but the team did not have playoffs and finals experience. Now this is over. Kobe has to take us to the promise land. No more excuses.

    So Jerry Buss is very smart guy. He knows if the Lakers fail this season to win or at least do well at the finals, he could have a shot at LBJ in 2010. If Kobe opt-out, he will have $$ to bring LBJ and that will cause a massive hype in LA and around the league. The Lakers have the pieces for a great team and LBJ will love to come to a huge market like SoCal and he will explode with $$$$ and Buss too. This is a gigantic marketing opportunity. The LA fans will be pumped because of the prospect of a young, amazing player as LBJ. Kobe will probably go to Chicago and everybody will be happy.
    LBJ will not consider any other offer, NY just do not have the team to make him a champion and Cleveland is a small market for LBJ ambitions. So this could very well happen indeed.

    Just food for thought. I hope we can win with Kobe and this scenario never happen, but the Kobe has to prove he can do it. So far I am wondering if he can.


    [Comment ID #70882 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah the recriminations as to why the lakers lost have already started. T-Dumb and Juanita Carlos aka Juan warlick my ass.. blame it all on the other laker players except kobe. This is a team situation and if the Lakers are going to win they need to play as a team. Kobe needs to set the example. Kobe gave no respect to Battier and let him go off on threes. Warlick said he was trying to help Fisher.. that is warshyt. When does a guy give help from a three point shooter? Never. Help comes from underneath. Also the only time kobe wasn’t guarding Battier was when he was slow in getting up on the offensive end and therefore the rockets at a 45 on 4. What do you know? Battier for three. Hopefully kobe can improve and set the tone.

    Lets not make excuses for the leadership of this team like T-Dumb and Warlick my ass. Kobe and even Phil need to display a strong presence on this team. THE BUCK STOPS THERE.


    * 5 ON 4

  • knightmoose

    I agree the Lakers didnt show up, but as Phil Jackson said they did what they had to do and that is win 1 on the road. They could have simply gave up after the almost 30 point play.

    The west is a very tough conference, a lot more tougher than the east with teams not even at a 500 .pct making the playoofs. What good is it for a team like the Cavs to blow past weak teams? The Lakers will be battle ready when they get to the Finals which they are going to get the the finals folks. The Rockets arent a .500 pct team nor are the nuggetts or even the jazz, they have great defense and offense. I can understand how many fans get upset that the big 3 are not dominating and have gone soft. I think we will kick the heck out of Houston during game 5, we need to get up and stay up and smash them, for some reason the lakers do win and play very excellent ball when the presure is on them, they need to utilize all 24 seconds of the shot clock, i know 3 points are great but taking wild shots can get you in deep trouble when they dont drop, truthfully many shots were simply not made, i think houston played better defense as they themselves sat on a cusion for a while, it does take all 4 qtrs to win a basketball game. Every team can have a sluggish night. Th series isn’t over and also note we can and will beat the nuggetts and we did beat clevaland at clevaland, so lets call the game what it was a bad day but it is 1 game, you either love the lakers or you hate them, you either love L.A or you hate it. L.A in your face as we will smash our haters and move on..
    We have a great history and a reputation thus every1 wants us to smash teams, i agree the CAVS look tough but tell me how tough are they really? They are playing teams that have no business in the playoffs, honestly the rockets and the nuggetts feel they deserved to be there and that they can get to the Finals, people complaining think that this is suppose to be a cake walk, well it isnt, so lets show the Lakers that we believe in them.

    Forget idots such ass Charles Barkley who complains all the time about the Lakers? Excuse me but who the heck is this fat clown? He never won a championship and he always talks about how soft the Lakers are. We have home court, 2-3 games, we will win and than wipe our butts with the nuggetts, every team matches up diffrently against each other, this rocket team isnt the pistons or the birds, hawks or what ever they are, they are a team that beat portland and did finish strong.

    Im not saying the Lakers havent had some disappointing times look at the celtics, if anything they are playing weak aganist weak teams, we are facing adversity which will in the end help us when we face the Cavs

    Go Lakers !!!!!!!!!!

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #70819 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Please… First off check your grammar, you sound like a total Bostonian jack off white trash! It’s “who we thought they were” not “who were thought they were”, don’t you even watch what you’re writing? What a fcukin idiot! It’s you inbred friggin backward folks that give the New England area a bad name! And don’t worry about the welfare of the Lakers… we’ll definitely be in the finals which will be a disappointment because we won’t have a chance to romp your @$$es like everyone else in the east seemed to be doing! Even you think that your Celd!cks won’t be there because you seem to recognize how “hungry” the Cavs are. Let me just tell you something, when the Lakers and the Cavs meet up, the Cavs will be attempting to bite off more than they can chew and they will get runned by our Lakers!

    Go Lakers! Fcuk the Celd!cks! Fcuk the kripple gimp (Kg), and pudgy pierce (the worst specimen of a body in the NBA), and gay allen!

  • Bynum Baby Back Bich

    BASICALLY bynum need to man da FCK UP 80 mil for dis for dis low confidence AHOLE

  • gugy

    OK here is from daily dime. Let’s try to stay positive!

    Consider the last six champions (from
    John Holinger’s Daily Dime):

    • A year ago, Boston reached this point in the playoffs with a sterling 6-5 mark against two teams that had allowed more points than they’d scored in the regular season. Following a second straight double-digit loss to Cleveland, commentators openly questioned the ability of Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to deliver in the clutch.

    • A year earlier, the Spurs lost Game 4 at home to Phoenix to even the series 2-2, and didn’t have home-court advantage. It took the controversial suspensions of Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw a day later to propel them toward the title.

    • In 2006, Miami had lost twice to Chicago in the opening round and dropped the opener of Round 2 to New Jersey before rallying toward the title. Like this season’s Lakers squad, the Heat were seen as horrific underachievers at the time.

    • The 2005 Spurs reached this point tied 2-2 with the Sonics in a rough, physical series in which the Sonics got under the Spurs’ skin. It’s easy to forget now, but a sizable contingent of media already had their golf clubs and Coppertone packed for a Phoenix-Miami Finals.

    • In 2004, the Pistons were in even worse shape. Not only were they tied 2-2 with the Nets after a second straight one-sided loss in the Swamp, they went on to lose Game 5 at home because they couldn’t contain Brian freaking Scalabrine. Still, they went on to win it.

    • In 2003, San Antonio also found itself knotted at 2-2 against three-time defending champion L.A. — in fact at this point in the postseason the Spurs’ record was just 6-4, and lot of critics were pointing to their alleged softness as a reason they wouldn’t prevail.

    When you look at it that way, the Lakers are right on track
    for a title.

  • OnenOnly24

    Thank god I was at a party during this game so I didn’t have to watch this disaster. So has Kobe made another statement to fans saying to chill like he did after game 1? I still think we can win this series, but now I am starting to worry about the next round and maybe the finals after that. Oh and I am tired seeing all these comments saying we should trade half our team at the same time. Be realistic guys, and stop posting stupid comments like that. Hope LO gets better, he seems to be getting more rebounds than Pau.

  • battgyrl

    funny how you lakers fans are already talking about getting lbj just confirms what I already knew kobe sucks he’s not a team player will never win anything without shaq guess you guys know this too why else would you be talking about lbj and the series isn’t even over by the way keep kobe chicago fans don’t want an overrated selfish wanna be mj

  • stdecker

    [Comment ID #70872 Will Be Quoted Here]
    i agree, since then he has really gone back to score first. But also no one is moving off the ball. Trevor has fallen in love with the three now and doesnt slash to the basket anymore. they are just not excecuting the offense at all anymore! Also, why does phil continue to play sasha, he is the worst player i have ever seen in a laker uniform, he is killing us!

  • stdecker

    [Comment ID #70848 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • JohnJOhn

    That was crap to watch. Espacially will Van Gundy talking all this trash with Mark Jackson. I still have hope but this was very disappointing. The coach was out of his mind letting the Lakers get in such a big whole without calling a time out in the early stages of the game. That changed the attitude of the Lakers for the rest of the game.

  • kwame4mvp

    [Comment ID #70904 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You just took the words right out of my mouth. Nobody slashes anymore. When Kobe isolates, everyone sits back and watches. Defenders collapse in the middle because our outside shooters can’t make a shot. *ahem.. sasha, fisher, luke*

  • lakers1fan

    Tell me this is a dream, somebody?…..Seriously…Were those the LAKERS or the clipppers playing????

  • T-DUB

    Some of you guys are fuk-king idiots in denial. All year long, a big deal has been made out of Kobe’s leadership…not just on this site but around the league…starting with Team USA. So did he suddenly stop being a leader one game ago??? During the 2 wins, his leadership was fine. LO still didn’t show up, Fisher was still getting smoked, Pau was still getting pushed around by Hayes, Sasha still couldn’t hit a shot. Leaderdi-ck, Lakersfag, A-s-s4sure,you idiots don’t know WTF you are talking about. These are the playoffs, PJ can’t coach young players, The only reason these Lakers are here is because of #24…Period!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #70915 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Kobe-ONLY FAN – Please go to the kobe bryant web site. This site is for Laker fans.

    How come multiple people have said Kobe that has moved away from facilitating to now only looking for his shot. Ever since the first loss against Utah, Kobe said he is looking to score more. The problem is that’s not the way the Lakers play best. The offense is going to through Kobe and it’s his job to get the team involved. This is what the superstar on the team is supposed to do. The fact that you are a Kobe only fan blinds you. WAKE UP!!!


    [Comment ID #70915 Will Be Quoted Here]

    T-DUMB. Whether you like it are not Kobe bears a major responsibility in leading this team. All championship teams have to rely on their leader… Magic, Jordan, Bird, Duncan, etc… You have to come to terms with that fact and kobe needs to step up. When kobe plays his best the rest of the guys will follow. Don’t make excuses. Or are you really that T-Dumb?

  • ojt

    WTF!!!!WTF!!pj quit “experimenting” unless its with jennie,take your man love luke out,bench fischer,replace bynum with mbenga and slap the s**t out of the team and tell them to man up at this rate we mind as well let the laker girls play the rockets.WTF…WTF…….Luke grow some balls or go back to the special olympics team.

  • ojt

    Lakers been playing like the cast of wizrd of oz looking for some heart, a brain and most important some courage.We need to trade luke,sasha and have fischer come of the bench and git rid of him after his contract is over.My laker flag is at half mast….

  • T-Dub

    Multiple people…Kobe haters on this site only…have said Kobe has moved away from leading because they are looking for excuses of why the rest of this team are…with the exception of Pau…are a bunch of bums who counldn’t start on any other team in this years playoffs!. Go ahead, use Kobe as the scape goat. Name one of the Lakers other than Kobe and Pau and name the team he can start for. YOU CAN’T! Don’t even think about Odom because he will be a no show where ever he goes. Bottom line, these second stringers Kobe’s playing with will only get him soo far.


    [Comment ID #70940 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Lakers are a very deep team. They are the most talented team in the league. It is time for the leadership of the team to start to lead. THE BUCK STOPS THERE! DON’T PASS THE BUCK!

    btw the hate card is very weak and makes your argument weaker.

  • battgyrl

    lakers lose game 5 not because they are soft not because they don’t have courage or brains they just aren’t good enough kobe thinks the championship is owed to him he doesn’t think you have to earn it just like he thought a girl doesn’t have to say yes he can just take what he wants

  • T-Dub

    Leaderfish…please tell me which Laker other than Kobe and Pau is soo talented and displays it night after night? WHO?? GIVE ME A NAME! Fluke…no! Ariza?…no! Fisher?…no! Bynum?! Sasha?…no! Farmar?…no! Odom?…no! WHO???? is so talented? Please tell me. None of those guys will get any run on another squad in the playoffs. It’s called DENIAL!


    Please.. Ariza, Bynum, and Farmar could start on lesser teams. Remember put your focus on the laker leadership. This team will only go as far as Kobe and how he leads. Did you look at past champions? It takes leaders. Don’t trash our teams indiscriminately. Its not the Los Angeles KObe’s its the Los Angeles Lakers.


    [Comment ID #70878 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Sorry to bust the little cloud above your head at nite, but only the lonely drunk can clear his mind at nite, at-at… at nite …Night!

    Real Script: …Only in your young little dreams will this ever happen!