familiarOutplayed, outshot, outhustled, outscored. That is the story of the Lakers game tonight.

The Lakers sluggish defense forced six turnovers for the Nuggets and committed 31 fouls leading to 49 free throws.

The Lakers got outrebounded 58 to 40! Three Nuggets had 13 boards or more.

Neither team shot the ball well overall, especially from behind the arc, but the difference was made at the free-throw line, where the Lakers couldn’t hit back to back shots aside from Kobe. Kobe was the only Laker who had that look in his eyes as if he actually cared about the final result.

The Lakers just can’t put back to back wins together. Hopefully Wednesday night back at home, the Lakers put forth more effort.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe again did all he could. 34 points, 7 boards, and 5 assists. I could live without his 2-10 three point shooting.

2) Pau played solid tonight. 21 points on 11 shots, 10 boards, 4 assists and 3 blocks–but he gave up a lot of boards to the bigs on Denver.

3) Farmar played decent with 10 points and 2 threes.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): So many Lakers belong here. Luke was the worst though. Fouled out with 0 points in 12 minutes.

Play of the Night: Pau’s Dr. J-like reverse layup.

What to Look for Next Game: More effort and drive.

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Go Lakers!

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)


    I guess the Lakers are where drama happens.

    Can’t make it easy on your fans, eh?

    Oh, well, Stern, ABC, TNT, and ESPN are happy.

  • lainok

    Kobe needs more help. The refs need a clue. and the mcnuggets need a call from their probation officers. The lakers will close the next two games. It’s a promise.

  • LAKER_girl

    it feels like they just dont deliver on holidays. No effort on mothers day and now the same for memorial day. what the ef!!??

  • 2Anush4

    all i have to say is horrible officiating. The lakers could never get any momemtum especially in the fourth quarter. Kobes gets tripped up and Melo gets every little ticky tack call like hes MJ. It was a horrible game to watch because the refs were really inconsistant. but i have to say denver played the game with alot more energy as they should have. These two teams are really good and the lakers did get homecourt back. You could already tell where the game was going when phil didnt put kobe back in the 4th untll the 7 min mark. I wanted a slipt and we got a split and now we just have to serve home court and were on our way to the finals. And someone really needs to kick JR’s ass cuz that guy is the most annoying player in the NBA and kmart is a thug just like Cuban said

  • Michael Perez

    STD HAS to be Phil Jackson.
    Kobe and Pau on the bench until 6minutes left in the fourth with a 12+ point deficit!? PJ has to quick eating those mushrooms man…
    But i have faith. However many games it will take, Lakers will ultimately prevail and get to the Finals. Take that to the bank.

  • Eidraq

    anyone consider boxing out properly? a rebound or two might have helped us tonight…kb and pau are doing all they can..we need someone else to step up and contribute

    what is phil thinking keeping luke in for so long and having the offense run through him EACH AND EVERY DAMN TIME?

  • Michael Perez

    *quit eating those mushrooms*

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    This team is determined… determined to take every series to 7.

    Lamar is risking that home on the beach. Frankly, I’d rather have Crazy Ron and at least get his night after night effort, dangerous though he can be inside the locker room.

    For all the “nice guy” “heluva guy” stuff Lamar has, he’s a phantom in the fog a bunch of nights, many of them in the playoffs.

  • gugy

    I had the feeling we were going to lose, I just did not expect we played so bad again!

    It’s very hard and frustrating to see our bench being so weak. Remembered those guys were the reason of our success during the regular season and now it’s incredible the lack of drive from them. Except Brown, everybody else is just plain flat.

    I am not sure what to expect anymore. Like the ESPN guys said, we may win in LA game 5 and go eventually for a 7 series game and hopefully making it to the finals. But it is just plain annoying not seeing more hustle from the bench and other guys besides Kobe and Gasol.

    We need to play as a team. Everybody involved, just like Denver tonight. Everybody stepping up and contributing. Kobe can’t really do it all by himself at all games.

  • Laker Power

    Wow.. it really is getting OBVIOUS how badly these regs purposely are blowing games!! It is so obvious that they made sure the Lakers have no chance of going up 3-1 so that they could make it a Game 7.

    UNBELIEVEABLY!! Stop ruining the game!!

  • jc

    when denver makes more free throws than you attempt?..its a lose-lose situation. its not the refs fault we couldnt rebound the ball but the way they called the game tonight was a disgrace. the way walton picked up 3 bs fouls in the 4th? hes not all nba defense but come on. he was doing well enough to stay in front of an injured melo. f the refs. the 4th quarter was hard to watch.

  • jc

    sasha – std all day every day. im done believing. ship his ass out. no jumper, no D. he brings nothing to the team at this point.

    how kobe can stand up for him is insane. its like trying to hook up a buddy with an ugly girl. yeah shes not great to look at but shes a girl right?

  • ATLakers

    Michael Perez, I feel ya, I was wondering why PJ sat Kobe and Gasol, but looking at how the game was goin’, you gotta give rest to them. Kobe was dead tired after game 3 and PJ was just trying to rest him for a pivotal game 5.

  • Avertedd

    Добавил в закладки. Теперь буду почаще читать!

  • Deport Vujabrick

    Whenever I see Bennett Salvadore and Ken Mauer for refs I know it going to be a poorly refed game These two are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  • 123kid

    the lakers didnt show up end of story. it wasnt the refs fault cuz they gave us many opportunities to get back into the game. bottom like, melo was sick and out of it, and we didnt take advantage. its great that the lakers are coming home, but disappointing that they have to win at home and in denver to close this series out. what else is disappointing is that denver still believes that they should probably be up 3-0 right now. lakers really need to make george karl rethink what he said and have him crying in his post game interviews again! but in a lighter note, i expect them to come out a bit more aggressive and energetic wednesday. you lose by double digits, then you retaliate and put them in their place.

  • H8theNuggets

    Go to and take a look at J.R. Smith on the homepage. He looks like a tard

  • Paul S.

    The Denver McThuggets definitely deserved to win tonite. It is hard to win when the defense is like a sieve and you don’t box out. The refereee seemed like they were calling the game differently later in the game(calling every ticky-tack foul) then they did earlier in the game. Bottom line, only 4 Lakers came to play-where were the rest of them? Some things that will happen in the next game-that punk JR Smith WILL NOT score 24 at LA, Melo will have a better game and the Lakers will play with a lot more energy and passion. What goes around will come around THUGGETS- game 5 is a swift butt kicking and game 6 is a heartbreaking loss. LAKERS in 6

  • 123kid

    ^its because he wears a helmet on the bus. its like the hulk, except opposite effects. instead of gettin furious and angry, he gets excited and retarted.

  • matthew

    the nba is fixed. blame david stern. i thought phil should have used bynum more in game 4. he was doing okay.

  • bwins

    very disappointed with the way lakers played. im starting to believe phil jackson is losing it, taking bynum out in the third quarter resulting in numerous 2nd chance opportunities for nuggets, keeping bryant and pau on the bench in the fourth quarter and down by double digits. im not usually angry after a lost game, but it really looked like pj gave up, i mean, kobe and pau on the bench? i also want to say thanks to luke, i felt he did a great job on melo and those bs fouls were bs. and dahntay jones needs to stop acting all innocent after making dirty plays, his face angers me everytime i see it. sorry for my bad grammar im just not happy tonight. with all that said lakers in 5 without a doubt. i go to bed now

  • KING

    im starting to think this chit is fixed too. damn refs handing out wins. watch em bail out LBJ in game 4 vs. Orlando. regardless the effort wasn’t all there. and isn’t this a contract year for Lamar? somebody better remind him…

  • Laker fan since ’79

    Thuggets only chance of winning is playin’ dirty. Dahntay Jones, seriously man, playin’ dirty cuz you can’t play Kobe straight up (that’s two games in a row, 1st one gave you a flagrant by the NBA, wonder what this next one will give you). K-Mart, it doesn’t matter what team you play for. The Lakers will still beat your a$$, just like they did when you were with the Nets. Melo gettin all the calls tonight (Guess the refs new he wasn’t 100% tonight). Not to mention Chauncy’s floppin a$$. Seriously, Pau backs off him gets the hoop and an And1, meanwhile Ariza ‘s flight to the basket the play before seems to change in mid-air by a combination of Nene and and Melo’s “TOUGH DEFENSE” and gets a no-call??? . Sixth man (the REFS) did their job for the Nuggets this game. Stern is gettin’ exposed with this officiating this year. It’s pretty bad when announcers (Barkley, Jet, Van Gundy, Mark Jackson, et al) are constantly talking about it after games. I mean Lebron’s gimme last night that fouled Dwight Howard out was the cherry on top of the sundae.

  • Stephen

    86 freethrows in the Orlando game yesterday and 84 in ours?? Fu-Cking ridiculous!! if David Stern wants the NBA fixed it’s obviously a bad decision cuz even people who hardly watch basketball can tell when a game is completely one sided. i’m getting tired of this BS. Come On Lakers come to play from the beginning in the next two and take em out in 6 I can’t stand Denver

  • Stephen

    oh and The NBA NEEDS to switch announcers around in the playoffs I cannot stand Van Gundy. the kings should sign him so his a$$ gets out of broadcasting, the dude is just stupid. Marv Albertis waaaaaaay better. If anyone is going to game 5 help me make sure Staples is CRAZY from the start. GO LAKERS!!!

  • Dragon

    Well all I can say is at least we are not Cav’s 2-1 hopefully we can take care things at home.

  • gugy

    I wish David $tern would retire and give the NBA to new blood at the helm.
    Unfortunately he is a hungry dog who would not let that bone go.
    The officiating has been absolutely ridiculous and inconsistent on all games this post season. Talk about trying so hard to have Lebron against kobe at the finals and push most games to 7 series so they all can make loads of $$$$$. Sick.

  • Ronnie

    Decent review of the game. An error with kobe’s three point shooting woe’s. Skewed in the 4rth quarter because the team essentially forced him to jack up 3 to 4 three pointers in a short period due to the lack of scoring off the bench. Trust me on this one, Pao and Kobe know what we expect of them in these types of games….the problem is that everyone else is struggling with their shot and this translates into unmotivated defense. Dont blame the refs for calling fouls for the more agressive team. Its the lakers that are beating themselves, its not one player or one coaches fault. The lakers have the pure skill to beat any team, the problem is not the over-confidence, its the reliance on players that kills teams. Same thing in Cleavlend.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    [Comment ID #72988 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It is a contract year for Lamar – he currently makes $14m per yr. and is averaging less than 10 pts and 10 rbs per game in this series.

    He may be the nicest guy in the world (as I hear about 10 times a week), but unless he’s willing to resign for $4m or less (and even then Mitch and Phil msay prefer Artest), he’s going to be playing elsewhere.

    One gentle, hard to motivate giant is the quota, and freshly contracted Andrew “Figuring It Out” Bynum is that guy.

    Adios, Lamar, nice guy though you are.

  • Day

    I like Jeff Van Gundy as an announcer. He says it like it is and isn’t biased. I don’t know why you wouldn’t like him :)

  • http://deleted let there be light

    Before i point out the obvious, i would like to start off by saying KOBE IS THE ONLY 1 WHO WANTS TO WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP, EVERYONE ELSE IS IN CRUISE CONTROL. why does phil keep starting bynum, nothing has changed with this kid. there were at least 6 plays where he put his head down and let the nuggets bigs go to the hole. he is not mature, he thinks scoring is important, but it is rebounding and defensive blocks that is whhat is needed. i knew when lakers gave him the money he would just make it rain, he has no heart or anything. other players (big men) would kill to be in his place. Put ODOM back into the Starting line-up. i would seriously put in Mbenga at least he brings those block shots. i know he is young but shaq, KG, dwight were also young. Second all i have to say is horrible officiating. Are the refs blind, do they want the best player in the league to be beat up or injured. they say lakers need to play more physical, but then are called for fouls every other play. I am not just complaining because i am Laker fan but because the NBA is terrible. You can be physical without being dirty. The league has always hated phil and kobe. they are just hating because the lakers overcome and they cant do anything about it. but i say they are doing plenty now. Basically my friend told me it looks fixed, and the way the calls and type of play that is going on, it does inddeed look suspect. Frustration is the one of the words i can use but its more than that. Some calls like KOBE being Pushed, Kobe being tripped, Kenyon martin trying to break Gasols arm. Kobe gets techs for saying you cant guard me. JR SMITH CAN HIT HIS CHEST AND INDIMIDATE PLAYER THAT PROLLY DO UNDERSTAND WHAT HE SAYS. whee is the TECHNICAL ref. I respect rockets they played defense and not DIRTY. why dont the TV announcers point these things out. The announcers on espn and tnt are pro anybody but the lakers. Mark jackson is the only one who makes sense. he acknowlegded the DIRTY play. And he is an East coast player. ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY AT THE END OF THE DAY. NUGGETS ARE A TEAM WHO ARE STRUGGLING FINACIALLLY AND THEY HAD TO PAY THE WWE AND VINCE. SO KNOW THEY THINK PLAYIN TWO MORW GAMES IN DENVER WILL SAVE THEM. well i hope the lakers can get hungry because if they dont the nba and the nuggets are gonna be able to accomplish their goals of stopping the LAKERS. Everyone stop hating on PAU he is playin to his ability, he’s always gonna be soft because he has european style of play. LETS GO LAKERS, because right now i am only seeing 3 true lakers out there. (KOBE,ARIZA,GASOL)

  • berks24

    STD HAS to be Phil Jackson.
    Kobe and Pau on the bench until 6minutes left in the fourth with a 12+ point deficit!? PJ has to quick eating those mushrooms man…
    But i have faith. However many games it will take, Lakers will ultimately prevail and get to the Finals. Take that to the bank.

    Due to a global crisis they need to earn lots more money, and 3 games each homecourt is not enough for BUSSi-ness I believe in game 7..happens!I am sure LEbron will be a sweatheart again tommorow.I just hope his buZZer beater is not similar to jordan did to jazz,cause they called it THE LAST SHOT! I still wan’t kobe vs lebron for the finals and called it the “BATTLE FOR GREATNESS”.



    [Comment ID #72975 Will Be Quoted Here]

    …This is the main reason why Jackson did not compete-wholeheartedly-in the 4th quarter… He saw what everyone else saw, that viewed this game, with two open unbiased eyes!

    …Unlike the ridiculous claims of a foolish one eyed coach who has gone on to claim that he sees-(with his one eye of course) that his team, The Nuggets-(Thuggets), is clearly becoming the better team! …How many times in NBA history has anyone ever heard any NBA coach, make this claim during a series, even if it were ridiculously and overwhelmingly true! …Which in this case, is absurd!!!

    …The NBA is clearly rigged! …But the question is: Who is doing the rigging? …Is it the ref/s acting on their own? …Is the order coming from a higher brass? …What is the secret reason/s held obliviously to the public, for these biased-blatantly-controlled officiated games? …Is there an ultimate, underlying or desired outcome, of whomever is orchestrating this crap?

  • Robert

    I’m at a loss for this one. It has to be at least part officiating, because teams start to play sloppier when the officiating starts interfering with play. Also, the Nuggets were laughing because they were getting away with DIRTY plays. They’re going to try it some more. If only the Lakers would ‘step up’ and start improving their shooting (I’m speaking of Sasha, etc., not Kobe) then it wouldn’t matter if the refs blow it. It’s like the election last year. If the election were close, then it could have gone either way. But Obama won by a landslide. The Lakers need to win ‘bigger’. These inch by inch games are unacceptable. The Nuggets are this years Celtics. The Lakes have to play smarter (cause, quite frankly, they ARE smarter than the Thuggets.

  • Robert

    Oh, and thanks, Magic, for retracting your previous statement about LeBron being the best in the world. I’m glad you’re now saying that Kobe is again. Don’t flip flop based on this game – Kobe did well for someone being pushed, shoved, and tripped. Just keep sticking up for the Lakers. They’re gonna make it through this one, and be the champs.

  • Ronnie

    Guys, Lamar already said he is taking less money next season. He knows he is not a great star, but he is a role player and Mitch is not dumb enough to let him go. Re-sign Ariza then becomes top priority. Sasha is just in a slump, Farmar is getting out of his slump but is playing limited minutes (one thing Phil could fix) Bynum is the only laker starter to have zero (nada) assist’s. This tells you that when the triangle is run for him (rarley but it happens) he is not looking to pass but score. The other team knows this and positions themselves for the rebound and double team. Two problems with this, Bynum disrupts the flow of the offense, rather than creating space. Phil notices this and plays Bynum limited minutes because he ignores phils instructions of playing 100% physical and effort driven defense. Im not saying all the lakers problems are Bynum’s (Fisher and Sasha in shooting slumps, Nobody on the bench shares the ball etc…) but his effort on the glass and defense is not up to par with what phil wants. Combine that with poor shooting as a result of poor spacing in the post, along with the resulting drop in motivation at proteting the paint….and you get a single loss. Big deal. The lakers struggle like all other teams who rely on players, this does not mean they cant win a championship. It dont matter if it takes 7 games for ever series, a championship is the one who has more points in one more game than the other team.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    David Stern and Bob Iger’s (CEO of Disney/ABC/ESPN) nightmare is a Finals between Orlando and Denver. Ratings would be atrocious. And KMart/Smith/Anderson is NOT the image Stern wants for the NBA: that is a one-way ticket back to the tape-delayed broadcasts of the 1970’s (yes, kiddies, pre-Magic/Bird we used to watch many games 6 hours later at 10:30pm).

    Expect Cleveland to win Game 4. Hedo will glance in the direction of LeBron and be called for a Flagrant 2.

    Expect the Lakers to win in 7. With the Knicks a joke and Boston and Chicago out of it, LA as the #2 TV market is too valuable to get bounced by a team straight from the casting call for “Con Air” (“Why didn’t ya put the Bunny back in the Box?”).

    Two 7 game Conf Finals is a gold mine for Stern and Iger, particularly if it end in a Kobe/LeBron match-up.


    ^^^^Hedo will glance in the direction of LeBron and be called for a Flagrant 2.
    This is Hilarious, but quite possible!

    …RolLiNg oN tHe fLoOr LaUghInG mY fReAkIn AsS oFf!

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    [Comment ID #73006 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Nice points.

    In Dru’s defense, his knee is not good at all and if you compare his play now against mid-January (pre-injury), it is like watching Sean Bradley and then Hakeem Olajewan.

    To Dru’s discredit, he is acting like a punk.

    Worse still, this is knee inury #3 (he also hurt one of them at St. Joseph’s). He way never be right again.


    What bothers me most about this series is the propensity of Pau Gasol getting “Punked” intentionally and “Regularly” by MANY of these Nuggets, who thuggishly get away with it without any repercussion from these so-called refs, from Pau himself, or from any other Lakers would-be-enforcer! …No doubt why & how, he has earned his so-called soft reputation!


    ^^^^Like the lioness who precariously sniff out the weakest gazelle and go after it vigorously!

  • Odom the worst player

    It so hard to believe that some of you on this site still continue to make a case for lamar Odom. Why can’t you people see that this guy is hurting us. He doesn’t even try out there. He just stand there with his hands in the air on defense, and on offense he just throws up shots that doesn’t even have a chance to go in. I think most of the lakers gave an effort tonight, but this guy to me has no heart. I already know the odom lovers on this site are going to say Lamar is just having a bad series. They are going to defend this guy no matter what. I know he’s not the only one not playing well, but I just have so hard a time watching someone who suppose to be the Scottie Pippen of the Lakers give so little of an effort. One other thing I don’t know why our big guys don’t try and block shots up high and stop trying to strip the ball low. That will be called a foul every time. Boy when we had Ronnie Turiaf at least we knew he would go for the block everytime. I wish Bynum would. I think the Lakers can beat any team when they hustle, but they can also lose to sorry team when they don’t. Come on lakers just win 6 more game and you will be Champions

  • Odom the worst player

    [Comment ID #73006 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He Ronnie could you please tell me why it would be dumb to let Odom go?

  • dracul

    A fantastic win for the refs tonite! Great hustle to make sure that the nuggets weren’t even brushed without a foul call! And way to look away when the Lakers would get bulldozed! David Stern and his coaching team are doing a heck of a job with this Ref squad!

    Ratings are down, profits are down – they need to make sure that they don’t leave money on the table with unplayed games. Every series must go to at least 7.

    At this rate, the NBA should make each series a best of 15 in the playoffs!


  • dracul

    [Comment ID #73008 Will Be Quoted Here]

    They are already talking about the suspicious number of fouls that LeHype isn’t being called for –

    I too expect the Cavs to win game 4. I expect Howard to get his 2nd foul within 5 minutes of the start of the game – which will make him play less aggressive for the rest of the game, in constant fear of getting one more foul than the quarter they’re playing in.


  • xmxgambitx

    Please get rid of Odom is the most garbage player I ever seen. His the next Kwame Brown this guys is a one of a kind player but no heart no drive. I bet most of the people that comment on here one of them is tall enough to play in the NBA I bet the would do more then is guy his just horable I hope we trade him. Lets get Ron Artest I know is a problem player but at least he has heart.

  • again i say, i don’t enjoy seeing our spanish treasure get less and less touches. again i say, he’s getting frustrated and i can’t find it in myself to say that he shouldn’t be. he has every reason to be frustrated because we’re NOT GETTING THE BALL DOWN LOW where we have better than good players eagerly looking for a high percentage shot. PAU should get the ball more, maybe even andrew once in a while.

  • markco2

    these games are fixed… what we’ll see is this..

    lakers will win in game5 lose in game6 and take game7..
    like the houston series.. refs will back it out for commish

    just to see his dream match-up of cavs lakers in the finals..

    i have a feeling that cavs will win tomorrow (with the help of the refs, unless the magic shoot the lights out 2morow)

  • Kobe8

    I usually don’t blame refs for loses but as soon as i saw this guy i KNEW the Lakers were gonna lose this game. Just horrible officiating.

  • koberei24

    ship walton and sasha asssss

  • Rich

    The game was totally what I expected it’s not a must win so the Lakers didn’t play as smart as they can. It’s obvious that this series is going seven and the Lakers will win their home games. When Luke picked up that first touch foul in the fourth quarter I knew Denver was going to get every call from then on. Plus, honestly JR Smith just had a big game and that wont happen in LA.

  • DJ

    Haha!!! Laker fans blaming the refs for another loss. What a surprise. Stop crying and tell your team to man up. The Nuggets will take game 5 and close it out at home. The Lakers will be goin fishing by the end of the week. GO NUGGETS!!!!

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?


  • Roscoe

    Luke was nowhere near the worst. That would be Odom. The guy that should be getting 14 boards and 16 points. Luke at least had 5 dimes.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    [Comment ID #73031 Will Be Quoted Here]

    THe NBA NEEDS drame to get ratings and the refs know this.

    Sorry to say it, Thuggets fans, but you are the villains in this little story, so be prepared to blame the refs as well when you lose the series in 7.

    Thanks for playing, however. Nice performance with those tats, shoves, sneers, taunts. Worhty of Blofeld, Shylock, THe Joker, Darth Vader, and Hannibal Lector.

    Now, go back to your prison cell and make a shiv or service your roomie.


    It’s over Laker fans. Let’s trade Kobe and Bynum for Lebron. King James will bring a title in LA.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #73025 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yes, this ref is COBNSISTENTLY poor.

    You would hope the bad ones could get weeded out eventually, but this idiot has been there for many years, so I guess he got tenure because unfortunately he’s not going anywhere. His partner tonight (Ken Mauer) is another half brain.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #73029 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Always nice to hear your worthless comments, joseph. Now you need to get back to your jerking off – your Sukdic team is out of the playoffs so you need to get back to your jerking off.

  • gugy

    So far analysis of Lakers players this post season:

    Kobe= Kobe, the best on the planet

    Pau= excellent player, lack hustle but it is not his style of play. That’s why Bynum is there, for the physical.

    Bynum= Still very young and just back from injury. Still needs to mature. We still have to give the kid at least another season healthy to really asses him.

    Sasha= must go. It proved this season he is a scrub and mentally weak.

    Fisher= leader and important piece to glue this team together. Yes he is getting old and cannot guard young and fast PGs. Retirement is getting close.

    Luke= Scrub. Yes he does sometimes play well in the passing abilities. Lamwe shooter and bonehead player.

    Lamar= Once again inconsistent. Sometimes is a beast, but most of the time just do not take it to another level. Waste. Guy just has everything to be the best, but mentally weak. Maybe too much pot.

    Brown= good player, lots of energy. we need to keep him

    Ariza= good player, athletic and though D. Now a good 3 point shooter too. We need to resign him.

    Farmar= inconsistent again. Some games he is really good, others lame. He is not our future PG.

    Powell= good player, I wish to see him more.

    Benga= That’s the man. we need him there. Yes he does not have it, but his intensity and will to play could be helpful.

  • T-Dub

    No more denialpeople. It’s now obvious. Without Kobe going off, this Laker team is overmatch at almost every position:

    Billups > Fish
    Melo > Ariza
    Martin = Gasol
    Nene > Bynum
    Birdman > Odumb…out playin his A$$
    JR > Vujabrick
    Klieza > Puke
    Carter > Farmar

    Must I say more. At almost every position the Nuggets are better. Only the blind, deaf, and dumb can’t see this. I bet 90% of you would replace our players with Denvers above. Phil Jackson no longer coaches, or teaches. I don’t understand why people think this Laker team is better than it actually is. Even George Karl felt good before the game because other than Kobe being the best closer, he had the better TEAM!…which is what he said. Time to let Odumb walk. I wouldn’t re-sign Ariza when we could get Marion or Artest. From the bad signings…Vujabrick and Walton…Mitch is stuck with that. The two 7fters can’t play together because they clog the lane and they’re both soft, so one has to be traded for a tough, perimeter capable big man. Kobe is wearing down and can’t carry this weak team to a championship by himself!

  • YellowPurpleFever

    “Lakers will Win tomorrow” David Stern

  • Flush Odumb

    [Comment ID #73014 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You are SO right! Is anyone really surprised that Lame-O has been a no show? We’ve seen this sorry act for how many years now? This is his 10th! season, so what do you expect? Every year we hear what fabulous talent he has and how “versatile” he is, but in the end, it is the same SH!T with this guy. Who knows, all those years as a pothead have probably reduced his brain to jello. Clearly the guy has shown time and time again that he is one of the dumbest players in the league. Hopefully management will finally see the light and trade him to some other team that is willing to hold out hope that he will be the player the mindless Lame-O lovers rave about. Probably too late for that now since he will be a free agent. Guess we’ll just have to let him go for nothing – great job Mitch! Expecting Lame-O to play up to his potential is like leaving the porch light on for Jimmy Hoffa.

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    I will say this again. This season is playing out this way for our team for a reason. One day we play OK the other play like crap.
    Yes, the Lakers need to deliver a great game on this Denver series and we have been playing sub par so far. Despite Kobe super-human efforts.
    We might win the ring, but so far we do not really “deserve it”.

    This team is just not going through the same somewhat easy route we had last season. Maybe it is a good thing, since we lost last year.
    I am trying to feel positive and hope the “real” “talented” Laker team will show up very soon.

    Hang in there folks and have faith. We could be on the Cavs shoes right now and that doesn’t look pretty if you ask me. Lakers will win tomorrow.

  • Lake4Life

    You guys, Phil pretty much summed it up and made us know this game was rigged by the NBA and officials…

    Phil Jackson –

    “I’ll explain it to you in deep terms, okay. Basketball is a game that the agressure gets the advantage and tonight we didn’t know what a foul was and what wasn’t a foul out there tonight.

    Start of the ball game we got guys knocked around the basket and we said we are gonna let these things go, and by the end of the ball game little fouls are being called all over the place. 49 foul shots in a sequence of a game like that. That’s not what we wanted to play, that’s not how we wanted to play and that’s not what we want to do in the game.”

  • Lake4Life

    Lakers_TheTruth, trust me I’m hanging in there and as we all should be.

    Honestly, I’m not worried at all…with the way this officiating has been going on these playoffs, I know the Lakers will make it to the finals. I can honestly not watch any of our conference finals game and know we’ll be in the finals.

    It’s just frusturating and bullshit when you see the game being called like this.

  • ilikebasketball

    steve, what do you work for the nba and scared of getting fined? you aren’t going to call the ref’s out on anything last night?
    you’re going to say that luke was horrible and fouled out when the last three fouls he had were ticky tack crap. and how on both defense and offense lakers couldn’t get into any sorta of rhthym or sync because anything they did on defense was a foul and nuggets got away with anything when we tried to score? i understand it’s not completely the refs fault, our rebounding sucked. but that was pretty much the one discrepancy between the teams. you talk about energy, well, when you get every call and start hitting shots on the other end because of those calls that basket gets wider and wider and you feel more energized.
    odom hits a three, jones commits a flagrant foul. that could have easily turned into a 6 to 7 point posssession. THAT IS A MOMENTUM SHIFTER. and what about early on when melo is on his pivot foot and takes a blatant extra step to get a lay up. THAT IS A MOMENTUM SHIFTER! these are things change the pace and attitude of the game and the players. so what’s going to happen? jones is going to get a post game flagrant. which in effect does nothing. just like the last game. it got to the point where the buttnuggets were so confident that they could do anything to the lakers that k. martin just held gasol’s hand under his arm and just walked up to the ref and the ref didn’t call the whistle UNTIL gasol pointed to it. and the ref proudly scurried to the officiating table and held up 4 “whoo oohh i got something right. i got that one”
    i don’t mind when the lakers lose if we lose because we played like crap and it was our fault. but this wasn’t. the only aspect we did poorly at was rebounding. bynum stepped up. pau played like a beast. but no one else was really allowed to get into any sort of game at all.
    it was really one of the most unfun games i’ve ever seen.
    even van gundy and mark jackson and charles barkeley are taling about it. so i’m pretty sure steve you can too.
    i don’t think there was a stretch of 5 minutes in the game where there wasn’t something that van gundy or mark jackson said “wow, that’s a bad call” or ” not sure if i agree with that one”.

    insane. totally insane.
    i am no conspiracy theorist either. i dont think stern is controlling the refs.
    i think the refs are just failing.
    and that block dwight howard had against lebron that fouled him out is crowning evidence along with the TWO flagrant non-calls against kobe.


  • Lake4Life

    These games are so stagged and just waitng to be a Cavs vs Lakers Final.

    I already bought my flight ticket to Cleveland and purchased my courtside seat next to the Lakers bench to cheer on the Lakers in Game 1 of the Finals!

  • iamthetie

    I’m not gonna say the games are fixed yet, but I’ve been thinking that for a long time. The Magic are better than the Cavaliers, so if they lose tonight’s game, I’ll start losing faith.

    the officiating in pretty much every game in both series has been terrible. Stern should be ashamed of himself.

  • LakerFaninAtl

    [Comment ID #73042 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Martin = Gasol?

    Your whole argument is thrown out the window.

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    The officiating has been terrible, no doubt. but the Lakers are really lacking effort. That’s why we lost last night.
    Besides Kobe and Gasol the rest of the team is just very apathetic and not giving it 100%. We need to have at least couple more guys helping in the score in double figures. Lamar, Fisher, Ariza, Sasha, Bynum etc need to show up and be more consistent.

  • Anthony

    What was that stat about Kobe shooting under 20 shots and us winning much more often than not? How’s that holding up in these playoffs with him tossing up 20+ every game? Granted nobody is making squat when he does pass the ball and we certainly can’t blame him.

    That fatigue is really screwing us now eh? Should have looked forward when Houston was having their way with us last series.

    We definitely need someone else besides the couple of starters (Kobe, Gasol, and possibly Ariza) to do something, anything!

    Shannon Brown – Still very young and can’t be expected to make all those three’s he did in the Utah series.

    Andrew Bynum – Too emotional. He needs to understand that any contribution he make all goes to the effort of a ring.

    Jordan Farmar – Playing ok and making the occasional move to the basket, but I wish he’d be more aggressive and take it to those Denver big men.

    Derek Fisher – Who let the dinosaur in? But seriously he needs to be limited on the floor until he learns to not be so reckless going down the lane and makes a three.

    Lamar Odom – Mr. Inconsistent! Drive the lane you bastard! Lamar is one of our best players. When is he going to play like it?

    Josh Powell – He never seems into the game. He comes in tosses up a couple shots and awaits his return to the bench.

    Sasha Vujacic – Pansy. If Robert Horry was a clutch shooter this guy is the exact opposite of that. Need a badly timed miss from the 3 point line? Call on Sasha!

    Luke Walton – Playing ok as is Farmar and is one of the only players on this team showing any kind of heart.

    Any thoughts on players for next season? Perhaps a loud mouthed guy who has more energy.

  • Robert

    The officiating in Game 3 was fine (except for the flagrant against Kobe). But the refs caught all the ridiculous thuggish fouls by the thuggettes. The refs in Game 4 missed all the thugettes key fouls. The thugs are going to keep trying to do the same in the next game, and see what they can get away with. Chauncey’s leadership is behind this. The Pistons were a good team, and played hard but fair. Chauncey finally found a team of thugs to fulfill his dream. The Lakes have always been known to play ‘skilled’ basketball. It worked well in the 80s. Now it’s Stern’s NBA, and the system is broken. It’s the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (look it up). The refs now interfere with the game too much – they are part of the game, not just separate regulators.

  • Farmabrick

    [Comment ID #73053 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It is simple economics: Broadcast TV revenues = charge per second of commercial times number of commercials.

    Right now, TV commercial rates per second are down and, by law, you can only run so many commercials per hour.

    Therefore, to get ABC/ESPN the revenue they need to justify the price they paid to show the games, there must be more games, hence, 6 and 7 game Conference Finals.

    If the series were only 4 games, ABC/ESPN lose money, which means on the next go around, they either pass or bid less for the right to run NBA games.

    Bottom line: Bavetta, Crawford, Salvatore, etc, all know this and call the games accordingly.

    This is entertainment, folks, not real life.

  • AzNmamba

    [Comment ID #72968 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you mean in the playoffs… remember Christmas?

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    Man I don’t even like watching NBA Playoff bball anymore just for the fact that these refs cant get any calls right the only team in the playoffs getting the benefit of the calls are the CLeveland Cavs the other 3 teams have been victims of terrible calls! None of the less Game 5 on Wednesday.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    [Comment ID #73060 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Answer: Ron “Crazy Ron” Artest.

    Dump Lamar and his $14mil per year, sign Artest for $10mil, and use the remaining $4mil to bump Kobe to $21mil per year.

    A win, win, win solution: Lazy Lamar gone, Crazy Energy Ron in, Kobe a Laker for life.

  • 007

    I hate playing the referuggets (referees/thuggets). I mean lets face it, Kobe was blatantly tripped so there better be a suspension. I mean how many times does the guy have to be flying in the air before something is actually done? Obviously they’re not thinking twice about these dirty plays (pushes (more than once) in the back going to the basket and now the intentional trip) because NOTHING is being done by the league! The thuggets know that kobe is carrying LA (props to Gasol too though) so theyre hoping to take him out cuz they know they cant beat us with him playing.

    And those “fouls” on Luke? wtf?

    It wasn’t completely the referees fault though, more like 60/40. 60% of the reason we lost was because we played with no energy and got killed – absolutely murdered – on the boards. But when we were finally playing with energy and making a run (i mean cmon, we got within 3) it got sucked out cuz the referees (40% of the reason we lost) took our momentum. Psychologically its just tiring if youre finally getting a run and then you hear a whistle for ticky-tack stuff. Either let them play or call fouls consistently!

    Referees and thuggets are just plain dirty.

    I still believe Kobe and Phil know what theyre doing. Give Phil a break, he inserted Kobe and Gasol late in the 4th because he needed the bench to do some of the heavy lifting because there was no way Kobe (and Gasol) could’ve carried us out of that game by themselves. After game 3, we NEVER see Kobe that tired. I mean he’s been playing for 3 straight years. Give him a break. He carried us in Game 4 and will do what needs to be done in this series even if it has to go 7. Phil is saving him for game 5.

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    Imathetie..Farmabrick….MAn that sure sounds like it may be true.

  • 007

    I agree with all this hate against Lamar. The guy apparently has not come back from Cleveland. Can someone please pick him up and bring him back to the Lakers so he can help out Kobe and Gasol?? We should definitely let him go and try and get Artest. Ariza and Brown should also be a priority in the offseason. I’m sorry but Fisher’s time is just about up. He can’t keep up with all the young point guards out there. Who’s left other than him and J.Kidd? At least J.Kidd is more consistent with his shot and his assist ability is obviously awesome. Fisher just doesn’t have anything left except leadership and that can be provided with him as assistant coach or something.

    And as for our 2nd best player Gasol… give the guy more touches!!! Feed the post! Even Drew was getting some pretty good shots off when he was playing. Let Drew and Pau establish the post so that we can spread the floor for our shooters which should boost their confidence getting open shots cuz they have to double/triple team Pau/Drew in the post. We need to take a page out of the Magic’s playbook because we obviously have the same style as them.

  • what will be

    [Comment ID #73020 Will Be Quoted Here]

    face it Odom only relys on his god given physical stature…and doesnt work to get better…

    my thought is this guy smokes way too much weed, and it shows up big time in his game…

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    [Comment ID #73076 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Lamar’s just a big, physically-gifted non-competitive guy that happened to become a basketball player.

    His desire to win has always been lacking, and always will be. He is who he is.

    Nice guy, but no one gets paid $14 million for being a nice guy: it’s about production and Lamar simply does not produce.


    Trade Bynum to the Clippers for the number one pick.

  • what will be

    10 of 26 for Kobe won’t do. His goal should always be to make more shots than he misses… he isn’t driving to the basket enough as well, or posting up at all… He basically comes down shakes and bakes and takes a long outside shot.

    Since Kobe want’s to be the guy, he needs to work more on his shooting %, and take better shots… when he does that they win 9 out of 10 times…

  • T-Dub

    Martin = Gasol…He’s not as talented offensively, but Kmart is better defensively, more aggressive and intimidating. Better shot blocker and still getting 14pts a game. I think with all that on the defensive side, Martin = Gasol if not better.

  • phil buss

    This crap is fixed! Don’t be upset Laker fans! 2009 NBA CHAMPS!

  • skew

    give gasol the freakin ball!!! i cant freakin stress this enough!!!

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    All these LO haterz forget that this guy is more injury prone than anything…But Fucc Ron Artest are you ppl serious?? Fair weather Laker fans always panic when we lose

  • Robert

    I don’t know about giving up Odom, but getting Artest would be a shot in the arm! I was actually disappointed when Artest went to Houston last year. If he could ‘co-exist’ with Kobe, that would be the 2 ‘attack dog’ team that would be unstoppable. You watch! I think Kobe would be ‘up for it’ now. He thrives on competitive spirit. That’s why he worked so well w/Shaq. He needs another attack dog on the same team, to up his level.

  • ilikebasketball


    we play badly and get a loss in a conference final and you scream “OH TRADE EVERYONE BUY KOBE. BRING LEBRON(even though he’s on his way out). LET’S BRING RON ARTEST OR JR SMITH OVER”

    stop being laker fans.


  • lakers101


  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    [Comment ID #73103 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’ve been bleeding Purple and Gold since 1974: that’s 35 years (in case you didn’t get out of 2nd grade) and a lot of losses, Nick Van Exels, Paul Westheads, etc.

    How long have you been a Laker fan?

    Players who don’t play hard while pulling down $14 million need to go. There’s a salary cap, you know.

    This is professional sports and, to quote Herm Edwards, you play to win the game. You build a team to win.

    Regardless of whether we win it all this year, there are going to be changes.

  • T-Dub

    WWCS…EXACTLY! But we can’t be FANS and say whats wrong with the team. Yeah, that all these guys who’ve only been around since the Shaq and Kobe era. I go back to ’79’ when Magic came into the league. And I’ve watch every team since. That’s why I know whats wrong with this one!

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    I predict the following looking at my crystal ball.

    Tonight. Orlando beats Cleveland.

    Tomorrow Lakers Beats Denver.
    Side note: Lamar is going to have a monster game! double doubles big time.
    Mark my words. we will talk later.

  • Jason

    [Comment ID #73006 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well said man, I think we get a bit spoiled some times with all the success we have had in the past. One thing I like about this team this year is that they find ways to win the series. That’s all that matters, win the series and I think Phil is a master mind at that, reason he’s 49-0 when winning the first game.


    [Comment ID #73128 Will Be Quoted Here]

    So every fan who has watched the lakers since 79 knows what is wrong with this team. Sorry Dub long time fanship doesn’t qualify you as knowing what is wrong with this team.

    If we went with you and your wild trades we would have had Jermaine O’neal and we wouldn’t still be playing in the Playoffs. Let Mitch worry about trades and what is wrong with this team because when I see what you want done it would ruin this franchise.

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    Is Dhantay Jones getting suspended??

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    I dont care how lon g u been in the “Laker Game” if changes need to be made let them be made by the execs not arm chair QB’s….Dont come on here complainin’ bcuz as soon as LO has a good game ur on his nuts all over again. Im saying save all this trade BS for the off season…that is defeatist talk and Im cool off that…Every time I read it im puttin u on blast.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #73136 Will Be Quoted Here]

    WELL SAID!!! I’ve been a Laker just as long as some other “supposed” Laker fans here and I stick by the team, not just individual players, the TEAM, during good times and bad. Begging and b*tching for trades is exactly as you said “defeatist talk”. People who begin crying for trades have already thrown in the towel.

    I don’t mind Laker fans saying what’s wrong with the team, but when people go off and say over and over and over again, “this team sucks” “all these players have to go” “the coach sucks”, “the GM sucks” “this team is NOT going to win” etc, etc, then they give Laker fans a bad name. How can ANYONE claim to be a Laker fan when all they do is b*tch about the team and never say anything to support. That’s not a FAN. PERIOD!! I support who we ARE, not who we are not.

    Countless people in here have given Laker fans a bad name. Why do you think so many people call Laker fans “bandwagon” fans? It’s because you have people that do nothing but b*tch when they lose and then support them when they win.

    I think its funny that people blame the Lakers for LO’s contract when it was Miami who gave him that contract. The Lakers simply traded for it because they choose to get rid of Shaq because #24 couldn’t get along with him and wanted his own team (yea, I said it!).

    After reading all the comments here, people think that the Lakers are going to lose. It’s 2-2 in the Western conference finals. It’s not over yet!!! Look at the team with the best record in the league, the Cleveland Cavaliers, they are down 2-1, probably down 3-1 after tonight. I bet you anything the Cleveland fans aren’t abandoning their team and talking sh*t against them

    I’m going to create a new Laker web site called:


  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    [Comment ID #73136 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If fans opining on their team is banned, what the hell are you going offering an opinion on your team?

    What is this? China?

    No, being a long-time fan does not make be God of Lakerland, but I am entitled to point out guys dogging it who are making Big Coin and sucking down time and resources that might be used by guys who play hard for less money.

    I’ve been Anti-Lamar for 3 years. It’s not personal; it’s strictly business (to quote the immortal Michael Corleone).

    I PRAY Lamar has a good game every game. We need him. But time and time again, he’s gone into a fog, lingered outside the 3 pt line, failed to box out, failed to use his 6’10” frame, to help the team. This dude is 10 years into his career and he plays a good deal of the time like he’s 19 and in his first year. Given his skills, he should be a 15 point, 10 rebound, 5 assist guy game in and game out. But he’s not and he never will be.

    Blast me all you want, but watch what happens this off-season: Lamar will not be back for the 2009/10 campaign.

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    I will say this once again.
    If the Lakers win tomorrow, everybody will be excite and praising them.
    If we lose, the hell will break over.

    Come down bi-tches!. The series is tied. Most folks predicted at least 6 game series. Next game is at Staples and the Lakers has not lost two in a row this post season. We are OK for now. You all just need to believe, or you rather be the “unbeatable Cavs” and be on their shoes now. Remember last year when we breezed through the playoffs? Do you want that to happen again?

    Have faith bandwagon fans.

  • laker fan

    I think the only solution to all these bad calles is to have instant replay like in tennis. Each team gets to challenge the refs calls 2 times per quarter.
    If you win the challenge it doesnt count as one.
    Lamar/Lamar/Lamar where are u man.

  • Kobe8

    [Comment ID #73135 Will Be Quoted Here]

    nah, just a fragrant 1.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    [Comment ID #73145 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I don’t say “trade the whole team” or “this team sucks” or “fire the GM” or any of that cr*p when the Lakers lose.

    I am not blaming Mitch for Lamar’s contract. Lamar was an intriguing player who made the most sense in the trade for Shaq. But it has not worked out. So be it, out he goes after this season.

    I do praise the team when they play well, even if they lose.

    I am still confident the Lakers will win this series.

    But it annoys the hell out of me when a guy is earning $14 million per year, more than you will make in your whole lifetime times 10 (not me though, I earn a bunch and am wealthy), and he drifts around the court like a hippie on acid at Woodstock. And you can bet it doesn’t float Kobe’s boat either.

    The Lakers are simply not going to resign Lamar. Nothing personal, strictly business.


    On The Bandwagon Since ’74

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #73157 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I wasn’t exactly pointing fingers at you when I said that there are many “fans” in here that “trade the whole team”, “this team sucks”, “fire the GM”, but to let you know there are TONS of “fans” in here that say things like this (t-dub being one of them).

    With regards to LO, I agree he is an intriguing player that has been inconsistent at times. Should the Lakers go on to win the championship, I think the Lakers will try to keep him but I definitely don’t think they should pay him $14M/year to do so.

    My entire point of my reply was to call out those supposed Laker fans who constantly whine and b*tch about the team when they lose and never say anything positive, even when they win. It’s an embarrassment to real Laker fans. It’s one thing to critique the team when they lose, but it’s a complete other thing to BASH the team, like so many here do, on a constant basis.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #73157 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree with you 100%
    Time to pull the plug on the Lamar experiment. It hasn’t worked and it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that it is not going to get better.

    And I’ve been on the bandwagon since 1971-1972 season, the year of the 33 game winning streak and the first championship in LA!

  • BringDFishBack

    Luke also helped hold melo to 3-16 shooting. I dont care how bad Ariza and Luke’s stats looked, they played fantastic defense.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    Okay, we’re all cool with each other now.

    We all want our team to win.

    We all respect each other.

    We’re all going to be glued to the screen for Game 5.

    We’re all going to pray for LO to shut our collective holes with 18 points, 12 rbs, and 5 assists.

    And, no matter what happens in this or the next series, we’re all going to be Laker fans next year.

    It’s just that we all happen to think that LO may prosper with another team, while we may prosper with someone a little more gritty in his spot.


    Any fan calling another fan a “bandwagon” fan is a hollow shout, coming from self righteous and injudicious individuals… It is quite natural for people to complain about things, when they are not happy with the ongoing trend or developing outcome; that might be jeopardizing their awaited dream or desire, just as it is equally quite naturally, to do the opposite!


    I have been a fan for a long time. I am a basketball purist. I think the game and I watch replays of the laker games. I should be hired by the lakers because I know I can do much better than Kupcake, Phil, and the rest of them lazy ass people. We won’t win a title and it will all be on Kupcake and Jackson. Kobe should be GM and coach. He knows more in his pinky than the rest of them.


    [Comment ID #72968 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That is because the lakers Hate Mothers and Marines. They are mthr fu ck erz and awol from combat. ROFLMAO HAAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #73197 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I thought this was funny. How to be a bandwagon fan:

    1) Choose a team that has enjoyed a good amount of success. Becoming a bandwagon fan of a very successful team will keep you from having to switch again next year.

    2) Cheer for a player instead of a specific team (er uh, Kobe-only fans). When that player leaves a team, cheer for whichever team he plays for. Be sure to choose a very talented player, though, as his team is more likely to be successful.

    3) Claim to have always admired your new team. Being a bandwagon fan involves a little bit of fibbing every now and then.

    4) Buy cheap and generic apparel from your favorite team. Since you’re just a bandwagon fan, there is no need to spend $100 on a unique game-day jersey.

    5) Once your team starts losing, stop cheering for that team (too many people here do this when the Lakers lose). If somebody asks you about this, simply tell the person that you don’t really care all that much about this particular team, anyway.

    6) Change teams every couple of years. A bandwagon fan has little loyalty to any one team. If another team becomes dominant, switch your allegiance to that team.

    7) Don’t pay a lot of attention to your team until the playoffs. Everybody knows that bandwagon fans come out when their team is on the verge of a championship. Once the playoffs start, wear your cheap sweatshirt and support “your team” loudly.


    ^^^^Classic case of a self righteous and injudicious individual!


    This is your real & genuine, Friendly Neighborhood Warlock… As I come back from my long and fun-filled memorial weekend vacation, I am not surprised to see how the foolish imposters continue their weak_ass attempts to belittle or steal everyone else’s genuine thunder!

    …What is surprising is how easy some innocent bystanders are easily fooled and respond to such fakeness! …Legit & genuine posters should be more sensitive to the typing patterns and use of expressions of other genuine posters, and respond accordingly.

    …What weak_ass self shamed people are the one’s who are afraid to express themselves using their own creativity-(such as a site name), standing up for what they believe in, whether it be to defend their own points of view or attack somebody else’s!

    …Don’t be a wussie pussy and hide behind somebody else’s thunder! …Be proud; child, woman, or man and stand up for yourself and your opinions, on your own merits, and not hide behind some weak_ass shamed & foolish attempts to be someone else, afraid of one’s own self avowed or inherited image and/or feeble self expression!

    POST SCRIPT: …The Nation should find a permanent way to delete all verified, duplicated and/or stolen Id’s, as they post their Fakefull and bullshyt posts!