toosweeetI can sleep well again tonight.

The Lakers defeated the Nuggets on Saturday night to reclaim home court advantage and take a 2-1 series lead.

Kobe was Kobe yet again and dominated the fourth quarter. The Lakers didn’t play one of their best games, but it was enough to steal a win in Denver.

The Lakers held the Nuggets to under 40% from the field, and only 97 points for the game. The Nuggets played aggressive all night and had 31 fouls putting several players in foul trouble throughout the night.

Since it is Saturday night, I’m going to keep it short and start celebrating.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe did everything he could tonight. 41 points on 24 shots. MVP! MVP! MVP!

2) Trevor Threeriza stole the game again tonight with a clutch final minute steal and fourth quarter three’s.

3) Pau hit some big shots in the second half and helped the Lakers clean up the boards.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Sasha looked very unimpressive… again.

Play of the Night: Kobe’s oop dunk with the foul!

What to Look for Next Game: Hopefully, a better effort from all the other Lakers who weren’t in the Top 3.

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Go Lakers!

  • WOOT


  • Lakerfan_InAtl

    LAKE SHOW!!! GREAT WIN. I don’t know how we won that, but we did. I was stressed the whole game. Gasol stepped up. And the Black Mamba strikes again.

    I also need ESPN to hop off of Lebron’s nuts.. it’s getting annoying.

    Go Lakers!!

  • LakersOwnTheWest

    UnStopable! 24 Unstopable! 24 ..nuff said

  • xplayforealx


  • ThaGeek

    *does victory dance*

  • Deus_Ex

    When Kobe plays to win, that man is unstoppable.

  • lilkobe24

    i fcking love kobe !

  • Neo-Laker Era

    Awesome win! The only gripe I have is about the Lakers’ passing. In my opinion, their passing in the offense was a bit hesitant as if they were scared to do so. I found myself yelling a few times, “SWING THE BALL!!!” because the ball would go out top and it would stay there. We HAVE to make the defense move and not just wait for Kobe to get open! But again, GREAT win!

    Oh, and we’ll lose the next game because the NBA wants 7 games out of this series too. I PRAY and HOPE that I’m wrong!

  • koberei24

    pls bench fish use shannon brown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gugy

    just unbelievable. Kobe is simple the best. Lebron not even close.

    Lakers played really bad throughout the game, but at least we did not have Denver have a big lead. We missed too many FT.

    we stand up to the challenge in the last 3 minutes and kept pushing it. That made the difference.
    Props to the Lakernation. We are on a good position to stab a dagger on their hearts next game and try to close this at Staple. It will be hard, because Denver knows this next game is life or death.

    Wow, I am so pumped. I was screaming at the TV set. great job, Hustle, that was the key and of course. Kobe.

  • Jay




    (I just made that up lol)


  • Robert

    Kobe isn’t just the best ‘closer’, he’s the best player in the world! He just has to carry his team, and that takes lots of effort. I’m tired of the ESPN weenies hyping up LeBron, and also flip flopping. The media doesn’t like Kobe, but you know what, we fans do!!! We appreciate what he can do. And, shame on Magic for siding with the Logo in their assessment of Kobe vs. LeBron. Magic, I know you’re trying to be unbiased, since you are part owner, but ya GOTTA STICK WITH THE LAKERS NO MATTER WHAT. Wilbon, get with it. You said “Lakers in 5″ the other day. They should have won 2 days ago. Keep the faith with them. Denver’s a good team, but the Lakes are better. They ‘focused’ like ‘Daniel San’ in Karate Kid 3. They played cool down the stretch. The Lakers will prevail

  • Big Jay

    [Comment ID #72648 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yes i agree
    Espn should get off LeBron Lame’s nuts!

    They make too much of a big deal about him!!!

    Kobe is the grreatest!

    Let’s go lakers!!!

  • Lakezilla

    All the fake Laker fans need to ship out and support some other team. I passed by this site at halftime and some people were saying its over and they were down by 4 points…lmao. Are u kidding me? 4 points down in a road playoff game at halftime is great considering how inconsistent there were playing on defense. After game 2 all the fake Laker fans said it was over and we can’t win in Denver. If you haven’t learned one thing this year is we are the streak busters. 16 home game winning streak for the Nuggets….snapped! Add that to the long list this year. There is one thing i hate more than celtic fans is fake fickle Laker fans. Win one game…..Lakers are the best, Lose one game……Lakers suck, Phil sucks, trade half the team blah blah blah. Get the F out. Some stupid people say the Lakers are soft and mentally weak but u bandwagon fans are the ones who are soft and mentally weak.

    To all my real Laker brothers and sisters out there….Go Lakers!!!

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    Fu-Ck all the Lakers BANDWAGON fans.
    Now they are saying the Lakers will kill Denver. FU-CKERS!

    You have to have fuc-king faith mother-fu-ckers!

  • the ape

    std was farmar. for somebody who wants to do his own thing, he sure looks he has neither the skill set nor the mind to do it.

    and i’d choose bynum as std over sasha too. at least sasha looked like he wanted to play

  • killo15

    Its not threeriza. Its aTHREEza!!!! I’ve been trying to get that to be the official nickname for him.

  • nabil

    that’s great. athreeza is definately better!

    i’d like to see a new list-up of all the streaks we’ve broken this year. :)

  • kwame4mvp

    Damn…. Sasha is one overpaid crybaby…

  • Lakezilla

    One more thing…..stop looking for style points in the playoffs. This isn’t the second week of the season, its the WCF. Win by 1 win by 30, a win is a win. Playoff basketball is tough, gritty and a test of wills so stop looking for blowouts. If they happen then great if not who cares, just enjoy the ride. Again this is the playoffs, just win baby!

  • Stephen

    Seriously all you bandwagon fans need to leave. This place should only be for TRUE purple and gold fans!! GO LAKERS!!!! F them up on monday baby!!

  • Anonymous

    IMO the Kobe three with 1 min left to put Lakers up by 1 should have been play of the game.

  • lilkobe24

    [Comment ID #72660 Will Be Quoted Here]
    * CDR
    * Kobe Wan Kanobe
    *maybe descret/metal
    and many more

  • domz

    kobe’s 3 pointer with 1 min to go IS the play of the game

  • JetLiner

    Sasha is too worried about his Machine gimmick that he cant shoot anymore

  • matthew

    i agree with BigJay. all espn commenators are all riding on lebron jamess. i can so annoyed by that. even them especially magic johnson saying denver were going to win 4-1. come on magic, you bandwagoner. and since lakers won game 3, they be all like, getting off the bandwagon just like that. sry for this long reply, but im sick and tired of these laker haters. u guys feel me?

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    ESPN is suc-king Lebron’s co-ck non stop. It’s so freaking annoying.
    How many times we have to watch that fu-cking 3 point buzzer beater?
    Yes, It was a great shot, but guess what? Kobe 3’s tonight plus he closing this game was more impressive.

    I hope Kobe and the Lakers play the Cavs and beat the cr@p out of them just to shut up those motherfu-ckers!

  • ilikebasketball

    we played horrible the whole game.
    and i kept looking at the screen and saying, “we are playin’ one of the worst games of the season and we are only down 4???”

    so i’m not sure if that’s a good thing for us or them.

    but we pulled the win out and it’s big. kobe is amazing.
    and pau was pretty weak still, but in the fourth he pulled it out.
    and that’s perseverance, and no matter how soft gasol is, he willed his way to playign better and put up hard shots that he kept on making, that not another big guy can make.

    brown needs to be in more as well.

    i’m fine with fisther starting, especially if he starts aggressive like he did tonight.
    but at the 9 mintue mark brown goes in.

    now, the next one is going to be sooooooo hard. and we can steal it, there is a possiblity.

  • Mr. WoodCock

    Damn refs owed us this game. We got some favorable calls, but it was payback for some terrible calls late in game 2. Lets see…

    Game 1: Lakers -6.5 (60% picked Lkaers; Lakers won by 2)
    Game 2: Lakers -5.5 (53% picked Denver; Denver won by 3)
    Game 3: Denver -3.5 (60% picked Denver; Lakers won by 6)

    This line was too fishy. I was expecting Denver to spot the Lakers at least 5 points. This was an automatic win for me… too easy.

    Our bigs need to step up. They need to be more aggressive on the offensive end and get more rebounds. KB looked tired, he can’t perform like this every game. I would like to see Odumb and Bynum get some double-doubles.

    Our bench needs to step up. Denver’s bench outscored ours. Fluke had a decent game, even though he didn’t score any points. I think it’s better if he doesn’t shoot, but just be a facilitator.

    Farmer and Vujabrick were terrible. In game 2, I wanted to reach trough my TV and strangle Vujabrick. I would like to see Brown get more minutes. He has been more efficient than Farmer, Fish, and Vujabrick.

    Lakers need to hit their FT. They are one of the worst FT teams. Even Nene and Anderson were hitting their FT. It was like the refs were trying to help the Lakers win, but they kept missing FT. Maybe it was to keep the total score low (under/over was 211), but who knows?

  • 123 lakes

    if we hit free throws we win by 15. but it was exciting

  • LakersFirst

    Kobe saves the day once again. All the other Lakers palyed like shyt… I love the comment by Jeff Van Gundy when kobe got the allyhoop and he said “Kobe loves to go backdoor in Denver”…All you kobe haters on the site STFU the rest of the playoffs bc without him the lakers are the clippers…

  • http://yahoo dr phil

    laker fans are all die hard laker fans ,we love our team,but i’m almost sure of it that we all want the same useless players off our team and you know who they are we keep complaining because they keep playing not to there albility,but worse not even average,thats what upseting us all,like i said before championship or not this team has to release not one not two but at least five players .now thats awful,these players are riding or have been riding the ones that are showing up every night,thats not right,they wanted to be lakers ,they wanted there big contracts,they wanted the attention,well we want them to represent us and our team 2out of 3 not acceptable,we dont produce in our jobs we get fired,they dont produce and they make up excuses,be honest if we win the championship and go to the victory parade will you all salute and cheer for walton? sun yue?sasha?fisher? morrrison? there will be silence and quite a few boos and rightfully so

  • jc

    d-fish. std! i totally called him coming in the 4th during the 5 min mark and he once again went for a stupid stupid layup. what happened? not only a miss, nene was set to take a charge. i cringe everytime i see him get within 5 ft. of the basket…

  • Superstar Basketball

    Enough of the hate. The Lakers could have easily won by 15 and they played one of their worst games and still came away with the win. Instead of looking at the negatives, let’s look at the positive things the STDs did in this game.

    – As much as I hate Sasha, his hard foul on Melo changed Melo’s demeanor. Was it a coincidence that after Sasha’s hard foul, Melo’s scoring spree stopped?
    – Farmar played erratic but he made it up for it by grabbing rebounds and hustling on defense.
    – A lot of fans are hating on D. Fish but our Lakers played inspired basketball after his motivational speech. True, he’s lost a step or three but his toughness and leadership is something the young guards don’t have yet.

    Maybe it’s because we’re spoiled but we do have high expectations and time to time, we get really critical of our players. What really gets on my nerves is how everyone is making a big deal over LBJ’s 3-pointer.

    To quote Vlade Divac, “It was just a lucky shot, he sort of just threw it up…”

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    [Comment ID #72660 Will Be Quoted Here]

    bro i cant tell you how right you are!
    well said, good win LA, lets get another in denver!

  • stdecker

    [Comment ID #72678 Will Be Quoted Here]
    i dont know what favorable calls you are talking about, it seems like we were getting ripped by the refs the whole game!

  • Robert

    I hope Orlando wins the next two, just to shut up the ESPN weenies. But the Lakers will do better against the Cavs in the Finals. Recall that the Lakers lost the series against Orlando – that would be a tough matchup for the Finals. The Cavs need to work hard to win the ‘weak East’ (weak, except for Orlando & Boston). Go Magic! (notice that I’m assuming the Lakers win against Denver – they won in Denver, folks! and they didn’t play as well as they could. They can win the next 2.) Kobe, drink lots of Vitamin Water. Get ready for another push.

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    [Comment ID #72675 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i no im getting sick of magic johnson
    did u here jeff vangundy? “nice play by kobe. THE BEST LAKER EVER”

  • Robert

    I’m glad that JVG said that about Kobe! He knows that Kobe is a skillful player; he just put one up on Magic, for agreeing that LeBron is the best player ever. C’mon. LeBron wishes he could move like Kobe. Kobe has the best footwork in the NBA, and the world. He doesn’t even play to the top of his level all the time. LeBron just dunks, and shoots those easy, “not-contested” 3 pointers. Kobe shoots the same shot, with 3 people whacking him in the face. Who on earth could do that. Michael couldn’t do that. Kobe is the BEST player ever, probably next to Wilt the Stilt. Wilt = 1, Kobe = 2. Or maybe they’re tied for 1st. Wilt could dunk from past the free throw line.

  • farmabrick

    Thuggets = All Tat Moron Squad

    Shoving, grabbing, trippin ain’t good D

    Bout time the NBA started callin that cr*p

    KMart is a Retart, stutterin mofo

    Let’s win Game 4 and rip their hearts out

  • lakeshow

    damn these refs are are pissing me off in these series it seems like they are rigged in favor of denver and as you can see tonight sasha and luke need to be traded from la.

  • hellbydante

    Man…. Kobe looks winded after game 3… I hope he has enough left going into the next game.. let alone the finals… Kobe’s been carrying the whole team on his back with those 30-40 point effort…

  • the ape

    i agree that he is probably better off retiring soon… but then did you read about his speech during a huddle? that’s why he still plays. leadership.

    which is why luke is still around – the guy can think if nothing else.

    but farmar? trade his ass! and same with bynum. he whines like a diva when he doesn’t move on defense. the guy is 7 feet tall, and cannot do squat against this denver team

    [Comment ID #72683 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • SickOfMagic

    What is up with Magic!

    I loved him as a player, but after his playing days he has been annoying. He begs for attention and it’s getting sad. First his late night show, then his coaching, and now as a commentator.

    On a tangent I totally agree with some of you about farmar and bynum whining too much. they act like the ones with rings and they know it all. it’s never their fault and they constantly talk back.

  • UKlaker

    First off i’d like to agree with Superstar basketball’s comment. Some of them played bad in the playoffs but you can’t hate them one minute and love them the next, laker fans will get behind any laker players.

    Secondly, I would like to give a huuuge shout out to Lamar, the unsung hero of our two wins. Not only has he played hard off the bench but he hasn’t got any credit for the two Ariza steals in games 1 & 3. He pranced aroud like an idiot for the world to see for the cause of the team and created the bad passes.

  • kobe8

    Kobe = greatness. In these Conference Finals he’s giving EVERYTHING he’s got. It just shows you how much he wants a title. I’ve NEVER seen Kobe exhausted like he was yesterday.

    And Ariza has earned my respect. He got torched by Carmelo in game 1 but since then, Carmelo has been shooting 38% from the field. And the game winning steals of course.

  • lainok

    it may change after last nights game, but I was wondering when it was that every commentator, announcer, non-laker fan, and nba execs dipped their nuts in mcnuggets sauce. Because now everyone seems like a denver fan.

    -and for the first minute of the game I thought maybe fisher would show up…nope. phil is still in love with him though.

    -after game 3 every “expert” is going to look at the amount of freethrows the lakers took compared to the mcnuggets and think that the calls went in the lakers favor. in actuality if it were fair, kobe would have taken three shots on that push from smith, another two shots and a technical shot from another push from smith, and it would have been a double tech on fish and martin because martin pushed him first.

  • showtimelakes

    Kobe’s unstoppableness is unstoppable…..NUFF SAID!

  • 123kid

    thats whats up! i was so disappointed to not be able to watch the game cuz i was at the drake and ryan leslie concert. i kept textin people for the score every 5 minutes and at the end with the comedian bagged on all the laker haters and sayin we won, I WAS THE HAPPIEST GUY IN THE THEATRE. i had to even rock my kobe jersey just to show my support! but awesome win. i knew the lakers wouldnt let me down! time to steal another one tomorrow and send it back home!

  • Ferinannnd

    Полностью согласна!


    This game proves my point that kobe really is the only player worth anything. Bynum sucks a big bong out there. He needs to be traded in the summer.. Pau only shows up every third game. Sasha sucks the air out of the balls of Phil. Om gOD, Gdon’t get me started on Lamo and Fish. Lamo Fish are just about useless. We won’t win this series but maybe we can take it to 7. We are going to have to do alot of trades for next year. Kupchak is not capable of doing trade because other gm’s screw him up the aSS. rIGHT ASS 4 SURE?Buss needs to ship his ass OUT NOW. Kwame brown still haunts these lakers as underachieving losers.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    [Comment ID #72681 Will Be Quoted Here]

    pau and bynum the first half displayed the worst defense i ever saw in my life
    it was disgusting
    allowing 15 points (i mean 15) to the birdman on layups and dunks
    r u kidding me?
    fortunately GASOFT redeemed himself with a big 4th Q

    bynum is surprised he does not play?
    another magical effort of bynum on the boards…. 4 on 21 minutes
    he is the tallest guy on the floor is that damn difficult to box out and get a rebound?
    does this guy know that his main focus should be rebounding and defending?

    Sasha shooting bad…but his defense was pretty good, and he earned the T on jr
    we need players like that
    sasha at least fights

    now: where is ODUMB?
    besides defending inboud pass is he playing the game?


    but kobe is tired
    our lack of effort and incapability to close games will put a toll on kobe energy if we reach the finals

  • Real Laker Fan AKA Reason

    Great win for the Lake Show! This win was the game that the Nuggets had in the bad but blew it and for sure now blew the series. Lakers in the finals two years now baby!

    First, let me say that it get’s really annoying reading about the self proclaimed “die hard” Lakers fans. You sit on your little laptop and type away at how die hard you are and how much you can’t stand the other “fakers.” ITS SO OLD ALREADY! Haters are haters and that’s one thing, but when people express their frustration to the inconsistency of the Lakers, that doesn’t make them fakers or bandwagoners. This is the LA Lakers and we have all been spoiled with such a great team so we expect hard work day in and day out. This Laker team we have is the best team in the league, but it’s only when they come to play and that is the gripe I mostly hear from the so called “fakers.” WE ARE ALL DIE HARDS TO AN EXTENT! Stop trying to claim your the most die hard supporter out there.

    Second, I also agree that ESPN needs to stop hanging off of LeBron’s nuts. That ish is getting as annoying as Hollinger’s columns. He is a great player, he makes spectacular shots, he ball hogs, he has a weak supporting cast…who does this sound like? This is the early 2000 Kobe. And did ESPN give him love, hell no. It was “Kobe needs to facilitate more”, “Kobe isn’t a team player”, and “Kobe will never be good enough for ESPN.” Okay I made the last one up but really, I can’t stand ESPN’s flip flopping and favoritism. I really wish the leader in sports wasn’t so childish. Kobe is hands down the best player in the league and in the world. ESPN, take the pubs out of your salty mouths.

    And lastly, I have a small suggestion. Could the post game wrap ups be more informative. Maybe put a little effort in the wrap ups? This is the playoffs, not regular season. It would be nice to see the post game reports more in depth giving us Laker followers a more in depth analysis of what we just watched. The stuff we read on the web really is the stuff we like to refer back to when conversating to others the next day about the game. Now don’t rush to your little laptops so fast to say you talk for your selves and I’m so wrong but really, I hear it ALL THE TIME. And nothings wrong with that, all I’m saying is that if us Laker fans want to sound more like we know what the hell were talking about and not just making crap up, it would be nice to have the past game wrap ups here more in depth from real die hard Laker fans who see the game a bit more clearer, die hards meaning the Lakers Nation writers. One example I have is the amazing commenting we are blessed to have by Stu Lance. We really leaves us Lakers fans with a great knowledge of what we just watched. And all he does is educate the viewers about the game, and he does an amazing job at it. Other sports commentators sound like bias, crybaby, uneducated talkers who rot their fans brains with garbage. Not Stu, and not for the Laker fans. Just an idea Lakers Nation because is seems there is a strong following for the purple and gold here and you do hold some sort of responsibility for giving the fans the best knowledge possible.


  • T-Dub

    Once again my point is proven. Kobe is the ONLY reason this was a win once again. The guy plays so hard that he is on the brink of passing out. If the Lakers win the championship, this has to go down as one of the best feats ever. Other than Pau, Kobe is basically playing with 2nd/3rd stringers and has beens. MJ, Magic, Bird, Russel all had great top 50 and allstar caliber teammates…much more quality help than Mr. Bryant. All of YOU so called Laker fans on this site who hates Kobe, I think you are the ones who should leave! How can you hate one man who carries YOUR TEAM on his shoulders night after night when all of his helpers are PART TIME PLAYERS? Get The FU_CK OUT!

  • T-Dub

    RealLakereFanaAKAreason…I agree. Because some of us will not except the play or lack there of…of some of the players on this team, we are not real Laker fans? On the contrary, I feel we are the real Laker fans because we will except nothing less than excellence from all the players, which we rarely get. For all these fake Laker fans who as long we get a win, its ok for the slackers to ride the bus while 1 or 2 guys do all the heavylifting night after night.You guys are the fake, blind, weak, and dumb!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    [Comment ID #72727 Will Be Quoted Here]



    [Comment ID #72726 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Can’t agree more with you. You speak common sense and we have alot in common. F U k the rest of the laker players. Pau only shows up when he wants to, Lamo and Fish should be set on dry land soaking up the sun. Bynum, trade his ass. Kobe had it right. SHIP HIS ASS OUT NOW!!!!!!!! PAU is being manhandled out there and provides no toughness. Now don’t get me wrong I love man’s hands and I love to be handled if you know what I mean, but not manhandled on the court. ;)

  • ThE NeXt FaRmAr

    ok is it just me or does anybody else think fisher is messin up bad, he hasnt done anything good has like 6 points this whole series turnovers no defense so what phil does is draw up a shot for him to win the game cmon put somebody whos makin shots in like shannon brown or farmar there both playin better d and shootin better and not fuckin up as much

  • berks24

    how poor magic is.If I am kobe i would be a shame of myself by saying so many times he idolized magic since childhood.This so called logo and and the true m@niac magic(hiv) is dishing kobe ,cause they got surpassed by bryant and as of JVG he is the greatest laker ever!!!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #72727 Will Be Quoted Here]

    YOU ARE NOT A LAKER FAN. I’ve said it time and time again. How can you even claim to be a Laker fan when all you’ve done is bash the ENTIRE team, when the exception of Kobe, for the entire year!! A fan doesn’t do this.

    You’ve stated in previous posts that you don’t think the Lakers can win a championship and you’ve stated you HATE every player and coach, except for Kobe. A fan doesn’t say things like this.

    How are you a Laker fan? when in the TLN live thread and ALL you did was the bash this team. “This player sucks”, “This should be traded”. “Phil Jackon is a piece of sh*t” THAT’S ALL YOU SAID!! How can a fan not believe in the team that he/she supports? You bash the team when they lose and only support when they win – That’s called a bandwagon fan.

  • K-Mart

    Nuggets got robbed. They did not get any of the calls. Nuggets will still win in 6.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    what about the 2 times kobe driving and jones and smith pushed him while in the air?
    that was supposed to be flagrant

    stop complaining like a puss y
    and bow at kobe’s greatness

  • T-Dub

    Lakersfirst….I tell it like it is. I tell the Truth. The Truth is that Phil does not coach these young guys. The truth was Kobe was on his own lastnight until the 4th qtr. The truth is that Fish can’t guard anyone. The truth is that Odumb is not even a part of this series. Real Fans can’t tell the TRUTH?? Like I said, as long as we get a win off of Kobe killing himself, you’re fine with that. That’s what you call support? Support is also telling the truth pointing out the flaws. Once Kobe wears himself down, then this team WILL be the Clippers. You don’t seem the be too worried about that but I am. 2,4,6yrs from now. Once Kobe is gone, how long will the Lakers be down? From what I see, with whats here now, It will be a long down period. I think that qualifies as REAL CONCERNED LAKER FAN!

  • Real Laker Fan AKA Reason

    I think we can all agree on this though, as good as we know the Lakers can be, it is frustrating as hell to see spurts of greatness. And to point out the bad players on the team is not wrong at all, but you have to be constructive about. Resorting to “trade him!” and “he sucks now!” doesn’t signify any valid point. I’ll start with the most underachiever on the team, Sasha. Yes he is having a bad season and all we want to do is trade him, but to be constructive, he needs to let the offense come to him like he did last year. Sasha’s game is to be an outside threat and to spread the offense. His problem this year, and please correct me if I’m mistaken, is he tries to force his offense. He can still resurrect the Machine but no he doesn’t suck, no he shouldn’t be traded, and no he shouldn’t get less minutes. He’s just gotta learn to control his offense. Now when he’s hurting the team, then yes limit the minutes and play someone else who can bring more to the team, like Brown. But in no means do we trade him or bench him.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #72742 Will Be Quoted Here]

    No, you tell it like a bandwagon fan, who says the team sucks when they face adversity and you only support Kobe when the team wins.
    You keep saying that Kobe was on his “own” last night. You do realize that Gasol is averaging a double double against Denver this entire series. I believe last night was his 7th consecutive game with a double double. Oh but you think he’s not showing the “effort”. In another thread, you went on to say that Ariza should NOT be resigned. But you neglect that he is a major contributor. I think last night he had 16 points and another key steal at the end of the game. Oh according to you, he’s not contributing.

    You think Odom is worthless but you do realize that Odom is a major reason for those critical steals in Game 1 and Game 3. These important plays may not show in the box score but they are nonetheless important. Even Magic, one of the greatest Lakers, says Odom is a major factor for those steals (he said it on ESPN)
    You think Odom is just standing during the inbound pass but he has bothered the inbound passer (you know Orlando wish they could have had someone bother the Cleveland inbound passer in their Game 2 loss). Odom may not have always the highest stats, but his contributions are important. Robert Horry was another Laker that didn’t have the best box score, but he did the little things that helped the Lakers win. Now I’m not saying Odom is as clutch as Horry, but along the same lines, Odom does a lot of little things that don’t show up in the box score. Because you’re so narrow-minded, you refuse to acknolwedge that.

    Your view is narrow-minded, and your most post demonstrates this. All you care about is Kobe Bryant, “whahh Kobe is trying so hard, whahhh”, hey idiot, Kobe Bryant is the highest paid player on the team, and the leader of the team for a reason, HE IS EXPECTED TO THIS. As great as Kobe is, don’t neglect all the stupid things he does like his poor shot selection, his b*tching at the referees which causes Denver players to run around him because he’s complaining towards the refs.

    What’s even more suprising as a “Laker Fan”, that you claim you, you’re questioning the Laker future, when Jerry Buss, the owner of the Lakers, has demonstrated time and time again, that he is always trying to produce a winning team (the Lakers have 8 championships since he’s been owner). You forget how young this Laker team is, Gasol is 28, Bynum is 21, Farmar is 22, Shannon Brown is 23, Trevor Ariza is 24 – No I am not worried the Lakers future, because they will continue to improve. I am not worried because the Lakers have an owner that ALWAYS wants to win and the Lakers have a very good front office that has assembled a pretty damn good team that is at the very least always in contention – You don’t see it this way, because of your narrow-minded view.

    You say take away Kobe from this team and they are the Clippers. If you take the superstar away from ANY TEAM, they are the Clippers. Take away Chauncey Billups from Denver, and what are they? The same team that the same Laker team from last year swept 4-0. Take away Lebron from Cleveland, what are they? A pretty lousy team. Take away Dwight Howard from Orlando and what are they? A team thay will have no inside presence.

    A real fan believes in his team, during adversity and during the high times, but not you, all you do is run away and bash the team . You have no faith in the Laker organizationa and you don’t think the Lakers can win. How is that a fan?

    T-Dub, you should change your name to T-NoLakerFaith

  • Lakerfan_InAtl

    Thank you Lakers First. T-Dub is an idiot and needs to jump off the bandwagon. Lake Show forever! Before and after Kobe leaves. Let’s just enjoy the moment. It’s our year!

    Go Lakers!!

  • laker

    game 4 is a big game for LA

    Ariza and Gasol stepped up tonight same with kobe (like always)

  • Th3xg4tman

    kobe-wan kenobi
    May 24th, 2009 at 1:00 pm Click this link to quote this comment in your reply

    what about the 2 times kobe driving and jones and smith pushed him while in the air?
    that was supposed to be flagrant

    stop complaining like a puss y
    and bow at kobe’s greatness

    THE NUGGETS IN 6 wtf. and now your saying BOW TO KOBE’s GREATNESSS

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    [Comment ID #72777 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yo idiot
    i never said denver in6
    what did u smoke?
    i just said if lakers keep playing soft we r not gonna win
    in fact first half we played soft and were losing
    the only problem i hve with this team is that for long period they do not give the maximum effort in the game
    and this drives me crazy, it is unacceptable, especially from players that not have the talent of kobe
    those players should play harder than him to make up for the lack of talent

    never questioned in my life kobe’s greatness
    sometimes he makes mistakes, like everyone, but his effort 365 days a year is remarkable and every lakers fan should be proud of it
    instead of talking shyt at the first shot he takes when he is double teamed

  • kobe8

    you guys should chill. WE ALL SUPPORT THIS TEAM FOR THE SAME CAUSE. THATS SUCCESS FOR THIS LAKER TEAM. So some of y’all gotta relax.