speechlessWe really can’t hold a lead. The Lakers had a chance to essentially end the series and they blew it. 37% shooting and allowing 55 rebounds gave this game away. The Lakers offensively were stagnant and made several poor decisions.

Only three Lakers had double figure scoring and Lamar was really the only Laker that showed anything positive tonight.

The good thing tonight was that as bad as the Lakers played, the only lost by two.

Deron Williams didn’t do anything until the final minute, but that was enough to beat the Lakers.

Amazing stat of the night was that Bynum only played 7 minutes and had 5 fouls. Reminds me of Travis Knight!

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Lamar played great while Bynum was in foul trouble. 21 points and 14 boards!

2) Ariza didn’t shoot well, but contributed in every other facet.

3) Pau played solid with 20 points and 9 boards.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Bynum for having a Knight-like performance.

What to Look for Next Game: Better offense.

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Go Lakers!

  • kobesno1fan

    as hard as it is for me to say, and i never ever thought i would say this but…..the smush of the day was actually kobe
    he took the worst selection of shots ive ever seen and shot 5-24
    he’ll bounce back and have a huge game 4 though

  • Brett

    I was at this game tonight. Jazz fans are the most vulgar and crude speaking people i’ve ever been around. And i’m from utah. Lakers play their worst game ever, and lose only by 2. No more sweep, but jazz suck bad. and when lakers make at least 40 percent of their shots, then it’s bye bye jazz.

  • MAMBA24

    Bad shooting night guys, what got me going the most is that ib the fourth quarter we decided not to take advatenge of our size. If you guys noticed we didnt use pau intill the 2minute mark. We need to go back to pounding the ball inside to pau and bynum and make that are first choice.

  • MAMBA24


  • lakrfan4life

    i never thought I’d say this, but Kobe was the Smush…
    he usually makes a lot of those shots, they just weren’t falling this game
    no worries, Kobe will bounce back next game, have a phenomenal game on Sat, and all will be good. LA in 5, as I had originally predicted, I gave Utah this game in the beginning, but the next one’s ours!

  • http://thelakersnation.com Kam Pashai

    It was announced at the arena and on TV that Andrew Bynum had fouled out in the 3rd.

    Andrew only had 5 fouls.

    The scorekeeper may have made a huge mistake. Bynum did not return the rest of the game.

  • playbetterlakers

    The Lakers have to stop giving up leads. I’m going to say play better Lakers!!!! Anyways considering they did play bad, they still had a chance to win. However I think they should not overlook the Jazz if they want to win the series, and the biggest price (the championship)

  • playbetterlakers

    Oh i meant to say prize…..kobe will play better, ANDREW PLAY BETTER PLEASE!

  • dcb2069

    yeah, i gotta agree with those saying it was kobe. i know bynum played limited minutes and thus didn’t contribute jack, but some of those calls were lame and not so much his fault.

    as for kobe, we know he doesn’t typically shoot like this. in particular, i wasn’t really mad at him for that last shot. the inbounds pass was a little wide, and kobe made the best of it.

    that said, and knowing that kobe is kobe and will continue to attack (as he should), we should have further exploited boozer inside when he was guarding pau. boozer could not (and will not be able to) guard pau.

    it’s not that we don’t love kobe. but in my mind, you gotta call it like you see it. 5-24 is never good.

  • zgum

    kobe – std

  • Joseph

    how about labeling the post

    “TLN’s 2009 Playoff Report: Lakers @ Jazz [Game 3]”

    instead of

    “TLN’s Playoff Report: Lakers @ Jazz [Game 3]”

    so we can differentiate from last year’s post in the trailing links.

  • Lakers suck ass tonight

    Lakers sucked ass tonight. Trade them all if they play like that again sat.

  • http://steveodesignedge.wordpress.com/ dEDGE

    Despite the ugly play, I’m not too upset about this loss. Sure, had we made a few more free throws, this would have been a hard fought victory instead with the Lakers taking a commanding 3-0 series lead. But I am a Lakers optimist, and I like our chances for Game 4 on Saturday. The Lakers couldn’t have played any worse and yet they still only lost by two points.

  • Gasoline

    Fuck Bynum. Pau is the true second man of Lakers.

  • Sako

    can u imagine if they replay the 4th quarter without Bynum fouling out ala Shaq & Miami/Atlanta… and we win, hahaha


    [Comment ID #68961 Will Be Quoted Here]

    CORRECTION: Pau is the true first Maricon of the Lakers.

  • David Gamboa

    Kobe missed some big shots. Talk about being Mr. Clutch.

  • Laker4life

    Pau played like a fag in game 3. He needs to play stronger. Boozer made him look like a punk. I luv my Lakers but they really pissed me off tonight. Make it to me in Game 4 and the rest of the playoffs PLEASE! BOTH OF OUR BIGS NEED TO DOMINATE!

  • Laker4life

    Oh, by the way what has happened to Farmar. He is a real spark plug for us. We could have used him in this game. Brown did not have a good game. What has happened to Vujacic’s three point shooting?

  • biglakerfan3408


    Come on!!! If there was anyone here that believed the Lakers should have downright swept the Jazz then you are either a young man who hasn’t watched much playoff basketball yet, or are just plain naive. Evryone with a little bit of knowledge knows that two proffesional teams playong in a seven game series, with one team leading by 2-0, and the first game on the losing teams home court coming in game three, that team is going to win the game most of the time. Because, uf that team loses, they are done.

    The Jazz were supposed to win that game, great teams win the games they are supposed to win, time will teach you ignorant fams that. Not trying to insult anyone, but the Lakers weren’t supposed to win this game. If they did, then awesome, sweep is coming and we get to rest, but the expectation for an informed and experienced fan, is that the Jazz would take this game and then the Lakers will win the next game. Which is exactly what the majority of us real fans believe.

    So relax, enjoy your friday, and let’s go Lskers, show these fair weather fans what it is all about, so that maybe one day they will have the knowledge to understand the flow of a playoff series


  • Kobe8

    I’m not worried. I said earlier that if Kobe jacks shots up we will lose and that’s what happened. But next game i’m pretty sure we will play well. I mean we shot 36% and lost by ONLY 2 points. We are fine.

  • Rich

    I could tell by the beginning of the game that they were going to lose. Bottom line still with this team is when they play a tough physical game on the road the only one who tries is Kobe and LO. When times get tough Ariza seems very hesistant to shoot, Pau does all these fakes and usually gets the ball stolen. Fisher and Sasha cant shoot anymore, and Bynum is not in good enough shape yet that’s why he’s commiting all those fouls. What all this leads up to is Kobe trying to shoot bad shots and if anybody has followed his career he is horrible shooting in Utah. Sometimes you can tell the Lakers don’t seem to care too much. They will win the next two and move on to the second round.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Usually when you miss that many free throws, it will come back and bite you in the ass at the end of the game. Pau was 4-10 from the stripe…and even though Kobe did shoot terribly, he did still have 7 rebs, 6 assists, and 2 steals.

  • kwame4mvp

    sasha needs to go.

  • LakersFirst

    Let’s face it, the more aggressive team won. The Jazz were aggressive at the beginning and the entire end of the game (starting at the end of the third quarter). The Lakers were aggressive in the second quarter and the first 9 minutes of the third. After that, the Jazz bench came in as the aggressors and the Lakers stayed on their heels.

    The Lakers would have won this game if they were aggressive and kept attacking throughout the game.

  • Phil Jackson is an Idiot

    I know he has 9 rings.. blah blah blah, but he is making poor decisions and last night was a prime example of it:

    1. Odom should be guarding Boozer, NOT Pau. Boozer ate up Pau on the boards and his foot speed is too fast for Pau. Odom is more versatile and has a stronger base to guard Boozer.

    2. Brown should start over Fisher. Fish is playing terrible this series. His shot is off and Deron is eating him alive. Brown will at least make Brown work defensively.

    3. Phil needs to tell Pau to get into the low block. Everytime he catches the ball near the free throw he gets stripped.

    4. Bynum needs to come off the bench and Odom should start. His timing is off and everytime he touches the ball he shoots it.

    5. Phil needs to tell Kobe to stop taking turn around jumpers with 2 defenders on him, and to drive it to the basket more.

    6. Phil should of put Kobe on Deron in the 4th quarter. The Jazz offense starts and ends with him.

    We need to stop losing leads.. be more aggressive on both ends.. get the Jazz in foul trouble early.. stop ball watching.. remember the fundamentals.. DEFENSE wins championships

  • kobe8

    ^^ AGREED.

  • Lakezilla

    I came on this site today expecting doom and gloom from many of the fans out there but it was refreshing to read that wasn’t the case. I’m not worried one bit. I thought the Lakers would win this series in 5 and after last night I feel even more confident about that prediction. Despite the bad shooting, lack of rebounding, no bench production (except for Lamar)and terrible coaching, we still should’ve won….lmao. Our defense was pretty good last night and that’s what kept us in the game. Even though we were up by 13 I knew that wouldn’t last because of how the game was going. Actually I have no idea how we got that big of a lead considering how awful we were playing lol.

    On a sidenote, Pau has been great for us this year so I won’t be too hard on him but he needs to man up when someone his dominating him like that. Stop with that swing through garbage because he gets it stolen from him. Milsap was pushing him around and he was always off balance when he tried to do anything. He needs seriously get in the weight room over the summer. Also stop with the Superman defense, you know the hands straight up in the air like you want to fly defense. Use your damn legs and jump. Well i guess i was a little hard on him. Oh well…lol.

  • gugy

    I will try to be positive and expect that this lost was a good thing for the Lakers.
    truth the matter is the Lakers were bored in the first two games at home and did not play with the same level of intensity during the WHOLE game.
    It almost feel they are complacent and not trying really that hard. Not that hungry.
    Everybody knew it would not be a sweep against Utah.
    I hope this loss will motivate our team to play with heart and determination and bag The Jazz next game and finish this thing on Staples at game 5.
    We need to bring heart back to the playoffs. Play with determination and intensity. If not we might encounter the same situation again like tonight.
    Go LAkers!

  • lakerman1

    If Fisher is not hitting the J then he is just not on. Down by 3 and Fisher runs up with no one on D and Jacks up a 3 point shot instead of setting up the offense and sorry to say no way he keeps up with D Will. The Lakers will win the series but we might as well get use to it, they have developed too much of a pattern of blowing leads. If we win this year it will be because of true grit. Its like Kobe said we have too many nice guys on this team.

  • http://neoshocapital.com Farmabrick

    [Comment ID #68985 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Great points. Here are mine:

    Start Lamar and bring Bynum off the Bench.

    Put Kobe on Williams in “crunch” situations.

    Late in the fourth, go “big” with Lamar, Pau, Bynum, Trevor, and Kobe.

    Put Kobe on the low block, Pau at the high elbow. Kobe can shoot over Brewer down there. Pau can shoot from the elbow or dive to the basket if Collins or Boozer go down to double Kobe.

    Play Brown more, play Sasha less.

  • Paul S.

    There are many things that I take from this game. Utah is a FAR different team at home than on the road (the biggest JECKLE and HYDE team in the history of the league); the reason this is is because they let Utah get away with a lot of push off fouls, hard picks with elbows and hacking any Laker that goes down the lane. This has been going on since the 80’s when they had Malone and Stockton. One more thing about Utah is their OBNOXIOUS, CLASSLESS, MYOPIC fans who stoop as low as to yell “Cancer” to Derek Fisher. This is about as low as a fan could stoop. It is one thing to cheer your team and boo the other team; however, when ANY fan of any team starts getting personal that definitely goes way OVER THE LINE. These DAMN Jazz fans have been like this for a long time. They have the WORST fans in NBA HISTORY-BAR NONE!

    The Lakers are a much better team than the Jazz and they need to play with passion and intensity. There is no excuse to get outrebounded 55-40, they need to box out and execute the fundamentals of the game properly. They need to develop a killer instinct more often and knock these bums on their butts and silence these awful fans(at least the ones that are egegriously obnoxious). It is always satisfying to kick the crap out of this team and piss off their classless, idiotic fans. Lets man up LAKERS and lay these bozos to waste!!


  • http://whoisepik.com EPIK16

    No need to worry Laker Nation the jazz won by only 2 points…Kobe won’t miss that many shots again, Pau won’t miss that many freethrows again-this is just a good wake up call to the team to focus and not allow leads to dwindle down and to play lock down defense-to become the champs they need to be able to win in hostile territory..im sure they’ll get the win on Sat.

  • jC

    seriously we as fans need to chill. it took a deron williams game winner, boozer with 20-20, millsap with like 15 boards for them to win this. we didnt play with any real offensive efficiency. the jazz outplayed us. they did what they were supposed to and win the first game at home. which they barely did.

    i wouldnt worry about it. im not worried. dont worry about it.

  • lala

    i agree with what phil is a idiot said about maybe starting Odom instead of Bynum because i remember last year boozer couldn’t handle the speed of Lamar. Or another solution is for Bynum to figure out a way to not pick up a lot of fouls. seriously sasha and luke need to show up. i’m not really mad at shannon and trevor because they have been playing great.

  • jC

    and quit hating on the jazz fans. they show passion for their team. give them a break. just because our home crowd stays as quiet as a tiger woods putt in the pga tour, doesnt meet we gotta hate. were better than that. im so tired of hearing the hate on fans who are loud. who cares. thats what fans should do. suppport till the end. boston cleveland utah portland it doesnt matter! i mean at least our team is better than theirs.

  • Dragon

    Ariza or Derek should have taken the last shot Kobe was just shooting horrible. He doesn’t have to be the only hero at the end of games but oh well there wasn’t much time left at the end. Defense wasn’t great as well final seconds of the game they just let Boozer drive in to dunk thats just poor defense especially its down to the wire. Well they better win game 4 so they don’t have to drag this to a 7 game series.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #68985 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ok, you’re pretty much stating the obviously. Kobe should attack more instead of taking turnaround jumpshots with two players on him (no sh*t. Don’t you think you should tell that Kobe?). Pau should get the ball in the lowpost (duh, no sh*t sherlock). Gee, I think the Lakers should also put the ball in the basket. That’s my advice. There, I think I’m a great coach (if you can’t tell I’m being sarcastic).

    But start Brown over Fisher. Are you nuts?? Brown who’s has absolutely zero playoff experience (oh let’s not forget those valuable two minutes he played for Cleveland). This statement alone shows you’re an f’n moron.

  • Kid Kaos 310

    Well ladies and gents, this was a hard one to watch, Kobe was off tonight (a rarity) but it was a collective effort, or lack there of, which gave us the L last night. Yes the crowd was somewhat a factor, but Bynum fouling out in 7 minutes worth of play really hurt us in the end; plus Pau and Lamar looked slugish towards the 4th quarter due to lack of rest (ala Bynum fouling out). Boozers career night (at least if felt like it) is what really propelled the Jazz to their first W this series, capping it off with D-Will’s juke on D-Fish and the fade-away jumper. Utah is a difficult place to win, but with the Jazz playing really good basketball yesterday, and the LakeShow not really showing up completely, this was still a close ball game. Prediction: Lakers in 5.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #68963 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I beg to differ Juan, Sasha, with hit Laker Girl hair band, was the first, then Pau.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #68996 Will Be Quoted Here]

    that’s basically what it comes down to. pau never misses that many free throws.and kobe won’t have another game like that in this series. and bynum should not have fouled out(?),, or whatever happened. some of those calls at him were incomprehensible.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #68953 Will Be Quoted Here]

    how do we look into this??????

    wouldn’t Phil, or someone on the coaching crew know about this? Did they just not want to play Bynum anymore?

    And Kobe should’ve dribbled closer or pump faked. 2.2 seconds is a lot of time. a dribble closer or a head fake could’ve created shot or circumstance; a completely different outcome.

  • ilikebasketball

    i meant: could’ve created a different shot or circumstance

  • gugy

    We are fine.
    Last night was a misstep that actually will be beneficial for our team in the long run.
    I predict Saturday we winning the game and closing it at Staples.

    Once in awhile we need a big shake (game loss) up to “wake up” the best within.

  • Don’t be too confident

    All I see here is “Lakers played terrible, and the Jazz played great. That’s the only way they could’ve beaten us.”

    Excuse me?

    –Jazz shot 44% from the floor (their season average at home is close to 50%)

    –D-Will was essentially a non-factor until the end (he’s as valuable to the Jazz as Kobe is to the Lakers), which won’t happen in Game 4.

    –Jazz shot 64% from the free-throw line, well below their season average.

    –Jazz had 6 more turnovers than the Lakers, including a bone-head 8 seconds call on Deron. They usually keep turnovers low at home.

    –The Jazz didn’t run their offense for most of the third quarter, settling for jumpers that weren’t going in. I think that was the biggest reason the Lakers got the lead.

    I could go on, but the point is, the Jazz didn’t play that great. They played well on defense, but their offense was stagnant for large portions of the game. They won because they wanted it more, not because they played the perfect game. So, don’t get too comfortable in the Lakers’ dominance of the Jazz. The Jazz have a better game in them, a much better game.

    As a side note, I don’t watch the Lakers a lot, so this is an honest question: Does Kobe usually take such awful shots? I’ve never seen a player take so many contested, fadeaway shots in my life; probably because if they did it for the Jazz, they would’ve been benched for life, no matter who they were.

  • Phil Jackson is an Idiot

    [Comment ID #69006 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Laker First — do you need a hug or something? did you get in a fight with your mom? don’t take out your ignorance on me.. read a book or something.. you don’t understand this game called “basketball”.. why don’t you comment on baseball

  • Big Phil

    [Comment ID #69009 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I wish Pau would grow some giant cajones and man up out there. If he continues to be a maricon, I’m going to start calling him Raggedy Ann.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #69019 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Why are you here? Are a Suckdic fan? If so, get the f*ck out.

  • Don’t be too confident

    Wow, after all the talk about how classless the Jazz fans are and I get that response to a pretty tame post by high class Lakers fans.

    Stay classy, fellas.

  • sketch

    I hope that the refs will actually start calling fouls on Boozer for shoving Pau in the lower back when going for the rebounds. I mean how the hell can a 6’8″ fool like Boozer get 23 boards in a game? Pau doesn’t even have to jump to be able to grab the rebounds. I understand that the home team will get some more calls, but that’s just absolutely ridiculous! There’s no way that Boozer can grab those boards without fouling so I hope that Stern and Jackson reviews the game like they say they would to see if the refs are up to par for the playoffs.

    Of course Kobe was sort of the Smush of the day for his bad shooting night and the Lakers do have the blame for not playing as well as they should have. I do think that they have an excuse because of the short travel schedule and game day. I look for our boys to rebound and rebound big tomorrow and basically kick the UTARD’S J’ASS!

    Oh, and 1 more food for thought…why is it that LeHype’s team started the playoffs first, but don’t play their 3rd game until tonight so that they actually get 2 more days of rest? Conspiracy…? I’ll leave it up to everyone else to ponder on!

    Go Lakers!

  • desecrator09

    lala on April 24, 2009 at 3:10 pm said:

    do we get complacent because we are talented team?

    ya we do and that is one of the reasons why we will NOT win a title this year. A championship team would of grabbed Utah by the throat and tore it out when they get a 13 point lead IN THE PLAYOFFS. And dont give me this sh*t about Utah was desperate and they play well at home and crap. A REAL championship caliber team who was on a mission for redemption wouldnt give a rat’s @ss about where they are playing.
    Yesterday was a perfect example of our mental “softness.” We got punched in the mouth and i saw players hanging their heads and just taking it. Also when Drew fouled out, we all saw him joking around and acting like a fool. Thats NOT the attitude to have. Even in the post-game interviews, everybody just shrugged off and said “oh we just couldnt hang on in the end”,”we got lazy”, we got to do better on the boards.”NO SH*T YOU DO!! Stop talking about it so much and go out and F*CKING DO IT!!
    Again im saying we wont win this series because we will just because of our superior talent. That wont work in the later rounds. Charles Barkley said it best, that we are basically winning with our talent in all three of these games and not because we are on a mission for a title. I also agree with him that if we dont win it this year, we wont ever win it. You guys know that we will probably be losing some players in the offseason due to free agency.
    I know i sound like im being too negative but im just saying what i see from us right now. Its all mental with us right now and sadly mentality is something you cant just change with the flip of a switch…

  • dan


    I think the Lakers will win big tomorrow night but I do agree with stuff you are saying. I’ve been saying from the beginning of the season that they are building a bad habit of not having a fire in their belly to crush opponents. (always losing their big leads)

    Maybe Phil should play that game 6 of the finals so they can remember what it felt like? I thought they were going to be on a mission but they look like they are taking this series half hearted. (just like the regular season) Instead of crushing their hopes, we have now allowed them to think they can compete against us – and that is all they need to make this go to 7 games.

    Utah has talent and Lakers better not take them for granted.

  • dan

    Didn’t quite word that correctly – Lakers better not assume that they are going to cruise through the playoffs.

  • ed

    [Comment ID #68948 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Not only that, he also plays some stupid lazy defense. this “roaming” thing os his is really stretching our team “d”.

  • kevin


  • lakerfan4

    Lakers are going to loose game 4 and probably game 5.

  • lakerfan4

    lakers have no defense and cannot close out games. Jazz in 7.

  • farmabrick

    Mark my words: Lakers will win tonight because Kobe will play closer in to the hoop, posting up Brewer down low.