2:34 into this clip, a player finally doesn’t do something that we’ve seen him do all series. We see him not do something that he really has no excuse to do every time he touches the ball.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Farmar did not pick up his dribble at the 3-point line. All series long, he would stop his dribble at the 3-point line and look to pass. This, more than anything else in the series, really pissed me off. This was Derek Fisher’s backup. This was the guy that we needed to be productive so that Fisher didn’t have to play 3 out of every four quarters.

So kudos to Farmar becauses, as Marc Jackson says “you’re better than that.”

Marquee Matchups

Point Guard – Derek Fisher and Jordan Farmar vs. Deron Williams: So far, Derek Fisher has done his part, but Farmar has been abused by Williams. There’s a good article by Jill Painter in the LA Times about Farmar’s contributions in Game 5. In it, Farmar speaks about his confidence and how Phil wants him to be a spark off the bench. For me, it’s simple. To be a spark off the bench he has to attack, and he can’t attack if he picks up his dribble outside of the 3-point line. If he sparks, we win this match up, it’s really that simple.

Advantage: Jazz.

Shooting Guard – Kobe Bryant vs. Ronnie Brewer: to paraphrase Charles Barkley, Kobe had a good balance of shooting verses passing and generally took whatever the defense gave him. Barkley also made a good point in mentioning that, even though Kobe only took 10 official shots, he had 17 FTAs, which meant he shot closer to 16, 17 times. There’s an article on Kobe’s game by Johnny Ludden, from which the following except is from.

“He was showing the trust in the guys we developed throughout this year,” Luke Walton said of Bryant. “It paid off huge for us.”

Bryant didn’t always defer. After Jazz point guard Deron Williams tied the score with a three-pointer in the third quarter, Bryant posted him on the other end of the floor. Williams lunged left and Bryant spun right, elevating only for a soft layup. He did launch himself for one dunk attempt in the quarter, drawing a foul.

“I didn’t know if I was actually going to quite get up high enough to do it,” he said. “I kind of felt like Luke Walton.”

Kobe’s roaming defense could prove worrisome if Brewer continues to get easy dunks off back cuts, especially in an arena as raucous as SLC (although I’m watching the Spurs-Hornets games right now and apparently SVG does not believe in crowd noise LOL).

Advantage: Lakers.

Small Forward – Vladimir Radmanovic vs. Andrei Kirilenko: Okay, go back to that clip I linked for Farmar. Start watching from 0:25. After he makes that second three, tell me Vladdy isn’t doing his best Wolverine impression ever! Good stuff. Unfortunately, Phil took him out soon after that but it was undeniably his best impression of a basketball player this series.

Advantage: Jazz.

Power Forward – Lamar Odom vs. Carlos Boozer: A little tootage of hornage warning.

“I’m guessing Phil might put Gasol on Boozer and make him shoot those mid-range jump shots. If he makes them then at least Gasol is avoiding foul trouble, and if he misses then Gasol has inside position on him. Hopefully Lamar can shut down Okur, as he should be fast enough to stick with the drive as well as tall enough to contest his shot.”

That was me, I said that two games ago. Haha!

Advantage: Lakers.

Center – Paul Gasol vs. Mehmet Okur: As we have all seen, Mehmet Okur was clearly flopping on that final dunk by Gasol. One thing I find about Gasol, is right after he’s done something really manly he has the “I’m the man” walk, but he looks like he’s sad to the point of tears… and this is literally all the time.

People might get on Gasol for not getting 10 rebounds a game this series, but I don’t think we need him to get 10 rebounds for us to win this series, but we do need him to get 5+ assists. So far, so good.

Advantage: Lakers.


It was so sweet seeing Milsap get into foul trouble, just as it was refreshing to watch Korver contained offensively. Sasha missed a lot of shots in Game 5, but those were a lot of in-and-out shots. Best of all, they were all decent looks, if not great looks, so I’m not to worried about him, he’ll turn it around.

Honourable mention to DJ Mbenga for getting a Super Mario.

I’m still wondering what we’re paying Newble for.

Advantage: Lakers, but only if two reserves step up (Game 5 it was only Farmar).

Statistical Predictions

Alright, I’m going to keep track of statistical predictions for the post-season!

Here’s how it works, copy and paste the below and enter your picks instead, Closest prediction wins. Posts will only be accepted before the game starts, in this case 7:30PM PST.

20+ Points: Kobe and Gasol, Lamar

10+ Rebounds: Lamar.

2+ Blocks: Gasol and Turiaf.

3+ 3-Pointers: Fisher, Sasha.

Closest To A Triple-Double*: Kobe.

Point Margin: Lakers by 12.

Out On A Limb: both coaches get kicked out of the game for taunting each other.

* a 20/10/6 will be considered closer than a 20/7/7 because player A is only short 4 assists while player B is short 3 rebounds and 3 assists, or 6 stat points in total, as opposed to 4 for plater A.

Game Information

Radio: KLAC & KWKW

Television: ESPN

Burning Questions

Can Farmar release the inner Jordan? (see what I did there haha)

What’s up with the home court advantage?

Lets win this one for Lakers Pride!

  • Sopi


    LA By 5

  • as1084

    20+ Kobe Gasol
    10+ Lamar Gasol
    5+ assists (i added this one) kobe odom gasol
    2+ Gasol Odom
    3+ Sasha Fisher

    LA by 9 111-102

  • kb24kb8

    20+ Kobe | Lamar
    10+ Lamar | Gasol
    5+ Asst Kobe | Gasol | Walton
    2+ Gasol | Odom | Turiaf
    3+ Vujacic | Fisher
    Closer to a TD Kobe

    LA by 9 109 – 103

  • lakerfan81

    Vujacic had a bad shooting night. But the good thing about Vujacic is that he will continue to shoot those shots, and he is a really good shooter so he will make them. I don’t think he has a confidence problem at all. Though I would like to see him do a pump fake when someone is closing in on him and go for a 15 footer or try to get a foul.

  • True Lakers Fan


  • bluekang

    I’ve been wondering why we are paying Newble for a while now

  • LakeShowtime

    If Fisher stays on the floor and doesn’t commit stupid fouls like the last trip to Utah, Lakers will win a close game. Odom needs to keep punkin’ the Jazz, Boozer is more like a Whuuzer, Kobe needs to start playing more aggressive kind of like the Denver game that he had 49 points and 8 to 10 assists.

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/?page_id=2373 Jonny

    hey guys just so you know I won’t be counting the 5+ assist thing. i thought about it at first but i figured the closest to triple double thing coveres it. i mean, with the fact that the triangle offense means that a lot of people will have 3-5 assists but no one is really guarenteed to go off for 8+ means its hard to predict someone going off for 10+ with any precision at all.


    LO wll be high point man tonight,27.

  • playdefense

    lakers win tonight.. they will be pumped. lakers despise the utah fans for everythig they have said and done to fisher. i see lakers closing them out tonight. they need to be aggressive and play with passion. it will be important because if they win they will have a good time to rest and get healthy and also it will give ariza the right amount of time to come back and really contribute (they will need him on the defensive end next series). kobe will also benefit from nearly a week off if the lakers win. so i hope they close and i think they will. lets play with heart and passion and not commit stupid turnovers. try and avoid losing the rebound battle by a lot. GO LAKERS!!!!

  • SteelSeries

    You forgot to add “talking smack” (sasha) LOL

  • gugy


    Please let’s finish this tonight and rest Kobe’s back for few day to then play the Spurs/Hornets.
    Personally, I think the Spurs will be a better team for us to play. Hornets is very unpredictable.

    It’s going to be a nailbiter. I predict Lakers by 1 or 3 points.

    Go Lakers.

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/?page_id=2373 Jonny

    hey everyone, don’t forget to post your preictions on vasrity’s previews too!!

    BringDFishBack earned a free 3 points in game 1 because he was the only one to predict and that meant he had the closest point margin!!

    did anybody agree with the Vladdy Wolverine impression?

  • http://myspace.com/plummerrocks Machinehead18

    20+ Points: Kobe and Gasol, Lamar

    10+ Rebounds: Lamar.

    2+ Blocks: Gasol,Odom, and Turiaf.

    3+ 3-Pointers: Fisher, Sasha.

    Closest To A Triple-Double*: Kobe.

    Point Margin: Lakers by 2

    Out On A Limb: Vladdy gets fired up again and grows claws from his hands. He then slices up that Jazz fan who covered his eye and was yelling at Fisher.

  • BringDFishBack

    20+ Points: Gasol, Lamar, & Farmar

    10+ Rebounds: Lamar.

    2+ Blocks: Gasol, Turiaf, & Luke.

    3+ 3-Pointers: Fisher, Farmar.

    Closest To A Triple-Double*: Luke.

    Point Margin: Lakers by 7.

    Out On A Limb: Kobe gets kicked out in the first quarter.

  • mplakers

    lakers lakers!!! lakers by 20+ tonight…i feel a blowout coming.

    let’s go lakers!!!!

  • RoWyN

    20+ Points: Kobe and Gasol

    10+ Rebounds: Lamar and Gasol

    2+ Blocks: Gasol and Lamar

    3+ 3-Pointers: Fisher

    Closest To A Triple-Double*: Lamar

    Point Margin: Lakers by 7

    Out On A Limb: Jazz fans will shut up after tonight’s game

  • GotAce

    Winn TONIGHT

    HELLO WCF.!!

  • jarrett

    Sorry guys. Lakers lose..

    LOL JK! lakers win by about 5 or 6 with a nice run at the end of the game.

    cant wait to see that foolio Carlos loozer CRY.

  • RC

    Lakers need to come out fighting! Step up the defense and keep DW & AK out of the paint. Lamar go after these fools and drive the lane every chance you get! Kobe, just be your outstanding MVP self! Pau show the Jazz that blue box on the floor and dare them to get in! Don’t let the Jazz even get near the basket!

    Every Laker has to come out with the intensity and the drive to slam every basket down hard and make a statement. Show the Jazz and their foolish fans we will take no prisoners! This game is ours and their season is over!

    Let’s Go Lakers! Take care of business!

  • laketown

    i think you mean JVG — as in Jeff.

    go lakers!

  • varsityoptimism

    holy double negative batman!


    Lakers 106-Jazz 97,THEY’RE DONE!!!

    I’MFIREDUP.com,4-2,’nuff said.

  • goofella

    i’ve looked into my magic eight ball after asking it if the lakers will win tonight and it reads, “It is likely.” Well there it is the magic eight ball never lies…

  • matthew

    out on limb and sayin derek fisher either hits the game winning shot or the go ahead shot to win the game


    Live from Washington,DC,YOUR BOY, DCLAKER SENDING THE GOOD VIBES TO OUR LAKERS(and some Garlic and a stake and hammer too for Utah fans).

    UTAHFANSSUCK.com,I gotta funny feelin’Utah is going to try and FLOP their way to GAME 7……I said “try”,Lakers 106-Screw-tah 97,BANG!!!

  • LakersAllDay

    20+ Points: Kobe and Gasol, Lamar

    10+ Rebounds: Lamar

    2+ Blocks: Gasol

    3+ 3-Pointers: Fisher

    Closest To A Triple-Double*: Kobe

    Point Margin: Lakers by 4.

    Out On A Limb: The Crowd Will Finally Shut Up when they lose

  • Big Phil

    Yes! Go Lakers!

    Damn, Fluke don’t shoot!!! I really can’t stand him. Play Ariza over Luke PLZ!

  • west213


  • phoebus

    i do not understand why PJ keep putting jordan FARTS in there….
    since he is in, lost 10 points…….

  • Big Phil

    STOP GIVING UP THE FACKIN 3 POINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • west213


  • lakers

    oh yeah, now i would rather play new orleans

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/?page_id=2373 Jonny

    yeah, Hornets aren’t experienced. . aren’t dirty. . but are really good