In politics, the term “lame duck” refers to an official, whose power has been neutralized due to either losing a re-election bid, choosing not to seek another term or facing a term limit.

Washington D.C. is currently filled with lame ducks: Outgoing President George W. Bush, a handful of Senators and Representatives, and their basketball franchise.

Once an exciting misfit bunch, led by their clown prince Gilbert Arenas, the Wizards (3-13) have lost their way.

Agent Zero’s knee is still jacked and his return is not coming any time soon, center Brendan Haywood could be lost for the season and their replacement’s JaVale McGee and Dee Brown are struggling to fill their shoes.

The Washington Wizards have become lame ducks in a city filled with them.

The Lakers (15-2) come in to the District playing the role of the Obama Transition Team: full of youth and can-do spirit, with the entire world watching their every move.

After a disappointing loss Indiana, the Lakers rebounded marginally well against Philadelphia, but have still not convinced this writer that all is fine and good.

Without nitpicking (it is pretty hard to nitpick at an .882 win percentage), it seems as if a sense of complacency has permeated the Los Angeles Lakers.

When facing the cellar-dwellers of the NBA, like the Wizards, the Lakers should not aim to simply win at half-speed, but attempt to win by 30 going full bore.

Tipoff: 4:00 PM PST

Television -

  • Los Angeles: KCAL (Joel Myers & Stu Lantz)
  • Washington D.C.: Comcast SportsNet HD (Steve Buckhantz & Phil Chenier)

Radio -

  • Los Angeles: AM570 KLAC (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Washington D.C.: ESPN 980AM (Dave Johnson & Glenn Consor)

Injuries -

Lakers: None to report.


  • Out: Gilbert Arenas (knee), Brendan Haywood (wrist)

Storylines -

History Lesson: Tonight, the Lakers will technically play the Washington Wizards, but the Wizards will pay homage to their Chicagoan roots. Before moving to Baltimore and eventually D.C., the Wizards franchise started in the Windy City and played one season known as the Chicago Zephyrs in 1962-63.

Tonight, the Wizards will honor that Zephyrs team that went 22-55 and were led by Walt Bellamy and Terry Dischinger.

Varsity Challenge -
(Prize: The microfilm that contains alllllllll of the Government’s spooky secrets)

Name the member of the 1963 Chicago Zephyrs that is currently a coach in the NBA.

  • Kent

    What happened to Wednesday’s Pre and Post Game reports against Philadelphia?

  • kobeism

    [Comment ID #56087 Will Be Quoted Here]

    the 76ers were that irrelevant that no pre/post game was needed

  • mr. me too

    don nelson!

  • kb24bestever

    Finally am gonna get to see da lakers play again lakers all in D.C and maryland we got alot of lakers haters and after tonight they gonna hate us even more after we beat them by 40, ill be at the game.


    No one reads em anyways its just a thread to post our thoughts!

    j/k i enjoy pre/post game at TLN!

  • Billy Kupchak

    Donald Arvid Nelson a.k.a. “Nellie” :cool:

  • Andrew Rafner

    [Comment ID #56087 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i was sick

  • Left

    [Comment ID #56095 Will Be Quoted Here]

    After that tip in loss to the Pacers, I think we all were.

  • shidosha01

    Gonna be at the game tonight! Been going the past 3 seasons behind the Lakers Bench. This season gonna be behind the scorers table wearing my Farmar jersey. Hope the Lakers don’t beat them that bad so they don’t sit all the starters in the 4th.

    Anyone else gonna be there?

  • LakersLiveFromDC


  • jason420_7

    wizards shouldnt use ariza’s injury as excuse cause hes probably the most overrated player in the league and i wouldnt want him on my team..doesnt play any defense whatsoever and has made it known that he would rather score all the points he can then help the team win games..theres a reason the coaches left him off the olympic team a few years back..cause hes selfish and just not that good of a player…score all the points u want gilbert you’ll always be a loser!!

  • pau

    I love the pre-game and post games reports.


  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    [Comment ID #56118 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yea LakersLiveFromDC I live here too…and im always hyped when the lakers are in town…did u get tickets to the game?

  • domz

    [Comment ID #56120 Will Be Quoted Here]

    maybe u meant arenas not ariza..hehe..

  • LakersLiveFromDC

    WHAT UP,JOE!!!PAUKOBEBYNUMODOMDYNASTY,nah,unfortunately I didn’t but it always good to talk to a homeboy.I was starting to think I was only one from DC on this site.

    You going to the game P.K.B.O.D?

  • LakersLiveFromDC


  • LAkers=championship

    Lakers won this game man.
    kobe another rest in the 4th quarter

  • LakersLiveFromDC

    Won’t be that easy,yes Wizards are some @#$T but they do play hard…like Indiana,DON’T SLEEP!


    I take it Back, It’s not the Lakers that do not have the Killer instinct, It’s Mr. Phil “The Laid Back” Jackson………Geeeeezus

  • LakersLiveFromDC

    Read my last post…DON’T SLEEP! It’s not Phil’s fault either,this team defensively (except Ariza and Kobe)can’t hold a @#$%IN’ 20 pt. lead to save their lives.I see a trade coming…I hope soon.

    Caron…no wait,ANDRAY BLATCHE!


    I can’t wait for the post game reviews to vent my frustration with this soft-laid-back-of-a-coach Jackson…… His coaching Philosophy will prevent the Lakers from Basketball Imortality (73+wins) this year… He’s already gone out and has excused himself from it, so as to cover his big overated STUBBORN OLD jackASS and dead brain cells to go with it


    Watch how Boston, up 68 to 46 with 3:00 minutes to play in the third quarter keeps the metal to the pedal, and won’t call of the dogs… This is Doc Rivers personality speaking volumes!


    And if the dogs decide not to eat, he doesn’t leave the food out for very long, before shoving it down their throats!


    For all the softies out there, when you relax and allow your opponent to breath again, without taking the hatchet to their air supply, over and over again, just cuz you think your opponent is already half dead and it wouldn’t be necessary and probably over-kill! …THINK AGAIN! …Your opponent will sense your relaxation and figure you think they were half dead anyways, so here is an opportunity to take it to you, when your guard is down! …Hence, since you allowed them to get stronger and stronger for an extended period of time (The ref’s also get caught up in this revelation, and flow along with it, also!), YOU will then deserve, to suddenly find yourself in a bind, you will naturally tighten up and consequently; nothing good will happen to flow your way! …This is how Laid-Back-ness, when you have your opponent down, will very often; Come back to BITE U IN THE ASS!


    Comment of the day,Juan.

  • LakersLiveFromDC


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