After watching last night’s game, would anyone else agree, Luke fan or not, that Coby Karl deserves some/all of Luke’s playing time? Luke should rest and get healed up so that next season he can get back to being an effective leader of the second unit.

Well, hopefully this means that someone else will be getting Luke’s minutes…

The announcers asked a very interesting question last night on TNT, if you’re the Laker, are you happy with the trade off of shooting 45% of your 3-pointers for shooting only 60% from the line?

Sound off in the comments! Personally I’d take it, because 3-pointers are so much more demoralizing, but 60% free-throw shooting is embarrassing… and to be fair, it was mostly Kobe’s fault, as he went 5-9 from the line.

Marquee Matchups -

Point Guard – Derek Fisher and Jordan Farmar vs. Earl Watson: You have got to be kidding me. Our PG’s will have the height advantage coming into this game? Well in reality it will only be Farmar and even he will only have an inch on Watson, but still, that’s a welcome change. As far as the basketball match up I fully expect our PG’s to own the crap out of Earl Watson, and this is based solely on watching last night’s game.

Advantage: Lakers.

Shooting Guard – Kobe Bryant vs. Kevin Durant: This match up gives me the case of the funnies. Whether we Lakers fans are willing to admit it or not, Kobe is allowed more leeway on the defensive end than others, mostly because of his reputation as a defender. Durant may be good for one or two highlight plays tonight, but he won’t come near bothering Kobe defensively or offensively.

Advantage: Lakers.

Small Forward – Vlad Rad vs. Jeff Green: It might end up that Green is put on Kobe and Durant is put on Vlad Rad, so as to hide Durant defensively. But as he showed last night, Vlad can shoot the three or, albeit awkwardly, take it to the hole for a flush (he had two of those). Also, as he showed last night, he will get back on defense on the fast break and usually positions himself very well, although he did need to be bailed out by D-Fish on the behind the back pass.

Advantage: Lakers.

Power Forward – Lamar Odom vs. Chris Wilcox: Lamar has shown that he can play well against the best in the league (Nowitzki, Boozer etc.) but Wilcox and Nick Collison have consistently given the Lakers way more trouble that they should on the offensive glass. It will be Lamar’s job to stay productive offensively and while helping the Laker avoid gifting the Sonics second chance points. The good new is, Wilcox might not even play as he injured himself against the Suns on Wednesday.

Advantage: Lakers.

Center – Ronny Turiaf vs. Johan Petro: To be honest, I know nothing of Petro or how he plays. The only thing I could find on him is that he doesn’t play good defense and that he’s French too. This may be the only time I wish I could read lips of French speakers, cause this has the potential to be the biggest trash talking match up for Ronny this year. Basketball wise, I don’t feel informed enough to give a verdict, but Ronny has the edge for me just because he plays defense well.

Advantage: Lakers

Bench -

Our bench finally has a good game and we win in style, good stuff. Hopefully it carries over into this game as well.

The Sonic’s bench has been depleted with injuries to the point that Donyell Marshall got five minutes against the Suns on Tuesday. They may also be without the services of Nick Collison, but then he may be forced to play due to lack of suitable replacement.

Advantage: Lakers.

Key Matchup -

Derek Fisher and Jordan Farmar vs. Earl Watson: Apart from Kevin Durant, Watson is probably the only offensive threat that can create a shot for himself in the starting unit. Our PG’s will have to play good defense on him in order to make him give up the ball, as he is also one of their best at creating a shot for others. His replacement. Luke Ridnour, is also adept at creating for others but his defense is absolutely atrocious.

Statistical Predictions -

20+ Points: Kobe, Farmar and Lamar.

10+ Rebounds: Lamar, and Turiaf.

3+ Blocks: Turiaf.

Closest To A Triple-Double: Lamar.

Out On A Limb: Kobe attempts a 360 jump shot (he’s already done the 360 dunk and layup).

Game Information -

Radio: KLAC & KWKW

Television: FSNW, FSW

Online: NBALP

Burning Questions -

Do we as Lakers fans like Charles Barkley’s analysis from last night?

Does Ira Newble excite anyone?

Do we as Lakers fans want the Celtics to win or lose to the Hornets on Saturday.

(I want them to win, because the Lakers are battling for the top spot against the Hornets, but I was rooting for Dallas last night)

Enjoy the game! Lakers by 17. :)

  • lakerz

    we got this

  • Banks

    IM pretty sure we picked up Ira because of Luke’s horrendous play over the past Season. at the same time im not really looking forward to Ira newble as well, cuz although be maybe good at defense (so ppl say) i hope he comes through like trevor ariza did when we picked him up…

    I’d like to see the celtics beat the hornets so that secures the Lakers position at the top, but at the sametime i don’t want ppl to keep on saying that celtics are UN-stoppable. its too bad that we played the celtics early on in the year before the major trades or else we would be about to see how we would match up against them…

    OH AND WE better beat the sonics


  • LakerNation1

    TREVOR!!! u are missed my friend! get well soon!!!


    Banks,like Kobe told “THE MOST HATED FANS IN THE NBA” last night,ALL DAY MOTHERF@$*%#,ALL DAY!!!

  • ab17

    charles barkly is an old piece of mierda.

    ira newble does excite me because of his defensive abilities and it means luke is finally gonna get less playing time.

    and of course we want them to win..thats a retarded helps us.they’re in the east we’re in the west.plenty of help in the standings….

  • six45ci

    Wilcox is injured by the way. he will not be playing tonight. for sure. hes considering season ending surgery on his finger that kept him out alot this season.

  • ab17

    who cares.he’s worthless.

  • Smush Walton

    Time to send Smush Walton down to the D League. His performance has been growing increasingly pathetic with each game.

  • Kobeyashi

    I always want the Celtics too lose, unless by them winning gets us into the playoffs.

    With them playing the Hornets, I still want the Celtics to lose. I don’t really care where we are seeded in the West as long as we get into the playoffs. Sometimes being the #1 seed is not the best for your team, just ask the Dallas Mavericks.

    The Lakers, with Bynum and Gasol back, are going to cause major problems for any team we face.

    The best thing for the Lakers to do is control their own destiny by winning and not worry about the other teams.

  • xxlakerxboixx

    What did Charles Say?…Did he ask for more Duncan Donuts or what?

  • Jonny

    he said that fisher could have gone to Seattle or Milwaukee to get treatment for his daughter instead of LA

    basically insinuated that it was too convenient

  • Lakers 24 7

    I dont care wat Barkley’s analysis is, as long as he keeps mentioning that Kobes the best lol, and We can use all the losses that the Celts give to our conference rivals, I kinda hope houston loses today then beats the suns in their next game


    It’s unanimous,LUKE EITHER IMPROVES OR KOBE SHOULD DO A VIDEOTAPE AND…..well,you get my drift. That S.O.B. needs to stop drinking BREW-SKIES with his pops and play some damn…..MAN,I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY GAVE HIM ALL THAT LOOT TO SIGN. That’s ok though ’cause next season as a “Free Agent” will sign with LAKERNATION and that’ll be the END FOR YOU,BUDDY! KOBE,I THINK IT’S LUKE’S TURN NOW!!!

  • megaloco10

    fucc fat ass barkley.. and walton with ball i need a cardio, he sucks..