Against my better judgment, I must say that the Indiana Pacers post-Reggie Miller are somewhat alluring.

Danny Granger is quickly becoming an all-star caliber player, Marquis Daniels has asserted himself and become a solid starter and T.J. Ford’s back problems have not seemed to bother him in his first season in the Hoosier state.

With all that being said, the Pacers are still a tepid 6-10 and do not look to be getting any better anytime soon, even with the flashes of potential seen from rookies Brandon Rush and Roy “Dr.” Hibbert, times are tough in Indiana.

Suffice it to say, these are not the Reggie Miller/Dale Davis/Rik Smits/Jalen Rose/Mark Jackson Pacers that the Lakers disposed of in the 2000 NBA Finals.

The Lakers enter their first East Coast jaunt sporting a 14-1 record, two wins shy of tying their best start in franchise history and coming off a 13-point win against Toronto on Sunday night, in which neither Kobe, Pau or Derek saw the court in the fourth quarter. Although this may not make for the most exciting and intriguing theater, come playoff time, to have well rested superstars will prove to be invaluable.

Now only if Sash’s ankle will fully heal, maybe he can make some shots. GAHD!

Tipoff: 4:00 PM PST


  • National: N/A
  • Los Angeles: KCAL (Joel Myers & Stu Lantz)
  • Indianapolis: FS Indiana (Chris Denari, Clark Kellogg & Quinn Buckner)


  • Los Angeles: AM570 KLAC (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Indianapolis: 1070 AM The Fan (Mark Boyle & Bobby Leonard)


Lakers: None to report.


  • Out: Mike Dunleavey (bone spur in knee)


SHADES: Much to the pleasure of this writer, Vladi Radmanovic continues to wear his quickly developing trademark orange-tinted superpower three-pointer eye shields. With the orange-tinted superpower three-pointer eye shields in combination with Vlad’s one-clip, he is fast becoming one of the most unique looking players of all time.

Orange-tinted superpower three-pointer eye shields for LIFE!

The Luke Question: I liked what Phil Jackson did on Sunday night, inserting Luke Walton alongside the starters to close out the first half. In the five or so minutes he played in the first half, he immediately made his presence known, doing what he does best: passing.

He found Kobe on an electric pick and roll, and led the charge for the Lakers to expand their once four-point lead to ten by halftime.

Say what you will about Luke Walton, but used properly, he is a valuable asset to this Laker team. We were all witness to that Sunday night.

Varsity Challenge:
(Prize: Orville Redenbacher Gourmet Popping Corn from Valparaiso, Indiana!)

I gave you the starters of the 2000 Indiana Pacer team that met the Lakers in the NBA Finals. Tell me the bench of that Pacer team.

  • osm0nd

    dale davis was somewhere in there no?

  • Remy

    is this game delay?

  • RobG

    Varsity Challenge answer:
    Sam Perkins C
    Austin Croshere PF
    Al Harrington PF
    Chris Mullin SG – SF
    Tavis Best PG

    Zan Tabak C
    Jeff Foster PF
    Derrick McKey SF

    Bring on the popcorn!
    Jonathan Bender SF

  • Andrew Rafner

    no more delays.

    4 PM on KCAL

  • Left

    Remy: You gotta keep up on your Lakers news. No more tape delay games.



  • Remy

    thx, i did, but it just seems odd to me. 4pm ususally meant delay in previous years so i’m just confirming. thx again

  • Jake

    Man, I can’t wait. Us Indianapolis folks stay up until 1:30am most games, so actually going to a game and being home by 10:30ish is great!

    Conseco is actually a great place to see a ball game, too. It’s not huge, never sells out, and there isn’t a bad seat in the house. I can park 2 minutes from the venue for $3.00 and no traffic getting in or out. I can’t wait! GO LAKERS!

  • T.A.

    Austin Croshere
    Jalen Rose
    Travis Best
    Al Harrington
    Chris Mullin
    Sam Perkins
    Derrick Mckey
    Jonathan Bender

    that is all I can remember from that club

  • ojt

    Luke Walton was just lucky but in the long run he is not worth what he is paid for,or being call a pro basketball player.He is slow ,can’t shoot, can’t jump/rebound and he assists the opposing team more than the la lakers….Get this scrub out of a laker uniform and sent him to the celtics so he can be with his daddy.

  • Dave

    Luke can’t jump? It must be true.

    I’m still waiting for an explanation why Luke refuses to dunk. I’ve never seen a guy so tall go for so many lay-ups. (Missing said lay-ups is a separate issue.)

  • LakersLivefromDC

    Lakers 115-Pacers 101…don’t sleep on this team,Granger is a BEAST!

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #55874 Will Be Quoted Here]

    TA, are you kidding? REGGIE MILLER!!!!!! you’re gonna remember a Derrick McKey before a REGGIE MILLER?!? LOL!!!! that’s friggin hilarious!!!

    there was also Rik Smits and Mark Jackson. Can’t forget Mark Jackson too! LOL. that’s funny man.

  • roscoe

    [Comment ID #55873 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think i would actually love that. So often I’m sitting around at 12 or 1 and trying to find something on TV. I’ve always thought it would be cool to be watching games like that on week days. On fri / sat. it would suck cause I would want to be getting drunk at the bars, but I guess DVr and watch in the mornings.

  • Mitch4Pres

    “Much to the pleasure of this writer, Vladi Radmanovic continues to wear his quickly developing trademark orange-tinted superpower three-pointer eye shields.” thats hilarious haha. super power threepointer eye shields wtf hahaha

  • Farmars_inner_Jordan

    Don’t take this team lightly!! They are the ones that handed the $melltics their first loss! I say, we pound them from the inside, with our super power duo of Gasol and Bynum clobbering everything from the inside out. Then we can have vladi’s superpower three-pointer eye shields make a few 3’s and the bench can come in for the finish.

  • BallerV24

    “Television –

    * National: N/A”

    I’m pretty sure this is the NBATV fan night game of the week.

  • T.A.


    HE said bench players

    you d-umb-a.s.s

  • LakersLivefromDC

    Did anybody see this? WOW!!!

  • Nathan

    The Pacers may be 6-10, but look at their schedule. They’ve had a brutal start to the season. Doesn’t help they’ve blown wins in almost every loss they’ve had, but they’ve been in or ahead late in most of them. I expect the Lakers to win, but they’ll likely have to earn it. Pacers aren’t a pushover. They’re just going to lose a lot of games when a five game stretch features opponents combining for a 75-13 record.

  • LAkers=championship

    hey does anyone knoe if i can watch the game online for free.
    because im in korea right now
    plz help me!!!

  • skim.


  • DefenseWinsChampionships

    Defense Lakers, Defense! Can’t the Lakers keep weak teams like Indiana under 100 points?

  • LakersLivefromDC

    They loss…I’m not mad for some strange reason,well,2 outta 3’s not bad.

    That’s why you don’t sleep on anybody.

  • Dracul

    12 missed free throws, gave up 19 offensive rebounds, left 3 point shooters whole game, plus those guys got a lucky bounce at the end. But the whole team looked in a stupor, like it was jetlag or something, they didn’t have the defensive focus. I think the 4pm start had something to do with it. BUt either way, the Lakers did deserve to lose this game, and it will help them re-focus. Too much winning can impede you from improving.

  • David

    [Comment ID #55909 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Not to mention blowing a 16 pt 4th quarter lead.

  • zako

    wow… i’m not used to losing

  • LakersLivefromDC

    Lakers weakness…Eastern Conference teams.They have to learn how to rough guys ups when you have Big leads like that,remember the ’87 Lakers,they’d be up by 30 and still poundin’ their opponents to the floor.

    I say Fri. The Lakers Trade Vlad and Luke for Caron…just for that game,then give’em back so he can see what winning is like again.

  • thelakerfuture

    kobe takes bad shots at the end of games, he always does that, the guy guarding him is too tall to shoot over, also, the other players should be involved in the end, don’t just sit there and watch kobe do it himself


    [Comment ID #55913 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree. Even the last shot Kobe hit was a bad shot. Sometimes just become the decoy.

  • lakers_lose2


  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #55909 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The game started @ 7pm EST, so the time zone had NOTHING to do with this loss. The 2nd unit should’ve been on the floor for the 4th quarter. Having the starting unit play instead was the reason why the Lakers lost. Let’s start Luke Walton instead of the space cadet! :cool:

  • Dracul

    “The game started @ 7pm EST, so the time zone had NOTHING to do with this loss. The 2nd unit should’ve been on the floor for the 4th quarter. Having the starting unit play instead was the reason why the Lakers lost. Let’s start Luke Walton instead of the space cadet!”

    7pm EST is 4pm PST. The Lakers played a whole bunch of games in a row at home, meaning on PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. So this was NOT the start time they were accustomed to.


    Bandwagon statements always come a dime a dozen:
    “The Lakers deserved to lose this game” ???? …Why, because of a wild tip in? …The Lakers outplayed the Pacers for the better part of this game (check out the play by play, quarter to quarter action), only to lose the momentum in the last: 4:47 (up 111 to 102) & the final: 2:55 (up 113 to 107); by the long rebounds that favored the Pacers, to the tune of an 11 > 2 margin, during this time… With the lone 2 rebounds that were credited to the Lakers, were actually blocks by Ariza and Odom, respectively… No actual off the rim rebound or air-ball shot (offensive or defensive) were gobbled up by the Lakers for almost the entire second half of the 4th quarter (5:54)! …This is where the game got away! …No team “DESERVES” anything, when there is so much “fortune/misfortune” involved in a one point ball game! …Only in true BLOWOUT fashion, would the term “deserve” apply.


    But I will say this: The Lakers (except Ariza) seem to relax their bodies (lowering of their arms) after most shot attempts, instead of staying intense and in attack mode thru-out the air-time of a shot… I think this has a lot to do with they’re not being ready for hard ricochets or long rebounds, off the rim. …Just an observation.