Today I’m not going to do any Marquee Match-Ups or playing coach. Instead I’d like for this thread to be more about you guys discussing the last eleven games of the season, and the impending return of our key players.

I will resume normal postage come Friday, when the grudge match against Memphis ensues (Well, they’ll have a grudge)!

Statistical Predictions -

I stand corrected, I now have it on good authority that Sasha has, in fact, dunked in a live game. If anyone has a clip of it that they would like to show me or send me, please do!


20+ Points: Kobe, Lamar, Farmar

10+ Rebounds: Lamar, Kobe

7+ Assists: Lamar, Kobe

2+ Blocks: Ronny

3+ 3-Pointers: Sasha

Closest To Triple-Double: Kobe

Out On A Limb: We shoot 90+% from the Line.

Score: Win by 15+

Game Information -


TV: Fox West

Internet: NBA LP

Burning Questions/Resounding Random Rambles –

What are all ya’ll(s?) predictions for the last eleven games of the season? Can we go 11-0 and reach 60? or do we do a respectable 9-2? any “haters” out there want to rain on our parade and predict 5-6? That gives us one short of 55 win, BTW.

Does anyone else realize the utter dominance that this team will achieve next year? I can almost guarantee you, the only reason that the Lakers aren’t challenging the Celtics for the league’s best title is because of all the roster upheaval that happened this year.

I mean, We were on a nice toll when we traded for Ariza, and then we lost a few games that we should have won while we adjusted to him.

Then there was the amazing Mbenga signing that totally changed the perception of our franchise. After that we traded away our only sizable expiring contract for some European softy without a defensive resume, and not only that but we had to give up our stud prospect that was putting up great numbers in the Euro League too.

Okay, my attempt at humor is sadly lacking, but the point remains, we’ve been pretty much always on the verge of going off on a Rockets-esque run. Whether it was trades or injuries there was always something that derailed us the moment we seemed poised to go on an extended run. Next year I’m predicting 60 wins minimum, and I’m looking forward to the Lakers being the only team in the West to have secured their playoff spot by March.

Lakers Fans, I command thee to YouTube Andrew Bynum, refresh your memory and remember how utterly unstoppable he really was.

Actually, those links are pretty much most of the best Bynum clips.

Enjoy! :-D

  • ryguy2303

    Little early to be looking at next year when we are gonna win a ‘ship this year

  • True Lakers Fan

    im going to say that LO will be a all-star! in the coming year

  • T-Dub

    We should wi at least 8 or 9 of the next 11 which should give us the 1 or 2 seed with all the troops back. We should worst case make it to he finals. I dont think any team in the west can beat us in 7 games. Boston is strong and that will be a war!

  • Lakers

    Put me in Odoms body and talent I’ll get 25/15/6

  • pa

    This year in this order:

    Warriors, Suns, Spurs, Celtics.

    Bring them on.

  • Tim

    Odom, Kobe, and Bynum will be all-stars next year

    we will go 11-0 (just being optimistic)

  • Paul

    Gah.. I do NOT want to go against the Warriors, they are SEVERELY unpredictable. We escaped that win a couple of days ago.. I’m not sure if Lakers can adapt to their kind of playing style.

    I’d rather stay 2nd please, I want to face Dallas or the Suns. THE SUNS SEVERELY so we can get them back for the past two years with the confidence that we can beat them so much.

    Man what would it be like with Bynum, Ariza, and Gasol all playing with each other.. SHEESH!

    (lol Chris Mihm..)

  • Frank

    you forgot gasol!

  • Thomas

    I think that this is an easy win but then again thats what we said about the Golden State games, and the rest is history. The really big games that we need to win are with both against the Blazers, the Kings and the Wizards. If we win those we will be in good shape going into the playoffs. Also i think that we should play Andrew Bynum as much as we can when we get him back before the Playoffs. That way we can get both him and Gasol on the same page. When the Playoffs begin the team i think we would be in the best position to beat and advance to the second round would be either Dallas(if they make it) or the Suns.

  • lakertacofan

    I too have seen enough of GS and do not want to see them in the playoffs. Watching these last two games, now I know what Dallas fan felt like last year.

    Time to tighten up the “D” and earn the Staples crowd free tacos.

  • Lakers 24 7

    I think we can go 11-0 the rest of the way, and the Lakers will have the best record in the league next season, mark my words, the Celtics have the best chance of winning a title this season but they will not repeat, and Kobe will receive an All-Star MVP, Seasonal MVP, and Finals MVP next season

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Magic number for The Lakers to clinch playoff spot is down to “5”

  • goodfella

    that would be awesome if you could fuse fisher and bynum. imagine? dwight who??

  • west213

    fluke will get into the all-star game next year you guys will see!!!! Pickle Head All-Stars. Maybe Kwame will join him. not sure…

  • west213

    GASOL BYNUM LAMAR KOBE. 2009 NBA All Star Game players from LA!!!!

  • mfoznot

    I think you guys are missing the point. It doesn’t matter who we play in the playoffs. Listen (or read), here are two key points. One, we are going to make the playoffs. (accent on the period) There is no doubt. It doesn’t matter who we play because we can beat anyone, which brings me to point #2. We need to be focusing, and solely worried about, being healthy and in sync going into that long playoff and eventual finals run. The reason the Warriors (ech!) were so bothersome was because we were short handed. Give us back Bynum and Gasol, at the least and watch the DOMINANCE. Other than that all you need to worry about is whether you want Brut or Extra Dry champagne for the celebration.

  • Jack

    no 1 seed : that should be our target: don’t care about first round match up guys. I we get utah, esp.. its hard to win at their home.

    gotta be 1 man. it’s about respect, chances for mvp and home court al the way.

  • Neo-Laker Era

    Testing a post. Apparently I’m banned from the shoutbox…

    Dunno why…

  • king.manu

    sasha dunked on a live game against the mavs in staples center but i dont know which game

  • Keep Odom

    It has been nearly impossible to not get excited about next year. We are going to be nearly unstopable. But, I stil think the Lakers will make changes via Luke, Vlad (we already have a shooter in The Machine and a rebounding monster in Odom so why keep Vlad?) and Mihm. We are solid at the starting five but Phil loves having veterans coming off the bench. It will all depend on what happens in the playoffs this year. As far as the rest of the regular season, I predict that we can go 11-0 if we can win all the games until Pau comes back and then I can almost guarantee we will go undefeated from that point on. But we will defenitely be first in the West. Lakers 2008 Champs!


    While you guys sit around and talk about the Celtics, all I’m saying is…

    don’t forget the champs. Just like Rudy said 13 years ago when his Rockets swept “The Big Shaqtus” and his Orlando Magic in the 1995 finals, “Never underestimate the heart of a champion.”

    So, only worry about Spurs. The Celtics don’t have the coach nor the players, other than Sam I AM, who have been to the promise land. On the other hand, the Spurs…come one now. We have to worry about them. They’ve been together for the longest time, and they have the greatest power forward that ever touched a basketball. So, as we are approching the play offs, a dream match up against the Spurs seems ever more possible day by day. Can’t wait.

    Don’t count them out!


  • Chris-chin

    I agree with mfoznot. It doesn’t matter who we get in the playoffs. But for agruments sake, lets say it’s the warriors. Without Pau, we saw Sasha spazing on the fast break and ronny not knowing what to do in the post. The bad chemistry on offense led to turnovers and bad defense. We played their pace. With Pau, the warriors would be forced to play OUR game. Laker gaurds will look for Pau in the post on just about every play. Whether it’s Kobe workin the pick and roll, or a pass into the post. Pau’s versatility from there changes the flow of the game. He can hit the mid range, turn and face the basket and make a move to the hoop, find the cutter with over the top pass, and that little hand off to kobe goin down the lane. I didn’t even mention Bynum’s return. He will be getting healthy just when we need him most; against the teams with dominant big men like the suns spurs and the celtics. It’s like movie script. I love it.

  • Jack

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    for real man. simple fact: the road to the nba finals from west goes through san antonio. period.

  • Jack

    [Comment ID #30589 Will Be Quoted Here]

    man, the truth is that gstate goes small everytime, and they play crazy basketball. They attempt so many fastbreaks and 3-pointers making them as unpredictable as any team can be. I think the only way to beat them is by discipline, like they Jazz did last year. Gstate does not give a rat’s a$$, about gasol, drew or even Kobe. They have a high pace offense, and they know what they are doing. Hopefully, out big do make some difference by protecting the ball, and not allow them to enjoy the game like they did against dallas. I live in dallas, so I want Lakers to play dallas in the first round. that way, I can go to see my Lakers at playoffs for the first time. Gotta win big tonight fellas. kobe MUST not play in the 4th quarter. It’a a home game and I want to see more of the bench players esp Luke, who has a chance to change his character a little bit tonight.

  • rahil

    [Comment ID #30551 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i agree with you
    but if we stay at the number one spot and dall keeps losing while the warriors keep winning,
    we will play either dallas or denver

  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • lakerfanjapan

    Keep Odom
    Mar 26th, 2008 at 8:16 am
    It has been nearly impossible to not get excited about next year. We are going to be nearly unstopable. But, I stil think the Lakers will make changes via Luke, Vlad (we already have a shooter in The Machine and a rebounding monster in Odom so why keep Vlad?) and Mihm. We are solid at the starting five but Phil loves having veterans coming off the bench. It will all depend on what happens in the playoffs this year. As far as the rest of the regular season, I predict that we can go 11-0 if we can win all the games until Pau comes back and then I can almost guarantee we will go undefeated from that point on. But we will defenitely be first in the West. Lakers 2008 Champs!


  • mfoznot

    [Comment ID #30591 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think that GS is unpredictable, like you say, but I also think that they are inconsistent. Anyone who knows knows that you need to be consistent to win the whole thing. We aren’t consistent enough without Gasol and/or Bynum. With either one of them we are crazy, with both, forget about it. We won’t win it all without them because of our inconsistency.


    Why are some y’all scared of Golden State,when we didn’t have AB or Pau. The Warriors are tough,no doubt but they play awful against The Bigs and here we have 2. If LO can dominate the boards,what do you think AB and Pau are goin’ to do when they get back alongside LO,that’s right,DOMINATE!

    To be honest the same for any team we see in the playoffs,really. Phx or Dallas will be our toughest match ’cause they at least played The Lakers when they had Gasol,Warriors didn’t.

  • T-Dub

    I agree DCLAKER…why is everyone soo scared??? You guys are forgetting that we are winning or having close loses without our bigs. G-state, Dallas, Utah or whoever don’t have a chance when Pau and Bynum gets back…period! The only team that matches up well with us when we’re healthy are the celtics. Thats when Kobe will have to be truley be Jordonesque…and dominate the series. See you guys in the Finals!

  • BringDFishBack

    Don’t overlook this team. This is a very talented young tean who has showed great signs. It’s the NBA, you can’t overlook any team. And if the Lakers are in the same position you are, they will not win this game.

  • PauKobeBynumDynasty

    Can someone please explain to me how the magic number system works?

    Besides the point…The Lakers can manage the warriors in the playoffs. The Mavs were just too confident with their 64-18(?) record. We’ll do great in the playoffs. It is though sort of the lakers fault if we play GS. If we beat them at home, DEN wuda had a 1/2 game lead over GS

    Lets just hope we play the Nuggets


    Hope we play the Nuggets? I don’t give a F@$& who they play at this point the way they’re playing,BRING’EM OUT,BRING’EM OUT.

  • goodfella

    let’s give mvp luke walton a chance. i can tell come playoff time he will make a play or two that will make you forget in the season he was a triple double (10 bricks, 10 turnovers, 10 bad passes)

    oh, and give piss mihm a chance too.

  • MILO

    I hate the way the NBA is over shadowed by other sports like football and boring ass baseball.I want more coverage of what is going on in basketball NBATV does not do enough for me it has really boring programing.IM ALSO GLAD THAT THE LAKERS DODGED A BULLET WHEN THEY DID NOT GET STUPID ASS WEBBER TO SIGN WITH THEM HE’S NOW ANOUNCED HIS SORRY ASS IS RETIRING DUE TO HIS KNEE PROBLEMS.LAKERS WILL BEAT THE BOBPUSSY’S EASILY………………………

  • MILO


  • kwame_In-LA




    Milo,your 1st comment about the NBA,CLASSIC!

  • west213

    [Comment ID #30613 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • T-Dub

    when you try to cherrypick your opponent, its a sign of weakness. man the f-u-c-k up! we’ll play anybody anytime anywhere!!!!!!!!

  • Chris-chin

    [Comment ID #30591 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well Jack, I hope Dallas hangs on for the eight seed and we get them in the first round. I saw the Lakers last playoff win in LA last year with my son. We were running around slappin fives with everybody. It was nuts. Then we lost three in a row in Phoenix. but that’s a different story.

    I’m still all geeked up from the GS win.


  • Edward

    I remember the first games against the Warriors, and honestly the Lakers are the better team. But on any given night the Warriors can tear it up from 3, and are unbeatable. However, they thrive on momentum, and from the first games I saw all the momentum was in our favor, especially with Bynum in the middle it really gave them a matchup problem. I really like our chances if we play them with Bynum, because Ronny is a shotblocker… and Bynum has that defensive presence, even Lamar was getting blocks on them. Make them make their perimeter shots, and if they do that’s fine. We will dominate inside, and they will get into foul trouble. Also with Bynum in it changes our defense. We can play the zone more efficiently. Any cutters will be swatted away. Also… the reason I think the Lakers will be successful is their diversity. They have a deep bench, and the lineup possibilities are endless…

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    These game previews bore me………………

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #30604 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • kb24

    ha ha ….
    damn it! lakers lost….
    it’s funny we all thought the lakers won