I still believe!

The Lakers let another big lead slip away, but this time they had the last run and live to see at least another 48 minutes of NBA Finals Basketball.

It was a night where the Lakers didn’t have their ‘A’ game and allowed Pierce to seemingly get to the basket at will. Seems to me that the Celtics live and die by Pierce.

With about four minutes to go, it was all tied up. A couple missed free-throws by Garnett, a missed tip-in, and a huge steal by Kobe capped the Lakers second win in the finals.

The Lakers shot 65% in the first quarter, but only finished shooting 46% for the game. They need to start attacking and making their shots consistently.

Both teams had a ton of turnovers and many fouls were committed.

Another interesting stat, the Lakers shot 8-27 threes. Way too many if you ask me. Statistically, both teams were pretty much even all around except for blocks and steals, which the Lakers dominated.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Lamar had 20 points, 11 boards, 4 blocks, and two huge free-throws at the end. Not to mention, his huge three in the fourth. Great game, Lamar.

2) Pau finally looked like a center again. 19 points, 13 boards, 6 assists, 1 steal, 2 blocks, 0 turnovers. He just needs to keep Garnett off the glass.

3) I thought Farmar played great! 5-9 for 11 points, a steal and a block. Good D, as well.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Sasha again took bad shots and missed the open ones. 2-10 shooting.

Play of the Game: Kobe’s steal and dunk.

What to Look for Next Game: Look for the Lakers to get an early lead again, but hopefully build on it throughout the game — not blow it.

Game is Tuesday night at 6:00 PM.

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Go Lakers!

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  • Kristian

    Smush of the day is Luke Walton and Chris Mihm. No question. 2 absolutely embarrassing performances in an NBA final. 5 fouls in 10 minutes for Luke, 2 fouls 1 turnover and an airball in 2 minutes for Mihm. Thanks to Mihm, Pierce got going. Disgraceful performances from both players. At least Sasha brought in energy on the defensive end, but yes he needs to shoot better for the Lakers to even contend with the Celtics in Boston.

  • varsityoptimism

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    are you effin kidding me!?!??! trade talk. you suck and you cant read TLN anymore.

  • Laaffiliation024

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    it’s true you can’t.
    plus, please learn to type better and not in caps. let’s use our online voices, not outside voices.

  • KB

    not that im given up on the team but we got alot of dead wiaght on our team wich iz rad mihm and some other daed beats we its allover an done we need d sombody dat can gurd pirce artest can do that we gonna ge bynum bac so where good 4 now but we need 2 get better and play better if we gonna win dat chip

  • gmac

    no point in bringing up Bynum. You have to wait til next year… Sure, the Lakers would be up in THIS series if Bynum went up against K. Perkins.

  • Beliver

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    its called english…try it

  • 123KID

    obvious disappointment:letting the lead slip away and out of nowhere putting in chris mihm!

    things to work on for game 6: work on keeping their aggressiveness for all 4 quarters, take out the celtic fans and celtics out of the game from tip off, and keeping 2 out of the big three from having good games.

    things for the fans to do: KEEP BELIEVING!

  • Laaffiliation024

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    lol. please tell me english is not your first language.
    i would have to go so far out of my way to type like that.

  • CJ

    a few years ago, the heat fell down 0-2 to the mavs in the finals. but d-wade decided to be more aggressive for the rest of the series and they won straight. what d-wade was consistently take the ball to the rim. he averaged 20 free throw attempts en route to winning the title for the heat.

    kobe needs to do this. he has to stop settling for a jumper. i know that this celtics team is much better defensively than that mavs team a few years back, but kobe is the greatest player on the planet. if he’s not consistently taking the ball to the rim–we have no chance. we need you kobe!!

  • kobe4ever

    that was a terrible win for us Lakers fans…we were so porous on defense that i couldn’t believe it. Boston just kept attacking and attacking but I must admit Pau and Odom showed a lot of heart and kept battling but if we play Defense like that again this is over in 6. I’m hoping PJ will come up w/some miraculous defensive plan b/c we need some consistency defending the Pick n’ Roll we are getting killed!!!

  • KB

    Laaffiliation024 sucks balls take dat di*ck out ya mouth

  • Geloman

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    I totally agree. His shot has been erratic especially in the second half. He’s had a bad shooting series thus far.

    Pierce has been taking it to the hoop constantly and has been getting to the free throw line. I can’t see why Kobe can’t do the same. He’s more athletic and quicker than Pierce and obviously a better ftee throw shooter. If he can just take it the the rim more, he can foul out al the Celtic bigs and or draw multiple defenders too him thus leaving our shooters more open than they have been.

    Also, need to take Vlad out of the game permanently. He’s useless, can’t make consistent shots and a liability on defense. We need Ariza and his defensive energy to start games.

    C’mon Phil, get you shyte together.

    2 more baby. One game at a time.

  • gugy

    Yes, we won, but the Lakers are not playing as good as the Celtics.
    We need to really play well Tuesday and Lamar and Pau really come up with energy and poise.
    I am still hoping the Celtics will play a really bad game and I hope it is Tuesday.

    Please PJ do not play Luke and Vlad too many minutes. Put Ariza and Sasha more.

    Come on guys, let’s believe. I know it’s hard. FAITH!

  • CJ

    I completely agree about permanently leaving Vlad out of the game. I think the Lakers should just ditch him and leave him in LA!!! He’s a defensive liability–he really looks like a space cadet out there. I just don’t think he gets the triangle and how to play defense. The dude can play–but not on the Lakers all that well. I would start Ariza or Sasha over Rad. Nuff said.

  • Laaffiliation024

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    dude that hurts my self-esteem so much, please stop

  • KING-BQ1981

    Good Game, but finally we need a good playing Bench in Boston 2 win Game 6! Just like Guguy said, i hope Ariza & Sasha will get more Minutes to Play, coz Walton & Rad really SUCK!



  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    do you guys know if there will be home court advantage ( watch the games at staples ), for games 6 and if there is a game 7 ??

  • huh

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    Where have u been? Its a 2-3-2 format so there will be no more home games

  • skippy

    can someone teach pau gasol how to gaurd a pick-n-roll?

  • BEC

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    I agree that Kobe should take it to the basket more but this aint the mavs that dwade played against. Driving to the basket isnt always better against a team like boston. Boston has great team D, they clog the lanes and rotate to defenders well. Its easy for paul because well our D sucks. What NEEDS to be done against a team like Boston is ball movement, when the ball is moving constantly and not staying in one persons hands all the time ie Kobe fourth quarter stuff, we will get better shots and it will better open up other guys than just kobe driving. Look at what got us a twenty plus lead in game 4, ball movement, kobe dishing and the rest the same. Once boston gets a lot tighter on D like in game 4 and 5, the ball doesnt move anymore and they go into droughts scoring for like 5plus min like today. If they just play their game move the ball and execute, they can easily beat boston. The talent and skill is all their its just the execution and hungier doesnt exist at times.

  • One game at a time

    Man, I’m starting to question some of Phil Jackson’s substitutions. Kobe was on fire, the Lakers were rolling (much like yesterday), and then Phil takes Kobe out. Not only that, but he puts in Mihm ahead of Turiaf, and played Radmanovic way too much. He put Ariza in for a little while, but not in the right situation. He put Ariza in the game when our current lineup was short of scorers. And come on, Chris Mihm? Now? The second quarter of an elimination game is not the time to try take a chance on somebody who hasn’t had any significant minutes in years. It’s not like we were struggling. And it’s also not like we had already clinched the game. This is elimination game in the FINALS for crying out loud. Keep Kobe and most your starters in the game. Keep your foot on their throat. In the finals, it’s not unusual to cut your line-up to 6 or 7 players. In an elimination game, you don’t need to over rest anybody. You have to win. I really think they should consider playing Fish, Sasha, Kobe, Lamar, and Gasol together a lot more. Gives us the best matchups, in my opinion.

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

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    man, thats why i specified but you couldnt understand…

    i asked if we as fans can go to staples and watch the game on the big screen while the lakers are in boston..

    and for your info that is called `home court advantage`

  • bc18

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    youre stupid “huh”….he even says in his comment, it is when you watch the game at staples on the big screen haha…anyways i think its really funny when fans do that hahahhhaha and then they bring their signs hahhaha HILARIOUS!

  • bc18

    oh yeah…Kobe needs to have a sense of urgency on the court…just because he was not scoring didnt mean he should play lackadaisical…he didnt even play defense…and everytime he gets the ball, he is stagnant with it…he stops the ball movement, jabs to his left or right, and then shoots a contested jumpshot…and then misses…he needs to DRIVE it in…he needs to contribute something, not be the reason for a downfall…and he needs to help rebound…theres lot of times when he is in the vicinity to help pau or LO or somebody to get a rebound and he just watches! or doesnt box out! are you kidding me?!?!?! pisses me off! some MVP he is! kobe needs to man up and show us why he is the MVP because as of right now, he is being paul pierce’s BITCH!

  • Rinnegato

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    I hope so… I’m wondering if they wont have it due to the fight that happened during game 2. If so, then for sure i’m there!! No dumb Celtics fans better be there that night!! I was surrounded by Celtics fans tonight at the Staples, it was annoying!!

  • kobe4ever

    WE NEED TO DEFEND THE PICK N ROLL BETTER THATS ALL THEY RAN IN THE 4TH QUARTER!!! please, come up with a better defensive scheme, every announcer, scout, coach during and after the game pointed out that if our defense plays the way it is, that it is over in 6. Sure enough, many people are counting us out of Game 6 b/c of our inability to guard the pick n roll…this is terrible…but I STILL BELIEVE, LAKERS IN 7 BABY!

  • Rinnegato

    Lakers needed this one. It was a way to recover from getting their hearts ripped out. Not only did they find themselves in the same position where they built up a huge lead and lost it, but this time they were able to overcome it and pull off the victory. We didn’t expect the Lakers to play perfect especially with their “damaged” spirits, but this is definitely huge. It might even put pressure on the Celtics because they couldn’t put away a team that they just emotionally crushed and had a 3-1 lead on.

  • http://www.OTRbasketball.com LTB24


    Here’s a GREAT KB24 sig:


    This Is OUR YEAR!! GO LAKERS!!!

  • T.A.

    The Lakers have got to take this one game at a time. If we can get Game 6, playing with so much heart like we did last night, then the pressure will be on Boston in Game 7

    If the lakers win game 6, all of the momentum will be on the lakers side. They will have gained confidence that they can beat this team! And if you get to game 7……..

    there is no one, AND I MEAN NO ONE, i would rather have on my side than KOBE BRYANT!!!

  • Mon

    Lakers, pls take care of your lead for the whole game

  • Angelo

    the Lakers will get another huge advantage in game 6 and this time they will keep it large, mainly because KB will shoot 51% from the field. Please, PJ keep Airiza in the game more minutes ¡somebody have to stop Pierce from piercing us!


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    Woah really?!?! i never knew you cant talk trade on TLN. wow

  • domz

    It’s a good game. But not that great. We have to thank KG for missing both of his FT’s. So in game 6, we must play with all our hearts in it, including us fans to support our team wherever we are in this planet. They need our positive vibes badly. Things we should fix on game 6 is to atatck the rim more. I mean KB doesnt have to fire so many 3’s. He should step it up and rip the Celdick’s defense. I hope KB knows that. Please Kobe.

    And for Pau and LO, thanks for playing great tonight. Please be consistent.

    To sasha and other guys, please make your shots and do better defending each single possession.

    I believe so hard that we can overcome this hole where we currently are.

    With all humility and faith, I believe we will this series. And all of us real lakers fans, lakers bandwaggoners, lakers celebrity fans and the whole lakers team, all we gotta do is believe, be strong and be smart.



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    LOL and what kind of name is huh?

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    When I watched the game on Thursday when the Lakers were up by 24…I just had a feeling that they were gonna blow it. No feeling for me yesterday…but I’m really starting to hate the Celtics even more.

    If the Lakers can pull off a Game 6 upset…then I know that the series is over. Kobe will beat the Celtics in Game 7…not the Lakers!

  • domz

    P.S.: To phil, please dont put chris mihm and luke again and you gotta make kobe and lamar stay after 1st Q. Kobe needs to play the whole 48 minutes I guess. He has great stamina.


  • Get Game 6

    As cliche as it sounds….really, in simple terms, it boils down to ‘one game a time’. GM6 may play to the Laker’s advantage. Think of this, both teams will be travelin’ to Boston today. Both team’s will be ‘jet lagged’. Not sure how much this will affect both team, but it will to some degree. Look at GM 3, both teams were sloppy. Bad play from both Pierce, KG & Odom, Gasol. But I will say that their home crowd will definitely give them an energy boost.

    At the same time, the Celtics are without Kendrick Perkins, who might not fill the stat sheet, but is a big body presence inside. This is an advantage to the Lakers because Celts are short on the ‘Bigs’ rotation. This forces KG to expend a ton of effort on the defensive and rebounding end. Eventually, this gets KG into foul trouble as he did in GM 5. So if Gasol and Odom can continue to pressure KG forcing him into foul trouble it will be huge. KG’s presence on the floor gives the Celtics confidence, especially on the defensive end where he anchors the team.

    Also, Lakers gotta reduce the amount of penetration to the basket by clogging the lanes. No easy shots for the Celts please. Saw too many of that with Paul Pierce. So if they can clog the paint and make the Celts into a jump shooting team that would definitely help. And what better a time to make them a jump shooting team than in GM 6. Hopefully the Celts will be as tired with the “jet lag” form traveling and little rest in between Gm 5 & 6. Again..not sure how much that plays into the game itself, but hopefully it does to some degree.

    Just one more game to concetrate Lakers. Let’s do one more time. GM 7 will take care of itself. Go Lakers!!!!

  • ValleyBoy1

    …..You people complaining about members of our team are un-be-lievable. Were you complaining this much when we ran through the western conference? I think the real people that need to be traded are you!!!!! Do us real Lakers fans a favor, HOP OF THE WAGON PLEASE!!!!!

  • T-Dub

    We should be up 3 to 2 in this series. If these numbnuts realize they CAN beat the Celtics…and stop giving up these big leads…they’ll be ok. Maybe the Celts have expended soo much energy coming back, they run out of gas now. Phil Jackson’s coaching is the reason these leads are being lost!

  • http://swishtheball.net andy or drew

    radmanovic does play defense but to inconsistant. remember when he shut down carmelo anthony

    why did phil jackson put in mihm instead of ronny

  • janice

    game 5 was a great game. Trade? too early to trade them.. the bench boys are just having a bad time. the fact is, theyre up against hall of famers, players that have proven and tested good. while Lakers is filled with rookies. they have a lot to learn. Chris Mihm suddenly inserted to the line up was a bad idea. he has been gone for quite a while after his injury and he has got a lot of catching up to do. and maybe if jackson will build up the new lakers, i think they can be quite a hard team to beat. they just need some time to boost their game. and please stop complaining guys! yeah, phil has a lot of mistakes but what about the players? is it phil jackson’s fault if they lose their momentum in the game? think again. just BELIEVE. .
    go LAKERS!

  • Geloman

    What’s it gonna take for the Lakers to hold a lead?? We shoul up 3-2 rgt now with the lat 2 gmes being blowouts. I know teams make runs allthe time and it’s part of the NBA game, but in the finals, there’s no excuse for losing large leads. Especially 2 games in a row.

    Something needs to be doe about that. If the Lakers are lucky enough to git a big lead, they btter keep is because Boston and their home crowd will come storming back. The Boston crowd is wild and loud. If theLakers play the way they did in Game 5, especially on defense, you cn forget about it.They’ll have a long floght back home.

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    One game at a time TLN.. One game at a time..

  • The Champ201


  • RoWyN

    [Comment ID #40050 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I guess u’ll never know. Maybe he’ll be in foul trouble.

  • MILO

    I still have faith!!! its not over! Lakers will force a game 7 fuuuuuuuuu-ck yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah! and please cut it out with the trade talk! wait till we win this to see what pieces we need to add to the puzzle!

  • kobe4ever

    its not one game at a time, Phil Jackson put it best “We take this not one game at a time but ONE QUARTER AT A TIME.” And we will not win w/that kind of effort alone, WE NEED TO DEFEND THE PICK N ROLL DID YOU GUYS NOT WATCH THE GAME??? All 4th quarter everyone kept pointing out that all the Celtics ran was the pick n roll b/c the Lakers couldn’t defend it.

  • vintij

    I really want the lakers to win tuesday which would add to the storyline and probably be the most epic series ever played, forcing a dramatic game 7 and probably the most anticipated game 7 of all time, but I am really not getting my hopes too high, this celtic team is horrible on the road but excellent at home. I dont get how you can be a champion by winning 3 road games the entire playoffs? Its just crazy to me, but thats what you get with home court advantage. They earned it. If the lakers are going to force a game 7, they MUST win the 3rd quarter of game 6. They have lost every 3rd quarter with the exception of game 5 last night which really was the only true deserved win the lakers earned. Technically it would be 3-2 lakers up if they won game 4 like they were suppose to, so I dont know what to expect anymore. Im not going to say this is fixed because game 5 did not look fixed at all, but if this goes seven, the fixed talk will definitely start up again.

  • vintij

    [Comment ID #40100 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This is pretty stupid to say, first of all boston knows exactly what kobe will due in the second half of game 7 if it gets that far, so to say kobe will win it is just plain dumb because boston can throw so many great defenders at him, the guy can only do so much. Its going to take pau and lamar to step up exactly like they did last night, those are the front court guys we needed this whole series. It was pau and lamar who won that game last night. That will create space for kobe to do his work. Also, boston has seen game 7 twice this year, they know what to expect and how to win critical games, so to say one man is going to beat an entire team who plays great defense is absurd. Kobe needs space to work, pau and lamar will create that space by being an offensive threat

  • xtro

    The team has grown-up in front of our eyes in last night’s game. The journey is far from over. The Lakers will make history in Game 7 on Thursday.

  • gugy

    We only are going to win with Lamar and Pau steping up big time. Like Rick Fox said on LakersLive, they need to play like they want to win the MVP finals.
    Kobe alone will not be able to carry this team to be a champion.

    We will definitely have to play our best in order to beat Boston at their house. So far Boston has been the better team. Lakers need to play monster D and I beg PJ not to put Vlad and Luke in the game. Those two guys are playing so bad. Bring Ariza and Sasha.

    Somebody stop Pierce on the pick and roll. He is killing us.

    Come on Lakers!

  • Dave

    Paul Pierce not so religious on Sunday.

    Wow, I didn’t see Paul Pierce look to the sky and thank Jesus/Buddha/Mohammmed/Mr.PotatoHead in the game 5 like he did in game 4. I still think he’s an idiot, though.

  • Daryl Imhoff

    Tuesday is all that matters! Screen and roll defense will improve. We need to double team Pierce at the top of the screen and made him give up his dribble. Tuesday’s game is all that matters. “To fall a tree it takes one chop at a time.”

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #40113 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree. Technically, that’s a foul, but it wasn’t called.

  • True Lakers Fan

    great win Lakers

  • LakersFirst

    Teams that can’t hold leads are usually inexperienced teams. I am surprised none of the ABC broadcasters comment on this. The Lakers are unable to hold their leads because they are inexperienced.

    With the exception of Fisher, Kobe, Newlbe, but unfortunately he doesn’t get playing time (and maybe Walton because he played in the 04 finals against Deroit), none of the Lakers have been this far. Not LO, Gasol, Farmar, Ariza, Radman, Turiaf, Sasha, none of these players have deep playoff experience.

    Boston on other hand do have much more deep playoff experience. Look at their roster Posey (championship in Miami), Cassell (2 rings with Houston), KG, Ray Allen, PJ Brown, (all w/ deep playoff experience). Even Eddie House has deep playoff experience from his days with Phoenix. Doc River knows this, which is why he is giving his veteran guys more playing time.

    I’m ageeing with other people here who have said, Ira Newble should get a crack at guarding Paul Pierce. None of the other Lakers have been too successful at guarding him, why not give Newble a chance. He’s been in the big games before with Cleveland and because he has a wide body, he will be able to body up against Pierce better.

  • long legga lai

    i hate when phil experiments with rotations especially when we have a good lead. this is the finals, no time for fucking around. phil is an idiot at times.

    not to mention, second unit has been a disgrace. we need to keep kobe and dfish on the floor so we can extend our leads to 30 maybe 40 points. 15-20 points is just isnt enough anymore…

  • lakerferlife7

    wow in the past 2 games its looked like kobe is getting comfortable with big leads..anD then cant seem to turn it on to realy take over the game…at least pau and lamar are showing…LAKERS IN 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LakersFirst24

    I LOVE LA!!!!!! I think phil thought he was coaching pop warner yesterday and had to play everybody at least a couple minutes… why mimh and walton play i’ll never know.

  • Lakerfan4lfe

    Does anyone know if Bynum gonna play game 6 or 7? I really wish they can put him on the floor and have him play. We need him right now. I believe were gonna win this one!! I believe were gonna bring the trophy home!!

  • http://myspace.com/thaonlyrhom RD


  • Kobe8>24

    one game, just one more game.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #40137 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Bynum had surgery and is done for the season.

  • Lakerfan4lfe

    I kind of figured that out! Shucks! but were still gonna pull it together. 1 down and 2 to go. Like Kobe said if someone threw 3 chances to win the finals I am going to take it. Let’s do this Kobe!


    I still hate Boston fans but before I HAWK-SPIT ON THEIR PARADE(DAMN THAT WAS A GOOD ONE),shout out to Ray Allen and a speeding recovery for his daughter who has been diagnosed with Diabetes.

    …Now on with the show,first,DEFENSE.They looked LAZY out there yesterday,almost embarassing at times.Simple solution….ARIZA,period.

    Kobe,Kobe….Kobe,please shoot more and Kobe,can we at LAKERNATION get a alley-oop from you to ARIZA AS HE FLUSHES IT ON GARNETT’S HEAD,thank you.

    Kelenna Azubuike(Golden State) has opted out,HINT!!!

  • Laker4lfe

    Can Someone explain to me the deal with Cassel and Vujacic? I think that should of been called as a technical foul on cassell. I mean the way he threw him on the floor no question in my mind no matter what went on between the two of them…that should of been a technical.

  • Laker4lfe

    Can Someone explain to me the deal with Cassel and Vujacic? I think that should of been called as a technical foul on cassell. I mean the way he threw him on the floor no question in my mind no matter what went on between the two of them…that should of been a technical.

  • LakersFirst24

    [Comment ID #40154 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It was called a jumpball before he threw him down but your right since it was a deadball foul a technical foul should have been charged to cassell.. Bavetta’s crew sucks…

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #40157 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You have a good name, but remember, the Lakers come first before individual accomplishments. I say that because you have 24 at the end of it (in honor of KB), which is cool, but remember the glory of the Lakers comes first before any one man, hence “Lakers First”.

  • e

    1. im not the one usually to question pj’s methods..but chris mihm?? cmon

    2. kobe played alright, great defense, but offensively only alright..i know he’s trying to take what the other team gives him..but he needs to attack the basket from the baseline when the shots arent falling to keep some sort of a rhythm in his scoring

    3. pau needs some meat on his bones, but played fairly well overall..and lamar was great

    now all we need to do is take it one game at a time and we’re okay