The Los Angeles Lakers are in the drivers seat with a 2-1 series lead. Tonight’s game present’s them with an outstanding opportunity to take a commanding 3-1 lead. The Celtics had visions of winning at home and making this a series before their dreams were shattered by the Purple and Gold clad warriors. The Lakers coaching staff provided the team with a one sentence message that spoke of the only thing that matters, “2 wins to go”.

The Lakers have had a 2-1 lead in the Finals 16 times and have won it all 16 times. Oh, I’ve taken the liberty to add this season to that number. It’s no mystery that the Celtics are a desperate team faced with two must-win games.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers has been reduced to lobbying/complaining to the league about the officiating. The officiating has been atrocious in the Finals for both teams and as professionals, the players have to adjust. Rivers seriously needs to stop because we’ve reached the embarrassing level.

Tonight’s contest is Boston’s game seven. I expect them to pull out all of the stops in an attempt to even the series. I’m also expecting the Lakers to match the intensity of the Celtics and pull out another close win. Kobe Bryant, the second best thing that came out of the Lakers Game 3 win, was the emergence of Lamar Odom and the bench.

Kobe Bryant had been the main focus of the Celtics defense until the fourth quarter of game three when Derek Fisher showed the Celtics that he too possesses the clutch gene. Strangely enough the Celtics seem to have forgotten about Derek. The Double D’s (Derek and the Defense) won Game 3.

Look for Kobe Bryant to be very aggressive and in attack mode. The Lakers gave the Celtics something else to think about with the emergence of Derek Fisher, Lamar Odom and the contribution of the bench.

I love how Ron Artest is taking away Paul Pierce’s space or freedom defensively, which has dramatically slowed him down. For the Lakers, it is all about their defense, they can care less if the Celtics give them credit for it. The Lakers need to come out aggressive on both ends of the court. They need to stop the dribble penetration of Rajon Rondo, do a good job defending the sound screen and roll action plays, they must get back and play solid transition defense, and extend that defense out to the three point line.

The Celtics need this game badly, but as I said at the start of the series, it is about who wants it more and the Lakers are the ones that want it more.

The so called big three have been off the mark and haven’t had good games together. The Lakers bigs have been huge and will be again tonight. The Lakers need to trust their offense and rely on excellent ball movement as well as excellent players movement to get a high percentage shot on every possession. They know what’s at stake and the challenge ahead of them. They are the ones that need to make some adjustments. A big adjustment would be remembering that the Lakers are the defending World Champions for a reason.

Trust me, I can’t wait to see a little more green and white in the Lakers Championship commercial.

Go Lakers!

Tip-off: 6:00 PM PST


  • Los Angeles: ABC
  • Boston: ABC


  • Los Angeles: 710 ESPN (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Boston: 850 WEEI (Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell)



  • Shannon Brown (Sprained Right Thumb)
  • Kobe Bryant (Avulsion Fracture, Right Index Finger)
  • Andrew Bynum (Small Tear in the Meniscus of his Right Knee)
  • Luke Walton (Pinched Nerve, Back)


  • Marquis Daniels (Concussion) Listed as Day-to-Day
  • daboss1848

    I’m confused:
    “The Lakers have had a 2-1 lead in the Finals 16 times and have won it all 14 times. ”
    Doesnt that leave 2 Finals series where they lost after having a 2-1 lead?

  • Kobe24Bauer

    Go Lakers!!!!!!

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Let’s go!!

  • Joseph

    I want to see the Double D’s tonight! Everynight!

  • Zeki Kayiran

    It is 5 against 8 tonight. Lakers versus the C’s (cry babies) plus Eddie F Rush, Scott Foster, and Greg Willard.

    Go get them Lakers!

  • Grammar Patrol

    “Tonight’s game present’s them with an outstanding opportunity to take a commanding 3-1 lead.”

    No apostrophe in ‘presents.’

    Why not just have Anna Gonda write all of the articles?

  • Laker4 Life

    Lakers are gone go up 3-1 in this series if Kobe shoots a better percentage, gasol and bynum score 15+ pts, artest defends pierce, and lakers outscore them in rebounds.
    Go Lakers!

  • Touch ME

    Bynum doesnt look good and Boston at home with everything on the line. I think the c’S WIN, i HOPE IM WRONG

  • justdogm1

    GASOFT is MVP,black mamma is angrey.

    • KOBE4Life



    Odom has sold his soul!

  • Kivz

    When is odom is gonna fuckin show up??? Especially da BENCH… Like fuck… I hate Odom….even Bynum playin better than u Odbitch N he have injury too..

  • Touch ME

    I AM SORRY TO SAY BUT THIS SERIES IS OVER. Boston have game 5 at home and have control of this series. Now we dont have Bynum, everything has gone wrong. Boston will take this in 6, we looked liked the 08 Lakers and we gave up 36 in the 4th qtr. Lakersland nostradamus has let u all down even me, thats what happens when you trust in meaningless objects like his crystal ball. I understand if all fans express frustration because the humiliation of 08 has occured

    • lakersforlife77

      Always love a little classic overreaction fresh off a loss. Series is far from over.

    • lakerLand Nostradamus

      Touch ME you are so weak bro.
      I love the fact you hate the Lakers so much and take so much pride coming here when we lose. Sorry to say but nobody here believes the crap you say.
      I still stand by my prediction and we all know this will be a long series.
      Keep the good work, it is always fun to listen to your sad crap F-A-G.

      • Touch ME

        that aint you lakerLand get lost

  • lakerman34



  • Touch ME

    Everybody here was saying LA was gonna win all 3 in Boston. Obvious that didn’t happen the problems with Lakers fans is that we get overconfident after a win. For example when we won Game 1 we all thought LA won the Championship, we win game 3 we are winning the rest in Boston. This is why I talk so much crap especially after a loss, i called Boston winning this game as much as it hurts. Lakersland if you want to change you mind after what happened tonight its kool with me. I dont hate LA, I hate the fact that we choked in the 4th and Boston showed we are the 08 Lakers. Lakersland is that really you I thought u had a Capitak L.

    • gugy

      GTFOH Celtics fan!


    This Touch ME dude thinks he’s so slick, spewing nonsense rhetoric as if he’s some type of Lakers fan… dude is pure punk a$$

    • Touch ME

      Warlock take your frustrations out on the Lakers not their fans you dufus. Don’t hate cuz I speak the truth. By the way Paul Pierce who calls himself Da truth didn’t lie tonight as much it hurts me to say.

      • shelly

        dude pierce didnt do shit. did he even show up lol


        Touch ME is the rabbit, PP pulls out of his POPO… appears and disappears with the toilet paper!

  • shelly

    the refs should get a ring ffrom boston 5 on 8 very fair

  • carpediem13

    I usually don’t write comments but I need a place to vent. This game was horrible for many many reasons.

    1 – Shannon Brown! – Why the hell does this guy get any playing time? He is always stagnant without the ball and when he gets the ball he dribbles down the shot clock and forces up a bad shot. I don’t know if i’m watching the same series as Phil but Sasha Vujajic is playing really good in his very limited minutes. PJ needs to get him into the main rotation and take Brown out

    2 – Passing – The lakers were a horrible passing team tonight. Whats the point of dribbling and penetrating to the paint if u are going to just pass the ball out to a teammate who IS NOT OPEN with 2-3 seconds left on the shot clock? They turned the ball over countless times that way because a celtic player was there to deflect the pass. And when the didnt deflect the pass the lakers got a horrible shot because there were only 2-3 seconds left to shoot. If u manage to get into the paint ATTACK THE BASKET!

    3 – Offense – Can someone please please tell me why Kobe Bryant was not getting early touches on the ball. He should be the guy initiating the offense. Instead we have Odom taking the ball up the court and swinging it AWAY from kobe TO artest. I counted 6 times in the forth quarter when the lakers were on offense that neither kobe nor fisher TOUCHED the ball. Whats the point of having guards then?!!!

    4 – Triangle – Its obvious that artest doesnt know a rat’s ass about the triangle. And if you know the triangle you would know that if one of the players doesnt space the floor right and set the angles, the ENTIRE offense fails. Its obvious that with artest on the floor the triangle wont work. Just run pick and roll with Gasol and Bryant. The celtics showed in Game 1 that they cant properly defend our pick and rolls with Gasol and Bryant.

    5 – Rebounding – This was HUGE!!!. Even if the lakers had just rebounded the ball and still have the problems listed in 1-4 they would have won. They gave up 20 second chance points/ 20!! And lost by 7. You do the math.

    All in all i am extremely disappointed. We hand a chance to break the celtics’ spirit tonight but instead we give them life. Come on guys….Get your act together and win game 5. I am not giving up on just pissed!……Win game 5 and come home and blow them out in 6.


    • bernzter

      Kudos on a well written reply…

      It’s very frustrating why we aren’t doing the things that are so obvious out there on the game… What is so wrong in putting Luke Walton in place of Artest? He did pretty well in game 3 and facilitated the ball well. But again we keep putting Artest in and suffering in the fourth.
      Another thing is the obvious droughts that we have been getting in the fourth quarter (except Fisher’s). I mean what’s up with the offense getting stagnant at the most important part of the game?
      Some if not most people will not be happy with this post but hey, if I had their talent and was them… I would TRY to do something about it rather than just lollygagging around the court…
      Show some heart Lakers… We know you have it… Now show it…
      As for the Celtics… It’s annoying to see them getting no calls under the basket day in and day out… The referees need to see the shoving Davis and Garnett does under there for the rebounds… It’s so blatant it’s not funny anymore… MR STERN, why don’t you show up and prove to us what your name actually means, be stern with the officiating on both sides of the floor!!!

      2 cents out…

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    I need a break from sports for a few days after that. See ya’ll on Sunday. Smh

    • laker fan

      man i feel you, i told my bro if the lakers don’t end up winning this whole thing, i wont watch sports for a long ass time, it’ll kill me to see the lakers lose this thing to the cel ticks no less… keep the faith. lets go lakers!!!!

  • Josh Herrington

    The Laker Nation should calm down. Series is tied 2-2. The Lakers went in to Boston and planned on getting at least one win. The job is done, they are trying to get as many wins as possible there. The fact they lost is upsetting but they have one more game in Boston to swing momentum. They’re next objective is to go up 3-2. They’ll get there chance next game.

  • gugy

    Just bummed because the Lakers could have won this game. The Celtics were playing bad and shooting 39% with their starters. Lakers did not capitalize and expand the lead on the 3rd.
    Their bench was on fire on the 4th and Kobe tried to do it all by himself..
    I just mad at Odom. The dude was walking, not putting his heart on the game. We need him big time because Bynum is in bad shape. Wake up you SOB.
    I hope we can steal next game. I just hate seeing the Celtics 3-2 coming to LA on fire.

  • Russ Ahi

    first of all, i don’t understand why the celtics players always FREAK OUT when they make a shot. has anyone noticed how nate robinson, glen davis and kendrick perkins literally start freaking out when they make a shot? it’s like J.R. Smith all over again. ok. we get it. you made a shot. now shut the heck up and get back on defense. I HATE WHEN BENCH PLAYERS DO THAT. IT REALLY MAKES ME SO UPSET. ESPECIALLY the players that really don’t contribute anything. like, nate robinson has been bipolar and he finally has a good game and thinks he’s amazing? ridiculous

    i think there were a lot of questionable foul calls at the end of the game. did anyone else notice that once the ref called kevin garnett for that 3 second violation (which was obviously a bad call), the refs shifted towards the celtics. just something weird i noticed.

    finally, how lame is it that the commentators favor the celtics so much? i mean, i understand that people are gonna have their bias, but the last two games, michael wilbon, jon barry AND magic johnson thought the celtics were gonna win. i mean, come on. don’t we need at least one commentator on our side? i donno. seems a bit weird

    just my two cents…


    Somebody (In the Lakers Organization) needs to LITERALLY point out to Odom, that his statue of liberty defense is 100%, a waste of space out there… Nobody fears his dainty arms held up in defense… what does this guy think he’s doing? …he’s like Touch ME, indiscernible to his opponent… JUMP dude!

  • thebat03

    I agree with all the Odom hate here…. this guy is just a waste of talent, who cant even guard his own shadow…. if someone needs to be shipped out this summer it needs to be this walking non triple double sorry excuse for a laker… at least bynum tries on one f ing leg

  • lakerman34

    Bynum plays game 5, you gotta love our chances.