L.A. Times: … It’s a friendly gathering, because no one wants to irritate the superstar, so someone wants to know why he’s lost 19 pounds, like everyone can’t figure it out — you’re going to lose weight running from radio station to radio station while fretting about your future.

He says he’s 200 for the first time since ’98. He says he ate a pepperoni pizza, had a grape soda, felt bloated, tried to do some running and felt a little heavy. The fear of being the next kid to go on Shaq’s TV show was apparently too much for him.

He says what you expect him to say about the refereeing scandal, and then someone lobs him a softball: “How are things back home with the Lakers?”

“Right now I just want to keep focus on what we’re accomplishing here,” he says, and dodgeball seems to be his new game of choice.

“Will you be at training camp?” someone asks, and instead of saying, “Of course,” he says, “When the time is right, I’ll be more than glad to address that.”

I’ve kept quiet so far, because I figure that’s the way he likes it, and no reason to put a quick end to this little cheery soiree, but I can’t take any more.

“Have you apologized to Dr. Buss for calling him an idiot?”

“Excuse me,” he says, while turning to see who is asking the question, and who is now repeating the same question.

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  • lakerlover

    I just dont see the importance of this posting

  • http://www.getgarnett.com Rok

    nice article.. kobe’s got jokes:):D

  • showtime88

    simmer is a JEALOUS, (insert frik frak fraking…blahlba)…yes he asks questions that are very open ended and LOADED…so what?

    he attacks Kobe at any chance he gets….pathetic.

    I would love Simmers to go crawl in a frakin hole somewhere….and never come out.

    Also I would love see him in a one on one with Kobe on the court…..

    Simmer=pathetic loser.

  • showtime88

    Also since he cant write worth a damn, he always feels like he has to draw attention to himself by being controversial and not really a GOOD WRITER…

    Lame TJ Simmers, I dont know who is worse him or Ric Bucher….

  • http://www.myspace.com/ericthaimyshoe Eric Thai

    TJ Simmers needs to stfu.

  • G_Man

    Simmers is one of the worst piece of crap writers at the L.A. Times. I havent read this or any other article that piece of crap writes. The whole Times Sporting Staff is Horrible. J.A. was the worst, Simmers was and is right behind him. Plaske and the rest can Kiss my Laker Loving Ass. I hate and I mean HATE the L.A. Times Sports Writers. Thier on a mission to destroy this Laker Organization. They never write anything remotely positive when it comes to MY TEAM. Its time the TIMES retools, Fires every stupid writer on thier staff and starts over. Just my opinion of course!

  • nyla

    Simers looks like a pervert.

  • SuthrCaliStud

    he’s just holding out to keep the pressure on the front office to get KG!

  • LAKobe4Life

    Ok I’ll make this plain and simple. I 110% Guarantee that Kobe will return next season with the Los Angeles Lakers. I’m sure something is in the works right now, If we don’t get KG I’m sure the Lakers will make a deal for JO.

  • Showtime88

    [quote comment=”8851″]Simers looks like a pervert.[/quote]
    I second and third that.

    Think I saw him in an episode of “To Catch a Predator”


    The ONLY time Plaschke was writing positive was when the lakers went 15-1 during their playoff run and he couldnt kiss enough ass then.

    But yes I agree LA TIMES writers are a bunch of hating fags…..period.

    SIMMERS is a deadbeat.


    Simmers is a pedophile. Look at his picture, he even has the pedo-smile going on there.

    Simmers is a horrible journalist and after asking questions like that, he should go work for Fox News.


    look kb doest whant to be a laker and hes gonna leave..thas why kg is a no go for lakers..fisher is back but remember hes doing itfor his dauther.i think kobe is going to be a chicago bull next seson..sorry to say it but lakers are not gonna have kb or kg.

  • Cyrus

    What is T.J.Simers doing here??? T.J.Simers is against everything this website is believing in.
    T.J.Simers, the master of irony and deception, hates Kobe, Phil Jackson and Lakers. Why are we giving him more publicity in publishing his foolishly ironic article on this website?
    T.J.Simers knows only way of reporting and that is to ridicule our favorite team and player.
    What is this A$$hole doing here?????????????
    Why do we have to discuss this third class, illiterate, Lakers hating , sensationalist, lowlife sportswriter on this website??????

  • Faith

    Normally I read everything you guys put up. But I have an unnatural dislike and distate for everything T.J. Simmers touches…so.

    No comment lol.

  • da1

    real classy simmers

  • http://www.getgarnett.com kevin bryant 24

    SIMMERS SUCKS he doesnt know anything about basketball
    he is a fukin’stupid just igore him

  • lakers

    dont worry kobe for sure is coming back next year

  • foshizzelmynizzle….

    tj simers is a little beeeatch like his sister

  • http://Lakers.com Ed24

    Guys you have 10 minutes left to vote for Kobe. He needs our help if you haven’t voted for him make sure you do right now.

  • http://Lakers.com Ed24

    2 minutes left, vote for Kobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Lakers.com Ed24

    1 minute left vote for Kobe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Lakers.com Ed24

    30 seconds left vote for Kobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Lakers.com Ed24

    Times up I hope everyone voted for Kobe for WHO’S NOW DO IT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Let’s go Kobe I believe in you!!!!!!!!

  • nyla

    I didn’t mind this article by him as much cause I liked the way Kobe came back at him.

  • Rpoc

    You guys are crazy and blinded because it’s Simers writing this. He’s a fraking asshole but let’s look at this article for what it is. Kobe didn’t answer any of those questions straight. Those questions are ones fans would have asked him if they could.


    “I worry about the reputation of [ESPN’s] Ric Bucher, your spokesman, who says you will never play in a Laker uniform again. What do you make of that?”

    “Why don’t you go to the craps table and blow off some steam?” the Kobester jokes.


  • LAKobe4Life

    There’s sooooo many Kobe haters out there it’s freakin ridiculous. A-Rod beats Kobe, it’s really sad and pathetic there’s so many Kobe haters out there and all their arguments are all B.S. They really need to buy a huge bottle of haterade to cure their haterism. Who cares, Kobe doesn’t need this piece of crap title from BSPN, he’s still the best freakin NBA player by far and one of the greatest athletes in the world.

  • http://Lakers.com Ed24

    Fuckin’ bull shit. Everybody knows Kobe the shit. Fuck ESPN, they probably rigged the voting.

  • Rpoc

    Someone forgot to notify the fans in China who bought his jerseys about this competition

    His recent trade tirade gave haters more fuel and it was all from the man himself
    [quote]Who cares, Kobe doesn’t need this piece of crap title from BSPN[/quote]
    Lmao, cmon you guys care otherwise you wouldn’t have voted or posted it everywhere. If he won you guys would have been jumping around naked screaming his name in joy!!

  • Rpoc

    The whole panel at BSPN voted for Kobe btw.

  • punkjones

    I have no idea or understanding of why T.J. Simers has a job. His obnoxious column alone is reason to cancel my subscription to the LA Times. Remember when the the LA Times Sports page boasted the genius writing of Jim Murray? Even Scott Ostler was a cool writer. All of the current staff except for Mark Heisler are almost unreadable. Plaschke is good for human interest stories only. He really knows less than nothing about basketball – he’s only into the personalities (or not into them as the case would be with Kobe). Bresnehan tries to keep it professional but he’s been down on Kobe pretty heavily as well over the past years. He’s a little more into him now. Not saying anyone needs to be a homer on our paper, but if you’re not going to be a good, or interesting writer, the obvious Kobe hatred can get pretty tiring.

    Simers is the worst of the worst. I have no interest in anything this guy has to say, or that his daughter has to say. His rabble rousing “journalistic” act is tired beyond belief. It’s a terrible gimmick and as others have posted, it’s no substitute for solid, well-informed writing and opinions.