Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Phil Jackson recently told reporters that the 2010 NBA Championship did indeed fuel his return to the Lakers for this current 2010-2011 NBA season.

“Yes,” Jackson said. “It did. I more than likely would have [retired],” Jackson said. “I think that it was pretty obvious that we capped off a great season, but with winning [another championship], Fish [Derek Fisher] and Kobe [Bryant] would have an opportunity to do something very unique in basketball.”

It’s interesting to see Phil attempting his fourth 3-peat. When taking a step back, it’s an amazing opportunity for Phil, and the Lakers organization. It’s hard to imagine that what he accomplished in Chicago could be mirrored in Los Angeles in the sense of championships. As the playoffs near, with the surging Lakers looking locked and loaded, Phil was asked if he does obtain his 4th 3-peat if that will be enough to compel him to come back next year:

“No,” said Jackson with a wry smile, sticking to his “last stand” stance for this year. “There’s no such thing as four-peats.”

  • Mark

    No such thing as four-peats?!?!?! what are you gonna say next that there is no Santa? @_@

    • Oliver

      no santa??? please say it’s not truee

  • GetGasol

    There is such a thing as four-peats. Boston won 8 in a row once.