• fireworld

    HaHaHaHA, we’re coming to get you!!

  • http://nba.com IMmichael

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

  • JB714


  • willow

    Damn LD2k! That poster should inspire the Lakers to go to war each and every game. Full on war! Hell i’m ready to go to war!

    No weak hearts

    No weak minds

    Only the strong survive

  • Phant0M

    Lets go LA!

  • MILO

    Pau to Amaree get the fu-ck off!!!

  • http://myspace.com/nugge7 The Nugget

    WOOO!!! Can’t wait to get Bynum back so we can just kill ‘em next time. :D

  • Phant0M

    If there will be a next time

    I’m sure phx is pretty cautious of what were capable of doing now

    : ]

  • Sopi

    LOL!!! Great poster!!

    well done!~

  • Luis

    I knew Kobe is good with his pinkie, yall make it seem big, that Gasol I knew he good but since it ain’t televised a lot I ain’t see what he got

  • ricky

    this pic is wicked! i cant wait for bynum and ariza to return, then this team will be unstoppable.

  • Jack

    gasolina is better than diesel. well said somebody.

    and wats up wit the pic? Pau looks like the GEICO commerical caveman.

  • PB2000

    This is the best ever, not only for its genuineness but also for desplaying each and every single Laker player’s and fan’s mentality and attitude right now! This is the mentality that we lacked in the past that caused us to fumble in the face of adversity! This year, and for many to come, we will be bringing championships home! That’s a fact. Kobe Bryant is hungry and playing with such efficiency with a broken finger proves it! He deserves to be the MVP!