According to this article (To continue reading this article you must be an Insider member.) from ESPN’s Chad Ford, the Timberwolves are finally listening to trade proposals from other teams. Has Garnett demanded a trade or is this McHale’s doing?

Over the weekend, several Eastern Conference general managers told that Minnesota Timberwolves GM Kevin McHale is finally listening to trade offers for Wolves superstar Kevin Garnett.

  • Kobe Hater

    not again!

  • lamecluch

    Here’s the full article guys.

    Over the weekend, several Eastern Conference general managers told that Minnesota Timberwolves GM Kevin McHale is finally listening to trade offers for Wolves superstar Kevin Garnett.

    Any number of teams would want to get involved in the KG sweepstakes, if indeed bidding has opened.

    For a couple of years, the Bulls have seemed to be a natural destination for the former Chicago high school star. Bulls GM John Paxson has stockpiled a lot of young talent that could potentially go to Minnesota in a trade.

    But the Wolves might have missed their best chance to make a Chicago deal work. With P.J. Brown entering free agency, two things would have to happen for a KG-to-Chicago trade to be possible: (1) the Bulls would need Brown to agree to a sign-and-trade to make the numbers work, and (2) the Wolves would have to pay Brown upward of $10 million next season. If those two conditions are not met, it’s very unlikely the Bulls and Wolves will be able to make a KG deal under the rules of the collective bargaining agreement.

    If KG’s not going to Chicago, where could he go? From what I’m hearing — and at this point it’s just a hot rumor — the Wolves and Boston Celtics are talking about a Garnett deal.

    In this scenario, Boston would send Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair, Theo Ratliff, and change to Minnesota along with the No. 5 pick in the upcoming draft. In exchange, the Celtics would get Garnett.

    While a six-for-one trade would create some awkward roster dilemmas, it could work for Boston in this case because the Celtics would be giving up only one member of their core: Jefferson. Meanwhile, the Timberwolves would get an emerging low-post star, a wing player with a lot of upside, another high draft pick and future cap flexibility.

    On Saturday, I spoke with Celtics vice president Danny Ainge about the rumor, but he would not comment on specific trade discussions. He did say the Celtics were talking with a lot of teams at the moment about a number of different trade scenarios, but that none of them were close to happening.

    One could argue that the Celtics would be better off trading Paul Pierce and continuing to create a younger team. But if they are committed to keeping Pierce and trying for more immediate success, the Garnett deal would make sense for the Celtics. A combination of Garnett and Pierce would make the Celtics instant contenders in the Eastern Conference.

    Even if the Wolves could come to an agreement with the Celtics (or another team) on which players should be involved in a Garnett deal, there are some logistical and risk issues that might kill such a deal.

    For Minnesota, Garnett won’t be easy to trade to any team.

    Garnett is due to be paid $22 million next season, and he could be owed about $3 million more than that because his trade kicker is 15 percent. That makes the mere act of balancing salaries a challenge in any Garnett trade, given the restrictions of the collective bargaining agreement.

    On the other hand, to make a trade work under the CBA, Garnett would be allowed to waive part of his trade kicker, if he so chose.

    At the same time, acquiring Garnett would come with plenty of risk for the Celtics or any other team.

    Garnett can opt out of his contract at the end of next season, meaning that teams may be reluctant to trade a lot of assets for him, given that he could leave next year.

    While the Celtics might be willing to offer Garnett a multiyear extension, they would not be allowed to negotiate with Garnett until after both July 1 and the trade. Therefore Boston would run the risk of making a major play for Garnett, only to watch him walk away after one season in Celtic Green.

    And if the Celtics are willing to offer Garnett an extension, how many years and millions should they offer? Garnett is already 31 years old.

    Furthermore, with Garnett and Pierce eating most of the team’s cap room, Boston’s financial flexibility to make moves to the supporting cast would be severely limited.

    So even if Garnett were available, and even though the trade proposed above would be a good one for Boston on paper, it’s not the no-brainer it might appear to be at first glance.



  • lakersforlife77

    I don’t think we’re going to be able to put together an offer that, not only is compelling enough to beat out other teams, but also compelling enough for them to disregard the same conference bias. It’s just beyond fantasy at this point.

  • Mr RiCo

    I think that Kobe should call Kevin and talk about solving both of their frustrations with a 1 stone-D throw! KG comes to Lakers & the Buss family becomes forgiven! Mitch is suddenly heralded as the GM of the year! ~lol~

  • KingKobe

    Thanks lameduch for posting the whole thing.

    I know the name of this website is GetGarnett…..but c’mon!
    After everything that’s already been said, I don’t think Kobe would be able to stay even if we got Kidd, Lebron, KG, and Tim Duncan to come to L.A.
    And there’s no way that KG comes here if Kobe isn’t.

    If Kobe goes to Chicago then KG will opt out next year and then join him with the Bulls.

    Mine and Lakers fans worst nightmare.

  • Another_LAL_Fan

    Hey ‘KingKobe’, I can’t see why’re you so right about Kobe moving!
    He can ask to be traded the most he want, but if LA don’t get a nice back on him, and they will not get it because Kobe WILL veto the best trade chances for the Lakers, then the Lakers will just turn at him and say: You’ll not going to be traded!
    And than what? LA control Kobe for more two seasons… and what you think he’ll do? Stop playing and leave the game for two years on the prime of his form?
    Hi’s not going to be traded, and that will not happen because the Lakers doesn’t want to do it. That will happen because Kobe and his ego think that they have control. And that’s not the way it is!

  • KingKobe

    You’re right, Kobe’s too competitive to tank and he doesn’t actually have a choice right now. But what I’m saying is with everything that he’s said and done, including the “Kobe Video” why would anyone want to coach or play with him? Especially his current Laker teammates. He does not want to be here, he is no longer saying “make the team better” he’s asking to be traded. If he doesn’t want to be here then that means he doesn’t want to help the Lakers win anymore. Do you really want that kind of attitude on your team?

  • lakersforlife77

    As long as he does a lot more of this next season he can have whatever attitude he wants:

  • Lakers 24 7

    mann i bet Kevin Mchale just heard that Kobe wants a trade and is hoping that Kobe will be asked to be traded to Minessotta to team up with KG


    This is getting really BORING…MAKE A TRADE ALREADY AND SHOW HIM YOU’RE SERIOUS ABOUT WINNING…MEMO 2 THE BUSSES…”DO IT NOW!!!”…MICHAEL WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN PUSHED TO THIS…Say what u want to, kobe has NO HELP!…It will not change untill a coulpe of pieces are added…?????????????????????????????WHAT ARE THE LAKERS WAITING 4???????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • ben_The Lakers Fan

    Shopping a Big-Ticket item?
    T’wolves taking steps to assess Garnett’s trade value

    Are the Minnesota Timberwolves moving closer to trading Kevin Garnett?

    Sources from several NBA teams say the Wolves have been making calls to gauge Garnett’s trade value throughout the league. The most provocative conversation of which I’ve heard has been with the Phoenix Suns, who are said to be ambivalent about moving 24-year-old Amar Stoudemire to Minnesota in a package for Garnett, 31.

  • ben_The Lakers Fan
  • Another_LAL_Fan

    I see your point now ‘KingKobe’! What Kobe did until now leave LA with huge problems as a team if he’s back next season! And you’re right, that’s not the kind of attitude that I want on my team!
    But, even if LA want to trade Kobe (and maybe they want), I still can’t see a way for this ‘trade’ to happen!

    But you gotta strong point out there!

  • lakersforlife77

    I think that it’s funny that not only does that sports writer in that article thinks that wade or james would just opt out of their contracts, but that he also thinks that they would possibly join the lakers. Run that scenario he proposed through your head. No way in hell is that one working out.

  • LAExpress

    Are you cats insane? Mojo, chemistry, my kawanjas!!! Kobe is a Laker, and I still say that if you bring in a cat of the caliber of KG, he’ll stay and make the best of it. KG is gonna play hard, and Kobe would not crap on KG just to make a point to the Laker organization, NOT TO MENTION, somewhere in there, Kobe actually DOES give a rat’s “Batti” about the fans and knows that he’s adored and loved here like no place else. As has been said in here already, make a move…>ANY decent move, but standing pat is not gonna cut it.

  • KingKobe

    No matter what happens, Kobe has tarnished his almost recovered image yet again.
    Kobe is the best player on the planet.
    Will be the considered greatest PLAYER of all time.
    Surround him with ANY sort of talent and they’d win the title all the damn time!
    But sooooo much drama has taken place in JUST A FEW WEEKS! How would it be possible to keep Kobe, keep him happy, and put all this behind us?

    In a perfect world, the Lakers tell Kobe “we aren’t trading you”, he sucks it up and takes it like a man. The Lakers make a few moves to get competitive. Kobe gets lots of boos from his home fans once the season starts, takes that like a man, apologizes to his teammates and his fans, just plays ball and helps us win. Realizes that leaving doesn’t guarantee winning a championship. Then KG comes after opting out next summer. Kobe decides not to opt out because he’s got a great shot here.

    The memory of this drama falls further and further away if the Lakers are competitive, get some good players, and Kobe keeps his mouth shut. People will forgive him if he stays quiet and plays his heart out like he always has. As betrayed as I feel with all this, I know I can forgive him if this happens, as will other spurned fans.

    ….I can dream can’t I?

  • magic32

    just trade kobe to the suns already. as crazy as it might sound for kobe going to a division rival it really isn’t, because lakers get better value than they can get from the bulls. the bulls won’t give deng,gordon,and wallace only two of them with a couple of thier rookies.kobe goes to the suns lakers get marion,barbosa,and diaw which will solve their pg problem.and since this article just came up the suns could trade amare and their draft pick to the t-wolves for kg. this will be the biggest nightmare for every team in the league.

    Suns 5
    C – Kurt Thomas
    PF – Kevin Garnett
    SF – Raja Bell
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    PG – Steve Nash

    Just Think Of This Dynasty The Suns Will Build

  • lakersforlife77

    magic32, stoppit with the suns bullshit, if you like the suns then stop dreaming, they are not going to trade to a division rival you idiot. Jesus Christ I’m sick of people like you.

  • Mr RiCo

    KingKobe, you should mail this as a letter to the Lakers Organization in El Segundo.

  • KingKobe

    and just to put a nice little bow on this…

    I know it depends on the other guaranteed contracts against the cap they’ll have at the time BUT…

    …even if the Lakers don’t trade him and he opts out after 2009 it’ll clear more than 20 million so that we can bring in another star.

    So let’s keep him here and make him suffer like he’s done to us thus far! EEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHE!

    Thank you.

  • magic32

    lakersforlife77, i don’t like the suns. Just trying to find out a scenario that could get kobe and the lakers happy. After all kobe does deserve to leave the organization hasn’t done shit, they didn’t bring in b-diddy and b-diddy was going to take a cheaper contract.They didn’t get carlos boozer. And they didn’t get jason kidd. Oh yeah and they traded caron butler for who kwame brown. And tell me how is that idiotic to trade someone who your shopping this offseason (shawn marion) along with barbosa and diaw for one of the top 5 players in NBA history. And if the lakers do keep bryant until 09 teams could just keep rejecting trades and wait until bryant to opt out so they don’t have to give crap to the lakers. Think of the scenarios dumbass.

  • lakersforlife77

    I would rather get nothing than see the suns franchise become great, never under any circumstances would I want to see the Suns succeed. And why would you want to if you don’t like them???

  • Christopher

    I hope so

  • kgmvp

    Hes gonna go to phoenix for amare and for some picks and players

  • omar

    if anything, its gonna be kg and jaric(or hudson) for Odom, bynum, kwame, cook, #19 #40, future 1st round pick, thats the absolute best package we can give them, they get a 10 mil expiring contract in kwame, and give up some bad contracts, but i dont see them passing on gordon and deng, or stoudamire