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Memphis Edge: The Griz and Lakers have been talking for some time. One of their initial discussions involved a deal that would have included Mike Miller and Hakim Warrick, and Lamar Odom. The Lakers are said to have declined.

Part of the motivation for the Gasol deal had to do with the discontent from fans. A large segment of the fan base (as fickle as they are) disliked Gasol, booed him and wanted the Griz to ship him at any cost. The team realized that, along with just 13 wins, having a franchise player (and highest paid player) that can’t draw at the ticket window would never work. People wouldn’t pay to see Gasol play. So part of the thinking is perhaps they can shop for one who can draw fans.

I’m hearing strong vibes that the Logo brokered this deal. No proof but where there is smoke, there’s a fire. Jerry West still has owner Mike Heisley and general manager Chris Wallace’s ears. Plus, West is very interested in having Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak succeed. Just my two cents.

After talking to several league executives, the Griz have pissed off the Western Conference with this deal. Elite West teams are said to be angry that the Griz just handed the Lakers an important piece in their quest to become a championship contender. Typically, All Stars are sent to the ‘other’ conference. Imagine how Atlanta and Chicago must feel right now. But those East teams weren’t offering cap room.

  • leo

    go jerry west! haaha

  • Neo-Laker Era

    uh this kind of move is nothing new (see KG in Boston…duh!)

  • Tim

    jerry west isnt part of the Grizzlies anymore

  • True Lakers Fan

    haha Jerry u r da best

  • daboss1848

    WOW…Mitch just cant catch a break from some of u guys – even a blockbuster like this is not his doing . . .

    Not trading LO for Hakim and Miller (if that’s the case) is a huge blunder.

    By the way, the Ariza deal was actually due to a visit by the ghost of L Ron Hubbard telling Otis Smith that Cook was their missing piece..

  • T-Dub

    Odom for Miller and Warrick would have been real nice!!!

  • Frank

    Recently it seemed like other NBA teams were making sure the Lakers could not come with a great pick up (ie. KG,JO) but Kupchak just slapped everyone in the face with this deal!


    T-DUB we have to think for a minute,yes LO can be a little aloof(tackling Ray Allen),even somewhat passive(he’s a real Ric Flair when he gives interviews,RIIIIIIGHT)BUT HIS SIZE WILL UTILIZED PROPERLY NOW or like Kobe says the LENGTH OF THE BACKCOURT,OH MY GOD,NO ONE WILL WANT TO SEE LA. FEAR HAS BEEN SET THROUGHOUT THE NBA plus let’s use our Laker Mind Tricks to ship FLUKE A@! OUT!

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

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    I think the LO for Miller/Warrick wasn’t done because of the money and future salary concern. With the Gasol trade alone, the Lakers salary cap next year is, from what I’ve heard on Matt Money Smith, about $80M next (so the Lakers will pay the luxury tax).

    Warrick isn’t that expensive, but Miller is. Next year makes $9M and $9M the following year for a total of $18M. Odom makes $14M next year and then is off the books. You may ask what’s another $4M (18-14), well with the dollar for dollar luxury tax that $4M really is $8M. Buss and the Lakers want to win, not go broke. I understand why the Lakers didn’t do this.



  • AtlastKB24MVP

    HaHa the west is mad! Phx, Dallas and San Antonio now step up and face the lakers well phx couldnt hang with just bynum so we don have to worry about them! But the rest come on bring it! but as for the trade AMAZING!!!!! In some famous quote “We were only a piece away” Man i dont know about u but for me i want phx in the playoff i know we arn facing them in the first round well actually if the finish 7th or 8th but i want them at all costs we have some unfinished buisness!

  • willow

    Thank you “The Logo”…

    Once a Laker always a Laker…just like those a’holes in Boston and Minnesota. McHale proclaimed that the trade with Boston for KG was for the Timberwolves’ best interest. Ha!!! In what dimension?!?!

    Let’s just thank the Laker gods are always looking down on us.


  • lakerschamps08

    yea idk f jerry west had anything to do with the trade its not the first time ainge and mchale so jerry said man i can help my former team as well..fuk u boston.. and LOL ALL WEST TEAMS ARE MAD.LOL

  • xxv112002

    Wonder if Jerry West will be in Staples to watch Pau’s first home game. That’ll be cool. Imagine him standing outside the tunnel like he used to do back in the Great Western Forum. Old school baby!!

    Lakers Domination 2008!

  • ab4sure

    West probably let Mitch know that the owner was concerned of cost but that is what everyone knew. That is why most team did not want to give much for Gasol. Face it lakernation, the props go to Mitch. He is the one that was patient in trading Kwame for basically a potential star in Critt. Give him credit. Also, he is the one who withstood imbeciles wanting to crucify him for not trading Bynum. Like a previous article said on this site Is it time to Praise Mitch Kupchak??? There are still some who refuse although i do see alot who have changed their tune. I guess the three words hardest to say are still “I was wrong”.

  • Billy Kupchak