Eric Pincus of Hoopsworld writes on the current situation of the Lakers and not – at least as of now – landing Kevin Garnett; the player hailed by all Lakers fans as their savior…

HOOPSWORLD.COM: The big news of the day is heated conversations between the Minnesota Timberwolves, Boston Celtics and Andy Miller (agent for Kevin Garnett). Obviously Laker fans would be disappointed if Garnett is traded to Boston, but it appears that may be a strong possibility.

The Los Angeles Lakers have always held a small candle but had already accepted they were an unlikely destination for Garnett.

Perhaps they look at Plan B again (Jermaine O’Neal), though they still appear unwilling to move Andrew Bynum with Lamar Odom to the Indiana Pacers for the expensive and injury prone O’Neal.

While the Lakers can afford to shop players like Kwame Brown and Jordan Farmar, that may not be enough to land an impact player.

A wild rumor that the Orlando Magic would be interested in Brown, willing to send Hedo Turkoglu (and Farmar from the Lakers) to the Sacramento Kings with Artest and Keith Bogans coming to the Lakers has been declared “unfounded” by a source close to one of the teams.

It’s certainly an interesting idea but at this point remains unrealistic.

Another rumor making the paces is that the Lakers are one of the teams chasing Juan Carlos Navarro whose draft rights are still owned by the Washington Wizards. While it’s possible to come up with a trade scenario that might appeal to the Wizards, there’s the matter of how much money the Lakers can pay Navarro.

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    Eric Puntcus with another article worth nothing.

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    GET ARTEST!!!!!!!!!!!

    F KG

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    hey it doesnt sound that bad…lets trade kwame and farmar for Hedo Turkoglu to sacramento and we get Artest…hmmm???

    then sign webber!!!

    Fisher/Kobe/Artest/Lamar/Bynum = CONTENDERS???? HELL YEA!!!

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    how is Al Jefferson,Sebastian Telfair,Gerald Green and Theo Ratliff
    better than Lamar,Bynum,Farmar, Kwame??? Minny is getting screwed!!!

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    BOSTON????????????????????????????????? WHY KG?????????????????