The Thunder arena was rocking… and that’s an understatement. Can Staples Center match that intensity when they return from Oklahoma City? Sound off..

During the game, TNT reporter Craig Sager said they have been measuring the decibels and that it is often 100 and hit a 109 in “OKC The LOUD” Center.

He also reported that the previous record was 102 held by the Sacramento Kings up at Arco Arena.

I think “hostile environment” has a new definition with this 1st round war that the Lakers are in.

  • whoa

    Why can’t Staple’s center be as loud? Sometimes I feel like our crowd doesn’t give a fuck.

    • Richard

      Cause we win too many times. Also most of ticket holder in Lakers Game are not true fan and just basically a date. the court is too focus finding couple kiss then try to cheer for the team.

  • Lakers 24 7

    STAPLES is never rocking, unless Kobe hits a game winner. These people are from OKC..imagine how bored they must be..they don’t have too many teams to cheer for. lol LA is filled with rich folks and celebrities..

    • Justin M.

      its funny how the rick folk at staples center only speak up when free tacos are involved

      • Lakers 24 7

        Possibly, but it could also be the poor folks sittin’ in the upper decks. lol

  • mytiman

    There’s no way in hell that Staples Center could be louder than that of Arco and Oklahoma.

    Believe me, the only time that Staples Center would be loud is when they will be upset by young up-start Thunders. Loud chorus of boos.

  • Justin M.

    ha, the crowd at staples getting into a game besides the last few min, that will be the day

    • Justin M.


  • cqc_NastyN8

    =/ who cares.. to hell with okc.

    • Simeon Huffman

      Yea to hell with OKC. Who do they think they are being good fans. If the staples center was that loud then how would we drink our espressos.

      • whoa

        I can’t believe we have people like “Simeon Huffman” to represent LA.

  • lakeb


    • Mikey

      They did give out gold shirts at Game 1 last Sunday.

      • lakeb

        i dont think so man. staples looked boring as all. i didnt see a swarm of gold shirts

        • LAL_24

          no yeah they did give em away….just that the rich decided not to wear em

  • LAL_24

    i think that if they allow the real fans in for just one game! like forget about the celebrities and stuff…….juss let the real fans in Staples will be rocking!

    • bostonSUCKS88

      actually im sure celebrities only consist of about 10% max of the crowd. i think its that laker fans criticize so much more than any other team that they dont cheer as loud as other fans. for some reason LA fans criticize every little mistake the team does. most fans arent like that.

    • daboss1848

      Staples Center capacity for Lakers is about 19k – no way we have 1900 celebrities. we have max 10 recognizable celebrities and maybe another 50 smaller celebs. OKC, like SAC is built almost in a college like structure wherein the sound bounces in such a way to make it even louder. When Lakers played at UCSB – the Thunderdome was also built in such a way that 6k ppl could raise the decibel level to over 110. Instead of criticizing our fans and our arena, why not go to a game and make some noise. When you’re actually there it is actually quite loud – it just doesnt translate on TV.

      • Lakers 24 7

        Yea, but you don’t need to be a celebrity to be rich. lol Rich folks just kick back and enjoy the game…you might get a clap or two out of ‘em.

      • right

        Just like OKC didn’t translate on TV right? And while you’re at it, ask Lakers org to make tickets affordable oh wait.. Every playoff game I’ve seen so far has good crowds, everyone except the Lakers. Staples Center crowd is nothing but apathetic season ticket holders and rich folk. Boy do I LOVE LA

        • daboss1848

          Staples is sold out – so it must be affordable enough to sell out 19K seats (simple rule of supply/demand). Apathetic? Nice! Why would someone shelling out between 4k and 100K be apathetic? Oh thats right because theyre rich folk who are just there to have a dog and a beer and mingle with celebrities – never mind.
          U guys need to go to a game b4 u criticize what u obviously dont know.


    If Staples would have your average hard working 9-5pm people from Inglewood (like the old days) South Central L.A. and Crenshaw and East L.A. Shish, STAPLES CENTER would be ROCKING!!! but noooo, they have a bunch of Hollywood/Beverly Hills Stars (i.e. Actors) they are pretty perks no way are they gonna get up and be loud like OKC, SAC Town, and UTAH! Don’t expect it!!!!

    • daboss1848

      Same exact crowd as the old Forum – difference is the Forum was built without regard to acoustics, so the crowd noise was amplified by walls and echo. Staples was built with concert performance in mind so as to avoid wall reverberations and echo, so the sound dissipates.

  • Marwan Marzina

    Whats the point of having home and road games for the Lakers? Every game seems to be a road game with the ‘Laker fans’ being a non-factor in games at STAPLES. LA is taking this championship team for granted and I’m sure Seattle would be dying for any team to relocate there. See how the Sonics sucked and they moved, Seattle had a riot to stop that from happening. Its the power of true fans. If the Lakers were relocating, people would just be like ‘Whatever, we had our fun’. I love this team so much and it sucks to see ‘fans’ attend games and not cheer for them. If I went to a Laker game, I would cheer so loud, I’d lose my voice before the player introductions. Thats how the fans should be!

    • daboss1848

      true fan – get a visa, get on a plane, buy a ticket (avery’s or barry’s tickets), and cheer to your heart’s content.

  • Chris Manning

    The way STAPLES Center is built is it has the sound get sucked up into the ceiling. That’s why on TV, it seems like it’s not loud. We may not be 109 decibels loud – who is – but STAPLES can rock and intimidate the opposition. I agree completely with daboss. Much louder than it appears on TV.