Thorn Has Received Calls Regarding Kidd

    Interesting. After losing to the Clipps though, if I were Thorn I’d listen to those calls.

    RealGM: Nets team president Rod Thorn said there have been calls about Jason Kidd but he doesn’t see anything imminent for the Nets on the trade front. He maintains help must come from within.

    “No question, we have not played well. The record we have is the record we’ve earned,” Thorn said. “We need to play better. It’s not the fashionable answer and I know it sounds trite and cliched but if we want to turn it around, we just need to play better.”

    As for trades, “I make it a habit to talk to GMs/team presidents as a regular matter of course and that’s what I’ve been doing [so] I wouldn’t say we’re actively trying to do something.”

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    • hZm

      Is it just me or does Thorn look completely evil?

    • 24allup inya

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      ha ha ha lol yes he does look evil

    • 24allup inya

      Turns out that Phil never said that a 50 win season was out of reach for the Lakers, i hate the LA times always starting sh!t…

    • daboss1848
    • daboss1848
    • ab4sure

      Actually he has a thorn up his butt. See how he is biting his tongue?? He is in pain!!!!! LOL

    • n8

      or Sloth

      Please can we just wait to see who we can pick up in the off season once Kwame’s 9 mill is off our books.

    • 24allup inya

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      I got to hand it to you, you’re assesment of what he looks like was the best and most acurate…

    • n8

      thanks 24allup!