I can’t wait for this personally. Lakers will done their old uni’s from the ’80’s. Over at the official Lakers’ blog, they posted some comparison pictures…

While at first glance, the 1987-1988 jerseys might not appear drastically different from the Lakers’ current game wear, there are actually several notable changes.

For starters, while the Lakers infamous purple and gold color scheme has remained the same over the years, the current jerseys feature purple more prominently (i.e. lining down the side of the jersey) and have also added white as the prominent color featured in the jersey numbers, instead of the 1980’s purple, and removing the drop shadow.

  • Nikko

    you mean let’s go back 8 years?

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    Well, I for one digg the old jerseys.

  • http://deleted JBMONKEYMAN

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    That is hilarious and true. Maybe they are the ones from around 85, those were a little bit different too i remember.

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

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    Also, remember these are the the 1987-1988 jerseys.

  • kb24mvp

    i wish they would have gone to those dark blue ones as there throwback(i remember when shaq malone payton and kobe wore those that yr and they were sick)or those baby blue ones(the yr caron was a laker)those were tite,but theses are cool cuz we are the new showtime and to see kobe were the jersey he first wore(style wise)is gonna be preety tite.and did the lakers actually were those black jerseys?what wer they ther alternates???i wish i coulda seen them wer em.

  • Michael_23

    Hey! The 1988 jerseys? They forgot to wear the short shorts!!!!!!!! LOL.

    I wonder what that would have been like. LOL