I hope he can continue to play next year!

Pro Sports Daily: “Could this be the end of the NBA line for Derek Fisher?

Not in his eyes.

Could this be his last season playing for the Lakers?

That’s possible, Fisher acknowledged.

But right now, Fisher isn’t thinking that he’s 35, that he’s a 14-year veteran, that he doesn’t have a contract beyond this season with the Lakers.

Fisher’s thoughts are on helping the Lakers win consecutive championships, on playing his best to help the cause.

He made his case Sunday, scoring 11 points, hitting the back-breaking three-pointer late that helped push the Lakers to an 87-79 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 1 of a Western Conference first-round series Sunday at Staples Center.

“I put aside as far as me thinking this could be it in terms of my last postseason playing basketball,” Fisher said. “I know for sure that’s not true.

“This is the last year on my contract. I know I want to play basketball after this. I will play basketball as long as somebody is willing to offer me a job. But that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be on a team that can win a championship.

“So, from that perspective now is the only thing that matters. You can’t think about next year. You can’t think about the past. It’s just about right now.”

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  • dawg

    god help us

  • LD24

    I love Fish, and I think the Lakers (and us) owe him a ton for everything he’s done for us. That said, it’s not reasonable to believe that he should be our starting PG making 5 mil a year. I’m assuming he’s going to take a paycut…it’s a long shot but if we can bring in a starting caliber PG that can reasonably guard the faster guards in the league, I’d love to see Fish come off the bench.

    I have a hard time seeing the Lakers keeping both Fish and Farmar (since they also declined to pick up his option). I can see arguments for keeping either, but a veteran to lead the bench people would be wonderful. Remember, he’s a team captain, so he’s obviously well respected by the team. Hell, I’ll even pay Fisher to anchor our bench.

    • daboss1848

      Fish will get a 3yr/6mil deal with player option for 3rd yr . . . Lakers/Buss loyalty.

      • mr.laker19

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, heaven help us all

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    • http://www.facebook.com/thejahjah Josh Herrington

      i wonder why he deletes them?

  • only one laker fan

    FISH is a warrior. But as all good warriors you need to put the sword down.
    You have gave us a lot to cheer for in years of service.
    I wish guys like La mar had your hard working ethics.
    But the time has come. You cant guard fast young guards
    Kobe is even having a hard time.
    Go out on top. Retire . Your stats show it. The time has come.
    Lakers need a skilled guard thats young and cant shot.
    Farmar is a d league player. Sasha is a joke and Shannon is out of control most of the time.
    Mitch you put us in a bad position you knew from last year the guard position was in bad shape and you did nothing. Our bench totally sucks and the guards are a joke.

    • 09champs!

      good thing you´re the only laker fan as your name says, imagine if you wouldn´t be , what would you say?
      Mitch put us in the best position posible , I have no complaints and I hope Fish comes back for at least 2 more years.
      2 yr/5mil is reasonable to me.
      Shannon will also opt out, so Brown , Jordy and Fish will all be free agents.
      KEEP DEREK AND SHANNON ( if he isn´t another trevor ariza who asks for more than what he´s worth)

      • only one laker fan

        Mitch put is a good position what THE fuck
        mobenga,powell,sasha,luke ,jordan morrison.
        thats a bench ?

  • KindSir

    Hell no! We don’t owe him anything man. The player is the last to know when he’s done. He’s delusional. Get him a job somewhere within the organization as an executive or something, but DO NOT sign him as a player.

  • Robert

    If Fish stays with Lakers, they HAVE to get rid of some of the other dregs. Even if they win the title this year, they can’t hang with the same team next year. Kobe got injured this year, and it was probably NO THANKS to the bench (early on) that would lose leads, and then Kobe had to get back into the game – playing too many minutes.
    The Lakers need a reliable bench. AND, they have to protect the 1st unit (Kobe, Gasol, etc.). They are all veterans now, so they need to ‘rest more’ (that simple).
    Lakers didn’t use any draft picks last year – they stuck with the same team (w/ Artest/Ariza swap). Last year’s team pooped out right at the end of the Finals (Kobe mentioned he was exhausted). Now he’s running hard with tired legs. They will need fresh players next year to handle the load.
    I think the Lakers will try to re-tool without letting Fish go (first), but if they can’t upgrade, or have no takers for their 2nd unit players, then Fish would be good bait (to sign and trade).
    (remember they have only 13 spots, 2 open spots available – Buss is already way over luxury tax, but we’ll see what happens after season).

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  • justdogm1

    russell westbrook is smiling!!!!

    • KindSir

      along with every other point guard in the league!

  • Al

    Oh God, it should be his last season.