It’s crazy to think that it’s been half a decade since Kobe spent 48 minutes locked on ‘Eff-You’ mode and smashed the Toronto Raptors with 81 points. In my opinion, it was the single greatest offensive performance in professional sports history and the ultimate “everyone shut-up and just hang on to my cape” moment.

In commemoration of tomorrow’s 5th year Anniversary of “81”, tell us how you experienced Kobe’s historical performance…

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  • More Cookies 4 Kob

    Happy anniversary Toronto. It was 5 years ago that you became the victim of the single greatest and efficient scoring performance in NBA history by one man.

  • LC09

    it was crazy..i was at home in da upstairs livin room watchin n cursin bc da team was losin to da bleepin raptors n than kobe jus goes HAMMMMMM on em..n u really didnt pay attention to how many pts he had until stu n da other dude started makin it a big deal n than i was glued in!!! i was goin crazy but same time i was stunned in amazement!!! congrats kobe!!! thank u

  • imfasterthanur

    What’s amazing is that the first half really didn’t provide any clues that it would be an 80+ point game. A big game yes, but second biggest in NBA history?

    That’s greatness for you.

  • Jesus

    I remember it like it was yesterday. I was at home stuck on the TV. I knew it was gonna be a special game for Kobe. By halftime I believe he had around 40 points. The greatest game by an individual player ever. I don’t think I will ever see anyone top that. Defenitley not anyone named Lebron.

    • LEbAd

      ^ Definitely not Lebron 81 turnovers maybe

  • Kosta

    One word:fabumazing.

  • lakers2000

    He is still my favorite player of all time!! I cringe to see the day he retires. He will definitely be missed.

  • Isaw81live

    I was extremely lucky that I attended that game. It was my first Lakers game ever. My whole family are huge Lakers fans, especially my dad who moved to LA the summer Magic Johnson was drafted. Anyways, it was a moment I’ll never forget, and a story I’ll pass on to my children. That day, was supposed to be a NFL Football Sunday because whatever teams won that day would go to the Super Bowl. But Kobe stole the show, to say the least!

  • Madeeksmal

    If only he was still this dominant… I’m unlucky to have become interested in basketball after Kobe’s prime.

  • Gugy

    It was indeed amazing.
    I remember that game so well.
    Congrats Black Mamba!

  • lakerfan

    actually one important note is that he did not play 48 minutes…he played 42. if he played (at the rate he was playing at) for 48, we wuda scored 92 points.

    wilt scored 100 in 48 minutes..and he was a center w/ no shot clock, no 3 sec. in this league, its much harder to score. kobe’s 81 pt game (or 92) is the singlest greatest scoring performance in NBA History.

  • kb24allday

    kobe is the greatest there is and i wish i was watching that game that day but i was really young but i always liked the lakers because of my dad but i became a bigger fan as i grew older, I LOVE WATCHING KOBE PLAYYY!

  • Stephen

    Just amazing. I unfortunately missed most of the game and when I got home, I think from like my practice or something my dad told me to come here quick and Kobe was on like his 79th point and I was just shocked as hell lol, what a great moment.

  • poop

    26 in the first half

    FIFTY-FIVE in the 2nd.

  • hoop247

    one thing jordan can’t do. GOAT after jordan

    • yash

      actually if jordan was in his prime durin kobe era, he would avg 40+ easily. he avged like 38 during the intense D era. he went for 50 pts at age 38. come on!

  • kobedoinwork

    i kinda hate the fact that im 18…..i really only remember really getting into kobe and watching the majority of the games after the three peat. i was young. i wish i was older in these circumstances so that i could have watched him play since his rookie year….although ive seen most of his individual record setting games it isnt enough i wish i witnessed his earlier days during and before the three peat. its gonna be tough watching the nba after he leaves….i got too much respect for this man….i just hope he wins 3 more rings…i sound crazy maybe but thats how he will stamp his greatness on these haters. yeeeeeeeeee. long live kobe

    • lakers

      i feel the same exact way, the day he retires is gonna be te saddest day of my liiiifee, im always going to be a laker fan but im just really going to miss watching him play


    AMAZING! SIMPLY AMAZING! I agree with what ‘imfasterthanur’ said, he gave us no clue as to what we were in stored for. I know that it was surprise to him as well, as he wasn’t looking to play that way before the game started.

    That just goes to show all of us what would have happened had Kobe decided to be that scorer from tip off… Wilt Chamberlain might have been #2 and #3 in the all time scoring column as opposed to being #1 and #3!

    And the claim by Jordan that “HE” can score 100 points in today’s NBA is ludicrous! These athletes have these big @$$ egos and just can’t learn to keep them down when they retire. He had to come out and make that claim… just so lame! There’s NO WAY that he would’ve scored 100 in today’s NBA.

    Jordan, as a lot of people would claim, is a better all around player. I’m not going to argue that point, but I will say that he was NOT the offensive weapon that Kobe is, not by a long shot! Kobe is sick! Jordan’s offensive arsenal was that of USSR back in the 80s, while Kobe’s offensive arsenal is that of our current USA!

    Kobe will smart bomb you and you won’t even know what the hell just happened! SHOCK AND AWE! That’s Kobe! SHOCK AND AWE!

  • Sir

    I was in class and wasn’t able to watch it :'(



  • Real Laker Fans Hate TLN

    not even an apology that you got the date wrong . . . Riley – you’re such a fukkin douche – TLN Exclusive my ass