Bryant scores 40, but Odom and Walton continue to fizzle as L.A. gets swept in Texas.

L.A. Times: Another rough third quarter. Another punchless effort from the frontcourt. Another loss in Texas.

When all else failed, the Lakers turned into the Kobe Bryant show, but it wasn’t enough to prevent a 112-105 loss Friday to the Dallas Mavericks at American Airlines Center.

Bryant had 40 points, 10 rebounds and five assists, but there were more questions than answers after the Lakers fell to 2-3 without Andrew Bynum.

Luke Walton and Lamar Odom each had four points, marking another eerily quiet game for their starting forwards. When will they turn it around?

The Lakers botched another strong first half with a suspect third quarter in which they were outscored, 35-19. Will they ever outscore a team in the third quarter the rest of the way?

They came up with two losses through an admittedly tough two-game trek though Texas, but how difficult does that upcoming nine-game expedition look now?

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  • mauriceaj

    i can’t understand how the lakers lost this game, kobe had maybe his best performance this season : 40 pts, 10 rebs, 5 assists, and most important, over 50% !!!!! How did we lose ?!?!?!? Was it Defense??? Was it Odom???? Was it Luke! ??? This is a game that should have been won

  • I am proud to be a Filipino

    “We’ll be much better by then,” he said. “I don’t think it’s something players should be really concerned about. We came into two tough environments and . . . outside of that little spurt in the third quarter in both games, we played pretty well. Now it’s time to go home, regroup and get ready.”

    That is what Kobe said after their lost against the Mavs..Be ready guys, and prepare to see the lakers will win most of the upcoming games..and the 3rd quarter wont kill us anymore..

    Believe, Lakers Nation, believe…

  • as1084

    i blame odom….odom is always the reason the lakers lose! he disappeared during this game AGAIN.

  • e

    as much as i am discontent with luke again…wtf was up with odom???

  • Flush Odumb

    Another big time performance by Odumb!

    4 points, 2 boards
    2 of 9 shooting!
    Is that “versatile” enough for all you Lame-ar Lovers?
    I guess I was wrong after all when I called him one dimensional – I OVER STATED HIS ABILITY!

    And Luke turned in another stellar performance – 4 points, 4 boards!

    Is there a worse pair of starting forwards in the league?

    Yes indeed, some changes are needed at the end of the season! FLUSH! FLUSH!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    yeah, lets get big ben!!!!!!
    trade odumb and luke just for anyone!!!!!

    fish kobe anyone big ben bynum = ring!!!!!!!

  • Jack

    What an embrassment it was in the game. I was at the game shouting like crazy in the first half and third qrt. was just too shameful. But the good thing is there were people with yello jerseys all over the arena. wayyy tooo many. I felt very proud seeing the Lakers supporters show up. The ever loud AAC was relativerly quiet yesterday because of the presence of yellow jerseys.

    Phil has to start knowing when to stop the game at third period when something is not going right. This can’t be happening again. can’t be happening again.

  • Odom the worst player

    Well Kobe played his heart out, but someone else but forth little effort again. I bet no one can guess who I’m talking about. I’m not going to say names, because it hurts some people’s feelings when this particular person name is mentioned. Some positive notes though, the Lakers fought back hard and never gave up. In the end they came up a little short. D Mbenga played well. If you notice he did a pretty good job on Dirk. What I like about him is he tries on defense. He contested every shot Dirk threw up, and this affected Dirk. This is when the Lakers made their run with D Mbenga on the floor. When someone else was guarding Dirk, Dirk went off; since this someone only holds he hands up in the air and never tries to block a shoot. This someone also shoot his usual bricks as expected from me. Bottom line there are people on this team who give an effort every night Kobe, Farmar, Turiaf, Sasha,Fisher, now D Mbenga, even Kwame tries to play hard, but there are other people one in particular that stands around and never tries on defense, shoots bricks all the time, makes bad plays time after time that’s hurting the team.

  • T-Dub

    Flush Odumb…yes they are the worst pair of fowards in the league…and I’ve been saying it for months. How could Mitch give Luke a 6yr contract. Last year he peaked as a player and it’s only going to be downhill from here. 5 more yrs of this. I thinks its safe to say that the Lamar Odom experiment is over…I see Kobe is still smiling saying it will be ok, but every man has a breaking point!

  • jermaine mciver

    I think its time to panic Lakers need to make a change! Odom to me always been a cancer to the team. When you watch him play its like hes in lala land. Step up Kobe needs to lay down the law if there not with him ship’em!!

  • somelakerfan1

    wat the heck wats wrong in the third quarter!!!!!

  • T-Dub

    I think that Shaq trade is starting to look like the worst in NBA histoy. Now I will give Mitch credit for that!

  • T-Dub

    Meaning we got nothing for Shaq while he was still dominant!

  • http://mmmmm again_luke_walton_sukz

    wat is up with luke walton n odom……STEP UP UR GAME FOR GOD SAKESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this season is just like last season we were winning n then injuries n LOSING>…KOBE CANT DO HIM BY HIMSELF>>>>>>DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #23685 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ehh!!! Shaq was too fat and out of shape it wasn’t till he was traded to Miami that he tried to get in shape Ehh!!! plus he did not deserve the kind of money he wanted and look how injury prone he’s been of late.BUT WE ARE DEFENITELY DEALING WITH THE CURSE OF THE BIG DEISEL

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #23685 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Blame your boy Kobe for that trade “I don’t want to be a sidekick anymore”. As a free agent, Kobe wasn’t going to resign if Shaq was still a Laker. Didn’t you find it a coincidence that Kobe signed his 7 year deal the day AFTER Shaq was traded? A

    nd before you say the Lakers should’ve waited for another offer, they had a deal working with Indiana, that Shaq turned down as he had a no trade clause in his contract. Sorry, just stating facts.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #23690 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah your right we could have kept Shaq, but we would have lost Kobe. Which one would you have chosen??? Kobe or Shaq

  • DoDoBallz

    This may be a joke to you but because I am a true fan at least read it and delete it.
    The Bulls:Wallace+Joe Smith+Nocioni The Lakers:Kwame+Radman+Odom

    I Love Lamar and have always supported him, but it seems like its not working for
    us on a consistent basis.And with Nocioni we have a true PF who can actually hit
    the three.Wallace who defensive presence is still there hes just not in it like he
    use to be in Detroit.Smith is solid for us because he is another big man who is something
    you can call insurance.Think of your starting line up.Bynum/Nocioni/Ariza/Bryant/Fisher.

    A fast pace line up that is probably the best in the league considering everyones strengths.
    And defensively they would be a handful.Ariza is almost a Bowen type of player especially
    he starts knocking his shots.Bynum stepped up before the injury on the defensive end
    and really alter shots.Nocioni’s length alone will make a player think twice about throwing shots
    up,also we know Fisher is very pesky on D and we know Bryant will play D like its nothing.

    Now that sounds cool but the best thing about this trade is our bench. When your bench consist of
    Wallace/Turiaf/Walton/Sasha/Farmer you still keep you defense steady, and though Walton has been
    struggling, him off the bench with those type of players brings energy and will definitely sustain leads.
    Turiaf shot has been looking more and more effective and he really is starting to come into a role like
    Horace Grant but with a little more energy.Sasha’s D is pretty good because hes pesky like Fish and when
    he shoots now I don’t hold my breath.Farmer is Farmer and I am proud of what he has accomplished
    and he will only get better.

    Now if you read all that and didn’t delete it then give yourself a pat on a pat on the back.I could explain how
    this trade would help the Bulls which it will but its about my squad right now.Also throw in a couple of pic and
    and draft rights of one of our overseas players to sweeten the pot.The Bulls cant get any worse and if we are going to
    slide while Bynum is out we might as well do it with a little change in the lineup.Think long run.

    I thank you and if you talk to Phil,Dr.Buss,Kupchak or whoever that this is the trade to go with.

    Be Bless and a Happy New Year.

    I know that this is the trade.It will happen


    First of all,STOP WITH THE KOBE / SHAQ CRAP,WE HAVE KOBE,LIVE WITH IT! Captain Kobe, I see had to bail out the team again(like always).40 points,10rebs and 5 assists.What in the F!@# IS A SHOOTING GUARD DOING GETTING 10 REBS? I’ll tell you,HE STAYS AROUND THE RIM, which is what LO,Kwame and Luke are supposed to be doing.In other words,they’re intimidated,not by their opponents but by the KING HIMSELF,YEP,KOBE.Walton’s first year we lost in the finals to Detroit and he kept the Lakers in a lot of those games with his hustle plays,WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED,OH WHEN MITCH DECIDED TO GIVE HIM A CONTRACT FOR 6YRS.WORTH TO DAMN MUCH,NOW HE’S LAZY AS SH!@.LO,I don’t know,I mean one minute I sympathize,now i’m like I can’t do it anymore.All I see now is more losses than wins.I know alot of y’all have dogged me cause I say JO would perfect for The KB/AB connection but I can throw in S.Marion(better athletically than LO,needs to work on defense but I would pull the trigger)WHOEVER,BIG BEN.We have to rememeber ARIZA is out also so that really hurts( which is why I feel like Luke isn’t playing well because he lost his spot to Ariza). PLEEEEEEEAAAASE TRADE KWAME FOR MY MAMA IF THEY HAVE TO,NOT AS BIG BUT DAMN SHE AT LEAST GOT HEART.

  • mikedeezy2k8

    lmao odom said he wants to retire a laker, we are trying to win a ring, odom is just trying to make his 13 mil. we arent even asking that much of him, all we want him to do is step up and be the second scoring option that hes supposed to be. if he cant o that ship his ass out….



  • jay


  • T-Dub

    Of course Keeping Kobe was the right thing to do, I’m a Kobe fan. What I’m saying is with Brian Grant never playing here, Butler gone, and Odom turning out the way he is, we didn’t get much for Shaq.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #23767 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This is why the Lakers will never trade Kobe Bryant, because you’re never going to get an equal trade. It is better to let the player walk and save yourself money for salary cap.

    Unfortunately, back in the Shaq trade, the Lakers had to trade Shaq (basically trade him for unequal value) because Kobe needed to be signed (keep Shaq and risk losing Kobe. The Lakers did the right thing and kept Kobe). Fortunatley for the Lakers last summer, when Kobe was demanding a trade, the Lakers did not have to trade him because there was nothing to risk losing by keeping him.