TLN got mentioned on Ball Dont Lie’s list of the top Lakers blogs on the net…

3. The Lakers Nation - An up and comer, kids. Look out.

2. Lakers Blog (L.A. Times) – They think I’m a hater (and they can’t defend that, because while I didn’t read that post, I did hit CTRL-F and searched for the word “hater,” and found it. Check and mate), but the brothers Kamenetzky run a fabulous MSM blog. Always coming through with the sort of posts I love to write and love to read from others.

1. Forum Blue and Gold - It’s a great thing when a team as prominent and important and as successful as the Lakers has a blog that lives up to the franchise’s exalted stature. I don’t want to sound too breathless in describing Kurt’s work, but anyone who’s ever read a game preview, or his nuanced (nuance like you wouldn’t believe, bro-tha) takes, or the way he turns a phrase and then uses actual evidence to support it … it’s an amazing thing, this site.

  • LN1

    yeaah congrats!!! forget, TLN!!! it was fun though when we thought KG was coming.


    in before the lock!

  • Ko8e_f@n

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    hahaha… i can still remember the time :P

  • jonny

    congrats to Kurt, best blogger for the best team!

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    fck #3 were #1!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karl

    In a way this site is both #3 and #1 since FB&G is an affiliate.

  • http://www.sports moses

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