Presents, “Hot Interns”. Try not to take us too seriously. Enjoy! :)

“Hot Interns” Cast & Crew:

SHANE BIEN as Himself
KAM PASHAI as Himself
JASON RILEY as Himself
RACHEL RILEY as Hot Intern
KELSEY KELLY as Hot Intern
DESIREE as Hot Intern
ADAM DEHREY as Office Worker
AMIR KHOSHNEVIS as Office Worker
AMIT RANAN as Office Worker

Written by JASON RILEY

Special Thanks to…………BOB SCHMIDT & AM-570 RADIO

  • The Dynasty

    Um…about the dumbest thing ive watched. Not funny. Not Lakers related.

    Im so confused.


    • kiantech


    • drewdeluxe

      Yup.. Not funny.. I felt embarrassed watching it..

      Please.. Don’t ever do this again..

      • ilikebasketball

        that’s embarrassing, and basking in your own sexism.
        the only joke is aimed at the ones that made it.

        • bynumite24

          LOL @ taking life way too seriously.

          • ilikebasketball

            unlike how you’d wish it to be, there are serious aspects in life.

            and treating women like retards that are around purely for the sexual excitement of men is a serious and sad reality that videos like these perpetuate.

  • Laker 2009 Champ

    … PLease invest your time and the beautiful ladies into other things… This video is whacked out.

    What’s the purpose for these videos?

  • Mark

    Wow you guys are really up tight (comments). Let em have some fun.

  • Megan Fox JJC

    … What does this have to do with the Lakers …? TLN Staffs are paid? They have their own office O_O? … What the heck is funding this site…?

  • Imadogg

    Hahahah, this was damn hot and well done. Good stuff and I love the sexy girls woooooooooo. Good job by all the TLN staff in the video haha

  • Jerry 愛

    Stop the hating, nubs.

  • daboss1848

    good work gents
    can we do away with the bathroom humor in the next episode (no #1s, #2s, frontdoor/backdoor gaseous expulsions, etc.)

  • Katie Spaeder

    Laker 2009 Champ, I was told they were doing them just as fun as well as to set TLN apart from other sites. A tad pointless, but hey, sex sells.

    To the ladies, never lower your standards.

  • Luke4Lvp

    ummmm…….retarded. not funny.

  • gugy

    Sorry TLN,
    You guys tried to be funny but failed big time. Stop trying to be Hollywood and stick to Lakers stuff.

    The only positive thing about this video was the interns. Indeed they are hot. lol

  • Jerry

    Wow that was really stupid. Is there a point? I am so glad I logged in to check Lakers news and saw the TLN guys pretending their in an episode of the Office. Except it wasn’t funny, original, or even remotely intriguing. You guys must really be pressin’ for coverage if you have to try this weak stuff.

  • CROD

    Well that was crap.

  • bynumsrevenge

    i miss wen u guys were about real news… now this has turned into a stupid site were u guys try to do fancy things and fail

    • KB4EVA

      Yeah cuz the only live media day coverage, ld2k videos, and an exclusive Kobe camp video isnt real news or coverage. The first media day photos were from this site.

      • The Dynasty

        Are you kidding?

        This site is basically just OTHER SITES stories copy pasted. And creepy vidz


        • bynumite24

          Yes you’re still here why again? Go have fun on other websites. ill take what tln offers any and every day of the week.

  • Pissed

    I miss the days of this being a real news blog and not a fame grab. Nice work. KLAC’s offices are nice.

  • KB4EVA

    Ive been a fan since the getgarnett days, and the one thing Ive always liked about this site is that they are always trying to get bigger. This video isnt news, but nothing is going on today anyway in lakerland. If you do anymore videos, please put more lakers themes in it. Great quality btw. I like Jim

  • Kobe37=gold

    this was actually entertaining. i don’t need to come read so much hate. some of us appreciate the work you guys put in and i found this to be pretty funny. oh and jerry and other guys, TLN gave us live media day coverage, a new ld2k video, a 15 minute kobe camp documentary and kept us posted on the latest reports like always. you guys talking about no news and content are in denial lul

    • KB4EVA

      Good points. TLN was the only site with live media day coverage. Honestly, the hate is kinda pointless considering they run the site for free. I used to be a part of another site that would request donations to stay running. No one Lakers content like TLN, not even At least the video shows they are not just four guys running a site out of their moms basement LOL. and to think those girls are active on the site :)

  • bynumite24

    That was funny. It’s not for everyone, but you guys won’t please everyone either. I enjoy variety and the production value of it. I hope to see more as well!

    TLN isn’t like any other website.

  • F*CKgrEEn

    actually i like that. one thing this site does is get rid of ideas when they dont work. remember andrew rafner

    i f*cking hated that stupid a-hole so much.

    great job TLN.

  • Vk2

    hahhah only at TLN lol….

  • Bloodsucka Jones

    I think the folks who made this video are nice clean good old fashioned funmakers so all you hate filled talkcrappers can die a fiery death aboard the Mexican space shuttle.

  • lakaluva

    At least they warned you guys no to take them serious.

  • Robby

    People need to calm down a little bit. From what I’ve seen, these guys do a lot to cover the Lakers. The webisode wasn’t serious, they’re just having a good time & making fun of themselves a little bit, + it was pretty funny. Not hilarious, but entertaining. Seriously, give them a break and rrreeelllaaaxx. My god, lol.

  • lamarwonka

    lol cool that they can poke fun at themselves and the site

    maybe the other ones will be more lakers related, but not a bad first shot. everyone is all freaking out, but this site always listens to us

  • kilacrosova

    wow….this was lame-awful-stupid-and in no way funny..plz stop these videos..i love all the other lakers 411 stuff, but this was simply crap

    • ilikebasketball

      agreed. the lakers info is top notch. I don’t wanna take anything away from that. just no more of these videos.

  • LakerLoverCelticsHater

    Please no episode 2! Unless its just the interns, and they dont have any lines. Put them in some Laker outfits and have them dance around

  • Purple N Gold Pride

    I don’t know what this video was relating too…but someone please get me the phone number for Violet Kanian…wow shes hot!!! Is she really an intern there? If she is how do I apply to become an intern?

  • Georges

    This video is Horrible! Its one step away from being a cheap porno.. Only things I liked were Violet Kanian and how people keep looking at the camera.. Please integrate your video to anything Lakers in any future episodes..

  • celtic killa

    i’m not hating on the vid….but could’ve got hotter girls…

  • KeyTurn

    I like the idea behind your vid. You guys got some hot chicks, which is always a plus, and you shot it well.

    Where this video falls short is in the editing department. Most of the clips were waaayy too long. The clips need some tightening up. It could have been chopped to 2:30 minutes using the same clips just with less footage on the front in and or back end of each shot.

    But overall it was okay. Sorta amateurish. But all in the name of fun.

  • troll

    This video def had good production and chicks but where are you going with this???

    just asking…


    I agree with KeyTurn that it could’ve used tighter editing, but the video was fun. I think it was a great first attempt, and if you can incorporate more Lakers related material during the season the idea would def catch on

  • Mark Jackson

    Just an FYI: Nobody wants to see you guys. You guys do a good job with Laker news and are probably every Laker fans’ homepage. No need to add something like this (what is the point of it again?).

    A picture by the person who wrote an article or on the ABOUT US link should be thanks enough. “Trying” to be funny just doesn’t work when people are already a bit confused and KINDA peeved they watched a video on a Laker News website that wasn’t Laker related.

    Not complaining about the chicks though. They WERE hot (and the sole reason most of us watched the video, no doubt)! But if I’m gonna check out chicks I’ll do it at another site…


  • popo

    Props Veezy (=

  • Vee

    Thanks popeezy :)

  • Short Dog

    All you girls are invited to my pad. All of you are fine. Lakers all the way.

    • daboss1849

      Is your mom ok with you having girls over her house?

      • Short Dog

        I have my own spot. Keep my mom out of your mouth. Have some respect. Don’t be blocking hater.

      • Short Dog

        To dabitch. Don’t get wet because I like females. all I see your bitch ass talking to dudes all the time. Dam Queer.
        Short Dog #1 Laker fan. Go back to chicago or cleveland puta. That’s whats up.

  • Laker_girl85

    1st of all most of the girls were But-a-face’s and its sad that you would use them just for their sex appeal which i reiterate was totally lacking. 2nd i agree with everyone else that this was painful to watch because it wasn’t even funny. Was the casting call a few weeks ago for THIS!??
    I’m almost positive that you could have found girls for this who were not only attractive but intelligent when it comes to everything basketball. had i known i would have auditioned just to add some substance to the female characters.

    this was a BIG fail guys i’m sorry.
    I can’t wait for the season to start so that you guys can focus on laker news and not on side projects like these.

  • 007

    wow. EPIC FAIL.
    i didn’t create this song. but someone did. and not sure why they took the time to actually record this but yea. jus sayin.

    • Grammar Patrol

      Let me guess, 007 is really flo’z who is pretending to be someone who had just stumbled upon a diss video about the webisode–which ironically, happened to be written by flo’z himself–to show to the public. And why did he do this? I’m guessing because TLN booted him for having such wack songs.


      • daboss1848

        interesting theory, but for the fact that mollywop(above) found the same link. (not that im defending james)

      • 007

        uhhhh no. actually i didnt TRY to find anything. its one of the ‘related’ videos available at the bottom of the screen after you watch the entire video

      • Flo’z

        Correction: I am Flo’z and I don’t pretend to be anyone at anytime. But since we’re on the subject of pretending, and since you are so opinionated on who I am and what I do, show yourself as the pretender that you are or mind your own. Post your contacts before running your gums over the internet. You know how to get in contact with me. I don’t hide from anyone. And get your facts straight, TLN didn’t boot me. TLN is just a website. Relax little guy.

        And why so defensive in the 1st place? lol

        • The Dynasty

          Wow Flo’z looking down to throw down with the fans. Werd

        • Grammar Patrol

          Me, get my facts straight? It was a hypothesis, as I even mentioned it in the post. What about you get your facts straight? You wrote a song dissing TLN and for what reason? I don’t know. You managed to write a whole paragraph about how opinionated I am and how I should “post my contacts before running my gums,” so why not use that same intensity to shed a little light on why you dissed TLN. Who wouldn’t think you got booted after that… yeah, they’re “just a website”… but as far as I know, any website could boot someone they no longer wanted.

          • Flo’z

            I used the phrase “get your facts straight” as a figure of speech Grammar Patrol. The tone of the words I used in response to your hypothesis carried very little weight. All I did was provide you, the author of the hypothesis, with an established fact and evidence on why your hypothesis is flawed.

            Also, I only challenged you to reveal yourself because it’s typical for some people to try and provoke matters by flinging rumors and disrespectful comments at the parties involved, while them themselves remain anonymous. You revealing who you are would go a long way in proving you are not apart of that group of people.

            That being said, TLN is the name of this site, however, it is the Lakers fans that come here often to share their “Lakers Luv” with like-minded fans from all around the world, that make up The Lakers Nation.

            Now you asked why I didn’t use the “same intensity” to explain why I responded the way I did– and to be frank, that question (and others) were answered long before you wrote up that hypothesis.

            Guess someone wasn’t listening, huh? But you should know that I understand. Assuming is the easist thing to do when thinking may take too long or appears to be unreasonable.

            No further comment…

  • lakers2000

    I’ve seen better acting in Old Navy commercials! lol! Hopefully the NBA season will cure these videos.