good times…I live in a town, Los Angeles, a town that other people from other towns frown upon.

We are known for our fake breasts, our fake calves, our celebrity scandals, our traffic, our always sunny weather, and most importantly our Caramel Macchiato. You see, even with all these false, well some, misconception of Los Angeles, this is still MY town.

But, behind all this so-called glitz and glamour, hides a Los Angeles organization that is used to being frowned upon from other towns in other states. Yes, am talking about the Lakers, an organization that doesn’t know what they want and doesn’t know what to do. A first time in 28 years…

Am not used to what am hearing, am not used with all these demands that I hear from Kobe and from our Laker fans, and am not used to all these e-mails we get in our inbox from desperate fans that want immediate changes by any means necessary. “Get rid of Bynum!” “Trade Kobe!” “Keep Kobe!” “Get Garnett!” etc, etc…

You know what I want? I want championships, damn it! I don’t care how we get them and who we trade from our team to get them, only if the conclusion brings another Larry O’Brien trophy to our town of greedy bastards. I loved the feeling I had for three straight seasons and I want that feeling again. I miss that feeling. Am I greedy for wanting a feeling that other fans from other teams have never experienced? Hell yeah, I am. And I don’t care.

Ever since I’ve been a young boy, I’ve been a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s in my blood and it’s in my heart to root for this team. I’ve shed tears for this team and it wasn’t because our beloved announcer, Chick Hearn, passed (Heck, who didn’t cry?) but it was because I saw our Lakers squad crying. I felt their emotions that day; I knew what they were feeling. I hated that feeling and I’ve had those exact same feelings for the past five seasons and I hate it. I bloody hate it.

Jerry Buss, Jeannie Buss, Jim Buss, Mitch Kupchak, or whoever is running the Lakers front office at this very second, Do something but don’t do it now. Do it when the right deal comes along THIS season. Do not, I beg of you, DO NOT do another Shaq trade where we are left with nothing but bad contracts with bad players.

Do something and do it right!

  • Kenny

    Amen . as long as kobes on the team ;)

  • Mark

    VOTE 4 KOBE when he faces A-Rod
    Gon be tough to beat.
    How much did he win by last time????

  • lakers4life

    yes, please dont just make a deal to make a deal, make one that will help us now and in the future

    i remember when our whole bench was crying, but against who? was it against the pistons??

  • TheMagicMan32

    this is what kobe should have said in his exit statement!!!

    “Do something, and do it right.”


  • kobe24sadang

    “Do something now,and do it right”

  • kobe24sadang

    “Do something now, and do it right”

  • mat
  • king.manu

    is read the winner is… and i thought we got kg. but this is a great post man

  • J-Cool

    Rumblings circulating here at UNLV that point guard Mo Williams has chosen to take less money to sign with the Miami Heat later this week were described as premature by multiple sources close to the situation.

    Yet Williams is said to be leaning toward Miami and the persuasive recruiting trio of Shaquille O’Neal, Pat Riley and Dwyane Wade, even though the Bucks are positioned to offer more guaranteed money.

    Williams’ decision is expected by Wednesday, which is the first day free agents can officially sign new contracts after the league announces the salary-cap figure and luxury-tax threshold for the 2007-08 season.


    The Los Angeles Lakers emerged as an instant favorite to sign Derek Fisher last week after Fisher asked the Utah Jazz to release him from the final three years and $21 million left on his contract so he could move to one of the half-dozen NBA cities with a treatment center equipped to handle his young daughter’s rare form of eye cancer.

    Call them virtual sure-thing favorites now.

    Fisher, according to NBA front-office sources, is no longer even considering other teams and is on track to re-sign soon with the Lakers — who drafted him in 1996 — barring an unexpected snag in negotiations.


    I was actually expecting a lot more Corey Maggette trade speculation than we’ve heard since the Los Angeles Clippers drafted Al Thornton late last month, given the constant trade speculation that has enveloped Maggette since he was nearly dealt to Indiana for then-Pacer Ron Artest in January 2006.

    But maybe there’s a reason for the relative quiet.

    The latest signals emanating from Clipperland are the same signals heard around the February trading deadline, when Maggette stayed put. The message remains that Maggette, as a personal favorite of Clippers owner Donald Sterling, still has a better chance of being a starter next season than he has of being traded.


    If Williams indeed winds up in Miami and if Fisher returns to the Lakers, that will only enhance the Clippers’ chances of signing Steve Francis when Francis’ all-but-done Portland buyout is complete.

    Francis is close with Shaq and is said to have had strong interest in the Heat and Lakers. The Clips, though, were in the lead from the start, with age (Sam Cassell at 38) and injury (Shaun Livingston) concerns at the point and Francis’ close pal Cuttino Mobley as their lead recruiter.


    Chris Webber has hinted at retirement more than once since last season ended, but I’m hearing now that he’s much more interested in playing next season than not playing.

    On two conditions.

    Webber, 34, is apparently only willing to re-sign with his hometown Detroit Pistons — who lost to Cleveland one step short of Webber’s first-ever trip to the NBA Finals — or join the Dallas Mavericks.

    The Mavs are giving Webber a good look, too, since he’d instantly become the best passer they have if they signed him.

  • *lakerfan15*

    Keep bynum and get fisher and get rid of
    dont resign
    But keeeppppppp bynum!!!

  • lakerfreak

    me too man me too

  • LAforLife

    I see the passion in this article and I love it. I agree with it 100%, but I’m afraid that on that list of reasons why people hate our town(the fake breasts, the weather, the traffic) they might put our(but specifically your) terrible use of the word AM! It’s “I’m” not “am.” Seriously, dude, it makes you sound like you should be wearing a helmet. spellcheck buddy.

  • Fatty

    What’s wrong with doing it now and doing it right?

    You imply, you can’t do both, which is not true.

    That’s been a problem with our FO. Missed opportunities. When the deal is there, you’ve got to respond. The window of opportunity is opened for a short time. Delay’s can allow other teams to come in and sabotage a potential deal. A decisive GM, we seem to be lacking. Our problem seems to be systemic. Mitch can’t act unless Jim Buss is involved. Jim does not inspire confidence. Give Mitch the real power to make the call and we may find out we have a real GM after all.

  • lakerfan81

    Fatty I agree. But you can not make trades just for the sake of making trades. You need to make trades that make the team better. Not only is it pointless, it is also harmful, to make deals just for the sake of looking aggressive. I’ll give an example:

    The Rest Of The Story
    Jul 4 – An exceptionally well-connected league insider once told me the story of how Brian Cardinal got his mid-level.

    Seems Memphis owner Michael Heisley, frustrated by GM Jerry West’s lack of activity, walked into West’s office one day and asked why he hadn’t signed anyone yet. So an exasperated West picked up his phone, called Cardinal’s agent and offered the mid-level on the spot. Then he turned to Heisley and said something along the lines of “There, you happy now?”

    Now nobody in Memphis is happy about Cardinal’s contract, other than Cardinal, of course. — Indianapolis Star

    It will be a horrible mistake to make a deal that does not make us better while trading away all of the young talent and tying the team up financially for many years to come.

  • gugy

    when is the last deal for any possible trade this summer?
    It seems that the Lakers will wait to the last minute to pull the trigger or will not do anything after all this summer.
    No wonder Kobe wants to leave.


  • gugy

    Sorry, I meant DATE!

  • lakergirl114

    you’ve done a well-spoken job of beginning to capture what true laker fans feel in our hearts. i only say ‘beginning’ because as those of us who bleed forum blue & gold know, there is no real way to express the convinction we feel for this team. it’s about tradition, it’s about history, it’s about common grounds, and it’s about ownership. let’s hope this is the season we start to move forward again.

  • Fatty

    Looks like Fisher is going to be a Laker.

    Last week, we all thought it for sure, now it looks to be reality, thanks to J-Cool and his link to espn.

    How much will he sign for? By letting go of his agent, it might seem to indicate that Fish will sign for Vet Min. Why do you need an agent for a league mandated price?

    Fish surely could’ve gotten more from the Lakers. Did he agree to take less so the Lakers would have the MLE in reserve for somebody else? If that turns out to be true, I will buy a Fish Jersey and wear it proudly in Arizona.

    Lakerfan81 –
    Right, but there is nothing wrong with venting a little frustration with our leaders. And there is nothing wrong with us letting them know, “don’t you be signing no more Smushies, Shammond’s, and Mckee’s.” Besides, after I sent my letter last night, I felt much better and slept good.haha

  • Fatty

    gugy date?

    I don’t think there is a date. It would be the trading deadline in the reg season. But it would be good to get all our pieces in place well before camp. These guys would have time to work out together and bond before camp.

  • punkjones

    Fun article. I agree, Lakers, bring us back. But I think a lot of us share Kobe’s pessimism and frustration re: lack of vision in the FO. They are very conservative in general. Perhaps it will be to a fault but if they bring us a true big for the post this summer all will be forgiven. If they don’t then this summer will be a bust. Sorry, that’s the way I see it and I hardly think Kobe will see it otherwise.

    LF81 – great story about Jerry West! That’s pretty crazy but I can see it going down. Even GM’s are beholden to their owners, and while it’s insane that someone would dare to tell Jerry what to do as GM, it’s a great lesson about impatience.

    That said, man, I’m about to launch into yet another JO discussion here. I won’t discuss the same old reasoning, but I will say that if you bring in Derek Fisher, and it looks like they will from reports today, then the Lakers HAVE to get themselves a big guy. To bring Fish here with no one to throw the ball into in the post is not going to work.

    If somehow, someway, the Lakers actually started posting up Lamar, maybe, maybe, maybe it could work out. But for whatever reason, this guy who is our power forward basically only ends up in the post against the Suns. Either he or the Lakers coaching staff just does not post him up. I can’t understand it, but I’m resigned to that fact. So if the Lakers want to take advantage of their two free agent signings: D Fish and Luke Walton, they absoulely must bring in a BIG who can play in the post in order to utilize their particular skills in this system. If not, if we’re stuck with bad hands Kwame, immature Andrew, and Lamar standing around on the three point line, we will have one of the worst offenses known to man.

    I agree that the Lakers shouldn’t do just any move. But not pulling off a trade for a big guy is the worst non-move they can do.

    From all accounts on other boards Gasol is not going to happen, period. From all we’ve seen here KG is probably not going to happen. I know it’s a waiting game because until something definitive happens with KG the Lakers can’t give up trying for him.
    And Lakers want to wait to see if Indy gets desperate and gives up JO for cheaper than both Bynum and Odom. Just hope we don’t lose our opportunity to get him because I can’t see another year of crap low post play, especially w/ Fish and Walton who can actually get the ball into the post unlike Smush.

  • TheMagicMan32

    [quote comment=”6492″]is read the winner is… and i thought we got kg. but this is a great post man[/quote]

    me too. i started getting real exited. but great post

  • Big D

    Some digging on Lakers info returned the following:

    The main web address for the lakers is indeed, so if they conform to any sort of “normal” email addresses (which I doubt), you can expect Kupchak’s email to be one of,, etc.

    Note that did result in one Google hit, but I again doubt it would be that obvious. Keep trying until you don’t receive a bounce message and let us know.

    The only official email address on the website was mentioned earlier ( However, I did locate a possible nugget: Seems Matt was responsible for some of the work on and so MAYBE he could be persuaded to give up a contact email. (Tell him how much you love the site and ask for a reference?)

    The only other email address I found was by looking website information on There is a person by the name of Ty Amanda (or Amanda Ty?):
    1 310 426 6000
    555 N Nash St
    El Segundo CA 90245 US

    Lastly, a bit of advice if you should decide to email (as will I tomorrow): First off, if you do address it to someone, assume they will have a secretary that will read it and likely discard it. If it is sent to feedback, I bet it is screened for legit feedback and most other emails are trashed, so you best bet is to find an actual email address.

    Be polite as possible, use proper spelling, grammar, etc. Nothing wrong with voicing your displeasure, but I’d wager letters calling for retirement (or worse) are going to get trashed. Your best bet is to write in as a concerned season ticket holder and be constructive in the email.

    Remember, you must put yourself in the secretary’s shoes: what might qualify as something they should consider passing on for their boss to read? Then put yourself in the intended target’s shoes. You probably have 10 seconds to make your point, so get to the point fast.

    Personally, I feel a site like this one will have the biggest bang for the buck, but email is worth a shot if enough people get through to the right person.

  • kenshi1023

    The winner is??? WHO? Nugget, is KG coming?

  • lakers4life


  • lakers4life

    The Los Angeles Lakers emerged as an instant favorite to sign Derek Fisher last week after Fisher asked the Utah Jazz to release him from the final three years and $21 million left on his contract so he could move to one of the half-dozen NBA cities with a treatment center equipped to handle his young daughter’s rare form of eye cancer.

    Call them virtual sure-thing favorites now.

    Fisher, according to NBA front-office sources, is no longer even considering other teams and is on track to re-sign soon with the Lakers — who drafted him in 1996 — barring an unexpected snag in negotiations.

  • dlakerfanforlife

    No agent for Dfish. Maybe he doesnt need an agent because hes signing the vet min with the Lakers and doesnt want to give his agent a cut.
    This is a quote from
    “Last week, Bartelstein said guard Derek Fisher would consider the Cavs, but that may have changed. On Monday, Bartelstein said he was no longer Fisher’s agent.”

  • lakers4life

    how much is vets min?

  • Justin M.

    Same old rumors, nothing has got done. Im tired of this stuff. The subtitle of this sight should be nba rumor central lol.

  • dlakerfanforlife

    Its around 1.1 million to 1.2 million

  • BringDFishBack

    vet min is 1.6 or so but the league pays the player 450,000. And i believe the full amount counts against your cap.

  • lakerfan81


    I agree with you about Lamar. The problem is that the lakers want to turn him into a post player. He is not that type of player. They are not using Odom properly. He is a point-forward and he needs the ball in his hands to be effective (even if he does not shoot the ball). The lakers need a post threat both on the offensive and defensive end as all of the championship teams in the last decade have in the last decade (spurs: Duncan; Heat Shaq offense, Mourning defense; Lakers Shaq both, Etc). JO makes sense but their are so many ? marks surrounding him. He played 69 games last season, 51 in 05-06 and 44 in 04-05. that is a disturbing trend (though it is going back up). Though he was as good as ever on the defensive end last season his offensive numbers have been consistently declining the last 2 years (24.1 p/g to 19.4 p/g). You can argue that the reason his numbers have been declining are because he can be doubled (tripled) all the time because there are really not big outside threats on his team. That is part of it. Also his numbers are markedly worst against western conference teams ( I do not have the numbers available right now but I have seen them). Also O’neal is not really a good post scorer. He does have some post moves (baby hook) but most of his shots are 10-15 ft jump shots. He shoots a low percentage (44% FG%, 50% TS%), he’s a bad passer out of double teams, and not a great rebounder (ranked 35th in rebounding rate among PF, that is above Odom though (47th). His PER is 18th among PF (again that is higher than Odom’s (31). The Point being I just do not believe O’neal is the answer.

    Now as far as I can tell there are really no legitimate offers on the table for O’neal besides the one they offered the Lakers. The NJ offer according to Bird was never true and they would not have been interested in it even if it was. So why not wait to see if KG gets traded. I think Taylor wants to trade him. It is good for business. That may sound odd but they are going to be a lottery team with or without Garnett and sales are going to start to go down. The easiest way to generate “hype” for the team will be to put out a new young talented team. There are some very good players that are likely to come out in next years draft (Beasly, Rose, Gordon, Mayo) and they are likely to be in the lottery to get one of them. SO why not try what we are offering or a 3 team trade will start to sound better as time passes. Then if nothing happens there, the JO trade will likely still be available.

  • apro24
  • Justin M.

    If JO gets traded before the Lakers do anything we will once again become a desperate franchise and will have to give evrything away for garnett. They better hurry up and get something done by the end of this month.

  • Eric Thai

    The Nugget! You spelled all your “I’m” as “Am

  • punkjones

    LF81 –
    Great post, thanks for the response! Yeah, we’re in agreement with LO playing the power forward. It seems like basically a stop gap kind of move for the moment. They tried him at small forward but he really didn’t know where to be on offense and wasn’t utilizing his rebounding skills as much. Trouble is LO is simply a hard guy to fit into this offense. He is different from the usual tweener in that he has height and length but he just doesn’t play the PF position in a typical way that we can use him. He’s a unique player and there’s strengths to that, but not when we don’t have a low post option and he’s being asked to be it as you said. If he could compliment a low post player it would be much better. But Gasol seems out of the picture.

    I hear you about JO’s numbers dropping over the last two years but I think it’s two fold in that regard. Last year the knee was obviously bothering him and he was playing hurt a lot when he was playing. Who knows after surgery how the knee is, but it should be better. He’s still quite young and extremely athletic. I’m not worried that he’s not a “classic” kind of low post threat – as long as he sets up there and still gets his shots or passes out he will be fine. At least he’s a scoring threat which LO really isn’t. As you said, JO is a very good defender and even if his numbers will drop slightly in the west he’s damn good. Fact is there’s no one else out there we can get to bring us 20 and 9 or 20 and 10 every night with consistency and he can. For that reason I do believe that he is the answer in terms of a significant upgrade to LO at the PF.

    I think you’re right, though, that the Lakers will and probably should wait for the KG thing to play itself out. I hear you that Taylor should trade him, but will he, that’s the question. Both you and I have said in earlier posts that given Minny’s attitude, they may just let him opt out of his contract. And given KG’s misplaced loyalty he may not even do that. I would bet a lot of money that no matter what we are wishing and hoping for, KG will be a TWolf next year. I’m not trying to be negative about it. I just feel that realistically no trade scenarios are going to be deemed good enough for them to let go of their franchise guy. If that’s the case, like you said, hopefully JO will still be available. I like the news that NJ’s offer possibly wasn’t on the table or at least isn’t going to go down.

    But if summer goes and we don’t have a post player Lakers brass will have blown it in my opinion. If they refused to get JO because they wouldn’t part with Bynum it will probably be another strike against them in Kobe’s mind and for sure in mine.

  • Kenny

    [quote comment=”6580″]Wouldnt this trade be good for both teams?

    i think wed be forced to put a 3rd team bcuz minnesota is trying to lose salary cap and theyve said that they DO NOT want Lamar odom hes have to go to a difff team.

  • lakerfan81


    I agree. Now if you could get Foster from Indy for Vlad. SO a trade that looked like LO, Bynum, vlad for JO and Foster. That would be much better. Foster is not a great shot blocker but he is a hell of a rebounder (something the lakers are missing). Then you could have Foster and Kwame sharing minutes at the C position. But I don’t think Indiana would go for that trade.
    IF that happend and if the Jazz are looking to move Kerilenko for Cap space, there are some rumors t hat they are, then I think the lakers should offer Kwame and Crittenton or Farmar. The Jazz need a back up PG since fisher left and kwame will provide depth as a back up in the front court and cap relief after the season. Kerilenko would give the lakers a very talented versatile defender that they need. Just adding him to line up would make the Lakers much better. That would leave the lakers thin up front, but they could resign Mihm for 1 yr at 4-5M with the team option for 2nd and 3rd year. That way they outbid everyone else and still are not stuck with a long contract. Plus they would still have the MLE to go for someone like Mikki Moore or Posey. Then see if you could goet Head + Cash for Cook + future 2nd rnd pick

    That would give you a line up of

    C Foster/Mihm
    PF: O’neal
    SF: Kerilenko
    SG: Kobe
    PG: Head

    Bench Walton, Evans, Fish, Farmar/Crittenton (whoever was not traded for Kerilenko), Turiaf, Moore or Posey.

    I am allowed do dream am I not.

  • lakersfan17

    “Do something now,and do it right”

  • LAKobe4Life

    Hey nice article, representin LA to the fullest. WESTSIDE!!!!!

  • punkjones

    LF81 –
    Yes!! I agree. If you could somehow get Foster back in that deal it would really sweeten it. The worry is that even though Kwame and JO make for a great potential defensive front court, we don’t know what Brown’s ankle is going to be like post surgery and right now I bet that’s a big hangup for the Lakers giving up Bynum. If Kwame is busted up ala Mihm the last couple years we will be really depleted at center w/out Bynum. If somehow we could Foster who is serviceable and like you said, a very good rebounder, we would be in great shape. It would make total sense given the Fish and Walton resignings. Yeah, I don’t know if Indy would be willing to part with Foster, too, to get a deal done, but they would be getting both of the guys they want in Odom and Bynum. Seems fair to me. As long as we don’t have to take back some awful contract like Murphy or Tinsley, and especially if we could Foster back, hell YES! I like AK47 too – his shotblocking is sick. But . . . can’t see that one happening. Nice to dream, though. Don’t know why they didn’t pull the trigger on the Luther Head trade. Maybe they think they might have to include Cook in one trade or another for a big guy. Too bad Fish is getting almost the full MLE, but hey, he deserves it I guess. It’ll be great to see him back in P and G.