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With all the speculation that the Lakers are looking to trade for Dwight Howard and/or Chris Paul we thought it was time to take a look back in history.

As Laker fans know, this franchise is no stranger to pulling off blockbuster deals that have led to winning championships.

After checking out the Top 10 Laker trades in history, leave a comment, and let us know where a Dwight Howard or Chris Paul trade would rank on this list!

Here are the Top 10 Lakers Trades of All-Time.

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10. Glen Rice

In the shortened 1998-1999 season, the Lakers acquired All-Star Glen Rice from the Charlotte Hornets in exchange for Eddie Jones and Elden Campbell. The Lakers at that time needed outside shooting and Glen Rice would come and fit right in where the Lakers wanted him. Rice played a significant role the following 1999-2000 season as the starting small forward on the roster that won the championship. To some, it was shocking that the Lakers were able to acquire Rice from the Hornets, and even more shocking that they let go of Campbell and Jones to do it.

  • vinny tee

    no doubt about it

  • Princeziggy

    Jones and Campbell for Rice was an awful trade. Fact!

  • A-Money

    where was shaq?

  • Ryan Cole

    Shaq was signed as a free agent. 

  • Rahulan

    Ummmmmmmm did you forget in 1978 the Lakers got the Jazz’ first rd pick in 1979 as compensation for Gail Goodrich and that pik turned out to be Magic Johnson ! ;)

    • Ryan Cole

      BELIEVE ME  I  THOUGHT ABOUT THAT :) Technically it was not a trade though. When he signed with the New Orleans Jazz in 1976, per league rules, the Lakers were to receive compensation for losing a veteran free agent. The Lakers and Jazz agreed to send New Orleans’ highest pick from the 1979 draft to Los Angeles (along with a 1977 and 1978 number one pick and an additional second round pick). When the Jazz finished the 1978-79 season with the worst record in the NBA, the Lakers were eligible for one of the top two picks of that draft. Until 1985, the two teams with the worst records flipped a coin to determine which team would receive the top pick. The Lakers selected Magic Johnson. But trust that this exact question went through my mind so I was not sure whether to include Magic. 

      • Rahulan

        I count it as a trade in my mind only b/c like you said league rules mandated compensation so technically even though Goodrich left, we still got a pick in return…plus it just feels good knowing the Jazz actually gave us Magic for Goodrich !! :)

        • Ryan Cole

          I definitely respect that! 

  • Hadissjamal

    KOBE #1

  • D.A

    SMH…you would put Kobe at number 1 Ry but I respect that though…

    • Ryan Cole

      I mean come on D.A….Vlade Divac for arguably one of the Top 5 players in NBA History…lol..I had to. No Kobe bias at all. 

      • D.A

        Ha…sure man…lol

  • Westcoast0202

    If LA could do a man for man trade to get Howard that would be sweet..No way New Orleans gives up CP3, Lakers don’t have enough to would take a MIRICLE to pull that off, and don’t forget Jerry Jr is maken the decisions now.. hell we may not get either one with his man crush on Bynum..but somethin has to be done. Like Magic said this roster is not Championship caliper.

    • Timm

      this roster isnt championship caliber? its the same roster that we won with minus Ariza, farmar, and sasha. Magic isnt a very good analyst. you lose one series and he says we should blow up the team…what?

  • JR Sunglao

    I’d say chris paul should be top 3 and Howard is top 2

  • Jordan Shalom

    Trevor didnt get traded at the deadline… that trade was in november

    • Ryan Cole

      My mistake on that. 

  • Tienn91

    butler for kwame brown was our number one trade!!!!

  • Kmac_321

    Wow a list that is very accurate I am impressed

    • Ryan Cole

      Thank you, I really appreciate the comment. 

  • ilikebasketball

    great post!
    this is the stuff thats great to see. well researched and informative.


    • Ryan Cole

      Thank you. 

  • Breyzh

    The pick for him was obtained by trading Goodrich to the Jazz…
    Seriously guys, I’m not even a Lakers fan (or a Jazz fan, for that matter) and I know your team history better than you?

    That is really sad…

    • Come on Man

       Biggest blunder I have seen in while

    • Ryan Cole

      Gail Goodrich was not “traded” he left the Lakers in 1976, and per leauge rules if you lost a veteran to free agency, you were given a pick by the team he went to. The Lakers did not agree to deal Goodrich. It is not a trade. The post is based solely on transactions that are considered “TRADES” 

    • Ryan Cole

      Gail Goodrich was not “traded” he left the Lakers in 1976, and per leauge rules if you lost a veteran to free agency, you were given a pick by the team he went to. The Lakers did not agree to deal Goodrich. It is not a trade. The post is based solely on transactions that are considered “TRADES” 

  • Anonymous

    Good job with the list, ESPN won’t never come out this list, they only care about Lebron.

  • Serge213

    How come Shaq isnt in this list! Main reason LAL won 3 titles in the early 2000’s!

    • Laker4Life

      Shaq was acquired as a free agent. Not from a trade.

    • Clem_solis

      Shaq was a big cry baby but at the same time he helped kobe win those rings

    • Lakerfan435

      Because this article was about “trades.” Shaq wasn’t traded to the Lakers, they got him as a free agent.

  • Damtaylor319

    good list, its the order I have issue with. Jabbar by far and prime for prime big game James over gasol any day.Wilt as well

  • David Hillman

    Why are you still perpetuating the myth that the Gasol brothers trade was lopsided?  That trade built Memphis.  They got a very good young center on a fantastic contract, 2 first round picks, Crittendon ( who they later flipped for another first ) and saved enough money to sign Zach Randolph.  Only idiots think Pau was worth more than that.

  • Shazeef Hudson

    The G-MONEY trade was a great one indeed!

  • Clem_solis

    The trade should not involve paul gasol at all he has brought so much to the lakers its because of him that kobe has acquired two more championship rings. The one who should be treaded is andrew bynum he has not given the lakers anything for the last two years only keeping the bench worm and thats not what the team needs. Now the trade with lamar odom is a good one for chris paul that should take place.