Ron Artest got some love from the top 10 defenders of this past decade list. Here is what they had to say about Ron Ron:

Yahoo: A low ranking on this list might surprise some, but Artest does tend to get by on reputation a good chunk of the time. He gambles for steals, or ignores any chance at help defense as he obsesses over his man, and overplays to the point of hurting his team. He can be the rare selfish defender. He can also be the best defender in the league, mixing a desperate doggedness to dominate with long arms, a sturdy frame (to say the least) and quick feet.

  • xfellerx

    a little late on the postage.

  • pablasso

    Kobe is a much better defender than Hinrich or Snow (even in his prime), he should be in the list.

  • daboss1849

    kobe would be in the top 3 if he didn’t have to carry the team offensively. Look what he did in the olympics.

  • touchingmyself

    This is a stupid list! It’s absolutely ridiculous that some of these players are even on this list! I can’t remember Jason Kidd stopping anybody in the last 3 seasons! And Kirk Hinrich? I agree with you guys, if Kobe didn’t have to carry the load, he’d not only make this list but be the top 5! Artest should be in the top 5 as well!

    Tim Duncan as #4 is a fcukin joke! He can’t stop anybody at all. The only thing is that he gets quite a few blocks, I’ll admit that. But as far as defense, Pau Gasol, Bynum, and LO all have their ways over him any day.

    It seems like that they’re really only looking at statistics more than the actual play of the defenders. That’s why Duncan, and Garnett is ranked so high. I’m good with Battier being #2 because that fool actually plays defense before his man even touches the ball, and he’ll play him through all the way to when his man either passes or shoots the ball. And we all know that Artest is a beast! Enough said about him!

    Mutombo is the only guy on the top 5 that I would say deserves to be on the list for the number of blocks that he has. There was a long stretch there where, anytime anyone took a layup inside was gonna get swatted, GUARANTEED! He was a bad mother fcuker! Gay G is a really good weak side help defender but not necessarily a great 1 on 1 defender. I believe that all the weak side help blocks that he had propelled him to #1. I guess I don’t have a real problem with him being there.

    But as far as playing shut down defense… Bowen ( hacker, but a really smart hacker ), Kobe ( when he turns it on, you can’t get in on him ), Artest ( the only guy he can’t stop is Kobe ), and Battier ( Kobe is also his achilles heal ). Bowen and Artest should be higher and Kobe should be in the top 5 as well. Battier is good where he’s at. Ben Wallace and Duncan should both drop down a little.

  • df2k5

    touchingmyself took the words out of my mouth

  • WifelovesLuke

    D-Fish, Ron Ron and Kobe is one hell of a back court for teams to contend with. Now you funnel them into Pau and LO/Bynum? Me like!

  • desecrator93

    I will admit that Artest has lost some lateral quickness and cant really defend most SGs anymore but he can easily guard all SFs. Plus if a 2 guard goes off on us, thats why we have KB haha

  • dot

    I touched myself to touchingmyself’s post.

    • touchingmyself

      i’ll touch myself to your post too!

      • desecrator93

        f*ags. lol jk

        • touchingmyself

          we know you touched yourself too while reading our posts! ha

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    THE KOBE IS MOST overrated defensive punk in the history of the nba…all time worst.

    • Sako

      Seriously, STFU!!! WTF is it with you??? Do you get a hard on every time you say something stupid.

    • 242LakerFan

      Seriously, second that. This has to be one of the stupidest statements I have ever seen. Overrated on D? Please!
      Lest we forget, some of the best basketball minds in the world, on being told that Kobe wanted to be the stopper on the Redeem Team said, “Great, Kobe. Go do it.” If they thought he was a lousy defender, would that have happened? I think not.
      Remember, too, that after the Lakers had gone through the Western Conf Playoffs undefeated and then lost in game 1 of the Finals to Philly, it was Kobe who smothered Allen Iverson for four straight games to win the title in 2001.
      We know you’re bi-curious about Kobe, alright? So just sit back with your hand lotion and some tissues, watch some LD2K videos and STFU!