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Here’s a random story rumor, first reported by

Per Tony Gaffney (an ex-NBA’er and former Laker), Carmelo Anthony wants to be a Laker, and a rumored deal revolving around Lamar Odom and draft picks is being discussed. On Gaffney’s Facebook page, he also claims to have ‘plenty of sources’ to back this up.

Obviously, we don’t consider Gaffney to be much of an NBA source – especially since he’s currently playing somewhere in Turkey – but it is an interesting thought that at-least raises the question:

Do you think the Lakers need to make a move before the deadline, or are they championship-ready as currently constructed?

Sound off, Lakers Nation, and Happy Holidays from all of us here at TLN!

  • Manny Flores

    I don’t think he will come to the lake show anytime soon. But to be honest its a 50/50 kinda thing. Cause obviously the team is getting older and who knows how much Kobe has left in the tank right now. If Melo came it would bring some youth in the starting lineup and he can also bring some offensive fire power as well when Kobe is on the bench, But getting rid of Lamar, I don’t know what to say about that cause Lamar really stepped up his game this year and is looking real good out there, plus their team is already a championship contending team with or without Melo. Like I said to me its 50/50

  • 3StarAndTheSun

    I don’t know but imagine if this happen

    Kobe Bryant

    • sasha4lvp

      put the bong down…

    • Robbie

      throw in chris paul

      • Durt McGurt

        Then it would be like the Heat with all the alpha dogs wanting to have the rock in his hands. I don’t see this happening at all. And let’s not start that “Kobe is getting up there in age” discussion just yet.

    • LMFAOmiami

      If that ever happened….Just give that team the rings, seriously.



  • team_me

    I will love Melo in our team but LO is 2 valuable for the Lakers idk its a tough choice.! but if the make the move but dont think they will ill be ok wit it cause we will have Melo n hopefully a healthy Bynum 4 the future 2 build around.! Also we be the top of the west everywhere year even tho we r without out this trade but Fish Kobe Melo Pau n Bynum thats a great 5 n KOBE will defiantly will have more rings than Mr.Jordan.

  • LC09

    for LO nawww LO is too important to the team.. anyone not named kobe,fish,LO bynum and pau then yes give em..but we dnt NEED a trade tho but if u can get him witout givin up da core do it it cnt hurt

  • LouisTaylored

    This is quite the proposition, because I love Lamar Odom and even though he sometimes plays a vanishing act I know wat he can give me and he started this year off with a bang and is rolling the way we expect him too so letting him go would really be hard. But Carmelo is sooo good and adding him to the lineup makes us better than any team playing basketball in the world. Reason: because we are already a championship caliber squad w/o him but him and Kobe on the court with the Twin Towers and D-Fish waiting paciently at the Three. I mean they both command a Dub Team and are killers in the post. And can both takeover a game so this can garner Kobe some much needed rest. And since PG, and KB already command Dub teams it’d be crazy. But you gotta think about the bench. Will the Killer B’s keep doing it w/o a legitimate Big to go along with them. Like I said it’s an interesting propostion but we can only wait and see

  • Mully805

    no way!!! LO stepping up big time this year!!! get rid of bynum!!! always hurt, can’t afford that…not consistant. trade draft pic’s and bynum… sounds good to me!

  • LakersFirst

    Not opposed to it, but not for it either. This would make the Lakers smaller, which would make it more difficult to compete for a championship, but Melo is a badass. Plus, the Lakers would have such a logjam at the 3 spot – Melo, Artest, Barnes and Walton that two of them would have to go (Walton’s contract with this season + 2 more years makes it difficult to move).
    I’m not sure Denver would want to trade Melo to a west coast rival and take on LO’s contract (he too has this season plus 2 more years). Denver wants youth, draft picks and expiring contracts for Melo.

  • le-elbow =)

    giving up LO would be stupid, we’re fine without melo

  • Coach Brian Shaw

    Tony Gaffney is the source for this??


  • Zo

    In order to get something you must be willing to give up something, we all understand that. Take your pick, who would you give up to land Melo?


    You know Pau & Kobe are out of the equation, nobody else on the roster is worth Melo services, so Odom seems to be the victim.

    Personally, I’ll would keep this roster for one more run and go after BG from the Clips, the boy is a stud.

    Not hating on Lamar, just stating.

  • Vaughn

    Based on LO’s production thus far this season,I’d have to think twice before making that deal. We all know that Melo is a scoring machine,but can he give us the rebounding down low that LO is currently giving us during the absense of Andrew. We’ve won the last two NBA titles without Melo,without a Lebron or a Chris Bosh,so why change the chemistry when it’s still working.

  • Brandon

    I would like to keep LO but would have no problem trading Bynum for him.

    • Lakers 24 7

      I’d keep Bynum. Without him, Lakers have no defense in the paint. Guards drive in for easy lay ups and Gasol can’t handle the bigger centers in the league.

      • Andrew Bynum

        No I don’t, I’m an injury prone overpaid idiot, the next Luke Walton. I’ll offer glimmers and sparks of momentary potential especially during contracts and then fade away into low minutes and possibly another early leave from play for early vacation.

  • ricky

    No way. Like the old saying goes, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Lamar has be tremendous all season long. Yes, Anthony is a scoring machine, but Lamar does way more overall. Lamar can score if he wants/needs, he can rebound significantly better which is a huge plus, he can push the ball himself, and most importantly besides the rebounding is he can make the passes and set up team mates. His services are invaluable to this team. He is underrated and often overlooked, but his contributions to the team are huge. Also, he’s not the type of player that’s going to let his personal wants/needs affect the team chemistry. He is a silent x-factor that is way too important for our team and he gives us such a big edge because he is a match up nightmare for a lot of teams.

  • jessicaaa

    no way ! i love lamar, he’s totally stepping it up this year. i think we’re fine without carmelo

  • Lakers=beast

    This would be awesome, but the chances on getting Melo are low(obviously). Though, why give up Lamar? give up someone like Drew or even Ron Ron(maybe on the Ron part)

  • Flipper

    So Lamar has finally decided to show up and you people don’t want to trade him for an all star who can take over a game by himself…you got to be kidding me!

  • hoop247

    trade bynum, luke, n artest for melo

    • dAVE

      No way, we need bynum GASOLF sucks on defense. WE NEED Bynum…LO Goodbye!

  • Rich K

    A couple of years ago I would have welcomed such a trade, however I believe that Lamar has become much more consistent and considerably more important to the Lakers. His rebounding and ability to push the ball down the court makes him extremely important. There’s been a conserted effort on his defense that helps us match up with teams that have multiple big men.

    Since his time with the national team he seems to have much more maturity and adds to the on-court mentality. Melo is an offensive weapon for sure, however he shows no interest in defense or rebounding. We have plenty offense, the fact that Lamar is in double figures every game in rebounding makes him much more important to the Lakers than Melo.

  • si pepe

    this is an olllld issue..

  • Robbie

    I’d get chauncey after melo gets traded. possibly for blake, luke, and caracter?

  • LMFAOmiami

    No trading LO. Too valuable to this team.

  • Wilt

    Im all for getting this guy but lamar is finally showing consistency so I would not trade lamar but if we could get him for someone else or bundle up luke ebanks and smith with draft picks id do it. The nuggets probably wouldn’t do it though.

  • The Beastly Laka Fan

    Well ok… This is a toughy. I would love Melo on this team, but what would we do with Ron Artest??? Bench?? Plus we are already struggling with the number of “Bigs” on this team…. So why would we trade Odom? He is one of our “Bigs”. So I don’t know? A line-up of:
    Derek Fisher
    Kobe Bryant
    Carmelo Anthony
    Pau Gaso
    Andrew Bynum

    That would give opposing teams nightmares… But our bench would not be as strong. So idk??? 50/50

  • Celtics Suck Nuts

    You can’t always get everything for free you know. If you want Anthony, you have to give someone up. You can always sign a bunch of rebounding/blocking centers for cheap like Miami. Look how they are doing?

    Look guys, if Miami can become an elite team with 3 superstars, some role players like Miller, Z, Chalmers, House, and not much else, why can’t the Lakers be even better with CA on this team? You’ll still have the most dominating twin towers in the game today: Gasol and Bynum. Does Miami have close to this? Nah.

    So, Miami excels with much less supporting talent. Why can’t LA do better with much more?

    • Celtics Suck Nuts

      More to add,
      Melo and CP3 can’t possibly be foolish enough to consider the East? There are already contending teams there like Miami, Boston, Orlando, Atlanta, …. What make them think they’ll have a shot in New Jersey or New York? Do they really want to go through all those other East teams every year in the playoffs?

      As opposed to the East, the West can’t really hang with the Lakers. I know many teams here look like they’re threatening to end with more regular season wins, but all these teams have never proven to be championship caliber. The Spurs are not what they were 5 years ago. Dallas always chokes in the playoffs. Utah never beats Lakers. OKC is still way too inexperienced. New Orleans has no one other than Paul.

      The point is if at least one of the 2, Paul and Anthony, will join the Lakers, they’ll have a better chance to win right away instead of trying to get through those elite teams in the East. Those teams are all so strong, you don’t know which is going to emerge each year. That’s how good they are – so much that there is no clear favorite.

  • D_for_David

    I would definitely keep LO..get rid of Bynum cause i hate how he’s almost injury prone

  • ShowtimeEra

    Oh Hell yeh! I’d do it! I woudn’t even give it a second thought. Odom and draft picks for Carmelo, thats like trading Gail Goodrich for Michael Jordan.

  • lil coochie

    Lamar is old, lamar is an X+factor, lamar is a “coulda been”, lamar is stepping up…while all these are true, Kobe is Melo’s mentor. Melo might lack defense and rebounding skills but look at Amare. He was critizied for only being successful bc of Nash and now he’s a contender for the MVP. Melo’s stroke is too wet, not trading an X-factor 7′ ftr for a proven allstar is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!! The tradeoff here is a productive player, for an offensive beast with unlimited potential. Sounds like a nobrainer to me.;)

  • harmony_smurf

    I would definitely do this, you should never pass up an opportunity to get better! But could please try to get rid of Bynum and some change instead.

  • yess.

    Idk y u keep putting fish in there. Yes his great but I like kobe
    ron ron
    Too scary

  • Day

    You guys got to be kidding me right now. LO has been inconsistent his ENTIRE career here in LA. Now for the first handful of games he’s playing like he should have for the past 5 years and you guys are not willing to trade him for one of the BEST PLAYERS IN THE LEAGUE?

    Got to be a joke, not only does it make sense now but it makes sense for the future. You’d have to be insane not to make this deal. If Denver is serious about it, pull the trigger ASAP.

    The ONLY reason I wouldn’t be for this is if it were a FOR SURE thing we could get BG from the Clippers for Odom. I’d trade Bynum for BG and Odom for Melo.

    Fish / Kobe / Melo / Gasol / BEASTGRIFFIN

  • andy

    ive noticed a little trend here. DO U WANT THE TEAM TO BE FUCKING STACKED TO THE NEAR LIMIT (WITH MELO)? OR DO YOU WANT TO WIN A RING IN 2011? sure, you can very much have both no problem. but if you can have the latter without the former, ditch the former. but i would go insane with joy to hear melo joining the lakers. or even blake griffin/dwight howard.

  • Laker4Life

    There is no way I would trade Odom for Anthony. Even though he has been inconsistent in the past, he still was a vital part for the lakers because he is a rebounding machine and plays defense. I would trade, luke, caracter, artest and draft picks for Anthony definitely, but no way Odom.

    Starters- Bynum, Gasol, Anthony, Kobe, Fisher.
    Back up- blake, brown, barnes, ebanks, odom, smith, ratliff.

    • Heat Hater

      This is selfish thinking. Would you accept this trade if you were Denver? You have to be willing to give up something to get value in return. Even the Shaq trade wasn’t this lob-sided.

  • TheX

    As Melo opps Milo said “Whats good for the company is good for everyone else.

    While u are sipping on coke go checkout Amanda Gaffney

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    not happening.

  • Heber

    I would rather have Khloe sitting courtside instead of LaLa.

  • highflyer

    if we trade odom luke/caracter (if need cuz they wanted him on draft day) and draft picks i say we get melo n nene or a decent big from dem too

  • lakers baby

    it wouldn’t be for LO, the trade would be for bynum + ‘X’, most likely being artest, barnes, or some draft picks. no way we’re giving up LO. Bynum has been a liability for a long time and he is consistently injured. Denver needs a big guy anyways.. thats the only way the trade will work.. IF it happens which i highly doubt, but hey, if i told you LAST year that wade bosh and james would all be on the same team, we’d have a similar discussion with the 90% non believers. anything could happen…

  • rondo

    Bring all the Super stars to the Lakers get rid of our Championship Team. What a Joke.

  • rondo

    People who want Bynum traded, must be fans of other teams. If they are Laker fans they need to be banned for life. The Lakers are going to get rid of a 7 foot shot blocker who is strong in the paint. Who stop the flow of free layups by opposing teams. Trade him to who? Their team?

    • Vagynum

      Too bad Bynum can’t block shots from the bench.

    • Robbie

      I’ll give him one more shot. If he gets one more serious injury, he’s gone. Bynum for westbrook anyone?

  • Spitting Knowledge

    This works for me. Melo is averaging 24 pts and 8 rebounds a game. LO is averaging nearly 16 pts and 10 rebounds a game as a starter. Getting Melo allows Phil to rest Kobe throughout the season and have him ready for the playoffs. This also give our franchise another franchise player to step in when Kobe leaves. If we could keep LO and give up Ron, Luke, rookie and draft picks then that is even better, but does not make sense for the Nugs.

    • dib

      you are the only person that makes sense… Melo for LO would be perfect for the lakers. you dont want to get rid of Bynum. he means more to the team than people think. just look at Paus struggles. if Pau goes back to the 4 it takes alot of stress off of him. Melo would wouold keep people teams from doubling Kobe and he is a solid defender. i would let Melo gaurd lebron 1 on 1. the major problem is that LO moneys would not match so you would have 2 part with some rooks, picks and mayb Artest. the Lakers are deep enough to where i would send both of them for Melo. Denver would love it since it gives them quality players to still be a factor in the West. and LA would have some1 to complament Kobe and Pau. the no more big 3 in LA

  • http://facebook George

    Melo is going to the knicks the way amre is playing. and felton

  • xtro

    pure BS.

  • Chewy

    Lakers should trade for melo not only will it take pressure of Kobe but it will make the lakers a much better team. I mean common melo really ? He’ll make any team better.
    I say get rid of artest, caracter, Walton , Bynum& some round picks…
    In return melo smith & nene maybe try n bring billups?? Lol
    Idunno it’s un realistic but i mean Lebron wade & bosh happened.. Expect the lakers to be aggressive on a trade. ! Peace

  • LA_Blinds_MIA_BOS

    I would certainly be willing to give up LO for Melo. LO has had a career year which is why you trade him. He will probably never be as valuable as he is now. Melo and LO are the same height. If Phil tells Melo to snatch 10 reb a game, then he’ll do it. Melo is bigger faster etc than LO. LO can’t guard a big man (KG), so why not get melo? No brainer. Also keep in mind that LO has had his time in LA. He had plenty of years to show what he can do. Where was he when kobe was dropping 81 pts? Averaging a sad 15 and 10. cmon