There are few names in Professional Sports that inflict fear and general clamor into the hearts of all who speak their names. Were they not ridiculously gifted with physical prowess, they would be just another undiagnosed sociopath or schizophrenic.

By now we all know the names of these loose cannons whose off court/field antics are as notorious as the Unabomber or Tom Cruise: Chad Johnson, Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman and Terrell Owens to name a few.

And then there is Sacramento Kings Forward Ron Artest. The de rigueur trade commodity supposedly coveted by Laker fans citywide. The 28- year old Artest has, over the course of his award-winning career, played for three teams and has been seemingly banished from his last two.

The burning questions here are: Why can’t a player named the 2004 Defensive Player of the Year find a steady home? Why can’t a player who averaged 20 points per game last year be a star or even a superstar?

The answer is simple: Ronald William Artest, Jr. is bat**** insane. And not in that cute, crazy “I can only play piano in a sandbox” way that Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys is. That is eccentricity. And not in the zany wacky way that Bugs Bunny has made a career out of. That is just hilarious. Ron Artest is frightening crazy. Psychopathic scary.

If the Lakers were to acquire Artest, most likely they would have to part ways with Lamar Odom, one of the leagues most talented and best human beings. They would most likely have to eliminate one of their core players who is so versatile and unique, the league may never see a player of Lamar’s capability again.

So if the Laker front office believes that subtracting Lamar and replacing him with Ron Artest is indeed the panacea and will ultimately boost the Lakers to a Championship, they might want to look at Ron-Ron’s track record and see what kind of dude they are bringing in.

I have my own thoughts, feelings, opinions, and gripes with the Ron-Ron question that seems to have permeated this website. There are so many incidents and stories about Ron Artest. I wouldn’t trust this dude to serve Kobe Bryant Gatorade, much less serve as starting Small Forward for my venerated Los Angeles Lakers.

Artest’s bizarre behavior began in his Rookie year with the Chicago Bulls when he applied for a job at a Downtown Circuit City in order to receive an employee discount for electronic equipment. To add to his lore, Artest once showed up to Pacer practice in a bathrobe after being denied a month off from playing in order to promote an album he produced. Absurd? Yes. Hilarious? Yes. Wacky? Sure. Professional? Not even close.

On November 19, 2004, Artest transcended the realm of cutesy games and entered Psychoville. With 45.9 seconds left in a game between the Pacers and the Pistons, Ron Artest fouled Piston Center Ben Wallace. Big Ben shoved Ron-Ron. The two began arguing and Ron retreated to the scorer’s table to take a rest. While reclining, the gears started turning in his head. Ron took a radio headset and pretended to give a radio interview while Detroit fan John Green threw a full cup of beer at the Pacer forward. That’s when things got surreal…

Enraged, Ron dashed up the four rows into the crowd and began wailing on a fan. Not even the fan that threw the cup. Artest went postal on a scrawny kid in a black polo with glasses. Ron was joined by teammates Jermaine O’Neal and Stephen Jackson (who is not the most mentally stable dude either) in savagely beating fans. Ron was suspended for the remainder of the season.

Never in history has there been such a breach of professionalism and obscene misconduct in sports. Revolting? Yes. Frightening? Absolutely.

It is not cute and it is not hilarious.

The Ron Artest question that plagues the Lakers Nation is not really a question at all.

It is an elixir brewed up by local newspapers and television pundits who somehow think that the Lakers NBA Championship aspirations are predicated on the addition of Ron Artest at any cost. This is not true. It is snake oil being force fed to you.

The bottom line is that Ron Artest is the wrong choice for this team; and not just because there are 50 Circuit City stores in the Greater Los Angeles area. Ron Artest is the wrong choice because of his mental unpredictability and questionable ethics.

To have Ron Artest wear the Purple and Gold of the Los Angeles Lakers and to see Lamar depart would without question be one of the most crushing and horrifying blows in Laker history.

Ron Artest is a recipe for disaster.

Just trust me on this one.

  • Jonny

    good job Andrew, its good to see that not everyone agrees with ron ron coming over at the expense of lamar

    i would take him for vlad and luke though haha

  • lakrfan4life

    maybe, but i like artest, and i am willing to take that chance

    pj will set him straight…

  • Lakers 24 7

    I agree with you, but if we can get Artest without giving up Lamar (which i doubt), then i say do it…and the Lakers have to reach an agreement with Artest that he can’t go crazy at anytime he wants, but sometimes a team needs someone crazy, with attitude and toughness…if we can sign and trade a few players and draft picks to get Artest without giving up Lamar, then i would do it

  • magicbalala245

    Forget this article man I’m a odom fan but he is nowhere near artest on defense or in that fact nor offense. Artest was a DPOY and averages 20 ppg. Artest is the answer he is more tougher then odom. And he can actually guard Paul Pierce unlike Vlad or Odom. Buss wants him, Mitch wants him, I want him, and most of laker nation wants him so bring him in Mitch. We follow cause we believe

  • Brittnay

    Love the article. Why try to fix something that’s not broken. I say a team that finishes first in the hardest western conference in years and gets to the NBA finals without their starting center should not be touched. If Lakers get Artest it should be in the free agency next season.

    Peace lol ;]

  • Alvin

    I’m fine with keeping Odom as long as everyone is cool with not winning another championship within the next 5 years.

    Otherwise Artest is a must.

  • LD2k

    I understand what you are saying… it’s a gamble.

    But one that could not bring us within 2 wins away, but 2 wins above the other team that will give us the title and not the Celtics.

    That being said, the ball is in our court, we need to make the better deal IF they decide to do this. I’m not crazy about trading Odom, but Artest puts us as the best in the LEAGUE in my opinion.

  • Brittnay

    [Comment ID #45065 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You make it sound like we weren’t even close. Talk about a spoiled fan. The best team in the western conference shouldn’t make a trade just to make a trade. geez

  • Furn-daddy

    we can really do no wrong here. if we dont get artest, odom’s contract will come off the books next season and he will either leave a gaping whole to sign a free agent or sign for less and pick up more veteran help.

    If we get artest, then we dont have to wait until next year.

  • Brittnay

    [Comment ID #45066 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You know who would of gave of those 2 wins? Our starting center. We got first seed without him and got the finals so how can anyone say that we won’t win with him in the lineup?

  • lakerschamps09

    yes artest would be great..but wat bout after next season??? is he gonna resign with us if we dont give him 10+ mil a yr???? wat if he thinks hes the best player on the lakers????i would artest but sooo many quesions bout him,and to top it all of we gotta give up LO and take a bad contract… idk if it gets us a ring good but i want more than just one ring….

  • xtro

    i will say it over and over again until everyone comprehends. Defense wins championships not offense. San Antonio did it. So did Boston. Artest brings defense to the table. Odom doesn’t. ‘Nuff said.

  • Brittnay

    xtro, we beat San Antonio! without Artest. Sorry this whole thing gets me a little frustrated.

  • LD2k

    [Comment ID #45069 Will Be Quoted Here]
    I hear what you are saying. But Artest answers all of our questions at the “3” position. We need DEFENSE as a team if we want to win. Artest brings lock down defense.

    I hate losing Odom, but man, Ron Artest would really help us.

  • Brittnay

    I’m saying with Bynum, Odom, and Gasol in the front court teams would get no offensive rebounds at all. Bynum brings back the defense that we were missing against the Celtics in the first place. My point is to wait and see if bynum odom gasol odom kobe and fisher win the title next year. If they don’t then bring in Artest. By the way i think they’ll not only win the title with that lineup but break the bulls win record in a season :]

  • lakerschamps09

    ohh and one more thing as for u knocking on stephen jackson thats not cool he went into crowd to protect and help his teammates beat up people…lol.. wats wrong with his tattoo??? ohhh but yes LO is versatile but umm how much that help us in the finals when LO was gettin thrown to the floor???? ohh the versatility really helped there… im just sayin if lo is the guy that will help us bring ships back to LA then keep him if u think for one second that he is not then u get rid of him for artest or prince

  • varsityoptimism

    [Comment ID #45075 Will Be Quoted Here]

    god DAMN you are smart!

    who knew?

  • xtro

    Dear Brittnay,

    We lost to the hated Celtics because we did not have answer against Paul Pierce. We lost to the hated Celtics because they played defense. We did not win the championship because we did not play DEFENSE.

  • Whatsa

    “and not just because there are 50 Circuit City stores in the Greater Los Angeles area.”

    I lol’d.

    Freakin Ron Artest is stupid for not opting out -.-

    I wouldn’t trade him for Lamar Odom, but definitely Luke + Vlad.

  • varsityoptimism

    [Comment ID #45079 Will Be Quoted Here]

    the lakers lost in the finals to the celtics because they blew a 20+ point lead at home in game 4 and because they fell apart down the stretch in game 1 and fell short of a miraculous comeback in game 2.

    those are issues of maturity and poise…not defense.

    if anything, the lakers inability to defend a BASIC play like a high screen and roll ultimately led to their demise. they struggled with it against EVERY opponent, yet, the celtics were making their shots consistently so it killed them.

    acquiring ron artest will not solve any problems, only create new ones.

  • lakaluva

    Its nice to know Mitch is trying to ship Odoms azz out. Unrealized talent dont count for crap!!! I dont which is worse… dealing with ADD+Drugs or Schizophrenic, both are bad if you ask me.

  • 2inthepink1inthestink

    Come on UNI-bomber!!!! LO is not the once in a life time talent we can’t do without. At best he will be our 4th option this year at worse he will be the unenthused LO we all know and hate and disapears for stretches of the season. If we can get artest and thomas for only LO its a no brainer if they want farmar then you have to consider it…

  • LD2k

    The question is not trading Odom.

    The question is if we can dump Walton/Vlad in a deal. Walton’s contract & Vlad’s contract BOTH make me cringe. I’ll can live if it means getting rid of one of those two contracts.

  • varsityoptimism

    [Comment ID #45083 Will Be Quoted Here]

    the correct spelling is “unabomber”

  • varsityoptimism

    [Comment ID #45085 Will Be Quoted Here]

    not in a million bajilion years.
    luke walton and vladimir radmanovic are not moveable pieces.
    does anyone understand the salary cap here!?!??!?!

  • 2inthepink1inthestink

    [Comment ID #45086 Will Be Quoted Here]

    My bad

  • RoCa24

    Who was guarding Pierce the entire series? Is that LO’s fault? He’s not better defender as Artest but I would stay with his double-double anytime. Plus if you avg 11 rebounds and almost a block per game I think that’s good defense.

  • LD2k

    Here are my feelings from a poster from

    Kobe had his best defensive years with Rick Fox playing next to him. Gump, Luke, VladRad….a noticeable drop off in his effectiveness.

    Kobe and Lamar have been trying to make a love connection for 4 years now. Hasn’t even remotely worked. And the 2 of them playing next to each other full time when they don’t really complement each other is only gonna magnify that. Kobe’s gonna have SFs as the 2nd guy on him nearly every trip down because they’re not gonna pay any attention to LO on the perimeter.

    Kobe and Ron is a lock. Offense at the highest level coupled with defense at the highest level. And they can switch at a moment’s notice. If the Lakers can make that happen, and Sac is open to the possibility…wow.

  • lskerfan567


  • lskerfan567

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  • lalball81

    [Comment ID #45079 Will Be Quoted Here]

    There’s a giant breach in your reasoning here. Odom wasn’t guarding Pierce! Odom had his hands full down low with the Celtics front line, leaving Luke Walton and Vlad on Pierce, who naturally abused them.

    Odom’s length would bother pierce and any other three. A front line of Bynum, Pau, and Lamar would be a nightmare for opposing teams. I think any added defensive intensity Artest brings is far outweighed by the questions about his personality and track record.

  • Jeff Neubauer

    Worse than the 2004 NBA Finals?

  • lakerschamps09

    isnt jerry west the guy who said the trades are the ones thats arent made or something like???? but i want artest if he gonna sign extension with us… i dont want to be a one yr thing and then he gone…

  • Freshh

    Good Article
    But Risks Should Be Taken.
    This is a Risk, But The Highest Rewards Can be Obtained with It
    How Many more Years do We Have Left Of Kobes Prime??

    The Odom Experiment Is Just Not Worked.

    And With Odom At the 3 He becomes expendable.
    Artest Brings That Toughness For L.A.
    With Bynum in The Paint, And Artest in The Perimeter
    Laker’s Defense Improves Significantly, One Of Their Weaknesses

    Get Artest.

  • Tim M.

    Backed 100%
    Fantastic story, my friend.

  • mlkg721

    Thank you Freshh,i agree with you completley. I like Odom, but he jsut hasnt been able to completley put it together ina laker uniform. He’sgood when u dont have to depend on him, but once you rely on him he almost always comes up short. I just think Artest would be a better fit over all. We need some tough players on this team and you have to give up something to gain something. I think the risk is well worth the reward. Think of it like when Dennis rodman came to the bulls. Same kinda deal.

  • K0be08-09

    [Comment ID #45066 Will Be Quoted Here]

    your right its a gamble but Ron-Artest has changed he is not that crazy dude , and some times we need some body like him. He can bring ToughNess to our team, man evey player fights with lakers and pusshed them around, even VLad was about to get his ass beaten by Changler, i want to see Artest in a laker unifourm, and he will back up every one and be TOUGH< GET ARTEST

  • mlkg721

    Oh,and to the people who hype up Odom’s rebounding. He rarley get important rebounds. I give credit to averaging 10+ a game, that is impressive. But we’ll have 8 in the first have and 2 to 3 in the whole second. He’s a disappearing act.


    I like the combo of KB/The Matrix better because Artest is more of a Defensive threat(Marion is too)and can be pesty and in your but I feel the athleticism that Marion has counters Artest’s defensive prowess,plus I wouldn’t trade LO for’em,NO!

    Lakers breed atheleticism, meaning, we need guys that can jump out the gym and attack when shots are missed,this the ONLY thing LO doesn’t do and the thing Marion does.

    I would love to get Artest and he would solve 1 out many problems The Lakers have but Marion can help us MAINTAIN our 20 plus advantages that we have squandered(Hornets by 30 and Boston 24,etc.).Defensively he’s waaaaay underrated.

  • Daryl Imhoff

    This past year we saw a Laker team that played together as a team. Everyone close to the team said that this year Kobe was a part of the team on and off the court. I think this is called team chemistry. The Lakers did well bcause they got along and accepted the team concept of Phil Jackson more so than any other of the recent Laker teams. The Lakers overall talent was not head and shoulders above the competition. This next year Ronny probably won’t be on the team and maybe Sasha won’t be either. How their absence will affect the team is to be seen. Now their is talk that Lamar will not be there either.
    I know that Ron Artest is a great player, but why make these changes before it is really known what the Lakers will be once Bynum gets back and is intergrated into the team with Pau and Lamar. Bynum’s absence meant the Lamar was not guarding Pierce. I don’t know what Lamar could do on Pierce and I don’t know what a team of Bynum, Pau, Lamar, Kobe, and Fisher would do. I hope I get a chance to find out.
    If Miami would take Famar, Luke, Vlade, and a draft pick for Marion, I like that trade a lot better. Marion is more versatile than Artest and is a good offensive rebounder.
    Nothing we say here is going to influence the Laker Front Office and thats the way it should be. The more this trade is talked about the more I think it won’t happen.
    Any major move that is made this summer will have a huge affect on the cap structure of the Lakers for years to come. Therefore, any moves of a major variety better make the Lakers better for a long time.

  • Shaq786

    (1)lamar and mihm… for mikki moore and ARTEST

    (2) v.rad… for garbajosa….

    (3) sign posey and kwame brown

    GET IT DONE!… end of this crap….

    artest is consistent and hugs kobe’s you know what, when he truly holds someone in the high of regard he will not be of nuisance… BOOK IT!

    Line Up:


  • Freshh

    Sounds Good Shaq.


  • gugy

    [Comment ID #45090 Will Be Quoted Here]

    True words.

    it has been 4 years and LO still have to play at high level CONSISTENTLY. He does it in spurts, like 5 straight games and everybody gets excite and possibilities are endless, but then he goes to the old LO, scared, confused and pot head, then the whole thing falls apart once again.
    Just tired of living with this problem. Time to move on.

    Bring Artest!

  • D Lo

    Ah but was is really that the lakers got along so well that they played better? or was it because they played so well that THAT’S why they got along as they did?

    the only other thing i can add is that lamars rebound is no longer as crucial with bynum returning and as far as people wanting to find out how lamar does at guarding SFs? why even take that risk? what if he sucks horribly at it? trading him after the season starts only makes it tougher on the new guy to integrate into the triangle. that process is better served to begin at training camp or even earlier. we KNOW what ron can guard 3’s why even bother finding out if lamar could? lamar will always lack consistency and fire. what could lamar possibly do better now that rebounds aren’t so much a priority?


  • http://- Kobefan11

    Brittanay is clever and beautiful! U shouls be a Laker girl! :D

  • PomonaLaker

    what everyone fails to realize is that MJ didnt win anything alone..he had pippen guarding the best offensive player on the other team. kobe does that for us making him spend more energy throughout the game. we need a top defender like artest or marion if we can get him but id put more money on artest right now being traded. if only artest woulda opted out we wouldnt have this convo cuz we coulda had odom and artest but o well i say lets add ron ron and garbajosa we need more size


    Daryl Imfhoff,you are RIGHT ON THE MONEY!Maybe we need to see how this team will be once AB gets back,I just know Riley wants LO more than he wants Beasley,though he likes Luke too(must be that Florida pot),plus he’s an ex-Laker coach so he knows what we need ,probably more than Mitch.

    DF/KB/Matrix or LO/Pau/”The Game” AB,THE NEW DYNASTY!

    I’m just dreamin’ but OMG wouldn’t that be special.

  • lakersforlife77

    [Comment ID #45114 Will Be Quoted Here]
    we’re not getting marion people……..

  • Freshh

    Don’t ruin the pipe dream.

    laker fans of all people
    should realize after getting pau for what we got him for.
    Anything is possible.

  • Stealthman

    Why is everyone sold Lamar Odom??? First off he is versatile! But to be honest his biggest strength is rebounding!! You have to question if he will even be in a position to get rebounds next season??? The paint will be occupied next season by two 7 footers!! Will he even be in the game when he picks up his 3rd foul in 5 minutes???

    Secondly, people say he is nightmare to guard because he is too quick for post players to guard and too big for guards to guard!! But has anyone seen Lamar Odom “CONSISTENTLY” abuse his defender? If he is such a nightmare why can’t he do this on a regular basis??? Consistency is key in the NBA and he is just not a consistent player!!

    Thirdly, next season he obviously will be playin SF right?? This will be a nightmare FOR THE LAKERS on both ends of the court?? Offensively this forces him to the perimeter which is very scary for a small forward who has a very “INCONSISTENT” jumpshot! His biggest strength (rebounding) will then be taken away because he will not be a position to get them! Defensively, he will have to guard the likes of Paul Pierce, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony and others!! Does he shoot well enough to hit the open jumper consistently?? Does he play defense well enough to slow (not stop) some of the premier scorers in this league??? I think we all know the answers to those questions if you answer them honestly!!

    Finally, from a financial standpoint, is he worth all the money that he is being paid and will be paid?? Yes he has an expiring contract but if we go the “ODOM ROUTE” and keep him, his contract will have to be extended. Now we are talking about a player who is currently making $14 million this upcoming season which is way too high for a “4TH OPTION!” (once Bynum gets back he becomes the 4th option) But all of that aside how big of paycut do you honestly believe he will take! He wants to get paid just like everybody else!! Why would a player who is curently making 14 million take a paycut which would drop him under 10 million??? Andrew Bynum NEEDS to be resigned!! Kobe NEEDS an immediate extention and Pau is not cheap! Those four guys will eat up the majority of the cap!! You say he might take a paycut to win a championship but this past offseason proves that MONEY TALKS!!

    Now I say all of that not because I don’t like Odom, but I don’t think he is the right fit for what the Lakers will need in the future! That goes for what he brings on the court and from a financial standpoint!! With that said I do like the Ron Artest trade; however, he is not the only small forward who fits the bill!! Tayshaun Prince, Gerald Wallace, and James Posey also come to mind!! I will say this though! I think if Artest becomes a Laker you won’t hear anything bad about him on or off the court as a LAKER. I am from Texas and a huge Dallas Cowboy fan and I can tell you that when given a change of scenery and playing with teamates you like (Tony Romo) and a coach you respect (Wade Phillips) the reward will be a hard working player who produces come gametime!! Terrell Owens is a prime example and I believe Jerry Jones took a good gamble on him as well as Pacman Jones!! Jerry Buss is the same type of risk taker and I think this one like some of the others will pay huge dividends!! His relationship with Kobe is a huge plus and playing under a proven coach will allow him to listen! Whatever happens I will still support my LAKERS and this “TEXAS BOY” will be behind them all the way!!!

  • lakersforlife77

    [Comment ID #45118 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL dude we’re not getting marion so whatever. I’m sick of all the butler/marion talk. Either we get artest or we keep odom, those are our options.


    We don’t need Artest either,CALL RILEY UP AND THEN WE’LL SEE!

    …plus Artest won’t come if LO is involved…he said it out of his own mouth…plus Marion fits better,WANNA CHALLENGE!!

  • yellowpurplefever

    Again, you guy forget how inconsitent Lamar was and is. We had the Lamar’s experiment for 4 yrs now, that is long time for him to assert into a good player. He complains on every call that is why refs. ignore him when he gets foul. One dimesional Lefty. Low basketbal IQ. Great person off court. The only thing I will miss is his rebounding. We need TOUGHNESS & DEFENSE & DRAMA. Its LA. Vlady and Fluke we are pretty much stuck unless something strange happens.

  • Whatsa


    Please trade Luke and Vlad for Artest. Lol.

  • dson24

    Lamar at SF wont work!! Lamar is not a consistent shooter and we all know that. We need Artest’s offense and defense to win the WEST next year. I hate to see Lamar go but i just cant see him being consistent night in and night out at the SF. Artest can shoot from outside the line without hesitation and isn’t afraid to shoot the ball. Lamar’s shooting is his weakness and at times he seems to be afraid to shoot the ball and we all saw that in the playoffs and the Finals. A SF should know how to shoot and take it to the basket and Artest can do that. Forget about his personality as long as he comes in plays the way he knows how to then we’ll be fine.

  • SliqRiq

    Everyone here is crazy!!!!! If we had Bynum in the Finals nobody would be here talking about trading LO.

    With Bynum returning there will be no need to move anyone, and no way we trade for Prince, Butler, Marion, or Jefferson!!! Lamar is better than all those guys and fits with our system better than those guys. Also if people are worrying about the 3 spot well remember Lakers will also have Ariza back at full strength as well.

    No need to move anyone!!!!!

  • Billy Kupchak

    Official Energy Drink of the Phoenix Suns! :cool:

  • gspence001

    we need a true SF on defense and offense, lamar cant shoot and he often causes us defensive 3 seconds and offensive fouls when he barrels down the court out of control

  • Other Alternatives

    Hey guys, I posted this same comment/suggestion on the Turiaf section, but thought it would be more fitting to put it under this article since we’re talking about Artest.

    Don’t get wrong, I love Artest’s game, but he does indeed carry a certain unquestionable ‘baggage’ factor with him. We can’t be guaranteed that if he does come to the Lakers that everything’s going to be alright. Certainly maybe coming to championship contending team will “change” him or “straighten” him out per se. But again, it’s that big IF factor along with his baggage that some may not like the idea of this potential trade.

    So I was thinking….are there any ALTERNATIVES besides Artest? What do you guys think about exploring some trade scenarios with the Detroit Pistons. They’ve got some tough, defensive-minded players and can also put up some quality offensive numbers as well. It’s no secret that Joe Dumars want to make some “major” changes to the roster. He went on to say this publicly after they fired Flip Saunders. Plus there are already some T-Mac or Melo trade rumors to Detroit for like Billups & Prince (or some variation of).

    Obviously, if we want to acquire some quality talent, we gotta give up talent. Unless we can find another team that’s willing to pull a “Memphis Grizzlies” type trade, it’s not gonna happen. So any deal the Lakers would be involved in for good talent would certainly have to include Lamar in it. So what would you guys think of a Lamar and Luke Walton (AND/OR Vlad Rad) deal for any 2 (or 3) player combination from Detroit? Guys that are are available would be Billups, McDyess, Prince, and Hamilton (probably not available, but are willing to listen).

    FYI: Here are the salary figures (in millions) for each:
    Lakers: Odom ($14.1), Vlad Rad ($6.0), Walton ($4.4)
    Detroit: Billups ($11.9), Hamilton ($10), Prince ($9.5), McDyess ($6.8)

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #45121 Will Be Quoted Here]



  • Stealthman

    Okay people!! Bynum coming back will help our team dramatically on defense but that still does not excuse Odom’s inconsistent play and jumpshot! I’ll forget the fact that his defense one-on-one is below average and he needs an interior defender to cover for his mistakes! But that doesn’t solve our problems offensively! When Kobe has an off game and Bynum is in foul trouble and Pau is too soft to get something accomplished then we need someone to step up! Can Odom get the job? I think not!! How about earlier this season when he airballed an open three pointer at the end of game which could have given the lakers the win? Or in the Boston series when he totally dissappeared? Oh wait he wasn’t in the game due to foul trouble!! How about after the Shaq trade and he played beside Kobe for a couple of years before Pau arrived? Where was he??? Nowhere to be found! He had and still has the easiest job because he is playing besides the best player in the WORLD!! And he still fails to produce on a “CONSISTENT” basis!! He is not an aggressive player relying too much on his “INCONSISTENT” jumper!! I think it is time for Mitch and Co. and everybody else for that matter to realize that the “Lamar Odom Experiment” has not and will not work! He is just not what the Lakers need!! Nothing personal against the guy but he is not what the Lakers need!! We are not talking about who is better than who (which I believe it is no comparison between him and Marion, Butler, Prince, Wallace, or Artest! STATS DON’T LIE) but rather who fits within our system with the personnel we have!

  • Reggie

    The person who wrote this article is an idiot. Get over Odom. Odom maybe one of the most talented players in the league and a nice guy, but that has done nothing for the past 4 years. He is was too inconsistent. What difference does it make if he is one of the most talented players if he doesn’t play like one. Being a nice guy doesn’t win us rings. People are in-love with the idea of Odom, but they are not in-love with Odom.

    We need defense. Artest can help bring that. Artest admires Kobe I think he would do anything Kobe asks him to do. He has much respect for Kobe. Please trade Odom for Artest. I would do it in a heartbeat.




    detroit is looking for a change how about TAYSHAUN PRINCE

    what about a sign and trade with atlanta Josh Smith and
    josh childress

    what about a sign and trade with golden State for stephen jackson(20 ppg,NBA Champion With Spurs, Good Defense, Toughness, only 7 million, and monte ellis

    how about and deal with miami for MARION



  • D Lo

    [Comment ID #45139 Will Be Quoted Here]

    friggin’ beautifully said!

  • middlemountain

    What makes me nervous about a line up of Lamar, Pau and Drew is that Pau has virtually no move to the bucket. He’s got a sweet J, but is weak at creating for himself. Lamar at least can put it on the floor and go hard to the cup in the PF position. I’m not confident that the 3 of them down under will be effective…

  • lakersforlife77

    [Comment ID #45141 Will Be Quoted Here]
    All those options are pipe. A sign and trade for stephen Jackson AND Monte Ellis? LOL Good luck with that one. Teyshaun Prince isn’t getting traded to the Lakers. Neither is Marion. And Josh Smith? No way we get him. And Lamar Odom is a free agent next year too and it’s not assured that we’re going to be keeping him either….

    Here’s two options: Artest or keep Odom. That’s about it.

  • daboss1848

    Bill acting as his own agent – will push for trade . . .

    Interesting: But NBA front-office sources told on Sunday that the Lakers — fond as they are of Artest and confident as they are that they can get the best out of him through Phil Jackson’s coaching and Artest’s respect for Bryant — are reluctant to part with Odom in an Artest swap. That stance, if the Lakers hold firm, would almost certainly prompt Sacramento to look elsewhere for a trade partner.


    Freddy B,if I was Owner of The Lakers,you’d be my GM and I’ll tell you why…..

    Vlad for Desmond Mason,BEAUTIFUL!

    And the free agent list,I KEEP FORGETTING ‘BOUT STEPHEN JACKSON(Jackson is a more controlled KNUCKLEHEAD than Artest).

    I love the excitement and drama of all this trade stuff…it never gets boring,ADMIT IT!

    I would rather we keep LO but only if Riley calls than talk but REALISTICALLY there probably won’t be ANY BIG TRADE and includes that My Marion rants and The Drama surrounding “The New Drama King” Artest.

    Mitch has already said earlier there won’t be any major changes but PJ thinks changes have to made,regardless of the fact Kobe likes this,I’M WITH PJ AND MITCH!!!

  • Freshh

    Just because Mitch said or thought no major changes
    will be made, losing turiaf certainly changes the picture.

    At the end of the day..
    I think odom won’t be with us..

    Change is imminent

  • Jloyola

    Here’s the best possible scenario for the Lakers

    1. Trade Rad/Luke/Mihm – For Artest and Sheldon Williams

    Starting 2008 Salary 2009 Salary
    PG – Fisher – 4.7 Million 5.0 Million
    SG – Kobe – 21.2 Million 23.0 Million
    SF – Artest – 8.5 Million 10.0 Million* signs 5/50 mil
    PF – Gasol – 15.0 Million 16.4 Million
    C – Bynum – 2.8 Million 10.0 Million* signs 5/50 mil

    Total = 52.2 Million 64.4 MIllion

    Bench 2008 Salary
    PG – Famar – 1.0 Million 2.0 Million
    SG – Vujacic – 3.0 Million* 3.5 Million* signs 6/20 mill
    SF – Ariza – 3.0 Million 3.5 Million* signs 5/14 mill
    PF – Odom – 14.5 Million 6.0 Million* MLE 6/30 mil
    C – Williams – 3.4 Million 4.3 Million

    PG – Yue – 1.0 Million* 1.5 Million*
    SG – Karl – 1.0 Million*. 1.2 Million* signs 3/3.1 mill
    SG – Crawford – 0.5 Million* 1.0 Million* signs 2/1.5 mill
    C – Mbjenga – 0.7 Million* 1.0 Million* signs 2/1.7 mill
    0.7 Million* 2009 Rookie Selc
    Bench Total – 28.1 Million 25.4 Million

    Combined – 80.8 Million 91.8 Million

    Yeah I know its far-fetched because i played GM and resigned the players to what i believe there worth.

    Now were at least over lux Tax by over 13 Million, leaving Jerry Buss paying a whopping total of 93-110 Million Dollars in Payroll in the next two years.

    After Paying all this money kinda wonder how much Jerry’s profit is?

    oh yeah we still one roster spot available for up coming season

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #45141 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • lskerfan567
  • awesomerob24

    i agree with you man
    lamar is too talented and gifted amd filled with potential
    ron is too unpredictable and as far as im concerend we got to the nba finals without him now just imagine what we can do when we have a healthy trevor ariza and a healthy andrew bynum


    I’m still sold on Vlad for Desmond Mason.

    YOUTUBE:Desmond Mason Mix-Flying,WATCH IT and you’ll agree.

    Thanx,Freddy B. and we don’t have to give up LO.

    Kobe finally has a DUNK PARTNER,finally(just like the good ol’ days with James Worthy,Byron Scott and Mychal Thompson).

  • D Lo

    [Comment ID #45151 Will Be Quoted Here]

    really? after 10 years in the league and at, what 28 years of age you still think he has potential??

    you’re insane.

    you’re crazier than the craziest person in a crazy house.

    you’re crazier than wild bill artest.

  • Fred A.

    I wish Jerry Buss finds some way how to land artest through giving SAC just Radmon and Walton fast!!!!!!!!!!!


    I still sympathize with him losing his ,I have a sister who lost 2 kids and that still stings so I understand why there may be lack of focus aaaaaaand THE ONLY PLACE I WOULD SEND HIM IS MIAMI(remember the guy that coached LA and gave us those rings…RILEY,not the Maloofs)where he and Wade were very close and as we seen earlier in Miami where Wade said exactly “We need somebody at the 4 spot” they both start giggglin’.

    Sad that LA would turn their back on him after they told him he would NOT be traded.This why Kobe went off on them last year ’cause THE BUSS FAMILY ARE IDIOTS AND BACKSTABBERS!

  • JayC55

    I love L.O., but next year he will be playing the 3, and like many people have said already we know that he cannot shoot consistently from the outside, nor can he defend the 3 position (if so, he’d of been “trying” to shut down Pierce). He’s making $14 mill now, and will most likey demand more when his contract is up. We could do 2 things

    1) Use him as trade collateral and bring in a perimeter shooter/defender. Who I am not sure. The more I look into Artest, the more he scares me in that he might blow up at any time.

    2) Try the Lamar experient for one more year, and then have the $14 mill cap space next year to bring in the missing piece if it does not work out.

    I don’t know about ya’ll, but I want a championship. One thing L.O. proved in the Finals is that he is not a winner, and we cannot count on him. He tantalizes us with his game and all his potential, but in the end he left us hanging.


    Miami or keep’em.LA tradition is,DON’T TRADE WITH THE ENEMY!!!

    Other free agents are availible(or trade,Vlad for Desmond Mason for example).

  • Mr.81

    Where the hell did you find that pic? Haha.

  • Jonny

    guys lets not forget its bill-bill now and not ron-ron

    secondly, the more feasible option would seem to be tayshun prince over artest. . not because he’s a better defensive player or a greater perimeter threat, but just because he has less . . baggage.

    also, if we don’t resign turiaf and don’t go for garbajosa, then odom WILL stay, as we’ll only have bynum, mihm and gasol for the center and PF positions and bynum cannot be expected to play at PF.

    in fact, if we do not resign turiaf it is highly unlikely that we will trade odom at all

  • dub824

    i would try lamar out with this lineup for the first half of the season.. if it doesnt work.. trade him before the deadline

  • Sako

    “The Heat have been drawing interests from the Lakers, Warriors, and Clippers.”

    “The Lakers would be a nice fit for Marion. They need a defensive player, and Marion is one of the best. He can be able to run with Kobe and will be a nice asset to the triangle.”

    “The Lakers would have been rumored to already offer Lamar Odom and Chris Mihm. I see this trade being fair for the Heat. In return they get Odom’s large expiring contract and a solid center, in which they need, with Mihm.”

    “Both the Lakers and Raptors have expressed interest in Marion, as well, but Toronto is likely out of contention after dealing T.J. Ford for Jermaine O’Neal.”

    PLEASE MITCH, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stealthman

    WOW! Odom, really?? Potential?? He has been in the league for 10 years now!! And we are still talkin about how much potential he has!! Folks if he hasn’t reached his full potential by now then he’s not gonna reach it! At the end of the day Lamar Odom’s potential is a “big tease!” You see flashes of greatness and one of the most unique players to ever play the game and the next game you would think he is a totally different player!

    Anybody who thinks an “Artest” deal will go through without Odom in it is thinking completely out of left-field! IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!! Personally, I think by trading Odom for Artest we are actually robbing them! DPOY in 2004 and a reserve player (reguardless of salary who can come off the bench and spare our big men for 10-15 minutes a game) What awards does Lamar have??? Odom is a role player and Artest is a role player but the difference is Artest plays his role a little better! Artest is known for DEFENSE and Lamar is known for inconsistency!! Sorry to be harsh but I call like I see it!

  • Nocturnal Dream

    Ron Artest is a recipe for disaster.

    Just trust me on this one.

    Exactly. I’ll say it again; Artest = Poison.

  • Freshh

    If So^?


  • LakersFirst

    LO has all the talent in the world, but unfortunately his inconsistency is just too much. He has had 4 years with the Lakers and in all that time, he really only played consistent after the Gasol trade and that pretty much ended at the Utah Jazz series (I don’t recall him having big games against the Spurs and he was nowhere to be found in the Boston series).

    As much as people hate to admit, this LO “experiment” is running its course.

  • Lakers Fan 4 Life

    [Comment ID #45060 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I completely agree. Vlad & Luke, but not Odom.

  • lakersforlife77

    [Comment ID #45203 Will Be Quoted Here]

    poison please :)

  • Other Alternatives

    Not sure why my original post didn’t appear, but I’ll post again. I would love to have Artest on the team, if it has to come down to that. But I think there are some worthy alternative trade scenarios that the Lakers should also look at.

    Now before I get into this possible trade scenario, it’s obvious that in order to acquire a “major” talent, the Lakers would have to give up a similar talent as well. I don’t see any other team willing to pull off another “Memphis Grizzlies” donation. So it is very obvious, that if the Lakers want to package some players, it would have to at the very least include Odom.

    Now back to alternatives. I think the Lakers should look to Detroit as a potential trade partner. Why? Because Joe Dumars has made publicly known that he wants to make some major changes to the team this off-season (after the firing of Flip Saunders). Secondly, Detroit has some physical, tough-minded, defensive players. Not to mention, they also can put up some quality offensive production.
    If anything, I would like the Lakers to send Odom and Luke Walton (and/or Vlad Rad) for any 2 (or maybe 3, but I doubt it) player variation amongst Billups, Hamilton, Prince, or McDyess. Detroit for sure is not going to get rid of Stuckey. He’s cheap, young, and he played well in place for Billups. Rasheed, I don’t see him being a fit with the Lakers, because we already got some starting BIGs in Bynum and Gasol; so there won’t be room for him. As far Hamilton, realistically, Detroit will want to hold on to him; but are probably willing to listen if it’s the “right” offer.

    Right now, the top rumors for Detroit is that they’re looking to acquire guys like T-Mac or Carmelo for the players I mentioned above. So what do you guys think?

    FYI – Salary Info (in millions)
    Lakers: Odom ($14.1), Vlad Rad ($6.0), Walton ($4.4)
    Pistons: Billups ($11.0), Hamilton ($10.8), Prince ($9.5), McDyess ($6.8)

  • Fred A.
  • Nocturnal Dream

    [Comment ID #45061 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ron Artest is beyond anyones help but God.

  • lakersforlife77

    [Comment ID #45216 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That sounds like a great player to me….

  • angus quantum


  • varsityoptimism

    [Comment ID #45206 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yeah, then you die

  • David

    [Comment ID #45215 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Trade scenarios like this are ridiculous. You think Sacramento would even think for a second to do a trade like that? If that idiot Artest just opted out like he was supposed to, he would already be partying in Malibu by now. Now he’s at the mercy of the Kings and whatever they decide to do. Geoff Petrie isn’t an idiot and won’t trade him for a bag of peanuts like we did for Gasol.

  • Jonny

    [Comment ID #45215 Will Be Quoted Here]

    uh huh

  • joseph

    Man! you guys are pathetic… hahaha go get artest and with the same results again total meltdown 24 points in game 4 and 39 points massacre in beantown… bwahahahaha

    Loved That big Letter L on your forehead…hahahah…

    hibachi style!

    keep reaching for that rainbow LA…

    next season: Crynum will be injured again ha!


    As Reggie Miller said,”That’s why you need finishers and dunkers”,now that’s LA Basketball.

    …so on that note,Tayshaun Prince

    Shawn Marion

    Desmond Mason

    Josh Childress(we all seen’em vs Boston)

    Stephen Jackson(shoot lights out and won a ‘Chip with S.A.),etc.

    You can get 2 or 3 players for the price you would have to pay Artest.I tell you what,get’em and watch how he breaks The Buss’s bank.

  • Alvin

    [Comment ID #45067 Will Be Quoted Here]

    A spoiled fan, watch your mouth before you say something stupid like that. I just know we don’t hang up little division champ banners in our arena.

    We have high expectations and I hold the team to them.

    P.S. And no, we weren’t all that close. The Celtics put us down 3-1, that’s not close.

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #45230 Will Be Quoted Here]

    GO SUCK A DIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ya, but with the game on the line, Ron Ron would be able to get you a stop against oh I don’t know….Paul Pierce.

  • Shawn

    Hey sako u go su a dik and go back to bean i mean gay town fag Pierce wot do jack ainst RON nxt year

  • roy kim

    are u crazy varsity optimism??? ron artest is a major upgrade on clumsy and inconsistent Lamar Odom… Ron Artest is the man who can help bring the Lakeshow’s 15th championship next year. With Lamar, it’s quite bleak.

    Ron Artest is settling down and he will defer to the likes of KB24, D-Fish, and Gasol but most importantly, Phil Jackson… It is up to Phil if he wants Ron Artest in the laker uniform or not… Phil already dealt with Dennis Rodman, the drag queen! Ron Artest coming to the lakers is inevitable… believe that and you should embrace this move… LO gots to go…

  • Fatty

    Agent Zero weighs in on a possible Artest trade and talks about the Lakers while in Spain (some excerpts from the interview)

    Arenas: “The Lakers can forge another dynasty thanks to Gasol”

    Barcelona. Gilbert Arenas, is in Barcelona to promote the Tour European of the NBA. Their team, the Washington Wizards, will be playing the Hornets October 17 in Barcelona. ‘Agent 0′ was lavish in his praise toward Pau Gasol, the Spanish selection and also José Manuel Cauldron, to which he criticized some months ago.

    Would it be good for the Lakers to trade Lamar Odom for Ron Artest, as is being rumored? I believe definitely not. I like a lot the Lakers chemistry and I think that would not be good to mess with it. You need a deep team to win it all.

    Would it be right to say, they will fight again for the ring? Yes. And in this aspect the arrival of Gasol has been key. It is very rare a player that can arrive in the middle of the season and do so well. I think that with him, the team can forge together another dynasty, and win in the NBA as they did some years ago.

    And on top of that they have Kobe.

    Is he the new Jordan? He’s been doing well since he has the off court problems behind him. I feel now, he is the best player of our time. (or era)

    What does he think of Pau Gasol? Pau is the best European player in the NBA. He scores about 20 a game. His problem was that he was in a small market. He was in Memphis… and nobody sees the games of Memphis. Except, ¡only you in Spain! (Laughs).


    I agree with Varsity,just take a look at what he’s doing to Sactown,what do you think he’s going to do in LA?Again,he will help but how much?What,trim down 20 pts. off that 39 pt. BUTT KICKIN’ we received,so there’s still a void…DUNKERS,FINISHERS AND PLAYERS THAT’S IT,WORTHY,SCOTT AND THOMPSON(I’ma say it 100 more times)!

    Time to get back to LAKERBALL,KEEP LO(Trade only for Marion and Haslett or Prince).

  • abs

    Bring Lamar off the bench. He can backup nearly every position, and would be amazing as a sixth man. If he can make that sacrifice this can be a special team. Start Ariza at the 3.

    Giving up one of the NBA’s most unique talents (inconsistent I admit) for Artest is a disaster.

    This year the Lakers played some of the best offence seen in the NBA in the last few years. That was because of how Lamar and Pau play together.
    Yes we lacked defence but Bynum and Ariza will change that next year.

    This would go down as on par with Caron for Kwame and Eddie Jones for Glen Rice trades. If Lamar has to be traded trade the guy to Miami where he’ll be happy. This guy has been hearing rumor after rumor ever since he came to LA.

  • MILO


  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #45243 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well he is a suck-dic fan so he probably already does.


    Though we may not agree on everything…the one thing we DO agree on is…JOSEPH HAS GOT TO GO OR GO TELL YOUR SMELL-TICS BUDDIES THIS…THEY WILL NOT WIN A SECOND,AB IS BACK!!!

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #45230 Will Be Quoted Here]

    joseph i love your comments, they give me an excuse to use my colorful personality

    joseph the only thing you won in ur entire life is being a celtic fan, and you probaly sell dope to paul peirce whle your there

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #45259 Will Be Quoted Here]

    thank you for being one of the few ppl on this website making sence

  • gugy

    Is PJ forcing this trade to happen? if Artest comes and LO leaves that’s what PJ wants then. Simple as that. I would trust him first and foremost because he is the coach, he sees it better than any of us and he has 9 rings.

    I am pretty sure he wants Artest, but maybe the fact no deal has been made yet is because PJ do not want to give up LO. So in the end the team might stay the same way.

    We’ll find out soon.

    Artest is an idiot. He could have come to the Lakers if he opt out. Dumb motherfuck•r!

  • laker-nate

    [Comment ID #45215 Will Be Quoted Here]
    y the fuk wud the jazz give up korver and milsap for mihm and sheldon williams??? i hate ignorant trade ideas…

  • lskerfan567


  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #45288 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Seriously where did that come from. I believe you should not give the F word to someone if they are sincere in their comments even though it might be way off base. But for ppl who initiate the cursing they are open game. So Laker-nate STFU and learn alittle tack. LOL

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #45290 Will Be Quoted Here]

    we all come up with stupid ideas i know i do, all the time, thats what i meant as that lakerfans are very imaginitive and a little crazy thats all

  • Billy Kupchak

    Official Energy Drink of the Phoenix Suns! :cool:

  • lskerfan567

    hes sick

  • lskerfan567

    sun yue is what we neec, imagine this 7’0″, 7’0″, 6’10”, 6’6″, 6’9″

    hes a distributing point guard that can defend, hes what we need

  • dansp5

    so when are we gonna get sun yue????


    Ickerfan,KEEP’EM COMIN’!!!I damn near smacked myself in the face after watchin’ the first dunk,SIIIIIIIC!

  • sclakerfan

    I though Artest was sane enough before this year that I thought the Lakers could take a chance on him, but after what happened in the last few weeks, I’m not too sure. I think he’s totally insane.

  • pjt

    Put Artest on the Lakers and if Boston is in the finals again it will be just like the 80’s, all over again… Artest has already gotten under KG’s skin…LA vs. Boston part 2…

  • dansp5