Photo: USA Today Sports
Photo: USA Today Sports

After such a promising summer, no one could have foreseen the current state of the Los Angeles Lakers as we approach the halfway mark on the season. While the Laker Nation has experienced a few highs, overall we feel like we’ve been dragged through the mud.

The fan ship of any team will have a flock of personality types. You have the “we’re going to win it all this year” type, the “throw away the season we lost another game” type, even the “if I was coach we wouldn’t be in this mess” type…the possibilities are endless. Doubts have been high up to this point, but it’s not time to throw in the towel, not yet.

With the current roster and coaching staff, I can’t promise we will win the title this year, but I also can’t say we won’t…think about it. In the span of a few months, this newly assembled Laker team has gone through coaching changes, a new system implemented, and significant injuries to key players.  Even with a dream roster, without chemistry, health, and time, no squad is going to be successful in today’s NBA. Especially when you are under the lights at Staples Center playing for one of the most prestigious basketball franchises.

Not to make excuses for the lack of defense and effort game in and game out, you can sense that this Laker team is sick of losing. Between the team moral over the past three games and the Magic Johnson-esk looking Kobe, it appears the Lakers stock is finally on the rise. Every team is going to have their rough patches in a season, the Lakers situation unfortunately, resembled a train wreck. Look at the bright side; you don’t sense panic from the team, coaches or organization. Now if this team is still putting together losing streaks come March then you can begin to worry.

With that being said, one fact still remains. No team is going to want to face the Lakers in the playoffs.

PLAYOFFFFFFS ?!?! You wanna talk about PLAYOFFS?!? Yes, I said “PLAYOFFS”… If you think a team led by Kobe Bryant is going to miss the playoffs with all-star talent surrounding him, you have another thing coming.

Keep calm Laker Nation. The obstacles we have faced thus far are battle testing our team.  It appears that tweaking the system, letting our young players gain game experience and being punched in the mouth a few times has made us a better unit.  Another way to look at it, the Lakers have problems that more than half of the teams in the NBA wish they had. Give the team a little more time, because the reality is this team knows how to ball. This isnt a question of how, but when will the gear get stuck in overdrive?

The Lakers look to continue rolling tonight when they square off with the Phoenix Suns. Tip off from US Airways Center is at 7:30 pm PT.