venticuatroLakers Examiner: I received the May edition of the  “Lakers Insider” in my inbox the other day, and it contained a cool story about the Los Angeles Lakers’ jersey numbers and their significance.

For example, it says that Pau Gasol wears 16 because he was a bench warmer in Spain. The players on the roster wore numbers 4-15, and since he was an “extra” player he wore 16. He says it reminds him of his humble beginnings.

Sasha Vujacic says there are a couple of secret reasons why he wears number 18, but one of them is that several important things happened to him at the age of 18.

Forward Josh Powell wore the number 33 all his life, but when he got to the Lakers he couldn’t have it because of some lanky center who was in Airplane! So he chose 21.

Mid-season acquisition Adam Morrison saw his move to the Lakers as a fresh start, so he chose number 6, one that he had never worn in his entire life.

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  • Rihanna

    is it just me, or the writer for the lakers examiner tries TOO hard to be funny and clever
    sorry dude, but a lot of the stuff you write isnt funny
    this isnt the first article that was pointless, irrelavant, and unfunny

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    stupid article and not funny at all.

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    who said this article was meant to be funny? idiots.

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    Dang …some of you got no sense of humor at all.

    I liked the article BTW.

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    you look like the idiot here.

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    oh so i suppose they wrote this article so people can read it and be like “hmmm that is quit interesting, i never knew thats why they use those numbers”
    your a fkcn idiot
    lakers examiner SUCKS!

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    I’m pretty sure anonymous was being sarcastic in his comment…

    anywho, not all of ‘em were funny but I liked a couple of em.

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    the rel reason kobe wears 24 beacause he thinks he is better than jordan 1 up on him..and in the olympics jordan wore 9..what did kobe wear 10.this is not random but in his eyes he thinks he is better

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    …and he is.

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