For all NBA fans, this time of the year is full of excitement and dramatic finishes. For some teams, making it to mid- April is an accomplishment but of the Lakers, it is a championship or bust.

We all are a bit worried about the Lakers entering the playoffs, as they went 4-6 their last 10 games and don’t look as hungry than last year. This year’s version of the Lakers finished with a record of 57-25 and will face the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round, who went 50-32 in the season. Although the Lakers won the series season 3 games to 1, the last meeting had the Thunder blow out the Lakers 91-75; the Lakers played horrible the entire game and finished shooting only 39%.

Some people are actually questioning the Lakers hunger and drive this year and believe the Thunder will push them to tell limit. We all have to admit the Lake Show of last year had much more drive than this year’s team, and the record shows it. However, can the young and inexperienced really beat the Lakers and the ever focused Kobe Bryant? I understand that the Lakers may lack focus, but the playoff atmosphere will definitely get them fired up and ready to defend their title, so look for a short first round series.

Our road gets rough after the first round, where the Lakers biggest threats will advance. After last year’s loss in the Conference Finals, the Denver Nuggets have been determined to beat the Lakers. This matchup may occur in the second round, and look for George Karl to return. Most people picked this showdown in the West Finals, but the Lakers may face a legitimate opponent early. The Houston Rockets looked tough last year, and if the Nuggets do advance and pass the Jazz, the Lakers will have their hands full.

No one can predict the matchup in the Conference Finals, it could be the Mavericks, Suns or even the title tested Spurs. Looking at the rosters, the Lakers clearly have more talent than any of those teams, but success will depend on effort and determination.

Hopefully our home town team (no not the Clippers) advances into the NBA Finals, and wins it all. In my eyes it is a toss up between two east teams the Cavaliers and the Magic, and the Lakers have a combine will total on 1 against them. The Cavaliers swept the Lakers in the season series and many people, aka Laker Haters, are choosing the Cavaliers to win it all. As for the Magic, they are no doubt under estimated and can beat the Cavaliers, we will all love to see LeBron lose and run off the court, so it is okay to root for the Magic.

Either way, if the Lakers do enter the NBA Finals, it would be much harder than last year. Even winning the west will be a dog fight, beating teams like Denver, Dallas and Phoenix will take a lot out of the Lakers.

As for me, I expect a Lakers and Magic rematch in the NBA Finals, with who else winning, the Lakers.

So my fellow NBA/Laker fans, the debate is on, so who do you have?

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  • 007

    OH. MY. GOD. can you please please please have someone edit your article before you post it. damn hardest thing i’ve ever read on this site. this blog site is seriously going downhill. i used to love getting my news here. now i’ll only go here for the forums.

    • bostonSUCKS88

      For real man, this blog needs an editor. So many grammar mistakes that I couldn’t even understand this article. C’mon TLN, you’re better than this.

    • R T

      FOR REALS!!!!….I thought I was retarded for a second when I wasn’t understanding what I was reading. Ive been visiting since it was GetGar(I hate him/celtics so much I wount even finish, and yes the name celtics doesnt deserve to be capitalized).com. The site looks a lot more organized and cleaner since then but the content is worse then ever. Ill give TLN 1 or 2 more chances to redeem itself, but if not Im off to for my LAKER news.

  • 09champs!

    Man, i would love to see Cavs vs Lakers in the finals. With the Lakeshow winning, the Kobe vs Lebron debate would be over at least for now with KB 5-0 LBJ in ring count.
    On the other hand, I want to see the Cavs lose to the Magic and see Lebron crying like last year, so I´m in a little bit of a dilema.
    i guess I´ll lean towards LAKERS VS CAVS.

  • sep08

    people are taking the thunder so lightly. Durant is too quick for artest and wesbrook will absolutely eat fisher. Bynum hasnt played in a month, kobe is injured, sasha is injured, Lamar is banged up and our bench production is very weak. Taking all of these factors into account, I cant say im confident about the lakers getting past the 1st round, yet alone the Finals.
    I was much more confident last year, we had heart, determination and most importantly health. I woould love to say the lakers will repet this year but if I were a betting man I would bet in conference finals max.

  • KW

    I can write this article in my sleep.

  • DOMA

    quit b1itchin you nerds ….write your own sh1t and post it yourself.

    • bostonSUCKS88

      so cuz this article is written poorly i should write my own? thats stupid. the content in the article is fine, but it looks like someone in grade school wrote it. not asking for a lot, just correct spelling at least.

  • BJ

    Haha..yeah! WTF we talking about grammar mistakes for and how the site used to be??? Get over it dudes…get at the heart of what the MoFo is talking about! Straight up…Let me set it straight! Lakers needed home court as they’ve shown they have ZERO balls on the road! We better hope Boston wakes up and takes the East cuz No WAY the NBA lets Lebron lose to Kobe this year. I like our chances on the road vs. Orlando in the finals…still difficult though! Boston is our best bet. The way we played the in the last 3 months…gonna be a long and frustrating playoffs for the lakernation!

  • jon

    I dont see the grammar errors!!!!!

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Who cares about the grammar.

    The Lakers will take care of OKC in 5. I’m def not worried about Utah, but if we play the Nuggets I say we’ll take them down in 6. I have a feeling we’ll be playing Dallas in the W. Finals and it should be a good series. Lakers in 6. I really want someone in the east to take care of the Cavs, but if do face Queen James in the Finals it is going to be all out WAR! I can already hear all the Laker Haters and the bandwagon Cav fans.

    I think our Lakers will be fine though. We have a great team.. they just need to come out ready to play like the Champions they are!

    Go Lakers!

    • jon

      my bracket is the same, and i agree with you, forget the grammar, its one article and leave it alone!!!!!

      • 242LakerFan

        This is why we are so rapidly slipping into mediocrity. Oh, never mind the grammar. Never mind the little mistakes. Never mind actually being correct. After all, if you write “Let’s eat Grandma!” everyone knows you didn’t really intend to make a cannibalistic meal out of her, right? We all somehow know that you meant to write “Let’s eat, Grandma!”
        Grammar counts, fellows. That’s the reason it’s called “communications”. If you write it, then people are meant to be able to understand it. It may not matter for you or me posting as consumers, but the folks writing the articles should be held to a higher standard. Or a high standard to begin with.

        • J

          Dude…STFU! U know how gay U sound rite now! We’re talking about basketball…NOT grammar! Go be a damn tutor somewhere else. This blog kicks ass and it will always kick ass. WTF dude haha!? Get over it, or go to a different blog! GO LAKERS!!!

          • jon

            Yes, I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • bostonSUCKS88

            lol, looks like his vocabulary is too high for some of you. does he sound gay cuz hes using big words?. sorry that some of us actually want to read a good artcle. sorry if our are low standards of at least correct spelling is to high for you.

  • Xtro

    Sweet sweep!

    • jon

      vs who?

      • 242LakerFan

        The other team…duh!

  • Laker4 Life

    It really does not matter who the Lakers play in the finals cuz they are gone win no matter who they play, whether it is the cavs, magic, celdicks, or hawks. Lakers all the way.
    However, I hope the Lakers play the cavs so Kobe can make LeBron cry.