“Adversity is a fact of life. It can’t be controlled, but what we can control is how we react to it.”

The 2009-10 season for the Los Angeles Lakers has been an up-and-down roller-coaster. At certain points the Lakers will play at a sub-par level, while at other times they look as though they cannot be beaten.

The regular season featured a Lakers team that finished at a surprising 57-25 record, with losses against teams like the Clippers, Rockets, Raptors, and Hornets.

Entering the 2010 playoffs, the Lakers lost six of their last ten games and many Laker fans were unsure as to how their team would perform against the young Oklahoma City Thunder.

But someone once said, “Never underestimate the heart of a champion.”

The Lakers got an early wake-up call during the first round of the playoffs, when they were tied 2-2 against the 8th seeded Thunder. The speculations grew and most people were shocked by the Thunder’s ability to stand up to the Lakers. The Lakers were in the same situation as the ’07 Mavericks; both top seeded teams were tied up at 2-2 and faced adversity much earlier than expected. Unlike the Mavericks, who were unable to overcome the adversity and beat the Warriors, the Lakers refocused and put away the Thunder.

All of the Lakers’ doubts and uncertainties quickly vanished when they beat the Thunder in six and won the clincher on the road at the hectic Ford Center. The media and the fans went from questioning the Lakers’ ability, to considering them the team to beat again.

As the Lakers were gearing up to face the Utah Jazz, many people believed that the series would be an easy one for the Lakers. But there were still people who “hated” on the team and particularly their star, Kobe Bryant, for being too “old”. From the avid fans across the world to the NBA analysts, people considered Kobe as someone who lost that “step”. Charles Barkley believed that Kobe could no longer take over games or be that dominant player that we have come to love.

From the early stages of his career, Kobe has fought through adversity and every time he has answered the call and kept the “haters” quiet.

Game 3 of the second round was proof that Number 24 still had that superstar ability. Kobe took over the game and led his team to a commanding 3-0 series lead. Many naysayers would say, “He had one good game, so what?” Well just in case they didn’t know, Kobe has been consistent all postseason long. In Game 4, Kobe put up another brilliant show, pouring in 32 points. Not bad for an “old man”, huh?

Fighting through adversity has become a habit for the Lakers. The Lake Show had to prove to the world last year that they were capable of winning a ring. Pau Gasol always has to deal with the tag “soft” and Kobe has been fighting all throughout his career.

This round, the Lakers are playing the Phoenix Suns and as usual, the haters are hating — again. Despite the fact that the Lakers dominated in Game 1 and Kobe dropped 40 points, the critics still didn’t give the Lakers the credit they deserved. Suns’ forward Amare Stoudmire called Lamar’s 19 points and 19 boards a “lucky performance.” In that case, Lamar has had many “lucky” games in his career.

However, we have to ignore those comments, and believe in our Lakers to silence the critics and raise that 16th trophy. We know Kobe will fight, we know Pau will fight, we know the Lakers will fight, and as the Lakers Nation we must always fight!

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    Kobe and the Lakers have been all about fighting through adversities, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. They live to proving everybody wrong. But having this many “haters” only proves how much the Lakers are feared in the NBA. Of course, they won’t admit it. But we Laker fans know better.

  • lakerville213

    “the purple line” never fails to disappoint…this article is as boring as watching the spurs…these always have typos, the wording is terrible and difficult to read, and FULL of laker cliches…

    this blog use to be great…but now its full of filler

    jason’s and anna’s articles is where its at

    • Karman Narain

      GOT ‘EM!! lol

      • Karman Narain

        nahh, I’m playin, this was a great article.

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    Sweet article!! We will always fight!!

  • http://Twitter.com/DPorterLA @DPorterLA

    Couldn’t agree more with this article. Great job @RamneetKB24

  • Lakers4ever2424

    Nice job, the article sums up what us Laker fans have to go through every day! And I enjoy this dudes (Ram) stuff!

  • I’mAHugeLakerFan

    Good job and GO LAKERS! Nice article, you understand the hearts of the fans!

  • Dave Salvo

    Dude, I love your work buddy. Keep up with the good work. I can’t wait for more from you!

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    I don’t usually like the Lakers and their fans, but this article was well written. I like your style RamneetKB24

  • PurpleLINE

    You’re articles hit everything right on the dot.

  • Touch ME

    The Celtics – Lakers rematch is coming closer than we think. And when this happened in 2008 all Lakers fans thought b4 the series started that the Lakers were too good and make easy work of the C’s and they recieved their punishment and discipline for their ignorance. Boston is alot better now than they were than especially with the addition of Rasheed. I speak for all Lakers fans that we have learned our lesson and will respect the C’s because they made us respect them. The C’s have made quick work of the 2 best records in the NBA. As the spokeman for all Lakers we will admit a Celtics 4-1 series win because we don’t matchup well against them. Bynum is still hurt and Kobe is still not 100%. We will honor the Celtics 2010 championship and hopefully the Lakers will do more in the offseason to improve the team. I expect all Lakers fans to hands down admit my statement is correct. As the Lakers fan spokeman we admit defeat and hope that the Celtics don’t make the championship next year. I dare any1 to challenge this Lakers defeat and we as fans will not act like fools and say we won it this year. I’m sorry fans to have to break the news this way but thats they way it is and when LA loses the Ship don’t run from this site.

    • King ME

      You know damn well you aint a lakers fan stop Fuckin Trolling on here mind you we didnt have a good defense in 08 but guess what we do have a Guy that will rag toss pierce’s punk ass around Artest and with pau Gasol more skilled know KG is gonna have to move around more and c’mon James Posey aint there so who is gonna guard Kobe…..Ray Allen?Bitch Please!
      All Bynum has to do is get at least 10-15 pts and some rebounds because last time I checked Perkins was a offensive Wiz.And that Boston beat the two teams with the best record is Hot Air because Cavs and Magic are not Championship Teams!……Thank You and Good Night

    • http://TLN SHOWTIME4EVA

      your a fucking shit head! when we kick your beloved celtic asses dont YOU run from this sight.i want you to hear all about it!!

    • thanhttrinh

      @ I think you need to GET THE FUKK OUT !

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    Damn rite magic is a joke cav choke cuz everyone knew that lakers vs Boston lakers will win 4-2 @ touchme u fakeass lakers fan giving up when the game haven’t been play what a joke I guess u buy in too all the hype about Boston too

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    I love all of you true believers. HCA baby HCA. ( Home Court Advantage )

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    its been a while since the lakers have been punched in the mouth,celtics want the fake show…….

    • 242LakerFan

      Sorry, but you better prepare for the real thing!

  • Celtics_Fan

    Yea, while we have exceeded expectations all post season long!!

    • 242LakerFan

      That wasn’t hard, considering where your expectations were to begin with.

  • carpediem13

    Rondo machine? Give me a break…..Point guards cant beat the lakers. Westbrook, D-Williams and Nash have all tried and failed miserably. Rondo will join that bunch ( AND RONDO ISNT BETTER THAN D-WILLIAMS)

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    damn i thoguht this was a laker blog y alot of hater posting on here anyway isnt there a boston celtics blog too wait a min no aahhahahaahahha

  • 242LakerFan

    Ramneet, you know I have been critical of some of the grammar in your earlier articles. I do not apologise for being a stickler for grammar, especially in those who write articles, and I am happy to see the writing in The Purple Line finally catching up to the content. You have obviously worked on it and it is now a really good read. This was a good article overall.
    Fight the good fight, my man!

    • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/the-purple-line/ Ramneet Singh

      Thank you so much,
      I have read every comment and took them to heart. I hated seeing my articles being ridiculed, but I did something about it. Instead of ignoring them, I tried to fix my problems. Being only 16 and having an entire “Nation” criticizing me was tough at times, but I fought through the adversity and am happy to hear that you enjoyed my articles.
      I love TLN and I hope you will always stay here!

  • Celtics_Fan

    You Laker fans think you are soooo good. What tough team have you beaten so far, umm? Well we have beaten the BEST two teams in the NBA! And you guys were the 3rd,hahahahahah!! Rondo is something else, he is by far the NBA of the playoffs and will wreck Kobe in the Finals!!
    Look out because the Green Monster is coming!!

  • http://singoramalessonsrevealed.com Varick Hudson

    All I have to say to Kobe and the Lakers, and the entire Laker Nation, THANK GOD FOR OUR ENEMIES. Let em hate on. The more they hate, the stronger and greater the Laker’s get.

    • Celtics_Fan

      Then what will happen when the Celtics kill them!!! hahhahahahhahahah We actually played and beat the best two teams in the NBA, and its not the Fakers

  • Robert

    The Celtics played in the L’East conference, and are still there. The Lakers played in the B’est conference, and are still there, toughing it out.
    It was easy for the Cavs and the Magic to walk all over a mediocre conference during the regular season. But that did not prepare them for the ‘playoff’ teams.
    Phil is concerned that the Suns are not the right team as a warmup for the Finals. The Lakers might have been better prepared if they played the Nuggets, or the Mavs, or even the Spurs. But I think that the ‘run & gun’ workouts will help the Lakers ‘speed up’ during the Finals.
    The Celtics are a dominant 1/2 court team, and the Triangle is ‘geared’ for 1/2 court. However, the Lakers will do two things different from 2008:
    1) play more ‘fast break’. The Celtics are too heavy to lumber down the court and set up for defense. This is where the Lakers ‘run & gun’ practice w/Suns helps.
    2) pound on the inside. play zone when needed (which should stop pic n’ roll, which Celtics don’t usually play anyway but has been a ‘stopper’ for the Lakers lately).
    3) play ‘much harder’ defense in general, thanks to Ron-Ron (not only his individual play, but his defense oriented attitude).
    This is the ‘perfect’ reason why we have Ron Artest on this team, and why it will help us win the Finals.

    • Celtics_Fan

      So you are saying that the Magic and Cavs suck?!?! Well they beat the Lakers buddy! There is absolutely no way the Lakes can stop Rondo and Bynum cannot handle Perkins. Also, the Celtics bench is far more superior than the Fakers’ bench!!

    • Robert

      Yes, the Magic and Cavs suck. They are ‘regular season’ teams. So are the Suns. The Lakers, Celtics, and Spurs are ‘playoff season’ teams. (The Lakers didn’t ‘turn on the switch’ during the regular season, in order to save their juice for the playoffs. I’d say the Celtics did the same, for different reasons (injuries)). But the Lakers still had the best record in the West, and the 3rd best overall. Pretty good for not trying too hard!
      Truthfully, the Finals will be a tough series. The Celtics appear to be peaking, and the Lakers are ‘just about to peak’, which is the right time. Home court will play a major role in the playoffs, and also ‘stamina’. But most of all, this will be a Final test of Phil’s coaching skills. We’ll see how that plays out. It will be a glorious series.

      • Lakers4ever2424

        Yea and in the end, Boston will see another parade! Do you honestly think we beat ORL and CLE because of “luck”

        • Lakers4ever2424


          • Celtics_Fan

            Robert and Lakers4ever, you two are front-runners and so is every Laker fan

  • Lakers4ever2424

    Great job Ramneet, The Purple Line is back!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  • Lakers4ever2424

    I wanted to fight after reading this!!! WE WILL FIGHT!!!!

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    I love the Lakers!! We are going to win it all!!!!! AND I LOVE TLN, btw this edition of The Purple Line is beast!!