I think this is the perfect thing to post. Sasha summed it up for LakersNation last night…

  • sK

    i actually like that sasha cares so much to win. i think that is how we all felt.

  • Michael_23

    Yeah … I wish they can play today or tomorrow. I can’t bare this pain for 2 days.

    Either let’s try again and get motivation or quit and close out this season on the L column.

    Win Game 5, have a plane ride to Boston. Boston can’t handle long flights and playing the following day. Win Game 6. And let’s have a historic game 7.

    OR …..

    Play mediocre and rely on the refs to force a game 7. (ref to 02 WCF game 6) —> That’s a joke. Lakers need to earn it.

  • sammie

    We all feel the same way Sasha, Boston better start praying because it’s pay back time!

  • http://www.vladehasaposse.com Tim

    that right there was about when it hit me.


    SIGN SASHA,MITCH!He’s one of the few that EARNED THEY’RE MONEY!

  • Michael_23

    Not like it would matter, should have been Trevor on Allen or Pierce last night for defensive purposes in the last 3 mins.

    You can have Sasha in there offensively.

  • kaynam24

    its not sasha fault in my opinion there shoulda been a second defender there like gasol…

  • Anonymous.

    all over guys. kobe and his terrible shooting and pau’s soft ass cost us the game

  • Smush Walton

    I like Sasha. I don’t think he will be a starter, but at least he plays with passion. Its too bad he can’t be a little bit more consistent with his shot. Unfortunately, with him its either feast or famine, and last night was Ethiopia.

    I hope in the films the coaches point out his silly reaching on Ray Allen on the last drive. By his reaching he left himself hopelessly out of position and allowed Ray an absolutly wide open path to the hoop. Not a very fundamentally sound way to play defense.

  • Jonathan

    i feel your pain Sasha. We’re all in this together…

  • remy

    now sasha has a heart of a basketball champion; he was just outplayed by a smarter veteran player in ray allen but he wasn’t afraid to go up against him one on one during clutch time(although i hate him and hate to admit that)…remember kobe wasn’t scare of taking those 3’s during the playoff against the jazz even though he air it 3 times that cost them the game…people wonder why del harris put a young kobe during clutch time for the win when they had eddie jones and nick van exel

  • D Lo

    if he didn’t reach he would have had a MUCH better chance to stay in front of ray. the reach heard round the world.

  • http://myspace.com/plummerrocks Machinehead18

    As a huge fan of Sasha, for some reason, I cant stop watching this video. I dont know what it is but it just sucks.

    I mean, one game, youre having the time of your life, and Laker fans love you.

    The next game, you give up the game-sealing layup and now, you are the target of criticism from those same Laker fans.

    I still believe he’s gonna come out the next game, and play his butt off, as will the rest of the Lakers.

  • kPoAbUe

    kobe sasha d-fish score 100+plus points on SUNDAY AND WIN ALSO IN GAME only those 3 deserve to score

  • ade

    Kobe caused us the game. The mentality and arrogance of him beating Boston by himself caused us the game. If Walton had shot 6 for 19, Kobe could have been on him. Kobe needs to humble himself. We miss Kwame Brown for his defence coverage. At least, he can box people out of their confort zone.

  • ab4sure

    Did you see what Ray Allen said to Sasha after the game??? “YOU REACH, I TEACH”… Sasha… Learn your lesson well.

  • lakers4life

    i like the passion

  • Smush Walton

    That’s what you got to do Sasha to KG, PJ Brown, and Perkins when they set one of their illegal moving screens. It goes on constantly and the refs are just blind to it. You got to learn to deliver a hard blow when an illegal screen is set. It can be done without being flagrant.