Here is the package the Pacers are looking for. Also in the entire article, it discusses exactly what is O’Neals “trade value.”

SportingNews: The market for O’Neal is also not at the Lamar Odom/Andrew Bynum level. That’s the package the Pacers want from the Lakers. The Lakers know that, and kudos to them for not making a deal simply because they’re under pressure to do so. They want to give up only Kwame Brown and Bynum. That’s not quite enough to get O’Neal, but the only other option for the Lakers is to give up Odom in a deal for O’Neal. That really doesn’t do the team any good.

  • magicbalala245

    man what do the pacers want i thought they were going suns style just 3 pointers all day from what i heard so this trade will work perfectly
    we give money and necessary pieces for a 3 point fast break up temp team like suns

  • as1084

    i love how bird thinks there is a huge market for JO. the market consists of 2 TEAMS! no team is going to fold under the pressure of all the other numerous teams trying to aquire him lol. cause the packages he wants are suitable for 5 or 6 teams competing for JO but there arent. bird is a moron.

  • rpouncy14

    Larry Bird is a moron. He dunno wat he’s doin!!!!!

  • dark_ice18

    I have a very strange feeling.

    *JO remains a Pacer to start the season but is unhappy.

    *Threatens to opt out of whatever team Bird wants to trade him except the Lakers.

    *Nearing the deadline, Bird caves in. Decides to negotiate a package of Bynum Kwame X X.

    *Bynum has one good game that shows “flashes” of his potential shortly after.

    *Lakers org immediately take Bynum off the table against ANY deal.

    *Deadline passes.

    *We stay stuck in this f%&@ed up position.

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    *We stay stuck in this f%&@ed up position.

    LMAO kobe’s own words