RealGM:  There’s been a lot of conflicting and confusing information floating around about Kobe Bryant‘s ability to become a free agent this summer. In an attempt to clear it all up, I’ll wade through the situation in question and answer format.

First thing’s first: Kobe can become a free agent this summer?

Yes. In the summer of 2004 the Lakers signed Bryant to a seven year contract (through 2010-11) with the option to terminate the contract early in either 2009 or 2010.

If Kobe terminates his contract early, when does he have to do so?

The deadline is June 30. Starting July 1 he’s locked in for the 2009-10 season.

If Kobe opts out, he’ll be a free agent and can sign with any team? Can the Lakers match?

If Bryant opts out he will be an unrestricted free agent who can sign with any team, including re-signing with the Lakers. Since he would be an unrestricted free agent, the Lakers can’t retain him by matching a contract he signs with another team. If he signs elsewhere, then the Lakers lose him.

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  • Dragon

    Why are we still talking about this topic he already said his home is here. If he wants to leave and take more money thats his choice but why would he even do that since they got a good team right now. They can still pick up a few more pieces from trading and improve the team even more.

  • kb24bestever

    Kobe deserves his money so if he wants to take a paycut or not we have to respect his decision you talking bout the best player on the planet.
    so BUSS you need to sign ariza,odom, and shannon brown no matter what.

  • Big Dick Nick

    Kobe will get his 5 year 130 mil. after he opts out on the 30th. He makes Buss much more than that and buss will not let kobe leave in his prime…

  • LakersTheTruth

    Kobe will stay, but I doubt he will take a paycut.
    What’s funny reading this article is no matter what decision the guy makes, he sill makes a load of ca$h no matter what.

    Just ridiculous how much money professional athletes make.

    No wonder Lakers tickets will keep going up. I wish I could afford some… :-(

  • lakers101

    If it wansn’t for Gasol trade and winning the championship this year…then foorrrr suree he was going to Opt out..but i cant see kobe going anywhere especially with this lakers team and wining a champpion..plzzz….no point of putting this article then

    and i dont understand why some players are so greedy with money…their makin millionss and still want more

    just remeber..”IF MONEY TAKES CONTROL OF YOU, THEN YOUR SOUL DELETED” -Napolean Outlawzz song “Hell on Earth”

  • Ryan Eusebio

    Fully agreed with you Lakers101,

    Kobe is making soo much money. I mean taking at least $120 mill will help the team more by giving back $10 mill back to the team to sign back ariza and odom. Kobe has enough money to pay for anything he wants now.

    But let’s hope kobe will take at least a 10 mill paycut to help his team sign ariza and odom which we really need for next year.



    If Kobe is not satisfied with all the money he is going to get maybe buss will let me play Kate Faber and bend over for Kobe. He will get his money worth and then some.


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