Kevin GarnettTwo seasons ago when Phil Jackson resigned with the Lakers, rumors circulated around the media that the Lakers were interested in acquiring Minnesota Timerberwolves superstar Kevin Garnett. Amidst the media frenzy, a sports editor LD2k created a short video entitled “The Next Big Ticket” implying that KG to the Lakers was not only possible, but inevitable in the future.

Stirring up both the online sports communities and media, the video was being posted and discussed on many Lakers and NBA online forums. It was also mentioned on local sports radio stations in L.A. The media was speculating on Garnett possibly leaving at the time, and the video most certainly sparked up the fan bases despite being what many considered a “pipe dream.”

As one fan describes the video, “Anyone and I mean anyone that does not get chills up their spine when they watch this video is not a true Lakers fan.” Simply put – everyone wanted it. Garnett and Kobe, Kobe and Garnett. It sounds good, it looks good, but how good could it truly be?

Two seasons later and KG still has not returned to the post-season with his Timberwolves since his ’04 Western Conference Finals appearance in which the Wolves were ousted by the Lakers in six games. As for Kobe, recently bounced from the first round two years in a row by the Phoenix Suns, Bryant has stated his opinion about what the future should bring. “This is a competitive city. We’re used to winning titles, not just winning games and being in the first round. We want to win championships. Now’s the time.”

When two years ago was filled with hope of getting to an elite level, todays reality isn’t so generous. The Lakers finished a season underachiving; despite making the post-season with so many injuries and chemistry problems. A season that started off so promising and bright turned into uncertainty and darkness. Whatever the reason, the Lakers fighting so hard in their last game (game 5 in Phoenix) provided the same tune as they had all year long, “good enough to be right there, but falling short every time they were ready to make the leap.”

Now with perhaps the biggest summer for the Lakers since 2004, many in the media say this is the time Garnett should ask to be moved. The Lakers, a possible destination. Steven A. Smith says it’s time for Garnett to leave. He suggests, “Garnett’s loyalty is his greatest weakness.” Smith also says that KG and Kobe need “eachother.” Lakers forward Maurice Evans is Garnett’s best friend. He also suggests it may be the time for KG to ask to be traded, “I know he definitely wants out of that situation, deservedly so,” Evans said Thursday.

Garnett has poured his entire heart for the Wolves franchise. And every single NBA fan respects and feels for KG. He is by far the definition of passion amidst all of the NBA players. His situation in Minnesota is like a nightmare you can never wake up from, and despite him bringing it on the court every night, this is the time many feel he should ask to be traded.

Why now? At the end of the season he can opt out of his contract. From a business standpoint, I would be shocked if Minnesota didn’t try to get any value for him as opposed to letting him walk at the end of next season. However, KG will need to request a move. If KG does indeed ask to be traded we know Glen Taylor would be willing to grant KG’s wishes. After all, KG has given everything for that city from sacrifices in contracts to playing passionately every night.

One thing about being fans in Los Angeles is the unity it brings to people in believing that the Lakers can get back to the top of the NBA. Despite our struggles since the Shaq/Kobe era, the Lakers are still the best franchise in all of the NBA. We have Kobe Bryant who is undoubtebly the best player in the NBA today and we no doubt have the most diverse and loyal fans throughout all of sports. I know because I am one. I know because “we” as fans pour our passion and heart into the team. And now, as fans, we have to voice our opinion and make the “pipe dream” of the next “big ticket” in Los Angeles a reality. Simply put: GET GARNETT!

We as fans would welcome KG with open arms. The opportunity of playing under Phil Jackson and alongside Kobe Bryant may appeal to Garnett himself. Beyond that, the fans would appreciate a player with so much passion. After all, the look on Kobe Bryant’s face of frustration and sadness from the game 2 blowout up in Phoenix could only be paralleled with one other player in the entire league. Kevin Garnett. We as fans have to push for the Lakers and Jerry Buss to look into pairing up what could be the deadliest one-two combo in the entire league. Will KG ask out? Can the Lakers pull it off? Kobe said it best, “do something, and do it now.”

  • John DeGuzman

    Damn great article!!!!!!!
    I couild only wish the big ticket would come here. That would be great for the lakers organizaton and us lakers fans..

  • Ryan

    great article. can not wait for things to happen!
    .. i hope for the best!
    go LAKERS

  • LakerFanforLife

    Garnett would be a great aquisition, but thats not enough to win a title, Lakers I hope are trying to become a dynasty again. We need Ron Artest. Keep Lamar of course Kobe, those trio equals a three headed monster. Those 3 players have heart and toughness and are great defenders. Please Laker Fans don’t give up on Lamar, he wants to be Laker and I believe next season, God willing no injuries occur he will be an all-star, he should have been one this season if not the multiple injuries that occured. Odom showed me alot during the playoffs and I believe that will carry onto the next season x 2. These 3 players along with Luke and a vet. point gaurd, another vet. forward who is smart enough to comprehend the triangle offense. Remember Like Horry said its just basketball (referring to the offense), we need savvy, inteligent vets. We could have beat phoenix, if we were healthy @ least we did not get swept! Like Miami. So don’t give up hope, we have the greateast basketball player of all time as our asset. Managemant needs to steal a page out of spurs and pistons way of aquiring talent without trying to be the Yankees. Because overall superb team will equal several dynasties to come, not just a 1-2 punch combo.

  • Big_Ezell

    Great article. Its to bad we can’t count on Laker Management to make something happen. We’ve been waiting for like 3years now for KG or at least a good business move. I don’t blame the players for not having the skills to contend. I blame the management for knowing they can’t contend but still entering the season with that mediocre squad (terrible decission). So if we want changes it needs to come from the top to the bottom, starting with getting rid of Mitch and bringing in a more polished GM. Just goes to show you that just because you work under someone for a long time (West) doesn’t mean they really rubbed off on you (Mitch). It sucks to lose to the cocky arrogant Suns. Reallity is why are they cocky what have they won????? Tired of these pretenders beating up on us. Get KG if possible or O’Neal, keep Odom and lets get back to believing in this organization. This losing should leave a bad taste in our mouths, I know mine taste like ass right now. If I was the GM there is no way I’d let that continue to happen to us, even if I had to go to Buss and say look boss we need some drastic changes here or I can’t be part of the regime that killed Laker pride. Come on Lakers we are counting on you……


  • josh

    good article…i would love to have garnett be a sure it wont happen but i really want it to…and why would anyone want artest over garnett..artest is a good player but hes to much of a risk off the court…

  • David Goderidze

    First of all, great work with the article.
    I agree that aquiring Kevin Garnett is the ideal and a REALISTIC move.
    Don’t forget that this is a business and Minnesota will Not let KG just walk away.
    Second, getting Kevin will attract some players that are looking to join up a winning squad.
    Kevin Garnett is not just another star. He will improve our team chestry dramtically. The combination of KG KB RONNY and maybe even Farmar and stretching even as far as Vujacic if they are still here; Those 5 are extremely passionate and emotional toward the game, which is what you look for.

    To sum it up, Kobe has asked to turn this team to an elite.
    That will not occur unless a big name is brought to LA.
    Do not ever settle and keep this up so the IDEA of KG and KB never dies. The bigger it get’s the closer it get’s to reality.

  • RiCo

    I’ve traded for KG on NBA2k7 & it is HEAVEN!!! Kobe, Lamar, & Kevin on 1 team to win 5 championships in a row! WOW!!!

  • GueroLoco

    We don’t really need Garnett lets get a good pakage deal to Sacramento for Artest, and Biby, now that would be a great supporting cast for Koby, plus it would add defence….Garnett would be nice but we can get other players that would more that do the job.. Koby, O’dom, Artest, Biby. and Andrew B, now that is a team to fear!

  • gwiz

    That’s a great thought I love lamars courage last season so I don’t mind going 2 war with him but lets package bynum up 2 memphis for gasol that would b great with the mle sign mo williams get a veteran big man like magloire we win the title that’s all we need oh yeah get garnett if all else fails

  • lakerKb_Kgfan

    It would be great if they succesfully get KEvin Garnett. It will be a very dominant team. Go lakers!!!! pls aquire kevin Ganett. Nobody can stop that combination!!! go lakers!!

  • Christopher

    Thats true