Machine: status = potential active boot!

O.C. Register: Sasha Vujacic practiced Sunday for the first time since suffering a sprained left ankle in the regular-season finale and said he could return to the lineup for the Western Conference Finals next week.

“We’re up 3-0 (against Utah in the semifinals), so I’m not even going to consider coming back now,” Vujacic said. “The team is playing well right now, so I will wait.”

Vujacic said it was difficult to watch his teammates take 29 3-point attempts in the Lakers’ 111-110 Game 3 victory and not one of them came from him. He was averaging 30.9 percent shooting from the arc when he got hurt.

“You have to add 10 more when I’m in there,” he said.

  • Marwan Marzina

    Great! We could use all the help we can get!

  • mamba623

    The sad part is he probably wasn’t joking about that last quote.

    • ricky

      Agreed. However, any help would be great off then bench. We can use another shooter with our big guys and Kobe being doubled.

      • 3Peat

        Two words: offensive liability. “You have to add 10 more when I’m in there,” he said. Those 10 more he was referring to are the 10 shots he would’ve jacked up and missed.

        • avcpl


  • andyhank

    We could use a 2006-2008 sasha right about now.

  • ricky

    If Sasha can ever reform to his former self, we would be good off the bench. I miss the solid 3 point shooting and most of all, the pesky and irritable defense that he used to unleash to get under the opponents’ skin.

    • Mr terrific

      Thats like asking Oprah to be skinny again.

    • gus26

      we can use someone on dragon from phx and being from the same country will make sasha play tougher defense on him. at least sasha is trying when he is out there and actually runs the offense… i’m tired of brown playing just for himself… i can’t remember the last time a guy was all about himself like brown is playing right now… i hope he opts out and finds that no one wants him..

      • uh huh

        Yeah, that’s why Sasha threw that hissy fit at Brian right? I’m for Shannon opting out too btw.

  • Lakers216172437

    OH NOOOO!!!! :(((((

    • Mr terrific

      True Dat!

  • 808ty

    I’m excited for Sasha to come back, I think he feels like he has so much to prove. Hopefully as long as he only shoots open shots(and hits) its definitely a plus.

  • xtro

    we need him to guard nash, richardson, dragic or dudley in the WCF.

  • justdogm1

    GREAT we aren`t getting enough turnovers…..

  • lakers are the bomb

    Sasha the broken machine.
    Do we really needed this 30 per cent shooter.
    He is not the same player he once was.
    Sasha stay on the bench your more productive clapping your hands than with the ball.

    • gus26

      ron is shooting 22% from 3s… give sasha the looks ron ron is getting and i’ll bet my left nut he is going to shoot higher than 22%…

      • bostonSUCKS88

        yes he will, the problem is he cant play D like Ron. But yes, he would shoot closer to 40%

        • gus26

          thats where you put sasha at the 2 spot and slide kobe to the 3 and let kobe make up for sasha’s lack of defense.. thats why sasha was closing for us in 07’… it was fish, sasha, kobe and odom, gasol on the court and we got to the finals…

  • daboss1848

    “You have to add 10 more when I’m there, so that’s 39 next game,” Vujacic joked.
    Has his shooting stroke been affected by the layoff?
    “The shot?,” Vujacic said. “Never been better.”

  • Mr terrific


  • lakers are the bomb

    Poor guy nobdy takes him serious.
    Get it Mitch he is overpaid useless.
    We pay him as much as we could have paid Ariza and had Arttest.
    Powell,Ammo Mobenga dont even play during regular season why do we have them ?
    Please we need a productive bench.
    Its important to give the starters a break during the game.
    But these bums destroy the lead and make the starters work harder to sustain the win
    counter productive.


    It’s funny how he talks as if he is the most important piece on that bench. ” I’m not even going to consider coming back now,” Vujacic said. “The team is playing well right now, so I will wait.”

    He talks like he’s better than Kobe! LMFAO! Gotta love that confidence in him. Too bad coz it doesn’t translate on the court when he is playing. 1-10 is not exactly better than Ron Ron.

  • mr. ebak

    you guys watch. machine will hit the winning shot in the wcf.

    • Mr Terrific

      The Latrine wont even be in the game.

  • anon

    ahaha sasha please shave that stache and beard

  • LakerLand Nostradamus

    Sorry, but Sasha is a piece of sh•t.
    If he returns to play like 2007 then maybe he will be welcome.
    But I doubt, the kid got the money and decide to disappear. I hope Mitch get rid of this guy soon.

  • Jerry_West

    Who cars??? Sasha is a non-factor.