Here’s a small blurb from — take this with a grain of salt, whatever that means.

Interesting media battle in Los Angeles, where Lakers VP Jim Buss went on talk radio to criticize Phil Jackson for criticizing his players in the media. His sister Jeanie, Jackson’s girlfriend and another Lakers VP, then criticized her brother for criticizing the coach in public. Sounds like they’re ready to move forward.

Actually they might be: Rumors have the Lakers bringing back Jerry West in an advisory role to help faltering GM Mitch Kupchak.

  • LD2k

    It would be the best move and signal a great start to a perhaps very vital summer.

  • TheEclectic

    Oh please God let this be true. I don’t think people realize that the year after our last championship in ’02-03′ also coincided with Jerry West’s departure. He is the only man who could a) get the right talent b) make the big trades and c) keep Shaq and Kobe from strangling each other.

  • The Nugget

    I’d rather have Sam Presti but I’d pretty much take anyone over Kupcake. :-/

  • darkice18

    id rather have my left nut be GM then kupcake lol

  • bigbadjames

    that should be the first thing we do before any trades go down!!!

  • Lakerjones

    Please, let it be so. Most important off season move of all.

  • RickZ

    Actually, jerry west’s last season with the lakers was 99-00, our first championship year. His last move as GM was drafting mark madsen in the following summer. so kupchak does deserve some credit for the other two championships. I think his best move was getting horace grant. grant did a great job in the playoffs containing wallace, webber, and duncan. of course as you know we swept those three series. now, that being said i also think hes a terrible gm. hes seemingly incable of the big roster changes that can take a team to the next level. i hope im wrong.

    Im praying for jerry’s return.

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    he is coming, and with him the all stars :)

  • Rpoc

    Ugh, Sam Smith is the author. That doesn’t bode well for credibility.

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Be a good move for the Lakers to re-hire Jerry West even as an advisor for Mitch. In all honesty Mitch hasn’t really done anything for the past few years when he became GM of the Lakers. He made really terrible trades and we paid for it empty handed. But I do hope he can do something this summer, well he has too really because this could be his last chance. A lot is on the line for the GM and hope he can wave that magic wand to land someone big. If I was Mitch I would ask Kobe and Phil and if they re-hire Jerry West I will ask him too. Also someone like Magic Johnson and Rudy T would help him out a lot. Hopefully all of those people there will be a right call for who is going to be traded and whose coming to LA to make the team as it use to be. From the mouth of Kobe “do something and do it now!”. It’s time to shine Mitch, don’t say try, just do…….